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New Jersey Lottery 5-card lotto TV commercial LAUNCH
I had fun in Maryland with John L and Kathy C doing this commercial for the NJ Lottery, while a copywriter at Venet Advertising in Union, NJ. I wrote the jingle and announcer parts but had little to do with the tap dancing.
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Skelaxin Rep Sales Training Video The Heat Is On
King Pharma sales rep training video for Skelaxin
Просмотров: 116 Robert Lang
Phyllis Diller TV commercial for Lestoil Spray Floor Cleaner, 1990
It was great to have the opportunity to write this commercial for Lestoil Spray Floor Cleaner at Gilbert Whitney & Johns in Whippany, NJ starring the one and only beautiful Phyllis Diller.
Просмотров: 341 Robert Lang
Launch Meeting Video for Glumetza
King Pharma Launch Meeting Video for Glumetza created by SS&B Advertising
Просмотров: 30 Robert Lang
Good Sense Home - JCP&L TV Commercial 1990
A television commercial that I wrote for Jersey Central Power & Light's Good Sense Home Program while at Gilbert, Whitney & Johns in Whippany, NJ.
Просмотров: 82 Robert Lang
Minwax Wood Finish and Polyurethane TV SPOT from 1989
A commercial that I wrote at GWJ (Gilbert, Whitney & Johns) in 1989-1990 under John Leonardi, the creative director and Carol Nussbaum, the art director. (I didn't write the jingle). I believe the dad actor in this spot is none other than Joe O'Connor, the dad who played in Clarissa Explains It All. I also wrote TV spots for Minwax's PolyShades brand.
Просмотров: 282 Robert Lang
Pal Chevrolet
Here is a three-commercial radio campaign that I wrote in the 1980s for Pal Chevrolet in West Haverstraw, NY, with a talented voice actor who worked at the dealership. It was many in a series of spots that I wrote while working at The Contemporary Group in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, in a small but fun family ad agency located above Lovey's Pizza! It is still one of my favorite ad campaigns to this day.
Просмотров: 57 Robert Lang
Alpharma Extend-A-Cool Video Loop
Alpharma Animal Health videos for Equine Trade Shows and Events -- one without an announcer, one with an announcer
Просмотров: 13 Robert Lang
Coochie Coochie Coo... Here's a radio spot for J&J Snack Foods that I wrote in 1990 while at Gilbert, Whitney & Johns in NJ under John Leonardi. It was one of the few times I didn't get to go to the radio production (and had to settle for Charo's autograph).
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Laser Show Video
POA1 launch meeting while at Catalyst 1999
Просмотров: 14 Robert Lang
AAFP Trade Show Video
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Skelaxin Rep SalesTraining Video Write it Right
Skelaxin rep training video for King Pharmaceuticals created by SS&B Advertising.
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New Jersey Lottery Pick 4 Radio Commercial Late 80s "Win-A-Lot"
One of many lottery spots I scripted and produced in the late 80s and 90s. This was while at Venet Advertising in Union, NJ. bob
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