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UWO : Testing the Northern passage for Nanban!
Calais to Hangzhou to Seville with 2400 cargo, passing by the Northern passage and coming back by Africa.
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SWTOR : HEROIC 4 in Section X in 2min!
Just a lil trick to solo fast the HEROIC 4 in Section X.
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UWO : Circumnavigation by the North!
From London to London, using the Russia / Canada north passage.
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SWTOR : My 1st lvl 70!
My main Poje, doing mostly HEROICs, finishing on Tython to be cute. 1st 70 on Ebon hawk server, b4 the majority of players had finished downloading the 5.0 patch, lol.
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MW3 Striker Montage : Strike out !
Striker with Extreme Conditioning, Hardline, Dead Silent with Specialist package. Like always : No knife, no Killsteaks, no 2nd weapon. 1st Golden Striker on PC ! (Nov 10 2011)
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World of Tanks : ISU-152 shooting with upgraded sounds.
Small clip to show the upgraded "Historical" sound pack for WoT.
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SWTOR : Dreadful Entity boss fight!
The Last of the Guardians and friends downing the Dreadful Entity on Ebon Hawk.
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HASTE - Olympia Montage. (CoD Black Ops)
Olympia only, Enjoy !
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UWO : ESF from a Racer's point of view
Poje, Champion Navigator, coming to see current standings in Lubeck race when...
Просмотров: 429 V Poje
SWTOR : My Tatooine Stronghold !
A quick visit of my Tatooine SH. Its now 100% with the exact same general layout, just lil fine tuning.
Просмотров: 323 V Poje
UWO : Grinding Naval defensive Skills!
Using the Imperial Quest named : Wipe out the Caribbean pirates.
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SWTOR : SCYVA bridge crossing 16man SM
Just b4 the SCYVA fight, you have to cross this "bridge" while staying under the shield.
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SWTOR : Datacron 35 - Presence +3 (Empire)
Nar Shaddaa, Duros sector, just after entering Slums to your left... SPRINT OFF !
Просмотров: 653 V Poje
SWTOR : Datacron 50 - Willpower +4 (Empire)
Taris, The Sinking city, North of outpost Alpha in Heroic zone. Better to use Speeder on first ramp.
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HAIL MARY for Christmas !!  (Call of Duty : Black Ops 2)
I've trown alot of combat axes in this game and this is my 1st. That was for you Trix ! CoD Christmas all !
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SWTOR : 52 characters, all 70!
Yep, it was 40x 65s, now 52x 70s on Ebon Hawk server! (32 reps, 20 imps, 41 lvled from lvl 1 and more then 30 have basic storylines done with them.)
Просмотров: 599 V Poje
BANG, BANG, Reloaded. (Black Ops, Olympia Montage)
Gameplay with Olympia in multiple maps with music, my LAST BOps video. Like always : No Knife, no UAV, no 2nd weapon...
Просмотров: 453 V Poje
Speed & Air, a Black Ops Montage. (Full HD)
My 1st Montage ever : Shotgun acrobatic montage with Music. Enjoy ! (This was all done in FFA matches and like always, no Knife, no UAV, no 2nd weapon...)
Просмотров: 134 V Poje
Black Ops - Unedited Game : 30-4 with M60 in Cracked. (FFA on PC)
M60 with Grip, Lightweight, Steady Aim, Marathon. Like always : No Knife, no UAV, no 2nd weapon...
Просмотров: 111 V Poje
Black Ops - Unedited Game : 30-5 with SPAS-12 in Grid. (FFA on PC)
SPAS-12, Ghost, Sleight of hand, Marathon. Like always : No Knife, no UAV, no 2nd weapon...
Просмотров: 110 V Poje
Call of Duty Montage : From Array with Love...
Montage on my favorite Black Ops map : Array.
Просмотров: 107 V Poje
Black Ops - Unedited Game : NO KILLSTREAKS win on Array with Olympia (FFA on PC)
No Killstreaks, No Knife, No 2nd weapon... Olympia, Lightweight, Sleight of Hand, Marathon.
Просмотров: 118 V Poje
Old & Fast : Call of Duty Black Ops Montage.
My last Montage until Black Ops 2. Enjoy ! Hail to my clan AMI, all very nice & deadly players :)
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SWTOR : At last Legendary!
Light vs Dark event Legendary.
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Black Ops - Unedited Game : 30-4 with SPAS-12 on Nuketown (FFA on PC)
No Killstreaks, No Knife, No 2nd weapon... SPAS-12, Lightweight, Sleight of Hand, Marathon.
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SWTOR : 40 characters, all 65!
My 40 toons on Ebon Hawk server, 31 of them were lvled from lvl 1, 20 Imps and 20 Pubs. 39 of them are already geared and augmented rdy for HM OPS. Just need to gear the last one. :P
Просмотров: 608 V Poje
World of Tanks : WTH WAS THAT!?!
I one-shoted a Tier 7 Heavy tank with my A44, lol, wth? http://wotreplays.com/site/3643503#arctic_region-poje-a-44
Просмотров: 22 V Poje
World of Tanks : NEVER QUIT! (7 kills)
A very bad start to a game, but like always, i NEVER quit.
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World of Tanks: My 1st out of range kill!
SU-100Y using the map to extrapolate where the IS was, i took a shot and boom! #Lucky
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WoW : I wish SWTOR had this!
I know, i know... Flying mounts in SWTOR are almost impossible, but a feather fall feature, force based or Tech, would be easy to add to the game and would finaly permit to jump off cliff or ledges like Anakin!
Просмотров: 18 V Poje
Diversity : a Call of Duty Black Ops Montage.
Mixed gameplay montage of many weapons in many maps, all done today, the 16th of April 2011, all in the AMI server. All gameplay was with Lightweight & Marathon. Like always : no Knife, no UAV, no 2nd weapon.... I hope you guys will enjoy it.
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SWTOR : Pulling Ancient Threat as Purple man!
Sorry for short video, but FPS was too low to continue. Purple man, super evil Sorcerer, pulling the Ancient Threat on Yavin 4 with Unchained Wrath guild on StarForge.
Просмотров: 21 V Poje