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Signs Of Toxic Body, It's ill Effects & How to Eliminate Toxins from Body!
There are Toxins in Air we breathe, Water we Drink & the Food we eat! They get absorbed in our Body. All are not removed by our system. The accumulated toxins have lot of ill effect on our Body. The video educates in Brief, What are the Signs to know that our Body is Toxic, What are the ill Effects and How to Eliminate them for Healthy Living! I also feel fortunate to say here, my mother got benefited with CONYTAKARA at the same she got diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Soon I will be posting a video about my encounter with the goodness of ConyTakara. Touching people's lives being Healthcare enthusiast! Feel free to comment to know more
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Awesome Lezhim Performance l Bhagava Kar Rakta Tujha  Song Live release l Gudi Padwa 2017 Celebratio
Awesome Lezim Performance l Bhagava Kar Rakta Tujha- Song Live release l Gudi Padwa 2017 Celebration l Bhaugshala Ground l Dombivali Contact for Performance : Sanket Shetage : , Mayur Raje : 9870797289
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The  Show Must Go On / द  शो मस्ट गो ऑन
#वेबसिरीजच्या जमान्यात थिएटर मध्ये खेचणारे व खिळवून ठेवणारे नाटक पहायचे असेल तर नक्की बघायला या... #दशोमस्टगोऑन
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Easiest source of Alkaline Water : Use Conybio Bio Ball
"No Disease including cancer can exist in Alkaline Environment" - Dr Otto Warburg 1931 Nobel Prize Winner for Cancer discovery. With ConyBio's bioceramic product "BioBall", you receive Far Infrared Ray activated Alkaline water with pH 7.5-8 by simply putting BioBall in water. No need of electricity or boiling, but of course boiling water with BioBall in amplifies the value of water. _Touching people's lives being Healthcare enthusiast! Feel free to comment/order/know more
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Benefits of Alkaline Mineral Water
This video describes the benefits of drinking Alkaline and that to Mineral Water on daily basis. What if we don't, well after watching this video I guess you will know what we lack into actually. Ofcourse, before uploading this video, I have been user, educator and promoter of Alkaline water in daily lives for years and I am happy that it has resulted into huge health benefits in many peoples lives. For knowing more, feel free to comment or contact. #Healthcare enthusiast
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