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Internet vs Intranet
Know the difference between Internet and Intranet
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Applications of Computer
How is the computer used in education, in designing, at hospitals, by the government, etc? See the applications of computer.
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Types of Numbers- even, odd, prime, composite, twin primes, perfect, co-prime and prime triplets
Understanding the types of numbers: even and odd numbers, prime and composite numbers, twin primes, perfect numbers, co-prime numbers and prime triplets
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Microsoft  PowerPoint 2010-  Normal, Slide Sorter,  Outline,  Reading and  Slide Show views
View slides in PowerPoint presentation in Normal view, Slide Sorter view, Reading view, Outline view and Slide Show view.
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What is Internet used for?
Uses of internet- chatting, video conferencing, social networking, etc.
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Types of Force
Learn about Magnetic Force, Electrostatic Force, Gravitational Force, Frictional Force, Muscular Force, Mechanical Force, etc.
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Types of Soil
Sandy Soil, Clayey Soil and Loamy Soil
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Introduction to Computer System
What is a computer and a computer system
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To Construct a Quadrilateral When Three sides and Two diagonals
Construction - To Construct a Quadrilateral When Three sides and Two diagonals are given
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Animals for Transport
Animals for Transport
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Differences Between Solids, Liquids and Gases
Solids have a definite shape, Liquids and Gases have no definite shape, Gases flow faster than Liquids, Gases can Expand, Liquids do not Expand
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International System of Writing Numbers
Learn about International system of writing numbers in words and figures, etc.
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The Root System
Learn about the Root System of a plant and its Functions
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Adobe Flash CS5.5- Motion Tween
Learn to animate objects using Motion Tween
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What is a Word Processor and how is it different from a typewriter?
What is a Word Processor? What are its uses? How is a Word Processor different than a typewriter?
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Water - A Precious Resource
Water - A Precious Resource
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Soil Erosion
Soil Erosion by water, Soil Erosion by air
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Characteristics of Computer
Computers are popular because they are accurate, diligent, fast, versatile, have storage space and memory.
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BODMAS- Brackets of division, multiplication, addition and subtraction
Simplification of integers using the rule of BODMAS
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Safety Rules
Safety at Home, Safety in the Classroom, Safety on the Staircase, Safety on the Playground, Safety on the Road
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Spoilage and Wastage of Food
Causes of spoilage of Food, Food preservation, Wastage of Food, Food shortage, Hunger and Disease
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Multiplication of Length Measures
Multiplication of Length Measures
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Representation of Numbers on Spike Abacus
Representing number on spike abacus, writing the numbers in words & figures, etc.
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Houses Then and Now
Learn about Houses in the past, Housing now, Slums, etc.
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Construction of Triangles- SAS, ASA and RHS
Learn to construct different kinds of triangles given all the three sides or given two side plus angle or given two angles plus a side or a right angles triangle
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Methods to prevent Soil Erosion
Methods to prevent Soil Erosion
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Food for Plants and Animals
Learn about how plants make their own food, food habits in animals, food chain, etc.
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What is Air?
Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapour, etc.
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Methods to Purify Water
Methods to Purify Water
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MS Word 2007-  Insert Signatue Line
How to insert signature line in Word document
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Properties of Air
Air Occupies Space, Air has no Definite Shape, Air Exerts Pressure, Air has Weight
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Microsoft Excel 2010-  Formatting Row Height, Column Width and Cut Copy and Paste
How to format row height and column width in Microsoft Excel? Also, learn to cut, copy and paste cells.
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Water - A universal Solvent
Learn through an activity the property of water to dissolve many substances in it
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What heavenly bodies make up the Solar System?
Learn about the Sun, the Earth and other planets that make up the Solar System
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What is the meaning of literal factor
Literal factor is a variable, generally denoted by 'n' where n can be 1,2,3,4,......Learn more about literal factor
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Forests - Our Natural Wealth
Types of Forests, Importance of Forests, Forest People, Effects of Deforestation, Protecting our Forests
Просмотров: 3439 APC BOOKS
Metals and Minerals
Metals and Minerals, Coal and Petroleum
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Application of Compound Interest- Growth and Depreciation
Application of Compound interest to growth and depriciation - class 8 mathematics
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Sources of Light
Solar Energy, Luminous Objects, Non-Luminous Objects, Living Light or Bioluminescence, etc.
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Ecological Balance
Ecological Balance
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Components of Computer System
What are the components of computer system
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MS PowerPoint 2007-  Creating a Presentation Using Design Template
Create a new presentation using design template
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Animals and Plants in Water
Aquatic Animals and Plants
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Area of 4 Walls of a Room
Learn to find area occupied by four walls of a room
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Division of Length Measures
Division of Length Measures
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Muscular System
Voluntary Muscles, Involuntary Muscles, Cardiac Muscles, Care of Bones and Muscles
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Addition of Algebraic Expressions
Learn to add algebraic expressions
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Properties of Light
Light Travels in a straight Line, Regular reflection of light, Irregular reflection of light, etc.
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Parts of a Plant - The Stem
Learn about Plant stem and its functions, etc.
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International System of Numeration
How to read and write numbers according to the International System of Numeration?
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