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What is Emphysema?
Really short video on the basics of emphysema. Let use know what you think as we are planning a series of videos on every organ system. What do you like, dont like or what would you like to see?
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How do we test for Asthma - Part 2 Nitric Oxide Test
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/free-lesson-plans.html This is part two of our Asthma and respiratory system series. In this video Tom has his Nitric Oxide levels checked from his lungs. This is an important marker of how active the immune system is which is important for asthmatics as it is an inflammatory condition controlled by the immune system. For more free videos and science resources, you can sign up on our website http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/free-lesson-plans.html
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How fast does a nerve impulse travel? - Nerve Conduction Test
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk This video demonstrates a nerve conduction test to assess the function of the median nerve pathway. The test can identify neuropathies as well as be used to calculate nerve impulse speed along this motor nerve. To download the accompanying teaching resources for FREE visit http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/free-lesson-plans.html Check out our other videos and our iPhone / Android App that helps you discover amazing jobs in the health service. Share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well :-) http://www.classroommedics.co.uk
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Bronchoscopy Procedure - See inside the lungs!
Head to www.medicalmavericks.co.uk for more resources and info about our science workshops!
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Skin Prick Allergy Test
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/free-lesson-plans.html In this video Tom undergoes a skin prick allergy test to see if he is allergic to any allergen. This was one of the tests performed as part of an asthma research study looking for certain interleukins in asthmatics. http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/free-lesson-plans.html
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Cytogenetics Cytogeneticist
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk cytogenetics cytogeneticist Classroom Medics visited Liverpool's Womens Hospital to find out what a Cytogeneticist does and how the current crop of trainees found their way into this role. They talk about their career path so far as well as demonstrate how they go from a blood sample to looking at the chromosomes from the sample to diagnosed conditions such as Down's Syndrome. For more info visit our website http://www.classroommedics.co.uk to download the info PDF on this career and many more. Classroom Medics can visit your school to deliver hands on exciting workshops based around science, health and sport. Your pupils will be able to use real medical and sports science equipment to discover how their body works and some of the skills they would need in various careers. The whole aim to help you pupils make more informed decisions about their health and career choices in the years to come. Visit our website for more details. cytogenetics cytogeneticist http://www.classroommedics.co.uk
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Respiratory Physiologist - Careers in Health
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk This video is an interview and demonstration with a Clinical Respiratory Physiologist from South Manchester University Hospital. She answers questions on her route into this career from school and describes what kind of tests she does in a day. You can find out more about this career and how to get into to via the NHS Careers website http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk/details/Default.aspx?Id=247 You can also download our Medical Science Career Finder App for Android devices (Apple coming soon!) http://tiny.cc/ri6w0 Check out the Careers Playlist for other career videos and don't forget to share on Facebook, Twitter & Google +
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How do we test for asthma? Part 1
Part 1 of 7 that looks at the respiratory system and respiratory diseases such as asthma. There is a lesson plan and accompanying worksheets for this video. To download these, visit http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/free-lesson-plans.html and leave your details to download. You will also receive regular updates and other video resources by doing this. Don't worry, we dont go email mad! We send 2-3 emails a term as and when other resources are ready :-) Please feel to share this video and resources with colleagues and other schools. We also like to present our resources and workshops to science groups and science meetings, so let us know if you can help us out! Visit our website to find out more about our workshops http://www.classroommedics.co.uk
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What are the effects of Sarin?
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk A really brief look at the physiological effects of Sarin and the mechanism of action. Leave any questions in the comments section below or tweet them to @classroommedics or @TheHGPig Check out http://www.classroommedics.co.uk for more lesson plans and resources for teachers.
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Body Fat & VO2 Max Tests
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How to calculate the angle of the heart from an ECG
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/free-lesson-plans.html http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resources/ - SEARCH FOR Tom Warrender (not wazza as in the video!)
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Eye Tests & Scans Carried out by an Ophthalmic Scientist
To download the free lesson plan and worksheet for this video visit the free resources page using the link below. http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/free-lesson-plans.html This video demonstrates and explains 7 different eye tests that an Ophthalmic Scientist would carry out. These include: 1. Retinal Photography 2. Optical Coherance Tomography 3. Flourencence 4. Anterior OCT Scan 5. Corneal Endothelial Cell Scan 6. Eye Photography To see how to become an Ophthalmic Scientist, watch the next video
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What does a Clinical Photographer do?
Check out the VIP teaching area on http://www.classroommedics.co.uk for more videos and lesson plans. This video is a quick guide to being a Clinical Photographer which is on of the Healthcare Science careers in the NHS.
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How to take blood and Count White Blood Cells
First part of the video demos how to take blood and looks at the collection tubes that allow clotting and prevent clotting. The rest of the video follows the blood sample that has not clotted, into the lab and what happens to it. The next part looks at the clotted blood. There are additional resources available every week via our website http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/free-lesson-plans.html
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Careers in Immunogenetics & Histocompatability
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk for more videos and supporting teaching resources. This video is a quick intro to the career of a Clinical Scientist, specialising in Immunogenetics and Histocompatability. These guys are really important in checking if organ donors are a match with someone that requires an organ transplant. There is also a second part looking other tests these guys perform in their every day role. Leave a comment below or share on FB, Twitter if you like it. Thx
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Measuring Brain Waves with an EEG (Electroencephalogram)
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk This video shows the basic set up of an EEG, what the trace from an EEG looks like and what the waves mean. The tests were carried out by Trainee Clinical Neurophysiologists. There are more videos like this in the Physiology Play list on ClassroomMedicsTV YouTube Channel. You can also download free teaching resources from our website http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/free-lesson-plans.html Look out for our Medical Career Finder App for iPhone and Android COMING SOON! (Mid Sept 2011). http://www.classroommedics.co.uk
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Using an Ultrasound to see your heart & liver
Tom uses an ultrasound machine and curved probe to take quick look inside his body to see his heart, liver, kidneys and vena cava.
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Human Physiology Degree
A brief look at an experiment from the University of Wolverhampton's Human Physiology Degree. The experiment looks at how much O2 you use and how much CO2 you produce at different levels of exercise. To find out more about this course visit http://www.wlv.ac.uk
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What are the Effects of Heat Stroke?
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk A quick video on the effects of heat after 2 British Soldiers died this week after a training day in Wales. No official news on how they died, but it is thought that they died from heat stroke in the high temperatures they were training in. Leave any questions below and feel free to share with others! Thanks Tom
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Primary School Science & Health Workshops
This video outlines our two fantastic hands on workshops for primary schools which are the Health & Fitness MOT and Careers in Health. Pupils from years 3,4,5 & 6 can use exciting medical normally seen in a doctors surgery or hospital as well as some amazing sports science equipment like a speed gun and indoor rowing machines.
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What Are Blood Types?
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk Check out the site for accompanying lesson plans and worksheets for science lessons Video is a brief overview of a blood type test with a home testing kit then a short explanation of what this means and why it is important for blood donation.
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Awesome Women in Science
Short animation that goes through what some of the most awesome women in science have contributed to society as well as how they had to struggle to gender inequality. Ladies, we salute you! The awesome women in the video are: Mae Jemison Lise Meitner Chien-Shiung Wu Jane C. Wright Rosalind Franklin
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Dad Science Instant Ice - Become Princess Elsa from Frozen!
Skip to 6minutes to see the three experiments you can do with instant ice! This experiment is how Dynamo the Magician does his water bottle ice experiment! All you need is: - 2-3bags of 2kg ice (£1 from Asda or Morrisons in the UK) - Table Salt (cheapest) about 600-800g - Bucket or bowl - Unopened bottles of water still and sparkling (300-500ml) - Glass bowl or dish - Thermometer (optional - 50p to £1 from ASDA or garden centre) Enjoy!
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Sports Science Workshop for Schools
www.classroommedics.co.uk An quick overview of the activities we use in our sports hall science workshop in schools across the UK.
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MMTV Ep 1 - How Awesome Are Your Corneas!!!
Episode 1 of Medical Mavericks TV! All about my favourite part of the eye - the cornea! Check out this video to find out some amazing facts about your cornea :-)
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Tips for The Pitch 2010
A few tips for the finalists at this years final of The Pitch 2010 from Tom Warrender who reached the 2009 final after winning the Midlands heat. Visit www.classroommedics.co.uk to see how we have progressed since 2009!
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Careers in Health Feedback from Lutley Primary School in Dudley
Careers in Health Feedback from Lutley Primary in Dudley. The workshop was delivered as part of a project with Dudley MBC to help inspire the next generation of medics.
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Why did Angelina Jolie have a double mastectomy?
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk A brief over view of why Angelina Jolie made the decision to undergo a double mastectomy. It includes some basic info on the BRCA genes she was tested for and why they are important. Thanks for watching! Tom
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Toms Caffeine Power Output Test
Short snippet of Tom from Classroom Medics performing a power output test after taking 4 pro plus.
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MMTV Ep 4 - How Does Radiation Kill You?
MMTV Ep 4 - How does radiation kill you? Basic overview on how radiation can edit and alter your DNA and result in your death!!!
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Careers in Health Feedback from Da Vinci Community College in Derby
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk Careers education, enrichment, lesson plans This is the feedback from the Vocational Co-ordinator from Da Vinci Community College after their year 9 pupils took part in the Classroom Medics Careers in Health workshops in April 2011. http://www.classroommedics.co.uk
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BBC Breakfast News Video 1
Classroom Medics Scan Tim's eye with an iPhone.
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Making the Power Output Test a Fair One
This is Part 2 of 3, with some ideas on how to make the power output test fair and comparable when repeated. Part 3 will look at the calculation of power in watts and what the results mean!
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Science Workshops for Secondary Schools
This video shows the unique activities from our exciting workshops for the secondary science curriculum. The workshops are the Health & Fitness MOT, Classroom Casualty and Sports Hall Science. All of the activities are hands on and give your pupils the opportunity to use real medical and sports science equipment in the classroom. They include recording ECGs, videoing their ear drum, using a real needle to draw fake blood and much more. Watch the video and visit our website for more info http://www.classroommedics.co.uk
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H&SC and Diploma Workshops
This video shows some of the hands on exciting activities from our workshops that support the delivery of Health & Social Care at GCSE, BTEC and A-Level in addition to the Society, Health & Development Diploma. Visit our website www.classroommedics.co.uk for more information.
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Wednesfield Review Project
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Unipreneur Challenge Result
Result of Unipreneur Challenge!
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The Accelerator
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk An quick look at our Accelerator kit that can be booked out individually or with our sports science workshops for schools, colleges and public / corporate events. The speed of the lights can be set to different speeds from slow all the way up to world class athletes top speeds! We can then tell you how far behind these top athletes you would finish in a real race along side your running speed and power output. Contact Classroom Medics for more info and to book! http://www.classroommedics.co.uk
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60 second Overview of Classroom Medics
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk A brief over view of the activities and workshops from classroom medics. For more info, visit http://www.classroommedics.co.uk
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Olympic Park
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The Accelerator
http://www.classroommedics.co.uk The Accelerator is just one of 12 activities of our Sports Science Games event that schools can bring into their schools as an enrichment day for science and PE. The event is like a mini championship where pupils get points for their results on the sports science kit we bring in. At the end of the day pupils can see where they or their team finished in on the leader boards we create from the results. To book a day visit http://www.classroommedics.co.uk
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Train like Mo Day 1
Tom from Classroom Medics talking about the 1st day of training loke Mo Farah. The aim is to run 120miles in 1 week.
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Power Output During Sprinting
Part one of how to calcualate anaerobic power output from a short sprinting test. This test is easy to do in school with a stop watch, cones and straight of 35m Part 2 looks at variables that could affect the test. Part 3 looks at how to do the calculations.
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TM Wirral - Msg from Classroom Medics
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Start Line At Olympic Stadium
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