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Battle Royale mode now available at Pixel Gu n 3D! Same rule as Fortnite or PUBG, survive for yourself ( But no squad or duel)! You can get weapons, and their power is determined on rarity of chest! Try it now! Thanks for watching! Have a good day!
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「Mega Update」Robloxian Highschool New Update !
In this update, from now on, You can : -Get job -Be a parent, or principal, or student, or athlete, or the others - New map - New school -Other thing to be checked out
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Latest Evil Defender Hack 2018
This game provides much fun. From it's graphic, the animation, and anything in it. I have comment and remind in the video, so listen to it carefully. Link to hack is : https://apkhome.net/evil-defenders-1-0-16-mod-data/ Tell me if it's working, will ya'? Thanks for watching ! Have a good day ! ( i just gonna do 3 videos like this more )
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SVD Gameplay, with Vertex ( MSO ) ( 日本語-英語) (Jap / Eng )
Hello friends. In this video, I want to consider the weapons you will use after you reach level 10. Equipment used on this SVD weapon : - Vertex ( In this update, it just cost 630 gold ) Only with Vertex scope, you can kill people with 100 points armor with 4 shots. Even if it is like an auto sniper, Dragunov's weapon is a long distance killer machine. (When using it smartly) 皆さん、こんにちは。このビデオでは、レベル10に達した後に使用する武器について検討したいと思います。 この ドラグンブ 武器で使用される装備: - バーテックス 「バーテックス」 スコープでのみ、4点の「ショット」で100点の装甲を持つ人を殺すことができます。 それは「オートスナイパー」のようなものでも、ドラグノブの武器は遠距離のキラーマシンです。 (それを「スマート」に使用する場合) Thanks for watching this. Share it with your MSO newbie gamer friend before he become level 10 ! これを見てくれてありがとう。レベル10になる前に、MSO初心者ゲーマーの友達と共有してください!
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How do the toll roads in Indonesia look like
This is footage of Indonesia toll runway looks like.
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All One-Shot Pistols | Back Up ( PG3D )
All One-Shot Pistols | Back Up ( PG3D ) 00:26 _ Pixel Gun 00:36 _ Old Revolver ( campaign & arena only ) 00:48 _ Alien Gun ( campaign & arena only ) 01:02 _ Hitman Pistol 01:15 _ Flower Power 01:33 _ Mr. Deejay 01:45 _ Desert Eagle 01:58 _ Plasma Pistol 02:11 _ Red Twins 02:26 _ Special Agent ( obtained via clan chests) 02:37 _ Zombie Slayer 02:46 _ Nuclear Revolver 02:59 _ Photon Pistol 03:08 _ Love Spell 03:20 _ Turbo Pistols 03:32 _ Steam Revolver 03:45 _ Exterminator 04:00 _ Mountain Wolf ( obtained via clan chests ) 04:14 _ Cyber Revolver 04:26 _ Acid Pistol 04:38 _ Bell Revolver 04:49 _ Dead Star 05:04 _ Electro Blast Pistol 05:19 _ Spender 05:31 _ Dual Hawks 05:47 _ Void Energy Pistol 05:58 _ Laser Revolver 06:10 _ Monster Blaster 06:27 _ Antique Pistol 06:39 _ Adamant ( Steam Revolver ) 06:49 _ Orbital Pistol 07:05 _ Alien Blaster 07:21 _ Multitaskers 07:36 _ Plasma Releaser 07:48 _ Shotgun Pistol 08:01 _ Airblade Spell 08:21 _ Thunderer There's an surprise for you.
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My First Time Bhopping ( Pixel Gun 3D )
Hello, guys. It's my first bhopping video of Pixel Gun 3D. This video was inspired by BasilDoomHD, a CS:GO youtuber that do CS:GO Bhop videos. Check out his channel : https://m.youtube.com/user/BasildoomHD/videos
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It's my first time trying PS3.
It was my first time trying PS3. I'm playing PS 3 from my friend, Dogler Viper. Check out him : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCdXrzKayjOTwFX8uvHFDCJQ I was playing GTA V / 5, but i didn't show the gameplay. Sorry😢.
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Pixel Gun 3D | All One Shot Primary Weapons
Recorded by Mobizen and edited with KineMaster and VideoShow Weapons : Simple Shotgun _ 00:24 Double-Barreled Shotgun _ 00:38 (Campaign only ) Balloon Cannon _ 00:52 Dual Shotguns _ 01:06 ( erased in Armory, back in Lucky Chest ) Dino Slayer _ 01:22 ( obtained via Clan Chest )( X-mas' brother :| ) Assault Shotgun _ 01:37 ( sorry, someone disturbed me back there XD ) Photon Shotgun _ 01:57 Rhino _ 02:11 ( copied from Heavy Shotgun ) X-Mas Destroyer _ 02:21 Gum Rifle _ 02:34 Undertaker _ 02:54 Devastator _ 03:13 ( Photon Shotgun's brother :/ ) "Predator" _ 03:27 Poison Spell _ 03:46 Prehistorical Shotgun _ 04:02 Mostly are Shotguns =/ Subscribe for more videos ! Intro Song : Young_by_ Baekhyun X Loco ( 백현 X 로꼬 ) Outro Song : Going Crazy_by_ EXO ( 내가 미쳐 | 엑소)
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Katori (カトリ) Level 1. ( Gangstar New Orleans)
Katori is a sport car from Japan, probably Name: Katori Japanese name: カトリー You can get this sport car from Turf CBD, Turf No.7 Suspension: Good Bumper: Great Braking: Bad Acceleration: Good, about 145 Top Speed: Great, about 292 Handling: Great, about 344 Armor: Average, like original cars, about 1,854 For ratings, Katori ranges about: ☆☆☆☆ stars. Thanks for watching!
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MOST RAREST GLITCH EVER! ( Modern Strike Online )
This is one of most rarest glitch....... I got Dual Desert Eagle. I was logged in before i was playing this and uninstall the game. When i trying to play this, God is blessed me. He gave me Dual Deagle for everything i do........
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I have Ford Mustang GT 2016 on Roblox !
What i mean with title, is i have the car in Robloxian Highschool. Many people want to get inside my car. Sometimes a girl fall in love with me, but sometimes the boys that want to get into my car is annoying.
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Vlog in Japan #46 ( Bye, Shibuya😢)
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Vlog in Japan #28 ( Continuing at U. Studio st Japan )
Vlog in Japan #28, Just vlog.....
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MY OLD ACCOUNT IS BACK ! ( Modern Strike Online )
My old account is restored.... I'm back with my Dual Deagle and oh yeah, Advanced Scout that been upgraded. If you guys who is rich, can i get some golds ? JK, i will achieve what i want. Thanks for watching, don't forget to smash that like button and Subscribe to see more videos like this ! Have a good day !
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I confused which one i'll buy for my SG 553 ( MSO )
Which one i should buy : - Supressor OSS or the 'Laras RT' - XLR or Red Vision - Violet Laser Sight
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Using Area Damage Weapons
Area Damage Weapons are a weapon when a bullet been shot and makes damage on area. Even in this video, those weapons had a 'older brother' as i said in 'Champion Weapons' video, but except Energy Drill. It's the only weapon that Pixel Gun 3D make the design by themself.
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In the video, i'm using Storm Trooper Exoskeleton; Void Energy Pistol Jet Tenderizer ( definetely a copied weapon from Reinhardt's hammer from Overwatch) Reflector Archangel Eye Of Ra. Please subscribe to see more video! Thabks for watching! Have a good day!
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My PG3D is back !
Restored my account, guys !
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Flag Keeper ( Sniper Class Weapon, Get from Clan Chests)
Flag Keeper is a copied weapon which copied from 'Sunrise'. If you getting used to it, you might got a lot of kill using it. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to see more videos! Have a good day!
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How is Tactical Weapons have some influences in Siege?
Using military-designed weapon, they got some influences when they against these type of players or difficulty type of these players. Military-designed weapons are: Tactical Rifle; Dual Hawks; Katana ( There's no tactical weapons another than Katana); Tactical Tomahawk ( This weapon can only obtained via Chest Lottery); Wyvern; and Military Grenade Launcher. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to see more videos like this and like the video! Have a good day!
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Vlog in Japan #2 ( Arrived at Karuizawa)
Vlog in Japan #2 Once i get out from the Shinkansen (新幹線), in a second, cold air strikes to my body........
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After some attempts, i got #1 in a match by doing it with squad.
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Turns out, in Pixel Gun 3D, i'm playing using Champion weapons
Champion Weapons are a template or champion version of these guns: Mercenary Solar Power Cannon Anti-Hero Rifle Electric Arc Peacemaker 5 names of those guns are their 'older brother' because from those guns, Champion Guns are born to be one of strongest setup. I'm still noob at Pixel Gun 3D Thanks for watching! Have a Nice Day!😄
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Vlog in Japan #4 ( When fog appear to be invading on Karuizawa)
Vlog in Japan #4, Fogs are outbreaking from mountain to lower ground, sights of forests around Karuizawa decreased.........
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Advertising NOVA (clickbait) from Infinity Ops
This NOVA are light-laser weapon. The pulse ammo it had depending on class and upgrade. In this video, it's a little laggy, but sure quality to make you enjoy this video. Thanks for watching. And if you are want to, please subscribe if you really like it.
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Vlog in Japan #5 ( Fogs are now entering to Karuizawa Station )
Vlog in Japan #5, Fogs has spread to the station in Karuizawa where i did recording there, and while i'm recording, a Shinkansen went through in the station......
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Vlog in Japan #6 ( Has the fogs spread throughout Japan?)
Vlog in Japan # 6, Fogs are spreading throughout in Japan. I record this video while in Shinkansen.....
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(20 likes pls )New Duel Gameplay !
I always have to try any setup to find out the best.
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Vlog in Japan #3 ( How i am so stupid to reveal my face ?)
Vlog in Japan #4, I'm revealing my face. And waiting for my family to get up to upper level with elevator....
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Playing Jailbreak For First Time....... #1
I know the rules of playing Jailbreak from my pro friend from Indonesia at school. We met, and gave me tips how to play Jailbreak like normal people. Sometimes you see the video got cut, because i afk: You might ask: Why? You'll find that out in Part 2.
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New update, new code, pure from Onett..... (Bee Simulator : Roblox)
New code from Onett for this brand new update. 'CookieClub' is his new code. Try it at your game !
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Playing Minecraft ! (Indo) Part. 1
#It's my first time making video of Minecraft! #Ini pertama kalinya aku membuat video tentang Minecraft!
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MeepCity Edition.
I'm recording in MeepCity now.
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Vlog in Japan #22 ( Mah Hoteru Part.3 )
Vlog in Japan #22, My room is same expensive at hotel in Tokyo at Episode Mah Hoteru Pt. 1 and 2. The room is a little, no, but a lot bigger than in Tokyo, it provide a smartphone along you in hotel, and one machine, Massage Machine. I think this machine will fix my feet, but we can't expect it to be right.
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Vlog in Japan #21 ( Registering to stay at Shinsai Bashi's Hotel )
Vlog in Japan #21, Now, i can stay for some nights in Shinsai Bashi.
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I've bought the OSS !
Today, i got my SVD equipped with OSS Supressor. It damage up my SVD. It can kill many player, with Assault 'Shield' ? It can give more ammuniton to my SVD, from 27 to 50. Thanks for watching. Subscribe me ( if you want to XD.) !
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Vlog in Japan #36 ( Arrived at Hotel )
Vlog in Japan #36, How much i'm tired ?
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Failed video part2 .mp4
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Vlog in Japan #15 ( Going to Osaka )
Vlog in Japan #15, Osaka is great place for anything. Whether it's for food or fashion, Osaka is still good place to go.
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Vlog in Japan #47 ( Mah Hoteru Pt. Last )
Vlog in Japan #47, This is my last night in Japan.
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MAKING NEW TYPE OF ANIMALS ! ( Hybrid Animals Gameplay )
This game sure does make me feel comfortable for its gameplay ! Make sure you download it ! Note : I wasn't paid by the developer.
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Last Vlog
Hope you guys so far enjoy those vlogs. Now i'm back at Indonesia. Hope you have a hood day
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Vlog in Japan #9 ( In a train to Tsukiji Fish Market )
Vlog in Japan #9, My sister's JR Pass is still lost. And i'm on my way to Tsukiji Fish Market......
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Vlog in Japan #13 ( Bye, Asakusa......😢)
Vlog in Japan #13, Leaving Asakusa to Hotel...... So fun, but tired. I'm on my way in train to go hotel.
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(Indonesian) Inilah karya-karya anak Indonesia.....
Dari SMA Santo Carolus, mereka berkarya dalam membuat dan menemukan sesuatu yang tidak pernah saya lihat. Mereka membuat Penyortir Warna, dimana ada sebuah mesin yang pertamanya menggunakan prinsip dari mesin pendaftar pada kasir, yaitu untuk dapat mengetahui warna yang ditunjukkan.
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Vlog at Japan #44 ( Visiting Ueno Zoo )
Vlog at Japan #44, Actually, before to Shibuya, i went to Ueno (上野) watching animals there.
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Vlog in Japan #7 ( Mah Hoteru)
Vlog in Japan #7, I'm giving you a view about hotel i'm staying while in Japan.
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