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⚓ Loaded & Alone - Hinder cover ⚓
Thanks for all the attention this video is getting! :) Y'all make me giddy, really.
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⚓ Playing God - Paramore cover ⚓
I enjoy adding harmonies...
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⚓ Hollywood - Marina and the Diamonds cover ⚓
Marina, seriously, stop your perfection.
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⚓ I Remember - Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan cover ⚓
WAIT FOR IT... This is my wild song. I sometimes go absolutely crazy at Damien's part, but I kept it mellow for you, to not scare you all away :3
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⚓ Song for a Friend - Jason Mraz cover ⚓
I want to re-do this - it's probably the most favorite song for me to sing, so I feel bad for messing it up so badly here. :) I learned the song that day, I got new guitar and I am regreting recording it now :D duh
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⚓ Rette Mich - Tokio Hotel cover ⚓
Someone passed away. They didn't speak English, therefore it seemed wrong to dedicate them a song in that language. But I couldn't not to dedicate a song to him.. He spoke German, Hungarian, Czech and Slovakian. I went for Rette Mich - even though my German pronunciation is very lacking, so I'm sorry.. It's pretty raw... I was even crying while recording some of the previous takes.. but to re-record it would lose the point.
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⚓ Flightless Bird, American Mouth -  Iron and Wine cover ⚓
For my brother and his wife. Because I didn't manage to play it for you on your wedding for some reason. Wed well, dance well.
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⚓ Zombie - The Cranberries cover ⚓
Thanks for the request, Luciana Garcia. You made me stop procrastinating)) Hope you like it.. It might be quite different, I haven't heard the original version for a long time and I recorded it on impulse, not studying properly. Because something cool could happen... like originality. I doubt it. Thanks go to everyone who watched and.. you know the drill.. let me know. Pretty please.
Просмотров: 634 Milubee
⚓ Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus cover ⚓
Come listen to Iron Maideennn~ with me ^^ Thanks in advance for anything (that I deserve) you do under this video :)))
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⚓ Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen cover ⚓
Leonard Cohen's, Jeff Buckley's and two thousand other artist's song and also the Shrek song. Or "the pretty song everyone always sings and plays and people around usually throw stuff at them so they would sing something new".. :) Ah, I love people.
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⚓ I Hate To See Your Heart Break - Paramore cover ⚓
I'm obsessed with this record :-) Gimme ideas on what to sing next if you don't want me to cover the whole album by accident! :'D
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⚓ Soldier - Anna Nalick cover ⚓
I'm really awkward, I'm sorry! :D But I love this song and I just have to close my eyes and smile like a dumb person while singing it.. :)
Просмотров: 277 Milubee
⚓ Still Into You - Paramore cover ⚓
havin fuuun~ While not trying to be Hayley, Jeremy nor Taylor. I'm so sorry. But perfection doesn't vary, only They are perfect. ^^ Paramore is a religion! Is someone with me? :D
Просмотров: 995 Milubee
⚓ Para-para-paradise ⚓
I just learned the song, I loved it, I recorded it, I still love it and so I uploaded it! Do you hate this sentence? I sure do! :)) Enjoy the cover, gimme feedback ^^
Просмотров: 279 Milubee
⚓ New Romantic - Laura Marling cover ⚓
It's been a long time :) Here is to proof I ain't no bones underground. Enjoy a raw cover of this mellow and amazing Laura's song. I think someone recommended it, or said I have a similiar voice to her? Thanks! I love her. Hopefully I'll make more time for making music again...
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⚓ Good Little Girl - Adventure Time cover ⚓
I wasn't planning on covering this song, since it's a duet and all, but then I was playing it to my dog this morning and suddenly I wanted to capture it, so here it is! (Also the reason why i didnt tune my guitar properly. Sorry!) Just embrace the horizontal video, it's done so on purpose for better composition (hide a messy room) and also forcefully, because my tablet wouldn't stand any other way. Basically. PS.: this is a version done by Tessa and Rusty! look it up, it's adorable.
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⚓ Familiar Taste of Poison - Halestorm cover ⚓
Requested song, yay ^^
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⚓ Swing Life Away - Rise Against cover ⚓
Lucky Friday 13th!
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⚓ Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga cover ⚓
I fell in love with how Lady Gaga sang this somewhere with a piano.
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⚓️ partial As You Are - Kimbra  cover⚓️
Bored in my new dorm without internet... Sadly i only had this part of the song recorded keyboard wise. I'll record the whole song someday! So I'll probably take this down ahaha~
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⚓ Lies - Marina and the Diamonds cover ⚓
An old thing I forgot I recorded. It's alright. I (intend to) do (more) vocal experiments on instagram if you're interested. But I mostly post sketchbook art. https://instagram.com/anniesik/
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⚓ Dragonfly - Martin Craft cover ⚓
Requests, please wait ^^ Sorry about the first verse, I wanted to make the song more dynamic by starting lightly.. but I'm not very good at singing softly I guess :( Also I've been writting a lot of songs lately. Not many are finished, but some are in a state for a demo maybe. I am still self-conscious about posting them, but it might happen, just so you know :) Thank you^^
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⚓ My Medicine - The Pretty Reckless ⚓
I don't know what I'm on.
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⚓ Oh no! - Marina and the Diamonds cover ⚓
Marina, stop your perfection!
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⚓ Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars cover ⚓
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⚓ Simple, Starving to be Safe ⚓
This was a request AAAGES ago ^^ Thanks~
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