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BMW S1000RR vs S1000XR on track  (Why I bought S1000XR)
Best compare video on s1000xr vs s1000rr
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Lake Berryessa Thieves caught  (Bad Cop)
Enjoying water at Lake Berryessa when thieves steal belonging while water skiing ! Note :(There is no Darrell in this video I posted this for a friend )
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S1000XR x2  mines rd
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Emeryville Sport Fishing Sea Wolf  Crab Limits
11/24/2013 Limits of Rockfish And Crabs on the Seawolf Emeryville california
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S1000XR X2
Mines Rd
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Mines rd Cyclist crash
Cyclist goes off road and 100 ft down ,Cyclist was Life flight to hospital. Injured cyclist was being help by land owner until help arrived.
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In Motion S1000XR & DL1000 V-STROM
S1000XR and the fastest suzuki dl1000 v-strom I will ever see,Lol !
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Mines road  / mt hamilton ride  part 4
My first of many more great rides up the hill
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P & P
That out house is in a good location , Lol ! ( Piss & Pass )
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Mines Rd Livermore ca
Testing Sony HDRAS100V Action cam
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Morgan Territory Rd Motorcycle Ride
Morgan Territory Road, Clayton, CA.
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Motorcycle crash on mines RD
Motorcycle rider crashed on mine rd, He's not the first to crash on this turn. Life fight showed up 10 minutes later ,Rider opted out.
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Sunrise Highway Loop (San Diego, CA S-1)
Town Julian ,HWY 79 to HWY 8
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Pescadero Creek rd  Motorcycle Ride
Santa Cruz mountains , FYI my speed odometer is off when it says 90mph I'm really going 30mph. Video date 10-12-13
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Ducati ride Fresno
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Mulholland dr the snake KTM 950 SMR
Revisiting The Snake, Had to take it easy I'm 450 mile from home!
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Chicken Strips
Caught Multistrada guy checking out chicken strips on his tire and thought I would show him mine .
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Alice's to Pescadero Rd
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Alice's restaurant motorcycle ride Hwy 9 To Hwy 35
Group motorcycle ride to Alice's restaurant , Road condition was damp and wet. Click here *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCzjh2ROfts
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Kings Canyon National Park Motorcycle Ride pt2
Motorcycle Ride in Kings Canyon state park
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Mines Rd to the junction restaurant KTM 990 SMR
Mines Rd Last 15 Miles Up,My first ride new to me 2011 KTM 990 SMR,This as a upgrade from 2007 KTM 950 SMR.
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Mines Rd  24 Min - S1000XR
Next time I won't take my time.
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Mt Diablo Road Ride Up
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Mines rd July 4th With R1 In Rear View
Mines rd to The Junction Restaurant in 25 Min ! Group ride
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Motorcycle Ride HWY 245
HWY 245 Motorcycle Ride From Badger Mountain House Restaurant and Saloon
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Kings Canyon National Park Motorcycle Ride pt 1
Motorcycle Ride in Kings Canyon
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130 HWY Del Puerto Canyon Rd Ride Part 2 KTM 990 SMR
HWY 130 Del Puerto Canyon Rd to HWY 5 Who's the guy in my rear view mirror ?
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First ride on new S1000xr Engine Break in
First Mines Rd run on my new S1000XR , Stupid fun !
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Victory Motorcycle  test ride
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My motorcycle riding moments
Some past riding experiences.
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Alice's to Davenport cafe motorcycle ride Part 2
Motorcycle group ride Alice's restaurant to Davenport cafe, Rippin !
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Mines Rd Rear Camera test- KTM 990 SMR & Hypermotard
Testing rear action cam when Ducati flew by ,I'm on his rear tire till end. Sorry for the high-frequency vibrations I will have to mount camera in a different location. (Watch on desktop to see speech notes)
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Idiot on mines rd
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Marsh Creek Rd Ride KTM 950 SMR
Marsch creek rd clayton ca , Between clayton and brentwood, Not the best road ! Lots of traffic, gravel ,dirt, uneven pavement!
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Del Puerto Canyon Rd Ride
Dirt, gravel , rock , sand
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Mt hamilton ride down
Mt hamilton ride down
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Thunderhill C Group Fly By
My first track day at Thunder hill raceway Willows ca
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Seek and destroy
On my way home after a great lunch at Junction restaurant ! Oh yeah, Passed BMW 1200 GS easy-peasy !
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Close call on mines rd
Took my mind off the road for a second going to fast into tight corner and with a little luck and skill came out unscratched , Lol !
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Speed Limits
WolfPack Riding
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Fun on Dirty Rd
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Alice's restaurant to Davenport cafe motorcycle ride
Motorcycle group ride Alice's restaurant to Davenport cafe,Hwy 84 & Hwy 1
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Big Basin Way HWY 9  KTM 990 SMR
On are way to alice's restaurant with no directions . Lost !
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Ride to Alice's
Great day for a ride with friends.
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S1000XR Del puerto canyon rd (unmaintained section )
Lots of rough sections of road, Still fun
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Me fat old guy with bad knees , Lol !
I didn't know it at the time but ,Passed this guy today. http://www.bayarearidersforum.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9756632&postcount=11
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Sunday Stroll
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130 HWY Del Puerto Canyon Rd  Ride Part 1
Leaving the junction motorcycle ride on 130 hwy, My first ride on this road, Very rough road in the beginning but gets better also very technical (Note) Loose gravel on the road for the first 5 miles.
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