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Tools Needed for Standard Car Maintenance and Repair
ClayBob Auto presents an every man's guide to the basic tool kit needed for home automobile maintenance and repair. Feel free to ask questions or suggest anything you might need assistance with in the comments. We always welcome new challenges!
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Tools needed for a successful 4x4 offroad experience
In this video we describe the kinds of tools you'll need in case you get stuck while off roading or simply in a rain storm on a dirt road.
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drum brakes part 1
ClayBob Auto presents: This is a standard drum brake maintenance and repair video. Part 1 Comment if you want something new guys! We're here for you!
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basic disc brake pad replacement
Introduction to brake replacement and repair.
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How to Change a Tire Safely
Ever wonder how to safely jack up your car and change your tire if you're stuck on the side of the road and no help is available? We at ClayBob Auto explain that here. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments. For example, if you have a specific problem with your car or want basic information concerning an issue you're having, let us know and we'll advise as soon as possible.
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psa safe driving
This is our public safety announcement about driving safe and basically not being an a hole.
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How to properly check your fluids
This claybob video accurately describes how to check your fluids. This is an important step in daily life and also especially before you go on a long trip.
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drum brakes part 2
ClayBob Auto presents: drum brakes part 2 comment! ask and ye shall recieve!
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