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A Tuberculosis Patient's Personal Story
Meet Xolelwa Joni, a survivor of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis and now an educator. http://elil.ly/ha7r
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Lilly For Better: From Our Founder to Present
We've launched a new showcase of our unique, 140-year story of caring and discovery in communities worldwide. Introducing Lilly For Better: http://elil.ly/lillyforbetter
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Why is Balancing Sugar Important?
Your body is constantly trying to balance your blood sugar. Learn how it works and why it is sometimes more difficult with type 2 diabetes.
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Whose Diabetes Do You Have? John's Story
An unusual relationship leads a medical school student to specialize in helping people struggling with the challenges of diabetes.
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Small Sacrifices: Michael Clark’s Story
Connecting Hearts Abroad ambassador Michael Clark came back from his trip to Lima, Peru, with more than just memories. He came back to work with a strong desire to help those in need and make life better for people around the world. Learn more here: http://elil.ly/haer
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Meet Lilly's Early Career Professionals
Millennials at Lilly recently formed their own employee resource group, the 10th in our company, and they frequently find new ways to advance both innovation and their careers. http://elil.ly/Diversity
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The Dangers of Counterfeit Medicines
Counterfeit and fake medications are a serious public health threat. Millions of consumers are at risk. But just what is fake medicine? And how do fight counterfeit products? Find out here!
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Crystal Bowersox on Music, Friends, and Living With Diabetes
Meet northwest Ohio native and Nashville resident, singer/songwriter Crystal Bowersox, who was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes at age 6. Crystal rose from humble beginnings to reach the "American Idol" finals in 2010 and an ongoing musical career that has followed. Having managed diabetes most of her life and knowing the importance of mentors for children with diabetes, it's Crystal's mission to touch others impacted by diabetes with her music and her message. That's why Crystal has signed on with Lilly Diabetes as a type-1 diabetes ambassador. In this role, Crystal will speak to children at diabetes summer camps and other events, sharing her story and inspiring them to reach for their dreams. She'll join two other inspirational diabetes camp program speakers: Olympic cross-country skier Kris Freeman and NASCAR® XFINITY Series driver Ryan Reed. More information about Lilly Diabetes and its camp program is available here: lillydiabetes.com/camps
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Lilly Regulatory Affairs: Many Hats to Wear
Our colleagues in Regulatory Affairs wear many hats. Step inside their world here: http://elil.ly/y9lc
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Lilly Sales Interns
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What is the impact of a single crayon?
What is the impact of a single crayon? What is the impact of one volunteer experience? Lilly employee Courtenay Fields traveled to Ghana through our Connecting Hearts Abroad program, and what she saw there inspired her to found "Crayons Matter," an organization that not only gives school supplies to students in need, but connects children across the world through creativity.
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Five Questions with Lilly Bio-Medicines President Christi Shaw
Here's what Christi Shaw, Senior Vice President and President of Lilly Bio-Medicines, has to say about personal mottos, discovery, diversity, how to be an asset at work and more. She recently returned to Lilly, where her career began 28 years ago.
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Eli Lilly and Company - Our Promises
Our Promise to make life better is about helping others fulfill the individual promises they make in their own lives. In this video, you see stories of the promises we make to children and families, to colleagues, communities and society.
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A Story of Research Volunteers: Seeking Relief, Helping Future Patients
Each year, over 2 million brave people participate in clinical trials to test new treatments that may make life better. Meet four of them here. To learn more about clinical research, visit http://elil.ly/vqlw
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Eli Lilly President of International: breakthroughs, cost and patient access
Eli Lilly’s Senior Vice President and President of Lilly International, Chito Zulueta, speaks about his pride in the breakthroughs achieved at Lilly in the fields of oncology, diabetes, auto-immune disease and Alzheimer’s, as well as Lilly’s commitment to work with governments and payers to ensure patient access, which remains a central pillar of Lilly’s mission.  http://lillypad.eu
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A Day at Diabetes Camp with Crystal Bowersox
Ever wonder what a day at diabetes camp is like? Come along with Nashville recording artist and Lilly Diabetes ambassador, Crystal Bowersox, as she visits her hometown diabetes camp in Sylvania, Ohio. The expressions on the kids’ faces tell it all. For more on diabetes camps visit, lillydiabetes.com/camps
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Lilly Employees Share About Being Muslim in the Workplace
In light of world events and media headlines, colleagues from Middle Eastern background may find a U.S. workplace challenging at times, with opportunities for meaningful conversations. Members of Lilly's Africa, Middle East and Central Asia (AMECA) employee resource group share their perspectives here. http://elil.ly/dz2z
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Collaborating to Advance Science: The Open Innovation Drug Discovery Program at Lilly
Early drug discovery requires a collaborative approach. This video provides an overview of how external scientists can collaborate with Lilly to advance science.
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Why Does Diabetes Progress Over Time?
Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes, and progresses over time. Learn why this happens, and the many factors that impact sugar levels for someone with type 2 diabetes.
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Who We Are: Lilly Manufacturing Supply Chain, Alcobendas
Meet Ana, a team leader of our Manufacturing Supply Chain team at the manufacturing site in Alcobendas, Spain. Ana’s team ensures an efficient delivery of high-quality raw materials and medical devices.
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Meet the Scientists Behind Our Newest Medicine
Meet some of the Lilly scientists who work every day to make lives better. From San Diego to Indianapolis, they have collaborated for years with the shared goal of discovering a medicine that can improve patients' health.
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Employee Profile:  Marketing MBA
As a global market research consultant for Lilly, DeRoyce Simmons knows his insights will be impactful and influence key decisions.
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AMPATH and Lilly Partnership
Joe Mamlin talks about how the partnership between Lilly and AMPATH has impacted people in living in Kenya.
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Lilly Global Day of Service Turns 10: CEO Dave Ricks' Story
Lilly Global Day of Service turns 10 years young in 2017, and CEO Dave Ricks shares its origin story here as we work to make lives better in our communities worldwide. http://elil.ly/gk37
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Lilly and Donald Woods Foundation Partner to Fight TB in South Africa
With help from the United Way and the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership, the Donald Woods Foundation is working the battle the spread of tuberculosis in South Africa.
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Connecting Hearts Abroad - Peru 2013
What happens when you send seven Lilly volunteers to Peru to serve? This mini-documentary capturing their experiences will show you.
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Who We Are: Lilly Quality Control, Alcobendas
Meet Laura Perez, team leader in Quality Control at our Alcobendas manufacturing site in Spain. Laura’s team helps to ensure product reliability through chemical testing of both raw materials and final products.
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Who We Are: Meet a Lilly Research Scientist
Research scientist Moriah Nof works with both the development and manufacturing teams within Lilly, and while their daily work may seem different, one goal brings them all together: elil.ly/g5ku
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Whose Diabetes Do You Have? Sarah's Story
A woman uses the same determination that made her a college track star to confront her diabetes with the support of a physician who refuses to give up on her.
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Eli Lilly and Company: Meet These Sweethearts in Science
These six scientists have more in common than a mutual dedication to discovering solutions for today’s most pressing medical needs; they also all work in research and development at Lilly. https://www.lilly.com/discovery
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Employee Profile:  Undergraduate Internship
Lilly gives interns the opportunity to gain real-world experience and participate in projects that matter to patients.
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Employee Profile:  Sales Internship
Lilly sales interns are given all the tools they need to be successful. What they take away from the experience is knowing that this is what they want to do, and that they want to do it with Lilly.
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Employee Profile:  Marketing
First introduced to Lilly's culture and opportunities through a ten week internship program, marketing associate Anna Begley knew she wanted to come back and work with the people who helped her develop as a marketer.
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Diversity at Lilly
Lilly leaders John Lechleiter, Monique Hunt McWilliams, and Chito Zulueta discuss diversity within the company. Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Lilly here: http://elil.ly/Diversity
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Corporate Responsibility at Lilly
Lilly has a proud legacy of giving back and lifting up that originates with the company's founder, Colonel Eli Lilly. Learn more about our corporate responsibility efforts in this video.
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Eli Lilly and Company: Andrew Embry Shares #WeAreLilly Poem
In honor of Eli Lilly and Company's 140th anniversary, Andrew Embry, a Lilly colleague and slam poet, delivered a performance that bridges the past, present and future. See it in text form here: http://elil.ly/poem
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Lilly: Innovative Research Through Partnership
Dr. Melissa Thomas, a Lilly Diabetes researcher talks about the value of public-private partnerships in her work. The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is Europe's largest public-private initiative aiming to speed up the development of better and safer medicines for patients.
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Lilly's NCD Partners
Non-communicable diseases are a growing global health threat. Partner organizations help us as we all fight NCDs across the globe.
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Lilly Researchers Work to Fight Breast Cancer
Eli Lilly and Company researchers discuss the challenges and motivations for their work. http://lillyforbetter.com ----- Eli Lilly and Company is a global health care leader that unites caring with discovery to make life better for people around the world. For more than a century, we have stayed true to a core set of values—excellence, integrity, and respect for people—that guide us in all we do: discovering medicines that meet real needs, improving the understanding and management of disease, and giving back to communities through philanthropy and volunteerism. If you have any questions about a Lilly therapy or medicine, please contact our customer care line at 1-800-LillyRx (1-800-545-5979) between the hours of 9:00am - 5:00pm EST. ----- Guidelines: Eli Lilly and Company strives to create informative and engaging online communities that share information in meaningful ways. We welcome and encourage your participation and engagement in thoughtful and respectful discourse. When you engage with Lilly on YouTube (and any other of Lilly’s social media channels), you are agreeing to these Community Guidelines in addition to the Terms and Conditions or other legal notices provided by Lilly and those of YouTube: http://elil.ly/guidelines ----- Connect with Eli Lilly and Company across all digital channels: • Website: http://lilly.com • Facebook: http://facebook.com/elilillyandco/ • Twitter: http://twitter.com/lillypad • Instagram: http://instagram.com/elilillyco • LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/eli-lilly-and-company
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Who We Are: Meet a Lilly Designer
At Lilly, we continue to fight fake medicines through new global packaging programs. Here's how our process helps to ensure patients get the safe and effective medicines they need.
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Lilly Connecting Hearts Abroad with A Fresh Chapter in Peru
Twenty cancer survivors and caregivers in Peru worked to heal the emotional scars of cancer through volunteering. In partnership with A Fresh Chapter, Lilly Connecting Hearts Abroad ambassadors were 10 of the 20 participants. http://elil.ly/CHA
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Lilly Global Day of Service 2014
On October 2, 2014 over 24,000 individuals in nearly 60 countries volunteered their time to make lives better all over the world. See the impact of this year's Global Day of Service. #WeAreLilly
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Diversity at Lilly from former CFO Derica Rice
"Diversity enables us to harness the ideas, the energies and the talents of the thousands of people who work here, the thousands of partners we cooperate with and work with every day." Find out why diversity is essential to everything we do here at Lilly.
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Lilly's Heritage of Discovery and Caring
Lilly Chairman, President and CEO Dave Ricks shares about our history of developing innovative medicines and helping communities at home and the world over.
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Phase 1 Clinical Trials: Scientists and Starfish
Phase 1 clinical trials offer patients access to molecules that have the potential to become therapies, part of our commitment to medical research and discovery. http://elil.ly/oau9
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Meet the Voices of Lilly's Multicultural Summit
Lilly employees share why their voices count at Lilly's annual Multicultural Summit. For more on diversity and inclusion at Lilly, visit elil.ly/Diversity.
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Accelerating the Flow of Medicines to Improve Outcomes
Our approach to research and development helps us bring timely, valuable medicines to people. Discover more about our rich clinical development pipeline: http://elil.ly/z1ms
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Why Work at Eli Lilly and Company?
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Why We Embrace Diversity and Inclusion
At Lilly, we are dedicated to discovering and developing medicines that make lives better for people around the world. But the only way we can do that is through our diverse employee base. It's because of our employees of all different backgrounds that we can make a positive impact on global health. In this video, Chief Information Officer Aarti Shah shares why we embrace diversity and inclusion at our company.
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