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Bangor State Fair Freak Out
Wow. These queue lines for the rides were long. At one point, the line for the Freak Out was near 100 yards. Maybe about 60-70 for the Fireball. Anyway…that translates into about 40 plus minutes in line. By the time we got close to our ride on the Freak Out, the fair was getting ready to close and the music for the Freak Out had already been turned off. So this group of adventurous teenagers decided to solve that problem by singing their own songs in Capella. What would these teen thrill seekers choose to sing out on a thrill ride?? ‘The Wheels on the Bus’???? Really??? Well I have to give them credit. There were two young boys with their mother sitting to my left (out of the frame) on this ride, the youngest being about 6yrs old. I guess they were just trying to make him feel more at ease and less scared. Nice. J
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FMS 1450mm P-51 Red Tail V8; 1st flight of the day, 15 August 2017
First of 2 flights for the FMS 1450mm P-51 V8 Red Tail at about 10:30 am at Perry Field in Orrington Maine. Has the FMS upgraded 4250 580KV motor and CNC Small Parts metal side plates for the stock landing gear. I am quite pleased with the added power during climbing maneuvers. wingspan is 57 inches and flying weight with the 4S 3600mah battery is 6.19 lbs. Flight time is just over 8 minutes.
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Sights and Sounds of the 2017 Blue Hill Fair Midway
Monday late afternoon and evening at the 2017 Blue Hill Fair. Wasn't able to get here earlier. Most of the Exhibits were still there in full capacity. Many of the Farm animals were gone and most of the rest were being loaded up by this time. That's normal for the last day though. Got there in time for only the very last heat of the Demolition Derby, but at least I made it and got to enjoy most of it. Midway was Smokey's Greater Shows. Going to one of the two larger fairs in Maine on Labor Day has always been a tradition for me (either Blue Hill or Windsor)
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RCT3 Heritage Days Street Fair
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Layout--Heritage Days Street Fair on the Waterfront.
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Flying a Harbor Freight P-51 into a tree in May
Was shaking off the winter rust by breaking out my HF P-51s. Had been flying the Timber throughout the winter, but not these. The normal airfield was still soggy, so I began using this recreational field in Carmel. Not sure what I was thinking here. I had positioned myself in the middle of the soccer field and was backing up to position myself for landing the plane in the middle of the field. I looked back for a moment to see how close I was getting to the fence and bleachers....Just for a second. By the time I turned back, the HF P-51 was only a few feet from the top of those trees. Too late. Not enough time to react. Fortunately there were no leaves to catch the plane up, so it plinko' d its way down through the branches from the top. I retrieved it about 8 feet from the ground.
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Ray Perry's 1/3 Scale Aeronca Champ
This is the 5th flight of the 1/3 scale Aeronca Champ. Location: Perry's RC airfield in Orrington Maine. Unfortunately I attempted to film the whole flight with my helmet cam used for filming my planes. I thought it would track better than holding the camera by hand......Well, not so much. I had the helmet pointed down to low so that all i got was several minutes of the ground and the sound of the plane overhead. luckily I removed the helmet just as Ray began to takeoff again. So I filmed the last takeoff and landing holding camera and helmet in my hand. That's the short clip you see here. Hopefully I can get another chance at filming another complete flight later in the week.
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KMG Freak Out 2017 Let's Ride  Bangor State Fair
Let's take a spin on the Freak Out at the Bangor State Fair. This Ride is getting to be a tradition for me, to go on this at least once a year.
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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - Parkinglot Carnival
One of my many maps (layouts) of towns, fairgrounds and amusement parks that i made in RCT3. Some are fictitious, like this one, and others are modeled after real locations. I save the maps (towns and grounds) files and set up a fair or carnival on them whenever I feel like it. I do have some holiday layouts to upload as well when time permits. One with a river walk and permanent park and another needs a carnival set up on it.
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Bangor State Fair on the Fireball
First time on the Larson Fireball and trying create an on-ride video with this new camera. . I try not to invade other people’s lives with my filming when I can. With some rides however, (like this one) it’s not possible due to the seating arrangements. The only way to avoid it is to turn the cam around and shoot a selfie. I like capturing what’s going on around me (sights and sounds) and not myself. These lovely folks are a family of three. They were gracious enough to permit me to video the ride, even though they found themselves in the cross hairs of my viewfinder. I really wanted to shoot a broader view of the surrounding scenery and ride, but the camera controls were grouped so close together that during my death grip on the camera (not holding on to anything else) my finger kept finding the zoom-in button. So I had to keep zooming it back out. The next time will be better I think. The three of you were great sports. Many thanks to the three of you for letting me shoot this. In the end, it turned out to be more of a video of you all. Please enjoy it I hope I was at least able to capture a couple of memorable moments for you. By the way, if any of you three who were in this video clip, visibly or audibly no longer want this video up here....just let me know. Drop a comment down here for me to remove it and I will pull it off. I only takes a minute to pull it off of here.
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Early Sept. E-Flite Timber evening flight and CRASH
I am not sure what happened at the end here. It was flying well with and without the Eagle Tree stabilizer all through the flight. Near the end when i was setting up for some landings, it started to oscillate in the roll channel as if it were in 2D mode seeking level when sticks were centered. It was all confused there at the end--as was I. I took my eyes off it while it was turning upwind just long enough to look at my transmitter switches. that was all it took to put it into a dive. Slow dive mind you from about 25-30 feet. split the nose behind the cowl in 2 places, dislodged the battery tray, broke the tongue off the battery door, and tore some of the bulkhead behind the motor mount. No worries though. I had it repaired as good as new in a couple of weeks and it's been flying again. I've had about 6 flights on it since.
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Harbor Freight P 51 Mustang Crash repair Part 1
This repair precedes the already posted 'Fire and Ice" flight video. This is the 3rd major repair to the front end of this Harbor Freight P-51 following incidents where I had accidentally flown the airplane into the ground during either inverted flying or attempted 4 point rolls--all too close to the ground. This goes to show that (1) one should never vary from a planned routine maneuver at the last moment and (2) If something feel right at any point going into a maneuver or during a maneuver, abort it and start over. Playing catch up from behind when something goes wrong almost always ends in disaster. In all cases, this resulted in the front end of the airplane splitting apart all the way back to the canopy and the wingbox mount area. Other times I had to re-glue the plastic wing mount block back into the wing foam. The foam also slightly twisted and accordion'd (compressed) slightly. The stick mount for the motor became dislodged and in other instances bent the prop shaft or cracked the gearbox housing. Prop shafts can be straightened with patience and care. The foam can be returned to near original shape by either dipping into hot steaming water or using a hair dryer / blow dryer to heat it up....or in this case--Both. The hot water expands the compressed foam and returns it to its former shape. While still hot from both of these methods, you should massage the foam back to the form you want it to take. Use CA foam safe medium glue to glue the foam and use acrylic paint for painting foam
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Resurrection  Fire & Ice  Harbor Freight P-51s
2 Modified Harbor Freight P-51 Mustangs Resurrection (Fire & Ice) 70 deg Crosswinds today at 9 mph and 11 mph gusts. Not the ideal day I wanted, but it's what I got. I call this 'Resurrection' because my first rc airplane, a Harbor Freight P-51 and a birthday present from my daughter was resurrected for the 3rd time after undergoing extensive major rebuilds following 4 crashes; one minor and 3 major. It is the red and yellow nose P-51 in this video. They should have given it some sort of cat name as opposed to Mustang, because like a 'cat' it seems to have nine lives. It's currently on its 4th life. I have made a 2 Part video of the repair and restoration process that I have yet to post or upload. These are modified nearly identically. Both are for the most part stock externally. They are original Harbor Freight air frames and both still use the original style gearbox (original gear ratio and tooth count). I use the original 72Mhz radio transmitter and recievers that come with the airplanes. They work great. The range is more than I will ever fly them at. I only fly a distance of no more than 4-500 feet. The only parts modified are the replacement of motors, speed controllers and batteries. Well I also placed bigger wheels on the stock gear springs and the Blue nose plane has a modified steerable tail wheel added. They each have a 4100KVA Park 370 (E-Flite) brush-less Inrunner mounted to the gearbox, a 25A ESC, and 1350Mah, 40A E-Flite Lipo Batteries. That's it. Occasionally I use a longer narrower 1800Mah 20A E-Flite Lipo batterys for longer, not so aggressive flying. Clearly, I did not fly these at the same time. I flew both planes back to back separately and then edited the two separate videos to create a medley of two airplanes flying as though they were performing together as an opposing solo performance. This video was shot at Perry's RC Airfield in Orrington Maine
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My first water takeoff and landing with the E-Flite Timber
I've had this Timber for a while now. This is the first time I have installed the floats on it. Have been reluctant to due to available locations. This river is near the house but it has a good current going down river and there is no retrieving a plane that goes down in the center of the river without a boat at the ready. But I needed to eventually test it on floats, so here we go. I only installed my 2200 Lipo, which gave me 5 solid minutes easily. After all; this was just a test flight. I did one take off and landing with 1/2 flaps (20 degrees) and one take off and landing with no flaps. there was virtually no wind to speak of, There was a fast current going right to left though. I factored that into my take off direction. I had tested my flaps mixing before water taxing out and forgot to turn it off prior to take off. I'm not sure, but I think that is what caused the initial quick nose pitch over just after lift off. Not sure though. Could be that the floats make it slightly more nose heavy....I don't know....But I wasn't expecting it.
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2nd attempt to Fly E-Flite Timber at zero deg. w/new battery (fail still)
This time I installed a brand new E-Flite 3000 mah battery with no cycles on it yet, hoping for better results. This time with a Sports cam recording. Still no joy! Still got Low Voltage alarm imediately after takeoff and plane again was sluggish and slow in the 7 degree temps with 12 mph gusts. Was lucky to be able to get Timber back on the ground in one piece after both these attempts.
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Harbor Freight P-51 setup/mods  (Part 1 of 4)      Fire & Ice
Intro - Pluses and minuses to the new stock airplane I know that this plane is well past it's hay day. There are however a few people here and there still picking these planes up at their local Harbor Freight store. I occasionally get asked questions about mine and my set-ups. Being that I still occasionally post videos of my two planes, I was recently asked if i would post a video discussing my current set-ups and mods. I am happy to oblige as I still love flying these two planes as much as I do my newer rc fleet of planes. Yet people need to know that in order to have a beautifully flying HF P-51 mustang, one needs to help the stock plane out a little with an upgrade or two to it, as is the case with most inexpensive electric foam rc planes under $100. But this one is well worth the effort being that the supplied receiver and radio will work fine with any upgrade you put into the plane.
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My shop, fleet & winter projects Part 5 of 6: Partial unboxing FMS F-18 3S and Force RC F-18 4S
Part 5 of my 6 part video of my shop and winter projects explains why I have all my 64mm F-18 kits and it shows a partial unboxing of both my FMS 64mm F-18 3S 5 bladed fan Blue Angel and the Force RC 64mm F-18 4S 11 bladed fan Blue Angel (re-branded FMS model)
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Doing some touch-n-go's and more with the E-Flite Timber, FMS 1450 P-51 and 2 Harbor Freight P-51s
Here is a small compilation of some August and Sept. flying with my current line up. It starts out with some pattern work doing touch-n-go's followed by a few extras - 'just fl-yin about.' All recorded on location at Perry Field in Orrington ME. I did have an EDF FMS F-18 in the summer line-up, but I wrecked it early on trying to get it trimmed. I currently have a couple other FMS F-18s in the assembly or waiting to be assembled process right now. I hope to have the two flying before autumn ends.
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Blue Hill Fair - Astro Wheel On ride
You don't see many Astro Wheels around, so for a carnival enthusiast (like myself), it was a must-ride. The Astro wheel I believe is derivative from the Chance Sky-Diver, which can be seen in the foreground just ahead and to the right in this video. The base, structure and wheel are identical and interchangeable ( I believe anyway). The only difference being the outer rim seat extensions and seats themselves; The extensions so they can convert from the tandem connections for the tubs, which roll inverted to the side to side connections for Ferris wheel seats. I Panned the video so you can see the whole Blue Hill Fair midway layout. I don't have the history of the two so I am going on 40 years of memory (which is questionable) of research and observation. So this my theory: there probably is not much difference in time between the origin of the Chance Sky Diver and the Chance Zipper. They both have similar restraint and loading methods. The Zipper ride became an instant fan favorite and is a classic to this day. You would be hard pressed to find a midway today that does not have a Zipper. Like the Tilt-A-Whirl and Scrambler....it is a classic that always fills its seats. The Sky Diver on the other hand, for some reason just never caught on with people like the Zipper did. It didn't have the staying power. It is bigger and takes longer to set up. The Sky Diver all but disappeared in the late 90's to early 2000's. I believe that the conversion of some Sky Divers to the Astro Wheel (I mean who doesn't like a Ferris wheel) may have been an attempt to keep the equipment and make it somewhat profitable. After all, one can always put the Sky Diver extensions and tubs back on if they wanted to transition back. The Sky Diver appears to be making a little bit of a comeback, but unfortunately....it will never be a Zipper. That is my theory for the origin of the Astro Wheel. I could be wrong, so if you know why the two are the same basic structure with interchangeable equipment- please correct me.
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FMS 1450 P-51 Build Part 3 of 7  (assembling the wings)
In part 3 we address problems encountered in assembling the wing halves. We also prepare the wiring in the wings and fuselage.
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RCT3 PC game small county fair
One of my fairground layouts for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. The CFR rides are only about 5 % of the available rides in the game to choose from, thanks to 10 years of custom made rides and scenery from folks out there. This particular layout is modeled after the Franklin County Fair in Greenfield MA.
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FMS 1450mm P-51 Build part 2 of 7 (starting the Assy.)
Part 2 consists of attaching the control horns, explaining the difference between the later version 8 and the earlier version 8 as well as the instruction manual not incorporating the later version. I also prep the spar rods for installation.
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Harbor Freight P 51 Mustang Crash repair Part 2
To see how it flies after the repairs; see the 'Resurrection 'Fire & Ice' video. This video covers mainly the painting and reassembly of the airplane after the repairs to the structure. While close visual inspection will reveal the wear and deformities from past crashes, the repairs and the paint schemes will disguise the evidence and restore the plane to a sharp near new looking finish.
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Near dark with the Harbor Freight P-51 Red Nose ( 'Fire' ) in Hampden
This was just prior to flying the E-Flite Timber in my last video. I had brought the two planes with me in the cab of my truck, planning to go out to the RC airfield in Orrington after unloading debris from the back of my truck at the dump. But as usual things ran late and I realized on my way to Orrington that It was going to be too dark when I got there to fly the P-51. So I decided to check out a location I had been eyeing earlier in the summer; a nearby set of soccer fields that was on the way to Orrington from the dump. They had been doing contruction on a new access road all summer there and now it was nearly complete. It now has a paved access road, a dirt road that connects to a nearby tractor trailer school training lot, as well as nice short cut grass in the soccer fields. Lot's of takeoff and landing options.
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E-Flite Timber on the river; early morning,July 4th
Got out to the Penobscot River around 9:30 am on July 4th; just a half hour before low tide, to fly the Timber off the river. The best time (tide wise) would have been around 10:30-11am as the tide started coming back in slowing the rivers current down and providing quieter water, But the forcast was for 97 degrees today and it was heating up quick. Been battling this tick with the plane on floats as of late. It all the sudden started about a year ago, when after several good takeoffs and landings, the Timber started to turn left when accelerating on the water, followed by a sudden Right turn when trying to gently correct for it.. If not handled correctly it would result in a right hand ground loop on the water. Tried several things, but still haven't been able to remedy that issue. You can tell that I was working on that today as well.
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Harbor Freight P-51 setup / mods  (part 2 of 4)   Fire & Ice
What's inside and minimum necessary for upgrade This segment also discusses the Pro's and Con's of either the gearbox brushless inrunner set up and that of an outrunner set up. While this plane may be flyable in it's stock condition. All appearances from watching past videos indicate that it would be a real chore to handle at the least. Typically, a weak, under powered low wing war-bird can be a real challenge to maintain positive control. The more power it has (and speed), the more stable it becomes. This is the bottom line (minimum) mod / upgrade necessary to achieve that. Although, keeping the entire stock system while using a higher capacity NI-MH battery than the one supplied, might enable the plane to fly much better stock.
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Autumn Flying with my 2 HF P-51 Mustangs and an E-Flite Timber; landings, follies & aerobatics
This is a medley of footage of proficiency practice in shooting approaches and landings, a collection of the days bad landings follies, and finally some aerobatic play time with the two P-51s. I hope you enjoy. These are my two Harbor Freight P-51s (Fire & Ice) and my E-Flite Timber at Perry RC Field in Orrington Maine. This was 11 October 2016. I decided that I needed some landing and approach practice. It started out as an ideal day, but a crosswind quickly picked up with variable gusts up to 9-10mph at times. I backed this video up with some good ole Americana classical music by Mark O’Connor, featuring one of my favorites, ’The Flowers of Edinburgh’ .Since I repaired my red nose P-51, I haven’t gotten it trimmed out ideally yet. The blue nose plane is steady as a rock and flies on a rope. It looks as though I am going to have to redo the weight and balance on the red nose plane and get it to the same balance as the blue nose one. I’ll probably have to mechanically adjust the elevator to match the blue one as well. All the repair glue and paint added almost 2 oz to the red one and all of it in the front end. I have 0.75 oz weights added to the blue planes front end and only 0,125 oz at the tail of the red nose plane and nothing in the front. The red plane still weights 0.5 oz more than the blue one.
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E-Flite Timber 2nd Flt of the day at Orrington 26 Sept
Flight # 2 for the Timber today. I found that I could also put the voltage alarm in along with the 3s 3000 mah Lectron Pro battery as well. I just have to tuck in down along the side of the battery and up against the cheek of the fuselage. It's a tight fit, but the hatch still closes.
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My shop, fleet & winter projects Part 2 of 6: FMS P-51 V8 1450mm and storage shelves
This is a 6 part series of my basement work shop, my fleet of RC planes, and the build projects for this winter, being that Flying season is mainly over and winter has set in. This series focuses on my rebuilt FMS 1450mm P-51 Mustang V8 Red Tail and my shop space including my airplane storage shelf.
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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3  Water front Carnival
This is a new waterfront layout that I made over the last year. It is modeled after the Bangor waterfront (somewhat). I will use this map for street fairs, music festivals and water front carnivals in RCT3. This time I set up a very small spring carnival in the parking lot of the waterfront.
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Intro to todays flying Orrington (Timber/FMS P-51/HF P-51)  26 Sept 2017
A beautiful morning at Perry Field in Orrington for flying my Timber, FMS 1450 P-51 and Harbor Freight P-51. It was a day that had a mild wind forcast, but the actual gusts this morning and all afternoon were much, much higher than indicated. It made for a challenging day to say the least. I hadn't flown in a couple of weeks and I had not been on the PC Real Flight Simulator. That and some other issues made me slightly mentally disconnected from my controls in the turns. I couldn't reason out the controls in the banking in my head for some reason. I fought that all day. Should have either flown high and safe or packed it up for the day.
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FMS 1450 P-51 1st flight & Crash.  Then flies again Orrington 26 Sept
Note. These were 4S battery packs and not 3S as i mistakenly typed in the introduction. For some reason, I could not reason my way through Right turns today. That was greatly amplified with the FMS 1450 P-51 because the crosswind was pushing at about 60 degrees towards the field from the front of me and it would push an already fast plane faster when turning on final towards the runway. I couldn't get my hand to maintain a steady Right turn or to ease a steep bank. That's what happened here--I was in a left banked turn--trying to coordinate it with rudder and when I tried to ease the bank by moving the stick back to the right, I continued left for some reason and rolled it onto its back. It went into a dive and I pulled it back to near level just before it hit. Fortunately it came down in the tall grass at the edge of a deep ditch and the nose came down along the slope in the tall grass, never actually contacting the ground. It tore the two drop tanks off leaving the runners and stubs in the rails. Gear was up and therefore unaffected. I simply temporarily replace on plastic clevis to my one flap horn, lowered my landing gear and continued the flight. As much as the good Lord doesn't like my going out and flying (given the winds I usually get), I surely had a little help from above on this one.
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Harbor Freight P-51 (ICE)  July 4 flight 2018
I'm really behind in getting this summers videos uploaded. Once again my camera angle on my helmet is off. I tried to pre-set the zoom only a little bit closer to give a more scale look to the environment, but it took closer to a month (now August) to get it nailed down to where i like it. This is my Harbor Freight P-51 blue nose, I call 'Ice' to offset it from my older one with a red nose, which i call 'Fire'. I don't fly either of these again until August as I have other planes to fly as well. But these are still fun to fly.
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FMS 1450 P-51 unbox & Build Part 1 (Intro) May 2017
I started this build video nearly a year ago (10 1/2 months ago). I finished the build and flew the plane a whole season without finishing the video. So I thought I would bit by bit complete the video anyway as best as I could using the finished plane as a prop. It is a 7 part video and at the end it includes updated mod information.
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Bangor St. Fair 2017- Sights and Sounds
Here are some sights and sounds from the 2017 Bangor State Fair. It has a bit of Demolition Derby, Livestock area and some Midway scenes. I had pulled out a few of my videos from last years Bangor State Fair. Need to clean my drives freeing up space and get some DVDs made.
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1st attempt to fly Timber at zero deg. & windy temps (Fail)
After last years awesome flying on New Years day with Timber on skis; I wanted to do so again this year--flying off the packed down snowmobile trail. Except--it has been so extremely cold that it was 7 deg. with winds 9-12. 1 yr old Battery got cold soaked (even wrapped in light cloth)after sitting in plane for 15 minutes while getting ready to fly. Could not provide enough power to fly well in these conditions. voltage alarm sounded just after takeoff.
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FMS 1450 P-51 Build  part  5  of 7 (checking  ldng gr / set flt ctrls)
Part 5 we extend the landing gear and we discuss rigging the flight controls
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FMS 1450 P-51 Build part 7  of 7 (Mods  &  final notes)
Part 7 talks about the installed mods and has final notes on the aircraft build and quality. Overall; a great flying airplane. It is the best flyer and the easiest flyer in my fleet. It is a rugged airplane as well. It can handle minor mishaps with little noticeable affects. Short of a few assembly challenges, this airplane is one of the better performers hands down.
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Harbor Freight P-51 setup/mods (part 3 of 4) Fire & Ice
Making the Parts swap. This segment talks you through the process of removing the stock equipment and installing the upgraded brushless equipment.
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Harbor Freight P-51 Mustang (Fire) August 16 2018
A mid-summer flight (1st flt of 2 ) of my very first RC airplane, after a couple years flying on the RC Simulator Real Flight 4.5. I have 12 planes now; all flying and My first one is still going. Of course it has undergone several major repairs as consequence to being my first plane. My red nose "Fire" is part of my two Harbor Freight P-51 team: Fire n Ice, the other plane being the blue nose HF P-51. That one has it's wheels installed with a steerable tail wheel.
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Harbor Freight P 51 Flight
This is a Modified Harbor Freight P-51 light foam RC airplane. It is classified as a Park Flyer. It fits that category (after powerplant mods) mainly because it is light weight (around 1 pound) for it's size, thus does not do well in any significant wind. Other than that, it is a fairly fast flying plane and delicate to handle, as are any RC low wing planes, modeled as a war birds. They take getting use to and require finesse. This is my first real RC outside of indoor helo''s and Foamie Air-Hog micro planes. After many hours on the Real Flight RC Simulator Flying all types of planes including this very model, I still fell victim to some poor reflexes which resulted in at least 2 major crashes requiring extensive foam repairs and remounting the motor, gearbox and stick mount. Thus the new paint scheme. I have had numerous bad landings that cause either no or very minor damage. Simply put. As tricky as it is to learn to fly these things--they are repair friendly. Make sure they are CG balanced and controls surfaces are trimmed neutral, then maybe tweak in a slight right rudder and slight right roll on your radio before first flight. Always begin takeoff roll with extra right rudder to counter torque and up elevator. As the plane picks up speed on the ground; if it starts to pull right--relax the right rudder imput enough to straighten it out. If it creeps left, add more right rudder to keep it straight. It is easier to correct it that way on take off than to react too late when it turns hard left at take off speed. Balanced and trimmed right like this plane is, they power-off glide real nicely to smooth landing provided that you start the glide high enough to build up and maintain airspeed, and this plane doesn't require much to do that. That is true for any low wing plane whether RC or real thing.
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FMS 1450mm P-51 Red Tail ; 2nd  flight of the day, 15 August 2017
Flight number 2 on 15 August 2017 at Perry Field in Orrington ME. This time with the smaller 3200 mah 4S Lipo battery installed. A little lighter (just a few ounces really)and needed just a tad bit more trim. With this battery, I set the timer for about 4 1/2 minutes. Probably could have gone 5 to 5 1/2 easily, but I like to end flights at or near storage charge.
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FMS P-51 1450mm Landing gear fail - emergency landing
Had to make an emergency landing after left main froze partially retracted and would not extend back down.
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KMG Freak Out (Edited for audio) Bangor State Fair 2017
I took this video at the Bangor State Fair this year (2017) I uploaded the original video earlier. In this version I edited out the original audio portion of this video due to background music copyrights. ( We can't control whats playing in the background when on a ride) I dubbed in an audio of the same type ride that had no music with copyrights , plus added some generic background music. I also did some video editing from waiting in line to the actual on ride portion.
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Harbor Freight P-51 setup/mods  (part 4 of 4)  Fire & Ice
Where is the CG on these planes? This section talks about reversing the landing gear spring struts, installing larger wheels/tires, making a steerable tail wheel set up, discussing the different Receivers and their sizes, and finally I explain where my Center of Gravity is and how I arrived at that.. I also show where I added weight to meet the CG.
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RCT3 County Fair Derby night
A Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 version of a County Fair on Demolition Derby night . Modeled after my hometown fair in Topsham Maine. Grounds are fairly scale to current time, but the street view is modeled as viewed in the 1970's and early 1980's before all of the residential housing and trees blocked the view from the street.
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FMS 64mm F-18 V2 Blue Angel; A long road of failure to victory
Remember a couple years back when I tried to fly my first EDF, an FMS 64mm F-18 Blue Angel? I couldn't trim out a terrible roll and it crashed on its 3rd flight, destroying the front half. I ended up replacing all the foam structure and keeping only the cockpit and electrics. Then this last May of 2018 I tried to hand launch the thing again and crashed it hard again on the lunch, damaging the front again. I got repaired it and did the same thing again. This time I replaced the front of the fuselage with a fuselage I ordered and cut the front off of. I then wrecked it again on a launch attempt and had tor repair the bent up front again. Finally on 9 September after major changes to the CG location, I got it to fly. I still suck at hand launching but at least its flying and well trimmed for easy flight. Even my 2nd identical plane to that one flys great as well now that I have worked out all the bugs on this one. More videos of the F-18s to come now that they are flying. I just have to master the helmet cam for keeping these little jets in view.
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Eric, killing some time with his electric, Army green, foam Piper Cub
Warm summer Sunday afternoon in Orrington. He had flown his gas plane earlier. Now he was killing some time in the last of the warm late afternoon sun with his foam, modified, brushless Piper Cub, sporting an Army green color scheme.
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E-Flite Timber 18 May 2018 Orrington ME.
I failed on an EDF test flight earlier in the afternoon, so I decided to wash away my misery by flying my 2 year old Timber in a calm evening sky and sunset. That would warm anyone's spirits. Perry Field in Orrington Maine is a beautiful backdrop for any RC summertime flying, especially bush plane flying. EDF mild damage is already repaired and we'll try again shortly.
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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Small Fair - Houlton
This is an older Bandicam video made of my RCT3 layout of a small country fairground with the fair in action that I had set up several months ago.
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My FMS 1450 P-51 recorded by Cpt.Chaos Canada 8/26/2018
Cpt.chaos Canada; a Canadian long haul trucker and RC flyer stopped by while passing thru on his way to Nova Scotia on August 26, 2018. He and I met up and flew some rc planes at Perry field in Orrington Maine. Cpt.Chaos Canada keeps all of his planes in the overhead compartments of his cabs sleeper. I had my FMS P-51, a Timber, and a smaller HF P-51. We both shot some videos of the day. This is a video he shot of my FMS P-51, as this model has been on his wish list for some time. I did the editing on this . I hope you enjoy. You can see some of his videos on his page at cpt.chaos canada.
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