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My found objects are affection and pleasure. download: https://milesoliva.bandcamp.com/track/will
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Shells of Lush
download: https://milesoliva.bandcamp.com/track/shells-of-lush August, you call debris hidden from shells of lush You break in past gentle In through rushing And into dusty life-dearth You pluck away vibrating cell by cell Whose vacancy is always perched, Is cored in every Thing Out of motion, spark, or attraction Ah, gust, you lift that truth away Lucky; the centers of Things aren't dense but flaky and crushed Little bits of uncolored brush And a layer of blush, beating--and also true--returns
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Petals of Men
A reminder that I will always be connected to and contextualized by those I love. download: https://milesoliva.bandcamp.com/track/petals-of-men
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