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99-07 Silverado converter bolt removal
How to remove 4l60e converter bolts. Bolts are a 8mm Allen head mine are round on the outside. Some are 15mm bolt with a 8mm Allen Incase they strip. In this case use the 15mm bolt head and plenty of heat.
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mwf2 ump 45 blue tiger
raw footage with music
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this is my soldier front acount and all its weps
this is my main and all it weps it took me for ever to get the guns and g coins for the guns so hope you enjoy
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ump 45 blue tiger
just a average game
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Silverado part 1
Just starting to document bringing back a 99 Chevy Silverado. Little rust repair little mechanical work. Follow the build
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cod ump game paly
this is jsut a average game with a blue tiger ump im almsot at red triger
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Silverado part 2
Made up my mind on rustrepair
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cod ump blue tiger
this is jsut another game of cod with a blue tiger ump
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cod waste land
just me and my friend messign around on waste land. we had a pretty good game
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cod rust
just a fun game on rust
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cod mwf2 over grown
this is just a game of cod on over grown with my red tiger ump
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Epic hoodslide fail
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