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6 Minute Bicep Blaster - CAN YOU HANDLE IT??
Team Grenades Jamie Alderton Takes you through an Incredible 6 Minute Arm workout! Think its easy? Give a go for yourself! Jamie uses a set of 9kg Dumbbells in the video but you can choose whatever weight you like and build up to it!
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8 minute abs with Jamie Alderton
Team Grenade's Jamie Alderton shows you his 8 minute abs workout. http://www.grenade.com/
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Team Grenade recently had the honour of being invited to the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in Devon, where we shot a fantastic promo as the team took part in the official Marines Endurance Course. We're so proud of the Team, and of the promo we made, that we wanted you to see the full 'behind the scenes' story, as the guys, fired up by Grenade's new 50 Cal pre-workout, went round the whole Endurance Course, no short cuts, under the supervision of real marines physical trainers. It was such an amazing day, our thanks go out to everyone at CTCRM for their hospitality and inspiration. More on Grenade and our 50 Cal pre-workout at http://www.grenadefatburner.com/
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Morning workout - Powered by GRENADE. Do NOT try this at home!!
http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ The awesome James St Leger is BACK, with another of his awe inspiring morning workouts powered by the UK's best selling fat burner. This time he has his brothers with him as he takes workout innovation, raw strength, agility and intensity to another level. You saw it here first!
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ During our Special Forces military training session, Team Grenade's Rich takes up the challenge of a new way of doing push ups using ash poles, supported by his other team mates.
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Triceps - Grenade Workout Academy with Jamie Alderton
http://www.grenade.com/ Team Grenade's Jamie Alderton shares his tips for a great ticeps workout
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Shane Raymond, a natural bodybuilding champion, profiled as part of the elite team of Grenade-sponsored athletes. Shane brings incredible size and muscle mass to the team. Here, the 28-year-old is seen off season - for competition he takes his body-fat down to around 6%, for an incredible lean but massive look. We'll be following Shane's progress towards competition later in the year.
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Jamie Alderton - Team Grenade - GYM
http://www.grenade.com/ Watch as Jamie blasts through his carb depletion routine only days before his win at the UK Musclemania contest. After only recently leaving the British Army Jaime demonstrates his high intensity circuit style training powered by a revolutionary new fat burner, Grenade - Thermo Detonator.
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Biceps - Grenade Workout Academy with Jamie Alderton
http://www.grenade.com/ Team Grenade's Jamie Alderton shares his tips for a great biceps workout
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6 min push up challenge
http://www.grenade.com/ Team Grenade's Jamie Alderton takes you though an intense six minute push-up challenge. Let us know how you do. Filmed at the 2012 Mr Olympia Expo in Las Vegas.
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Thanks to everyone who came along to see us at the Olympia Expo, Team Grenade's first appearance in the USA. Here are some of the highlights of an amazing weekend. We were delighted by the welcome and all the support we received. The UK's leading fatburner is well and truly taking off in America, available through GNC and Bodybuilding.com. We'll definitely be seeing you all again - ripped and ready - in 2012.
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Back - Grenade Workout Academy with Jamie Alderton
http://www.grenade.com/ Team Grenade's Jamie Alderton shares his tips for a great back workout
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ With the body and looks of a superhero, Jamie is one of the most focussed and dedicated athletes in Team Grenade. A champion natural bodybuilder, Jamie combines strength, mass, and aesthetic good-looks which easily qualify him as one of Grenade's team of elite athletes. Jamie himself offers free training advice at Jamie's free training advice at www.askjayfitness.com
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Team Grenades' Jamie Alderton training abs on the beach.
http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ A brief video showing the awesome physique of Team Grenades' Jamie Alderton training abs on the beach to a banging tune from the Prodigy. Jamie is sponsored by the world most iconic fat burning supplement:- Grenade - Thermo Detonator www.grenadefatburner.com
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Making her debut with Team Grenade at the Olympia Expo last month was the stunning Nyisha Jordan. Just two weeks earlier, Nyisha took the female figure trophy at Musclemania Europe. As a debutante with Team Grenade, though, Nyisha was straight in at the deep end, with Operation Desert Dawn, a fearsome early morning boot camp in the middle of the Nevada Desert. As you see, this determined athlete easily earned her stripes, and next day was impressing the public on the Grenade stand at the Expo alongside Claire and the guys. Nyisha's fans now include Arnold Schwarzenegger - at the Arnold Europe in Madrid last week, Arnie told our new star he wished he'd had abs like hers when he was competing. Welcome, Nyisha, a worthy member of Team Grenade.
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Quads - Grenade Workout Academy with Jamie Alderton
http://www.grenade.com/ Team Grenade's Jamie Alderton guides you through PBT training to smash your quads workout.
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Team Grenade Jamie Alderton - Best abs exercises.
http://www.grenade.com/ Team Grenade's Jamie Alderton takes you through his favourite abdominal exercises which has helped Jamie become the WBFF Pro Muscle Model he is today.
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Day Three of the Arnold Classic, and Team Grenade's very own Endurance Machine, James St Leger, is looking for a new challenge. This time, it's a 'push up and clap' challenge, nose to nose with his team mate, Rich Elston. it's a synchronised push up and clap, continuing until one man fails. After the challenge, a member of the public also decided to step up to the mark. ... If you can do better than James, let us know on our Facebook page - or post a video of yourself here as a Video Response.
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Ab crunches - Grenade Workout Academy with Melih Cologlu
http://www.grenade.com/ Team Grenade's Melih Cologlu from Florida in the U.S takes you back to basics and demonstrates an integral movement to help you develop deep thick detailed Abs. Basic movements can be very effective if the form is on point.
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3 minute kettle bell workout - Grenade Workout Academy
http://www.grenade.com/ Team Grenade's James St Leger shows you the outline of a 3 minute kettle bell workoout that you can try at home or next time you're in the gym.
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Grenade® Elite Series - Courtney Tulloch
Grenade® are proud to support both the every-day fitness enthusiast, as well as the elite athletes that depend on quality nutrition to help them reach the top of their game. Team Grenade® athlete and Elite British Gymnast, Courtney Tulloch brings you his story and how he aims to become the greatest, no matter what. The Grenade® mission is simple - to inspire everyone to get more out of life. Grenade® - You Got This http://www.grenade.com
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Under the direction of the amazing Julie Johnston from Boot Camp Las Vegas, Team Grenade was set a competitive task to drag a weighted tyre up a hill. Sounds simple, but when there's two teams, rough ground, and a 30kg weight vest inside the tyre, it's a tough challenge. This was the first of a series of tasks in Team Grenade's warm-up for the Olympia Expo in September this year. Grenade is the UK's leading fatburner, available in the States through GNC and Bodybuilding.com. Thanks to Julie and her team - www.bootcamplasvegas.com
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Our guys can't resist a challenge, so when we were at the Olympia Expo, and we heard that competitive eating champion Furious Pete was in the hall, it was time for Jamie to lay down the gauntlet. 'The Milky Way Challenge' - five Milky Way bars, no water, first man to finish wins. Jamie's won many competitions - but this one proved his biggest challenge ever. Of course, as a fat-burner, we do not recommend over-eating. But when you've been dieting down for weeks ready for an expo, a sudden rush of calories and sugar can bring a rush of vascularity and pump up the muscles. Let's just call it Jamie's 'cheat day'. Grenade is Britain's leading fat-burner, now available in 138 countries. More at www.grenadefatburner.com
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Team Grenade arrived in the US in Sept 2011 for the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. They travelled half way round the world for the event, but our team of elite athletes wouldn't think of taking a day off before the show. Instead, we launched "Operation Desert Dawn', a punishing boot camp workout, under a genuine US Military trainer. It was a baptism of fire for new team members Nyisha and Melih, and things got tougher as the desert heat kicked in. See how they did in this preview of a series of desert workouts we'll be posting here in the coming weeks. And if you're at the Olympia Expo over the weekend, pop by and say hello - just look out for the tank.
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Team Grenade in Vegas for Olympia 2013
http://www.grenade.com/ For the third year in a row, Team Grenade made a storm at the Mr Olympia expo in Las Vegas. Here's highlights from what they got up to on the trip. https://www.facebook.com/richardelstonfitnessmodel https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ukbff-competitor-2012-Melissa-haywood/234432316634923 https://www.facebook.com/GabrielSeyFItness https://www.facebook.com/nyisha.jordan https://www.facebook.com/ShaneRaymondBodybuilder https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melih-F-Cologlu/181919608542652 https://www.facebook.com/James.St.Leger.Fitness https://www.facebook.com/grenadejay https://www.facebook.com/AdamJamesPT https://www.facebook.com/claire.harper.750?fref=ts
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5 MIN CHALLENGE: High intensity rowing
http://www.grenade.com Team Grenade's Adam Parr takes you through a high intensity workout challenge which you can try at your gym.
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4 MIN CHALLENGE: High Intensity Battle Ropes Workout
Team Grenade's Adam Parr takes you through a high intensity workout challenge which you can try at your gym. http://www.grenade.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AdamJamesPT?ref=br_tf
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Shane from Team Grenade goes through a DTP chest and back workout with Kris Gethin. Brutal!
http://www.grenade.com/ Team Grenade's Shane Raymond is put through a DTP workout, Dramatic Transformation Principle, by Kris Gethin. The workout starts with 50 reps at low weight. Add weight for 40 reps, more weight again for 30, continue adding weight for 20 then ten reps. Then step up again, going to 20, then 30, 40 and 50, taking weight off after each set. 600 reps total with hardly any rest!!
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HIIT - Grenade Workout Academy with Jamie Alderton
http://www.grenade.com/ Team Grenade's Jamie Alderton shares his tips for a high intesity interval training (HIIT) workout.
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Grenade at BodyPower 2013
http://www.grenade.com/ BodyPower is one of the largest fitness and bodybuilding expos in the world. Team Grenade took over the show by driving in their tank and having the most phenomenal team of athletes at the expo. Thank you to everyone who came to see us. Rich Elston - https://www.facebook.com/richardelstonfitnessmodel Jamie Alderton - https://www.facebook.com/grenadejay Nyisha Jordan - https://www.facebook.com/NyishaJordanWBFFPro James St Leger - https://www.facebook.com/James.St.Leger.Fitness Shane Raymond - https://www.facebook.com/ShaneRaymondBodybuilder Melissa Heywood - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ukbff-competitor-2012-Melissa-haywood/234432316634923?fref=ts Adam Parr - https://www.facebook.com/AdamJamesPT Team Grenade at BodyPower - Richard Elston,Jamie Alderton, Nyisha Jordan, James St Leger, Shane Raymond, Melissa Heywood and Adam Parr.
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Team Grenade 10 minute AMRAP challenge - Legs (Round 1)
http://www.grenade.com/ During their trip to the Olympia convention in Las Vegas, Team Grenade paid a visit to Camp Rhino and took on three Rhino AMARAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) challenges - starting with legs. You can try this workout at home and let us know how you get on. Look out for the next two circuits too. Get to know Team Grenade via their FB pages below. https://www.facebook.com/richardelstonfitnessmodel https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ukbff-competitor-2012-Melissa-haywood/234432316634923 https://www.facebook.com/GabrielSeyFItness https://www.facebook.com/nyisha.jordan?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/ShaneRaymondBodybuilder https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melih-F-Cologlu/181919608542652 https://www.facebook.com/James.St.Leger.Fitness https://www.facebook.com/grenadejay https://www.facebook.com/AdamJamesPT https://www.facebook.com/claire.harper.750?fref=ts
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Grenade at BodyPower 2014
http://www.grenade.com Grenade stormed in to the 2014 BodyPower expo weekend in Birmingham. See what the team got up to in this highlights video.
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If you're heading to Bodypower UK, Britain's biggest fitness exhibition, this weekend, prepare yourself for Grenade's version of the toe-to-bar leg raise. We call it the Tank Touch Challenge - to see how many leg raises you can do, with your feet touching the barrel of our Abbot tank on each raise. Here's Jamie setting the bar with 37 reps. Think you can do better? Then come to the Grenade Stand at Bodypower on 19 or 20 May. Or if you're not at Bodypower, create your own version on video and send us the link. Jamie is powered by Grenade's brand new pre-workout, 50 Calibre, being launched at Bodypower.
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CrossFit at Olympia Expo 2013 - James St Leger qualifier
http://www.grenade.com James St Leger takes on the Rhino CrossFit challenge at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. Watch as he smashes all other attempts in the qualifiers.
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Richard is the youngest of the Team Grenade athletes, but he easily keeps up with the rest of the guys in terms of strength, focus and conditioning. Rich (middle name 'Abs') dedicates his life to fitness - he's a personal trainer and a nutrition expert. Also the tallest member of the team, he manages to pack on plenty of muscle, and remain ripped and defined year round.
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Find Richard on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/richardelstonfitnessmodel?ref=hl http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Rich, the youngest member of Team Grenade, undergoes a brutal DTP workout for legs and shoulders, supervised by Kris Gethin of Bodybuilding.com. DTP is an intense workout, starting with 50 reps at a fairly low weight, then adding weight for 40 reps, more for 30, 20, reaching maximum weight at 10 reps. Then back up to 20, 30, 40 and 50 reps, taking weight off each time. As Rich discovers, it can push the body to its limits, and is not for the feint-hearted. But as you will see, our guys never give up. Thank you to Kris and Marika for their time and also Bob, Darren and Craig from Ironworks Fitness Concepts, Birmingham, UK. Comments/likes/favourites are appreciated!
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1 Minute Fitness Tips - 5 Fat Loss Essentials
Team Grenade's Jamie Alderton brings you 5 Essential Tips to help you with your Fat-Loss Goals http://www.grenade.com
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Team Grenade was in full force at Bodypower Birmingham. Our athletes were in great demand, both on our busy stand, and by the event organisers. James helped kick off this year's Dragan Vertical Lifting Challenge, the competition he won last year, while Kirk gave abs workout demonstrations for the public. All in all, a great weekend. We made many new friends, including sponsored weight-loss charity fund-raiser, Mr GymCredible, and the awesome MEM Boys. Thanks to everyone who came along and said hello.
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Team Grenade is heading for Birmingham next weekend for Bodypower (May 21 and 22). To get you in the mood, here's a look at all the fun and games from the IFBB Grand Prix in London earlier this year. At Bodypower, our team of elite athletes will be in full force - and we'll have an even bigger tank ! Please come and say hello.
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Teamwork is key to this series of workouts using ash poles for a series of exercises such as pull ups, dips and 'muscle ups'. This simple piece of equipment means that these routines can be done anywhere. Team Grenade is made up of a carefully selected group of elite athletes, each one a champion in his particular field.
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ In the third of our series of DTP workouts, James from Team Grenade gets his biceps and triceps pushed to the limit by Kris Gethin of Bodybuilding.com. DTP is about starting with low weights and high reps, 50 to begin with. Then up the weight and reduce the reps by ten, from 40, to 30, to 20 to 10 reps at maximum weight. Then repeat the process, stepping up the reps and lowering the weight each time. This gives a complete workout for both the slow and fast twitch muscle fibres. James is an endurance lifting champion, so he was expecting to be in his comfort zone during the high rep part of the exercise - but even he found it a challenge as the lactic acid built up in the arm muscles. Go to the Grenade channel page to see Shane tackle chest and back with DTP, and Rich go through a punishing legs and shoulder DTP session. Our thanks to IronWorks Gym in Birmingham England, and to Kris Gethin of Bodybuilding.com. Grenade is the UK's leading fatburner, available in 138 countries worldwide. More at www.grenadefatburner.com
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The next body part to feature in our total body series of workouts is legs. Team Grenade's own Jamie Alderton takes us through an intense leg session designed to build size in the legs, through heavy compound movements and short rests in between. Helped, of course, by Grenade's new 50 Cal pre-workout to give added intensity. Please note: For reasons of time, we're only showing three sets here - but Jamie recommends five complete sets for the most effective leg workout. More on 50 Cal and other Grenade products at http://www.grenade.com/
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Bicep & Tricep Annihilation Circuit with Shane Raymond
IT'S TIME TO ANNIHILATE THOSE ARMS!!! Team Grenade®'s Shane Raymond challenges you to try his Bicep & Tricep Annihilation Circuit. 2 exercises, 4 drop-sets of each. http://www.grenade.com
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http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Team Grenade recently underwent a series of rigorous army-workouts devised by genuine British Special Forces trainers. This channel will soon be featuring these workouts in full - in the meantime, here's a short promo to give an idea of what happened when our guys were put through their paces. Team Grenade is a group of elite British fitness athletes powered by revolutionary fat-burning product, Grenade.
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Intense Pump Chest Workout with Shane Raymond
If you want intense chest pumps, look no further than this Chest Workout with Team Grenade® athlete, Shane Raymond. 4 exercises. As little rest as possible for maximum pump! https://www.grenade.com
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6 Minute Ab Workout with Emma Paveley
Team Grenade® athlete, Emma Paveley, with a simple, yet effective 6 Minute Ab Workout. Perfect for burning fat and building your abs! 4 exercises - 30 seconds on each - 3 sets. Fit it into your gym routine now! http://www.grenade.com
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300 Rep Shoulder Workout Challenge with Adam Parr
Build some BOULDER SHOULDERS with Team Grenade®'s Adam Parr. Try out Adam's 300 Rep Shoulder Workout Challenge now! 5 EXERCISES - 20 REPS - 3 CIRCUITS http://www.grenade.com
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Jamie Alderton Grenade Fitness 360
Jamie Alderton puts it all out in the open and explains in detail his training, nutrition & supplementation plans that have helped Jamie achieve the fantastic physique he displays today. Since leaving the British army after 7 years of service & numerous operations in Iraq & Africa. Jamie then put all his focus and energy into weight training and fitness, winning many shows and becoming a WBFF Pro. Jamie's fitness 360 for Bodybuilding.com should help you cross the T's and dot the I's for many of the questions you may have to help you build your ideal physique. http://www.grenadefatburner.com
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Killa Quads Workout Challenge with Jamie Alderton
Team Grenade® athlete, Jamie Alderton, lays down his brutal Quad workout challenge - Killa Quads - 4 exercises, 30 seconds for each, 4 rounds, NO REST! See if you can handle it! http://www.grenade.com
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8 Minute Chest Challenge Workout with Rich Elston
Team Grenade® athlete, Rich Elston, lays down his 8 minute Chest Challenge. 3 exercises - 10 reps each - 8 minutes. How many sets can you push out?! http://www.grenade.com
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