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how to plasti dip a side stripe d.I.y
this is actual my third attempt at plasti dipped side stripes.The second attempt was a complete fail.As you can tell when the video cuts over the tape was previously sprayed over.But this third attempt was as good as it gets.enjoy the video
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Make a brand new coin table useing epoxy and paint d.i.y
Make anything look brand new again just by giving an old table a new paint job then cover with coins and epoxy.now you have a brand new piece of furniture and conversation piece everyone will love.
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Peeling plasti dip off stock 2012 veloster wheels
after having road tested what the veloster will look like having black rims,its now time to peel the dip off and get a real set witch you can see in my other videos.
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Rimblades d.i.y application on 2012 green veloster
this is showing how to apply wheel guards on your rims and keeping them protected!
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Chrome bad plasti dip good follow up
this is after the cleanup of plastidip I had to do ,and for a first time not to bad.all edges came out clean and sharp from chrome to black.
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Evil headlight eye line d.i.y application on 2012 green vel
the eye lines are fiberglass and only function are to provide the car with a more aggressive appearance.
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aluminum valve stem cover swap d.I.y
just ditching the plastic covers for something of a little more quality.overall they add a nice touch to the vehicle
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Keith Haring 32000 piece puzzle!package arrival!
The biggest puzzle I have ever built was a 2000 piece puzzle version of Italy. Now I'm about to jump from 2000 pieces ,to approximately 32,250 pieces. I hope you join me on my venture to build the world's largest puzzle, second largest that is.It will be a challenge but I will finish it!
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Gas powered Nitro Stampede.a peek under the body
Playing around with my dads new toy,a nitro stampede.he tunes it before his run.
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My little blair's collection
This is all of my collection to date.I'll make updated vids as it grows. thank you enjoy! if you would like me to review any of the sauces you seen in the video please let me know in the comment.
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32,000 piece Kieth Haring puzzle progress update pt2
Just over halfway done through the first section.just blue and white pieces left but still plenty to sort through.
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The MAN CAVE project #3[Newel post install,pure entertainment!
Enjoy this install of my newel post install with a little comedic flare.up next the banister!
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Eating an entire bar of the *(Worlds hottest chocolate)* my insides are melting
https://www.vat19.com/item/stinger-pops-spicy-lollipops not much to say other than my insides were melting and my moth was lave!
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My little blair's collection part 2
Its finally time for the second installment of my little blair's collection part 2. are you able to guess all the new sauces I have got since then. let me know in the comments and I will review any of the blairs sauces/reserves you have seen in the video.
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[Finale]1 bag down:32,000 piece keith haring puzzle
my first bag is finished,and it only felt like eternity.no but really it wasn't that bad until I started on the white pieces.now its one bag down and 7 to go.
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Nitro Stampede speed run
Nitro Stampede speed run was fast,but on camera dosent do it justice
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blairs collection part 3(display case full)
Massive update,but my part 3 is here!lots of new bottles.
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Pitt bull SNORES like no other!garuntee laugh-
This video is such a snore fest...literally.i have nerer herad any dog snore the way mila dose.also no sound has been enhanced,this is all natural.
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I need your help!32,000 piece puzzle section D
Unfotunatly it is confirmed i am missing 3 pieces.i wont be satisfied untill 100% completion.so i need your help if you can in any way.thanks...also enjoy the video:)
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The neverending christmas prank...On Wife!
Its time to play a funny but harmless prank on my wife.however instead of just an empty box she gets exactly what she asked for.
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13 Movie titles that make absolutely no sense!
This is nothing to do with the movie itself. just usually unimaginative or misleading titles. just plain confusing or doesn't make sense in the literal sense of it.
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I would not have expected that!WAS THAT GLASS?
no spoilers!I let the video speak for itself on this one!
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The MAN CAVE project #1[Finishing the Reckroom]
so this is just one in a series of videos as i go through the process in refinishing my basement into a man cave.i will also promise to try and make the videos better with each installment.enjoy the watch .trust me it gets better.
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Chrome bad plasti dip good!
In this video I pre masked around some Chrome trim ready to be plasti dipped on my bumper.not getting my hopes up but here we go!
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12 Video game consoles you've never heard of[ part 1 of 2
here are 6 of 12 failed game consoles the just didn't have what it takes to tango with the rest.usually poor inovation,or not what the consumer market wanted.( also sorry if you felt misinformed when I talk about 12 in the beginning and only mentioned 6 but part 2 will be out soon)
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The MAN CAVE project #2[Reboxing a three pronged outlet!
i am not saying it was a cake walk,but giving my new found experience working on these.its just no as hard after the third one lol.enjoy the video ,i feel like i am getting better in front of the camera.
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70year old Grandma vs warhead for first time! Priceless!
This is what happens when you convince your grandma to try something she knows she dose not like.her first time eating a warhead
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The MAN CAVE Project[let the paneling begin!2 part video
I have a fairly decent sized to do list,and you can all expect that in the final part 2 of paneling ...see you soon.
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Raining one inch sized pieces of hail
We were enjoying a sunny day when literally out of know where large marble sized hail and rain just got dumped on us.
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Welcome to my first home!#1
Walk with me as i give you a little tour through my first house ever.i am a brand new home owner.
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My thoughts on Nuka Cola quantum plus more!
It wasn't easy for a suburban boy like me, but I was able to obtain one bottle of Nuka Cola, and here's my take on it and what i think.
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EXploding Pumpkin Challange -win or fail???
my first attempt at this went great but my video sopped part way.on my second attempt although the pumpkin didn't bust I did still get some results, so in a way I can count that as a semi win maybe.also sorry ,I am still not used to talking in front of camera.
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2000 piece puzzle build condensed!
A 2000 piece puzzle done in a minute!no,actually this took a respectable 3weeks in real time.its a colorful representation of a third world country.
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Full walk around of 2012 veloster with personal to
This is a full walk around of my green veloster with all that I have done to it to date
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Keith Haring 32000 piece puzzle progress update (pt1)
Halfway through with the first section Of Mice 32000 piece Keith Haring puzzle. I would say the difficulty level of putting these pieces in are somewere in the middle, but the process is very time consuming.it will be worth it in yhe end.
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