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The Goodness Company, Santa Claus Project 2013
http://www.goodnesscompany.com On Saturday, December 14, 2013, Santa Claus will come to Costa Rica with gifts for children in need. Please do what you can to ensure that Santa has enough gifts for all of the children. We don't have the heart to turn anyone away...but we need your help! If you can give $10.00, you will help Santa give a gift to every child. You may send your donation to: The Goodness Company Christmas Fund 820 Baker Street Wisconsin Rapids, WI, 54494 You may also make a payment by credit card via PayPal. You must become a member of PayPal to use this service. When paying with PayPal, please use the email address: patrick@goodnesscompany.com Please do not purchase or send toys. We cannot deliver them to Costa Rica in time. All toys will be purchased in Costa Rica with the donations received. To learn more about Santa Claus Project, please go to: http://www.goodnesscompany.com/social-responsibility.html
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Healthcare Marketing Lecture by Patrick Goodness; CEO of The Goodness Company
http://www.goodnesshealthcaremarketing.com Healthcare marketing has become a rapidly expanding business. Hospitals and medical practices all over the world are finding that as competition grows, borders are shrinking and more people are considering healthcare abroad. Healthcare marketing has become a necessity for the true leaders in the market and no company is better positioned to help businesses cross borders with ease than The Goodness Company. The Goodness Company has positioned itself securely in the international marketing arena. With offices in Costa Rica and the United States The Goodness company is ready to manage the worlds healthcare marketing needs. To learn more about Goodness Healthcare Marketing, please go to: http://www.goodnesshealthcaremarketing.com Contact us at patrick@goodnesscompany.com antonio@goodnesscompany.com
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Medical Travel - Top Ten Reasons to Get Better in Bahamas
http://www.bahamasmedicalcenter.com The Bahamas Medical Center has become a premier medical travel destination. Accessibility, affordability,and high quality care plus service have generated an amazing outpouring of support and admiration for the job they do. Consider your next procedure at the Bahamas Medical Center where the staff always speaks English and is always friendly. To learn more about Bahamas Medical Center, please go to: http://www.bahamasmedicalcenter.com Contact us at ssands@bahamasmedicalcenter.com cmartin@bahamasmedicalcenter.com sottley@bahamasmedicalcenter.com
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Medical Tourism Marketing: Destination Branding
http://goodnesshealthcaremarketing.com Medical Tourism Marketing strategist Patrick Goodness, CEO of The Goodness Company: Global Healthcare Marketing offers a brief 2-minute talk on the importance of branding. Branding is more than just a logo and a slogan. Branding is about perception. In the healthcare world, your brand is the aggregate value of your patient's perception based on their experiences with your company. When developing a brand for hospitals, medical tourism destinations, medical tourism clusters and other healthcare organizations, an understanding of the patient experience with your organization is a critical first step to successful branding. For more information about healthcare marketing services, we welcome you to visit http://goodnesshealthcaremarketing.com Contact us at patrick@goodnesscompany.com antonio@goodnesscompany.com
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Medical Tourism Marketing: The Goodness Company is Your Competitive Advantage
http://www.medicaltourismmarketing.com Medical Tourism Marketing Video...Marketing to Win! Partner with The Goodness Company and discover the advantage of our unmatched medical and health tourism marketing knowledge and experience. Patrick Goodness, CEO of The Goodness Company is recognized by the Medical Tourism Association as a global leader in global healthcare and medical tourism marketing. To learn more about Medical Tourism Marketing , please go to: http://www.medicaltourismmarketing.com Contact us at info@medicaltourismmarketing.com
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Costa Rica Beach Area Property for Sale: Playa Lagarto, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Purchase a beach area property in Costa Rica, known for a high quality of living, low taxes and world-class healthcare! Located just 2 hours by plane from Miami, Costa Rica is a popular tourism and retirement destination for Americans and Canadians. In fact, more than 100,000 North Americans live in Costa Rica. This 1,000 meter lot is located in Playa Lagarto on the Pacific Gold Coast of Costa Rica...just one block from the ocean. Listen to the ocean, watch monkeys, marvel at the tropical birds, enjoy long walks along the beach and discover a peaceful life that is more affordable than ever. This stunning residential property just meters from a golden sand beach, is fully titled, and has water and electricity easements. The property is located near restaurants, cafes, small grocery stores and pharmacies. Just 90 minutes from the Liberia international airport, 35 Minutes from Santa Cruz, 45 minutes from the popular beach vacation hotspot of Tamarindo, and only 20 minutes from the JW Marriott and the world-renowned Hacienda Pinilla golf course and residential community, this property is ideal to build your future home or as an investment. Contact Susan Albers at susan_albers@yahoo.com for more details and to schedule a showing.
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Why is Colina Dental Costa Rica's Most recommended Dental Clinic
You probably know that Costa Rica is a popular destination for tourists. But did you know that tens of thousands of people from the US and Canada visit Costa Rica every year for affordable dental care? At Colina Dental, our patients receive the best care, at savings of fifty to eighty percent when compared to prices in the US and Canada. Since 1979 Colina Dental has been a leader in providing excellent affordable dental care for American and Canadian patients. Colina Dental is proud to offer Cerec CAD CAM Technology and ZT Scans to ensure better planning for safer, higher quality surgical results. Colina Dental’s practice is located in Escazú, Costa Rica, one of the most cosmopolitan and upscale shopping and residential districts in Latin America. We invite you to call us today to discover why Colina Dental is Costa Rica’s most Recommend Dental Clinic. US (305) 921-9667 CR (506) 2228-0141 Toll Free US (888) 398-5435 Toll Free Canada (418) 948-3393 http://colinadental.com/
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Los Algodones Medical Guide, by World Medical Guides
http://www.LosAlgodonesMedicalGuide.com How do you find a good dentist or optometrist in Los Algodones, Mexico? Discover the easiest and most reliable way to find qualified, affordable dentists in Los Algodones through Los Algodones Medical Guide. Find top dentists, leading optical centers and the best entertainment, hotels, restaurants and shopping in Los Algodones, Mexico. Los Algodones Medial Guide is a guide written for Americans and Canadians looking for high quality, safe and reliable dental and medical care in Los Algodones Mexico. Find top dentists and learn about why Los Algodones is Mexico's dental city. To learn more about Los Algodones Medical Guide, please go to: http://www.LosAlgodonesMedicalGuide.com Contact us at patrick@goodnesscompany.com antonio@goodnesscompany.com
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Mexicali Medical Guide, by World Medical Guides
http://www.mexicalimedicalguide.com Find the best doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hotels and restaurants in Mexicali, Mexico with Mexicali Medical Guide. Mexicali Medical Guide is a reliable resource for medical tourism in Mexicali. Are you looking for bariatric surgery in Mexicali, fertility services in Mexicali, dental care or pharmacies to purchase affordable prescriptions in Mexicali? Trust Mexicali Medical Guide to help you find the best and most affordable healthcare solutions in Mexicali. To learn more about Mexicali Medical Guide, please go to: http://www.mexicalimedicalguide.com Contact us at patrick@goodnesscompany.com antonio@goodnesscompany.com
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Healthcare & Medical Tourism Public Relations Marketing Video
http://www.medicaltourismmarketing.com Healthcare and Medical Tourism Marketing is critical for hospitals, dental clinics, and anyone interested in developing a strong medical tourism business or international patient center. The simple truth is that most people mistrust advertising, but believe in the veracity of stories told by reputable sources. The key to success in the internet age is publishing information about your business in quality, respected news sources. The Goodness Company holds that key. The Goodness Company is the most recognized healthcare and medical tourism marketing agency in the world. In this video, you will learn the importance of public relations and how to position your healthcare organization for public relations success. When your healthcare or medical tourism business has something to say...The Goodness Company will help you say it...delivering impressive returns on your investment. To learn more about Medical Tourism Marketing , please go to: http://www.medicaltourismmarketing.com Contact us at info@medicaltourismmarketing.com
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Healthcare Marketing: The importance of Relationships & Leveraging the Need to Belong
http://www.goodnesscompany.com Innovate Online Healthcare Marketing Every company needs effective healthcare marketing tactics to guarantee success in a highly competitive industry. The core competencies in seeking to achieve efficient marketing are to create awareness of your brand, product or services. This attentiveness, however, must be guaranteed to hold clients or end-users captive to encourage conversion and sales. Take note though that medical or healthcare marketing consistently delves on a client-centric approach. Unlike before where only the tri-media of television, print and radio dominated the marketing arena, today's increasing involvement of people with the Internet gives your company more clout in reaching out to wide-range of audiences. Content-Savvy SEO When it comes to online healthcare marketing, search engine optimization still reigns as the means used by top companies globally. People use search engines to look for data and information and you must tap that open platform to increase awareness, capture attention and encourage conversion to your products or services. But be careful with the type of SEO tactics to employ. Your healthcare marketing approach must be specific, concise and focused to client's needs from your website's landing page to its page-by-page content. Social Media Concepts The undeniable clout of social media has also shown consistency in achieving efficient online healthcare marketing. This is emphasized by the results of increasing numbers and dependence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and so on. To be effective, you need the right amount of expertise to ensure you are appropriately targeting your end-user's habits and current trends in this particular niche. Employing marketers in the field of social media would be best to achieve real-time responsiveness and convert these audiences into loyal customers. Mobile Marketing Concepts Another growing niche in online healthcare marketing is mobile marketing. The current rise in mobile healthcare marketing concepts is due to the fact that the world is becoming more tech-savvy and highly mobile. This 28-minute lecture from Patrick Goodness, CEO of The Goodness Company: Medical Tourism marketing, was given at the 2012 ProMed Medical Tourism Conference in Costa Rica. The lecture shows relationship marketing as the key to success in the global healthcare market. To learn more about Medical Tourism Marketing , please go to: http://www.medicaltourismmarketing.com Contact us at info@medicaltourismmarketing.com
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Testimonial Michele Dewar: Mexico Bariatric Team
http://www.mexicobariatricteam.com At Mexico Bariatric Team, we understand that there are several factors to consider when deciding to pursue weight loss surgery. You want to feel confident in the facility you choose and your surgeon's skill and credentials. We're confident that our experienced medical team is the best choice for your weight loss goals. Michele Dewar shares her story of how weight loss surgery has impacted her life. Bariatric procedures performed by Dr. Juan Arellano at Mexico Bariatric Team include: • ADJUSTABLE GASTRIC BANDING • GASTRIC BYPASS • GASTRIC SLEEVE • GASTRIC PLICATION • DUODENAL SWITCH AND REVISIONAL SURGERY • POUCH REVISION To learn more about Mexico Bariatric Team, please go to: http://www.mexicobariatricteam.com Contact us at info@mexicobariatricteam.com
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English Language Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media
Presented by Patrick Goodness at the Marriott Hotel, Costa Rica – Medical Tourism Conference 2011
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Costa Rica Rental Casa
Accommodations: House: 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, covered terrace and stone patio with infinity pool and Jacuzzi...plus a beautiful outdoor shower area. Large 1.5 acre lot borders a picturesque stream with banana trees and abundant flowers and wildlife. Enjoy the sights of hummingbirds, toucans, parrots and more. Plan a trip to Costa Rica in stunning Central America and enjoy the warmth and sun of this tropical paradise. Soak in some sun by the private infinity pool and Jacuzzi during the day and enjoy family time at night in this incredible luxury vacation home.
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Video Marketing: How to Grow Your Business with Video
http://www.goodnesscompany.com Successful video marketing is more than just the development of powerful videos. It's about targeted online distribution through the top video sharing networks that have the ability to drive significant traffic to your web site, increasing your online visibility, augmenting your brand perception and boosting new business leads. The Goodness Company is your connection to powerful video development and online video marketing. http://www.goodnesscompany.com Contact us at patrick@goodnesscompany.com
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From our family to yours - Colina Dental
Colina Dental was founded by the Conejo family back in the 1970s. Today a new generation of dental professionals in the Conejo family leads the business, setting even higher standards for quality and compassionate patient care. At Colina Dental, we see you as a friend…not a number. As a friend and part of our family, we’ll take good care of you and will give you a beautiful smile…and a lot to smile about. The Best Dental Care in Costa Rica…from Our Family to Yours. Costa Rica Toll-Free from the US: (888) 398-5435 Toll-Free from Canada: (418) 948-3393 From US: (305) 921-9667 We are located 400 mts south of Scotia Bank in San Rafael de Escazú, on the road to Escazú center. In Costa Rica: +1 506 2228-0141 400 m Sur del Cruce Escazú-Santa Ana. San Rafael de Escazú. San Josè, Costa Rica P.O. BOX: 731-1250 Office Hours: You can reach us by phone on Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. http://colinadental.com/
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Master Key Consulting: Flexible Options for Full Time ESAs
Get the professional staffing support you need...when you need it... with Master Key Consulting. From technical support specialists, grant processing specialists, trainers and grant consultants to analysts, project managers and administrative support, Master Key Consulting is your connection to superior, flexible support staffing and ongoing staff management.
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Polynsesian Culture
Polynesian Culture - The Interesting, Taboo and the Bizarre
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Ancient Hawaii
Ancient Hawaii: Stories of the Land, her People, and their Mythical Beginnings
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Acts of Goodness: Project Santa Claus
http://www.goodnesscompany.com Since 2007, the Costa Rica office of The Goodness Company has found a way to spread a little sunshine to those that poverty and disease have kept in darkness. Each year, just before Christmas, our staff and our families dress as Santa and his elves to give away hundreds of toys to children in need. Our generous clients from around the world to join us in donating money to purchase soccer balls, dolls and toys of every shape and size to spread smiles at Christmas. To learn more about Santa Claus Project, please go to: http://www.goodnesscompany.com/social-responsibility.html
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