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Adam Jones Sick Live Riff!!!!! - TOOL - Key Arena - Seattle,WA - 07/10/2010
Got the trippy intermission riff from some live Tool show, never heard anything this awesome before, so I had to upload it. Really hope they use this riff in their next album!!!
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TOOL - NEW SONG (not 46 & 2 variant)
Some solo instrumental(not the 46 & 2 based one that is already up on youtube) I have heard on a few recordings of Tool concerts. Thought it was really neat, and I hope is included on their new album!! I had uploaded one recording of it already, but thought I'd throw them all into one video. Really want to see them live sometime!!.. 1st Audio Sample: Source Youtube Video: TOOL - Full Concert [HD] - Live Everett Event Center_Comcast Arena Everett,WA (12_04_2007) - From Youtube User: TOOL4269 2nd Audio Sample: Source Youtube Video: Tool ~~ Live 2010_6_19 [DVD_Remastered Audio] Kiefer UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans,LA) - From Youtube User: Burnt Amber 3rd Audio Sample: Source Youtube Video: Tool ~~ Live 2010_06_26 [1080i HD DVD_Full Concert] @ Family Arena, Saint Charles, MO - From Youtube User: Burnt Amber 4th Audio Sample: Source Youtube Video: TOOL - Full Concert - Key Arena Seattle,WA (07_10_2010) - From Youtube User: TOOL4272
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Over 100 Songs Played at Once!!
Strange mix of over one hundred songs played at once using the audacity program. There is some Post Rock, Tool, Floyd even some random stuff like Year of no Light by Persephone, as well as two songs from the new vikings tv show. Some Artists - list for simplicity's sake Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) the Reaper Tool - (entire discography) Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother(song), Wish You Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon - Full Albums A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms (full album) Red Sparowes Godspeed You! Black Emperor - (Dead Flag Blues, possibly some Oven in Maida Veil or East Hastings) Persephone Alice in Chains The Gael/Promontory from Last of the Mohicans is in here I think Samsara Blues Experiment may be in there Kyuss - Space Cadet Earthless - Lost in the Cold Sun One or Two Beatles songs are thrown in there as well and possibly Causa sui and Deftones - Change I couldn't "fit" anything by the Doors, unfortunately, as the program I used almost crashed when I tried to add The End. yeah...idk...chemistry is pretty boring, so i made this rather than study... After the five minute mark, it probably starts to drop down to like 50 songs, I'd guess...
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American Sonderweg (cough..) meant Exceptionalism
Fox News is the scum of the Earth. Oh yeah, American Exceptionalism... The Germans had a similar concept; it was called Sonderweg... And it led to WWII.. So.. Maybe, as a member of a community of nations, we(I am an American) we should make a greater effort as a nation to reach detante with the other side, and overall just Chill The Fuck Out and tackle problems rationally, rather than fall back onto fascist, knee jerk reactions(Fox News). Btw, climate change is real!
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Red Army soldiers defecate on German lady's coffee
Take a close look @ the book on the coffee table when lady enters apartment.. Pretty sure those are a few sizeable Russian Red Army Turds on that book.. Speaking of wartime scatological atrocities, the Iraqi army was known to have repeatedly taken shits in one Kuwaiti man's house during the Gulf War.. Interesting fun facts about war.. The more you know.. ........*
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Zebras in America
Haven't seen this movie since about 9 years ago.. Had to share the bit of the dad zebra buggin out, shit had me crackin up, first time i saw this.. Tom Green has some talk show on Palladia, right now(last i saw, about 1.7 years ago, he interevoewed Buzz Aldrin, last i chek'd).
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People's Climate March - Philadelphia - (2)
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"Lovin' is what I got.." -  People's Climate March - Philadelphia
Impromptu show of good vibes following the People's Climate March in Philly. Thought it was legit. (04/29/17) The random break was me giving a homeless guy $5.
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People's Climate March - Philadelphia (1)
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I Hate Ads!
The sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides, and a dark wind blows..
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Earth - Underground Arts, Philly, 2015
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MS MR ~ Hurricane - Original Official Video
This is the original video for MS MR - Hurricane; a dizzying mashup of pop culture from the recent decades. I will never know or understand why this epic piece of art was removed as the official video, with the oddly chosen, current "official video" for this song, that is currently uploaded onto the MS MR vevo page. I would assume that some censors thought the proliferation of profanity could have ben a factor, or perhaps the pop culture montage inadvertently broke one or more copywrite laws.. Never the less, I have taken it upon myself to reshare this avante garde gem with the internet world! Appreciate the lyrically poetic, utterly beautiful vocalizations, ADHD, cracked out, mental explosion, that is, this music video!!
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Sparowe in front yard
One tame bird . ..and.... Post Rock!!
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Chris Christie Still Despises Trump on PA Primary Night
That look of utter contempt..
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Earth - Old Black - philly 2015 - 2
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Earth - Old Black - philly 2015
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Red Sparowe in front yard
Post Rock!
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My Movie
CHVRCHES - The mother we share
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My Edited Video
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Roger Waters ~ Pigs (Three Different Ones) ~ Philadelphia ~ (08/11/2017)
Not best audio, I do what I can w/ the equipment I am assigned..
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Earth - live 2015 - philly no. 2 I I apologize for
.. Sry if crooked, was really feeling the music
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Earth - Philadelphia - 2015
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Earth - Opening Act - Philly 2015
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Roger Waters ~ Great Gig in the Sky/Welcome to the Machine(intro) ~ Philadelphia ~ (08/11/2017)
Love both of these songs. (Everytime I have ever heard Time on the radio, just once I would love somebody to play great gig afterwards. This def makes up for all those time, lol..)
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Earth - live philly 2015 - 2
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Earth, live - philly - 1
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Farmers only dating site..
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My dog angry over stolen toy
My dogs interacting..
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Dog Punting
Pretty self explanatory
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Nirvana - Lake of Fire - PHASER TIMES 100
A little fun with Audacity program.. I just altered Lake of Fire by running it through the same phaser setting on Audacity about 100 times. Idk, I was bored.. I've had a lot of free time these last many weeks. I tagged this as Youtube Poop I apologize to the mem nerds of the internet if this is not a true youtube poop... but honestly you guys need to get a life, if you are getting worked up over "normies" fucking with your memes.. Get a fucking life, and stop acting like it was amazing that "memes elected Trump..." Outside of 4chan, there are people that actually care about you know.. the outside world.. the outside world is bigger than your gay little antisocial treehouse club of socially retarded rejects(with your stupid pepe frog) on the internet. However, I do actually rock a pepe from on my hardhat, as I do respect 4chan's dislike of the SJW crowd(the green frog seems to be a counter culture, to the counter culture.. and I do respect that, while I disagree with a lot of their "beliefs(they have none, they are trolls)"..).. I feel they have gone too far as well, and likewise, helped to elect Trump, by being too upset over non~issues.
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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Behemoth - EAR RAPE
Behemoth, as it should be heard.. The Epicness is magnified.. Concert screenshot credit to youtuber siskaberry1008
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People's Climate March - Philadelphia - (3)
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Roger Waters ~ Comfortably Numb ~ Philadelphia ~ (08/11/2017)
This show could not have occurred at a better time in my life(kinda fucked my recent situation up with drugs).. sorry for the shitty quality.. the bit where i flipped the phone up(held it in my teeth) was when i had to switch out the battery on my vaporizer.
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