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Hope Lodge NYC: Colin Poole
WNYT-TV April 17, 2008 Albany, NY visit News Channel 13 at www.wnyt.com
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Hope Lodge Dave Lisa
Provided through the generosity of State Street, the Presenting Sponsor of the 2018 Boston Key Gala to benefit AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center in Boston. Production by Fighting Monk. To learn more about Hope Lodge or donate visit https://www.bostonkeygala.org.
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Mike Randall and Bridget Blythe Message for Buffalo Strides Walkers
Video from WKBW's morning team that ran during the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer kick off in Buffalo.
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American Cancer Society Hope Lodge on GMA
11/13/2008 Robin Roberts of Good Morning America visits with Sherry Matthews, a guest at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in New York City. For more information on Hope Lodge visit www.cancer.org/hopelodge or call 1-800-ACS-2345.
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The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge NYC
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2010 All Teens Against Cancer Walk
Cancer survivor Amit Vaidya speaks to the 2010 All Teens Against Cancer Walk participants.
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Hope Lodge Amie
Provided through the generosity of State Street, the Presenting Sponsor of the 2018 Boston Key Gala to benefit AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center in Boston. Production by Fighting Monk. To learn more about Hope Lodge or donate visit https://www.bostonkeygala.org.
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Panera Bread Post Calories (5 p.m. version)
3/31/10 WKBW-TV Buffalo, NY
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Joanna Pasceri and WKBW are Making Strides
Special thanks to WKBW-TV in Buffalo and Joanna Pasceri. This is the promo they created for Stand Up 2 Cancer. To join the fight against breast cancer visit www.cancer.org/stridesonline
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#ShareYourScreen Tutorial
It's Colon Cancer Awareness Month and the American Cancer Society wants to know: what's on YOUR screen? Oh- no, not your colon cancer screen. Your phone screen! #ShareYourScreen on social media to show it off... and help raise awareness of colon cancer screening at the same time.
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Research Stories - Deborah Erwin, PhD
Society grantee Deborah Erwin, PhD, from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, has developed a community-based program aimed at increasing breast and cervical cancer screening among Latina women. Watch Dr. Erwin discuss her innovative program called Esperanza y Vida (Hope and Life), and the impact of her American Cancer Society grant on that work.
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Atlantic City Casinos Go Smoke Free
WPVI-TV 4/23/08 Philladelphia, PA
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New York State Tobacco Tax Increase
6/3/2008 WRGB-TV 6:00 p.m. Albany, NY
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My Colon Screening Story: Michele Dedea
"I am one of the 72.8 percent of ACS staff who've been screened."
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New York Cutting Cancer Screenings for the Uninsured
The latest state budget projects an $8.3 million shortfall for the state's Cancer Services Program (CSP). CSP provides several types of free cancer screenings to the uninsured and underinsured. Help us prevent cuts to this critical state program at www.acscan.org/newyork 3/12/09 WTEN-TV Albany, NY
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Tobacco in Movies
Capital News 9 3/26/2008 Albany, NY
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Lynbrook Kindergarten CenterRelay Recess song.MOV
Lynbrook Kindergarten Center children sing a song their teacher wrote in celebration of their Relay Recess
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Christine Quinn gets a mammogram at Bellevue Hospital Mammogram Screening Event May 9, 2009
The American Cancer Society partnered with 9 hospitals in the New York Metro area, for a May mammogram screening promotion. New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn showed her support of the promotion by getting a mammogram herself at the May 9 screening event at Bellevue Hospital Center.
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Making Strides Kick Off Video 2015
Kris Kim and survivor Theresa Camilleri invite you to join us for a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer kick off event near you!
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The Mickey Mantle Family Fund Benefiting Hope Lodge NYC
When the family of Mickey Mantle went to the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in New York City they saw the hope in the eyes of patients. They saw how relieved the patients were to have their family there with them. Mickey Mantle, was always involved with charities. His family notes that being able to carry on his mission to help people with cancer, helps keep his legacy alive. Give to the Mickey Mantle Fund to benefit the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge NYC at http://www.cancer.org/mantlefund
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American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge
American Cancer Society Hope Lodge coming Fall 2007
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Hope Lodge New York City: The Jerome L. Greene Family Center
Facing cancer is one of life's greatest challenges. Finding an affordable and supportive place to stay during treatment shouldn't be. The American Cancer Society created the largest Hope Lodge in the nation in midtown Manhattan. Hope Lodge NYC offers 61 comfortable guest suites, with access to communal kitchens, activity rooms, and services.
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Sleepy's Relay For Life: How companies can fight cancer!
Learn about how Sleepy's host their own corporate Relay For Life event to benefit the American Cancer Society. If you're interested in starting a Relay For Life to fight cancer through your company please call 800.227.2345 or visit http://www.relayforlife.org
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The Nicotina and Ashy Ashley Show - American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society of New York and New Jersey presents the Nicotina and Ashy Ashley Show. Today's topic - how Jim Nealy, the American Cancer Society Chief Operating Officer, managed to quit smoking. For more information visit, www.cancer.org/LivefreeSmokefree or call 1.800.ACS.2345.
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Quit or Get Burned: New York Kicks Butts Week
There's a new voice speaking out on the streets of NYC in honor of the New York Kicks Butts Smoking Cessation Week (May 31-June 6). Share your story about quitting smoking or trying to using #NYKicksButts and #BurnedToQuit!
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The American Cancer Society Road to Recovery Program
4/23/09 YNN-TV Buffalo, NY
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Raina's Cancer Burden Without Health Care
Raina is like so many Americans nationwide who stuggle to get by financially while getting the cancer treatment they so desperately need to survive. Join the American Cancer Society and find out how you can make a difference. Visit www.cancer.org/access.
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National Cancer Information Center - American Cancer Society
New to the American Cancer Society? Have you been around awhile but not completely sure what our co-workers at NCIC (National Cancer Information Center) do to serve our constituents 24/7? This short and upbeat video will fill you in
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Dr Yibin Kang and Making Strides
American Cancer Society-funded breast cancer researcher Dr. Yibin Kang of Princeton University talks about his groundbreaking work.
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Great American Smokeout 2008
Capital News 9 talks with Russ Sciandra about the American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout. Capital News 9 11/20/08 Albany, NY
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Relay For Life Heroes of Hope Class of 2010
Presenting the 2010 class of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life Heroes of Hope. These survivors and volunteers will help spread the word about the American Cancer Society's effort to create more birthdays via the Relay For Life. For more information visit http://www.relayforlife.org/nynj or read about our Heroes at http://bit.ly/cqP0wK
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New York Cigarette Tax Going Up
Capital News 9 April 1, 2008 Albany, NY for more local news visit www.capitalnews9.com
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Access to Care for Immigrants
News segment on Telemundo's WNJU-TV Channel 47. Governor Spitzer holds a press conference challenging the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services on their decision to prohibit reimbursement for chemotherapy to undocumented immigrants. The American Cancer Society joined Spitzer at the press conference and in his challenge to the federal government.
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Bob Williams and the American Cancer Society Road to Recovery
From CancerNYNJ News, a profile of Bob Williams. Bob is a cancer survivor and a long time volunteer for the American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery program. Bob has driven more than 1,900 cancer patients a total of 122,000 miles to and from life-saving treatments. Hats off to Bob and his great work. If you would like to volunteer for the Road to Recovery program call 800-227-2345 or visit http://www.cancer.org
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Access to Health Care: Janelle Hyer-Spencer
New York State Assembly member Jenelle Hyer-Spencer shares her experiences as part of the American Cancer Society's ongoing effort to tell the stories of people dealing with the problems in our healthcare system
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Stacy Van Cott: Making Strides
Survivor, teacher and mom of two, Stacy Van Cott shares her experiences on why Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is more than just a walk to her.
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Coaches vs Cancer: 2008 Syracuse Basket Ball Announced
News 10 Now 2/15/08 Syracuse, NY
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Hope Lodge Relay For Life 6.21.12
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American Cancer Society HopeClub in Latham, NY
From CancerNYNJ News: Tracy Pitcher talks about the American Cancer Society's first-ever HopeClub. Based near Albany, NY the HopeClub provides free services and support to its 500 members as well as anyone facing cancer in the community. For more information call 800.227.2345 or visit http://www.cancer.org/hopeclub
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UAlbany's John Lowery Earns National Relay For Life Award
11-07-2007 WTEN-TV Albany, NY
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Tell us why you quit smoking - American Cancer Society
Join the American Cancer Society as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Great American Smokeout. Post a video in response to this one to share your "Why I Quit" stories. For more information visit www.cancer.org/livefreesmokefree or call us at 1.800.ACS.2345.
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QuitBuddy: Chuck Nice says don't smoke if you have one of these!
Chuck Nice is back with his latest video as part of the American Cancer Society's QuitBuddy campaign. QuitBuddy is dynamic new support system for people looking to kick the habit. To get QuitBuddy text QUIT or BUDDY to 22723. For more information visit: http://www.cancer.org/MyACS/Eastern/AreaHighlights/cancernynj_news_quitbuddy
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Bridget Blythe helps Kick Off Making Strides in Buffalo
WKBW-TV 8/6/09 Buffalo, NY Clip from Eyewitness News at Noon with Bridget Blythe hosting the American Cancer Society's Making Strides in Buffalo. WKBW is the official television sponsor of this year's event.
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Universal Health Care: Bunnie Sarro's Story
9/5/2007 WTEN-TV Albany, NY
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Relay for Life at RPI
4/17/09 WRBG-TV Albany, NY
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MSABC 2011 Survivor Speaker- Central Park
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Win an iPhone in the Great American Smokeout Video Contest
THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. To see the results visit the link below. http://community.acsevents.org/site/PageServer?pagename=C_EA_Win_ContestFinalist Thank you to everyone who participated. Prepare to Quit.Win.Live. It's the American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout video contest on YouTube. Here's what we want you to do. Create a video, one minute or less, letting people know why you shouldn't smoke. Encourage smokers to quit or to never start in the first place. Tell us your story with your own footage, photos, real-life situations or create something entirely different. It's up to you. First prize is a new iPhone*. Second prize is the new iPod nano with video. Thrid prize is the iPod shuffle. You can enter the contest any of the following ways: -Add your video to our YouTube Group http://www.youtube.com/group/QuitWinLive -Post a response to our contest video -Tag your video with smokeoutvideocontest (one word) -Email a link to your video to nynjevents@cancer.org with the subject heading Smokeout Video Contest Make it funny, witty, educational, intriguing, whatever... just make it great! Contest starts on October 10, 2007 and ends November 12, 2007. Finalist will be chosen by the American Cancer Society Eastern Division Inc by November 15. For more information on the American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout and full contest rules visit www.cancer.org/livefreesmokefree *Prize is phone only. Service not included. Promotional music courtesy of www.royaltyfreemusic.com
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Don't Leave NY Women Exposed! - No More Cuts to Cancer Screenings!
Visit: www.acscan.org/newyork to get involved! Cancer advocates and women around the state are wondering if Albany is turning its back on breast cancer. First, the current budget passed in April 1009 capped the Cancer Services Program at $8Million LESS than what they spent the year before (which was $29 million). And now the Governor wants to cut this life-saving program by an additional $1 million. This move will leave thousands of uninsured women without access to life-saving cancer screening and treatment. Why is this program, which predominately serves women, subjected to a nearly one-third cut, significantly more than other programs? Breast cancer affects more women in New York than any other cancer, and an estimated 2,550 New Yorkers will die from the disease this year. We can't afford to leave New York women without access to life-saving cancer screening! The reduction in available funds is already hurting New Yorkers uninsured women are already being turned away from cancer screening. This year, in some regions, such as Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Westchester, the Program is on pace to screen fewer than half of the uninsured women served last year. We need your help TODAY! Please call your New York State Legislator and tell them "SAVE THE CANCER SERVICES PROGRAM" Call you New York State Senator at 518-455-2800 Call your New York State Assembly member at 518-455-4100 FAST FACTS: The NYS CANCER SERVICES PROGRAM (CSP) offers lifesaving breast, cervical and colon cancer screening and treatment to people without health coverage in every county of New York. Operating through 47 Partnerships--a network of more than 5,000 hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices--they provide the only hope of cancer testing for New Yorkers with little or no insurance. SAVE LIVES and MONEY, DIAGNOSE CANCER EARLY Detecting cancer early, when it is most treatable, saves lives and it also saves money. The New York State Department of Health estimates the cost of the Cancer Services Program in the last year was offset by $46 million in savings due to early detection. GROWING DEMAND As more people lose their jobs and health coverage in this recession, the demand for these services is constantly growing. Its estimated that 550,000 New Yorkers are eligible for CSP services. Last year, 80,500 were screened, thats less than 20% of the eligible population but FEWER DOLLARS In the FY09-10 budget, the CSP should have been funded at a minimum of $29 Million, which would have maintained (but not increased) the number of clients served. Instead, funding was slashed by $8M to $20.3M. This is causing the program to turn away uninsured women. Now, the Governor is proposing an additional cut of $1Million. That would be a 30% reduction in program funds since April 2009! Why are uninsured women being targeted in budget cuts? Enough! Save the Cancer Services program!
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