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found out  I have a M on both hands what does it mean for me palm reading stuff
M on both my hands maybe I'm unique bleach credit goes to trending updates
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my 1997 weedeater featherlite cutting grass on my hill super happy fun time returns
sorry for my pants. I had so much fun making this video peace Bleach Mike
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the real star of my channel the snapper comet is back jack
decided to take for a ride yesterday. thanks 4 watching bleach
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a 11hp briggs carb for a youtubers snapper rer project
let me know if this will work for you. bleachedpc
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fixed the pulley on my 2 stage snapper snowblower with 84 8hp briggs needs new belt
just need to get a belt from Tractor supply. Then I'm set. Merry Christmas Mike Bleach
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finshing the lawn with the 1990 8hp briggs snapper rear engine tractor and doing wheelys
just being a goof on my new snapper I really luv it so happy Mike Bleach
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My Inuyasha and Ghost in the shell art books.wmv
luv these art books
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George Carlin On Snapper Riding mowers adults only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
This is not for Kids this is very Dirty!!!!! I own a snapper ridding mower and snowblower I thought this is funny so I put this up. Parents do not let your kids hear this adults only!!!!!!!! George will always be one of my fav Comedys I miss him terrible since he passed away
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found out my snapper comet is a snapper comet 26 repaint
cool huh guys I can not wait to drive it and cut grass with it. thanks for watching bleachedpc
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a old electrolux vacuum cleaner my friend curb picked to restore.
hope you like my video guy my friend has a friend that restore vacuum cleaners This one iis just to good to scrap. Thanks for to my subs Bleachedpc
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lights & keyswitch work on simplicity 4211 tractor please as punch
thanks for watching bleach. I hope to get it going this year. the battery was dead lol
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My friend Ray & I new mtd cub cadet 2000 series project and water main equipment
stay tuned for working on this one Mike Bleach
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simplicity 4211 tractor part 15 rewired it and it starts but lights don't turn on
poured a drop of gas in the carb and it start.s not sure if I hooked the kill wire right the magneato wire till I get gas in a few days. the wire gets hot for the lights and they do not turn on my circut breaker might be backword or dead battery or wrong wire pluged in.its getting cold not sure If I will get it driving till spring thanks for watching bleachedpc
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1989 12hp briggs engine runs good on simplicity 4211 tractor
engine runs great just needs some more work. going o have my friend look it over. I'm still pretty much a novice to tractors & small engines Bleach
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steering resolved on the snapper lt11 tractor snowplow shaft still needs fixing
well its fixed 4 now thanks 4 watching bleach peace
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1975 to 78 snapper rear engine rider mowing test ran out of gas.avi
first cut with my mid 70s snapper rer. it ran out of gas not sure yet how much gas to put in. i drove it a bit yesterday let me know what you think
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put gas in carb the 71 not 60 3hp toro reel mower
it did not run with gas in the carb :( thanks for watching bleachedpc
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wooly bear caterpillar stoped by my house today its a form of a moth.wmv
its a moth not butterfly. There are pics of the moth it turns in to at the end of the video
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starter came for craftsman lt4000 tractor can't get tractor to run yet
any ideas where to start guys. I hope I figure it out soon Mike Bleach 7/8/15 shot
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weed eating my hill with my new Troybilt Tb22ec weed whacker grass cutting super happy fun time
Just tryin out my new toy Mike Bleach
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good deal walmart 252pc stanly mechanics socket wrench set 20 bucks
freakin luv walmarty back to the future of tools lol such a good deal beyond happy luv my new tool set
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Vlog and my new snapper rear engine rider vintage Lawn Mower Brochure Advertisement
I really love this just thought I would share it with you guys. stayed tuned for more on my channel. you'll never know what you may see. Please comment like share and sub. Thanks Guys Bleach
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cutting grass with the late 60s snapper comet so fun
cut grass great guys It stalls out from time to time. Cuz grass it clogging it up. Please voment & subscribe Bleach
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Simplicity 4211 tractor part 4 first tried to start then cleaned 1984 11hp briggs carb.
started it to show you guys what its doing. then cleaned the carb. Thanks for putting up with the old junk tractor and I Bleachedpc
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fuel pump works on 11hp 1984 briggs on snapper lt 11, but won't run
still need help thanks bleachedpc
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riding the snapper comet & loving it with 1993 5hp briggs
its not what you think I have a lower back scar I'm so happy with this thing I hope it will cut grass soon bleachedpc
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Simplicity tractor part 11 electric wiring problem or get new solenoid.
should I buy a solenoid let me know what you guys think are there safetys switches on this tractor
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crags list find toro sportsmen 21 cut reel mower with 1960 briggs 2hp ?
by the code the briggs engine is 1960. will work on it with my friend soon not sure what hp it is thanks for watching bleachedpc
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cookout with hamburgers & snappy white hotdogs very yummy
I very full and my belly is happy thanks bleachedpc
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briggs 14 ohv snapper riding mower tires move foward but not reverse
not sure whats next. hold on till spring 4 more. peaches and peace Mike Bleach abanded and neglected lawnmowers https://www.facebook.com/groups/326593627546254/ Edward's Glauner youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYiZNGtcvc1itxro18DtOqg
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bleach swaps carbs the lawn boy 522R snow blower with 5hp tecumseh it still will not run
say hey to the lawn boy turd blower. bleach aka bleachedpc
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snapper comet engine mounted thanks Tim
Thank so much Tim I luv it bleachedpc
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Simplicity 4211 tractor whatever part 9 now rolls in neutrel 2 1/2 tires now hold air lol.
well I pushed foward on the wheels after putting liqud wrench on the brakes the wheels moved foward while in nuetrel. making some progress so happy. thanks for watching bleachedpc
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wow guys the 1999 yardmachines tractor 12.5hp IC  1994 Briggs.cuts grass 99% done :)
after a craigs list engine replace and swaped out carb from the 1999 12.5 hp briggs blown engine. Then new belts and fix a Flatt my mtd tractor cuts grass now Bleachedpc :)
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Simplicity 4211 Tractor Part 6 a 2 minute update. tested solenoid and key switch with volt tester
yeah I think my key switch and solenoid might be bad do not want to buy them till I see if the tractor will roll while in neutrel and wil run with a carb. the brakes might be seized and stuck Thanks for watching bleachedpc
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a ride on the late 60s snapper comet and a update
just a update video luv this old snapper comet peach and peaces the worlds alive bleach
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mowing my back lawn grass cutting  1984 classic snapper lt11 garden tractor with 11 hp briggs
cutting my grass with my snapper lt11 tractor had fun Bleach
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sthl fs 45 weed eater running on grass with new carb before it stopped running
filmed this 2 maybe 3 weeks ago it did work once. thanks for you support bleach aka bleachedpc
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craftsman rear engine 525 riding lawn mower project at leasts the 8hp briggs runs part 2
well I tried my failure makes for a good video lol Mike Bleach
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Bleachedpc mows his lawn with his working Craftsmen selfperpeled 6.0hp quatum briggs push mower.wmv
Bleachedpc useing a mower that really works loland cutting his grass Thanks to my 38 subs Take Care Bleachedpc
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Parts came for the snapper rear engine rider  you won't believe what was behind drive disc wheel
What could it be blocking the drive disc Bleachedpc Garage
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The amazing 1999 mtd riding mower that don't cut grass epic youtube vid 200 lol.
why my mower no cut lol i going to try to put a different belt on it that one is ment for my snapper riding mower lol well we thought it might work lol bleachedpc :)
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Bleach's new power built odd ball wreches and sockets I picked up at a dollar store nice haul
Just a dollar eachThese cheap tools are well made. Very happy with them bleach aka bleachedpc
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