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Deepsky Traveler's "White Sand" Live in Second Life Clip.
This video was made by the AMAZINGLY talented Fuzz On Acid an artist who I have known for many years. We recently got back in touch and he made some of the best video's I have ever seen in Second Life. This is one of them, it is with my band Deepsky Traveler. I am the singer of this amazing virtual band which consists of such talents as The Blackwater Project & Faceless Ape. If you are on Second Life make sure you join our group so you can see some of the best concerts in SL today! Thanks for stopping by.
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This is a video that was filmed in Second Life by a guy named FUZONACID http://www.youtube.com/user/fuzonacid. It is a song that I put words & vocals to with a band/artist named atonaliS who is/are amazing artists. http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?AID=196553&T=6796 This was recorded a few years ago. I would love to update this since my production skillz has improved. Either way when I record vocals for a song I have no clue what I am about to do, I love working like that because it keeps it interesting. I never know what word I will sing etc I actually write the song only after I record it lol. if any of you work that way please share your experience, tips etc. I have recorded over 200 songs over the years and I am always up for a collaboration if you have any songs that need vox hit me up. I wish that Youtube would focus more on us "underground artists" but hey, they are a corporation and the only thing they focus on is profit. At least I know this video will never have a commercial attached to it lol So maybe I shouldn't complain? Anyway, I hope you like this song and if you are an artist remember we are all in this together, support your fellow artists. Thank you atonaliS for this great song and thank you FUZZ for the great video
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David Bowie Cat People As Covered By Mark Moffre
I did this in one take because I know Bowie so well so it might be a tad rough. I collaborate with artists around the world so if you are an artist and are interested hit me. I also perform in second Life under the name Bowie Bravin. Thank you for your support and for listening to my songs! More of my songs as well as my band DeepSky Traveler can be found at Bandcamp.
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Where Are We Now David Bowie Cover
Music is extended and worked out by Covuvn of YouTube. I added some vocals to this great piece of music. Enjoy & thank you for listening.
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"Sheila Smile" A spin On Hall & Oates For Sheila! 2015
I did this as a celebration of a unique person that I've known for many years for her birthday. Happy birthday Sheila! This is a cover of "Sarah Smile" I changed it so it would fit. The great music is by After7! I hope you enjoy the listen!
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Lay It On The Line By ONcle
Kim Bruun is an amazing artist who creates landscapes in his music. Beyond that he creates new ideas. Kim is from Denmark & I have collaborated with him online since 2001 and it's developed into a friendship and a journey. Our project is called ONcle which Kim named after being named Trans Atlantic Project. Here we are exposed & naked for your pleasure we "Lay It On The Line"...Love on ya! Thanks for your ears
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Breaking Glass David Bowie Cover Sung By Mark Moffre
Please rate, comment & subscribe if you like this, I will be promoting many underground artists here & appreciate your support! This is a song I added vocals to, it's a David Bowie cover. I am a singer who collaborates with artists from around the world. I am ready to start work on a new album & will be doing live shows in Second Life. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. If you are a musical artist & want to collaborate let me know. I am game to record more Bowie covers!
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"Dancing Girls" & " Wouldnt It Be Good" Nick Kershaw Covers By Mark Moffre 2015
Just a cover I did of two of Nicks tunes. I did this for a very good friend who used to listen to these songs with me in the 90's. It's her birthday so I put this together for her. Happy birthday Sheila!
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Deep Sky Traveler Traveler
This is a song with a project I am currently working in. The guys are amazing artists, we have never met yet we have created many songs via the web. This is an early song we did. We have many more on the way. I hope you like it.
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I'm Just Chillin' Paul Corduwener & Mark Moffre
I become emotionally disarmed when I reflect on our friendship & collaborations. I still feel the pain from the loss of Paul who passed on a few years ago in December. This is a one of many songs we recorded. Paul was from Holland and we became good friends over the years. I miss him a lot. I AM GEARING UP TO START RECORDING AGAIN. So if you have some music you'd like to have vocals on hit me up!
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Numbers By ONcle 2015
This is a brand new song by ONcle called "Numbers". Stay tuned for the official video which will be out soon. We'd like to thank you for your support & remind you to support unsigned artists. It's nearly impossible to be heard under the corporate shadows so we seriously appreciate you, thank you & enjoy! Love on ya! ONcle
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The Shame By Yer Boys
The 2nd song from Yer Boys! Yer Boys is a duo who has collaborated for 14 years via the internet. We started the Yer Boys project this year. Many more songs to come as well as live shows via the net and live song versions. We seriously appreciate your support & urge you to support unsigned artists around the web. Better videos ahead once I can get Vegas to work properly as I am not a fan of this current format. Love on ya!
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A brand new original with T.D Brown who is an amazing artist. I have to dedicate this to a friend who I haven't heard from in ages, she loved my songs I had a fan lol JANORA became a friend. T.D Brown is an amazing artist who did the music I did vocals and lyrics. I kept it simple as to "drift" with the music. catch my drift? Thanks for listening. Enjoy!
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The City Died Tonight By ONcle
Here is the 2nd video from ONcle, a duo that collaborates via the internet. We have collaborated for 13 years, this is brand new ONcle. ONcle is.The amazing Kim Bruun (music) from Denmark & Mark Moffre (Lyrics/Vocals) (U.S) the music ONcle creates is unique, deep and original. This is the new song from ONcle called "The City Died Tonight." Get ready for a journey into the reality of destruction. ONcle will have more new songs this year that covers vast themes from love to dance to deep thoughts. We thank you for your support & ask you to please support unsigned artists on the net as corporations have a monopoly with music on the net. Love on ya! ONcle.
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Beneath The Skin
This is a different project I record in. Very Euro the band is two of us. Kim Brunn music and me on vocals.
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All Things In Passing
One of my favorite collaborations I love this song. It reflects life. Take control & don't let time or the powers that be waste you! Love on ya enjoy!
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All Things In Passing Mark Moffre
This was a song I recorded several years ago. It's a fave of mine as it reflects on things that are passing us by. I think this song stands up to today's culture of the internet and Facebook etc. I hope this inspires you. Thank you for listening. The video was created in Second Life by Fuz On Acid I will be doing live shows in SL in March 2015.
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Winter In May By ONcle 2018
Here is a new ONcle tune Kim created the music and I added lyrics/vocals where I wanted to kind of blend into the music more than do lead vocals through the entire song as it's short and stands alone very well as an instrumental. There will be new tunes soon. Enjoy
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Hurt (Cover) By Thom Polimeros & Mark Moffre
What can be said? Trent Reznor wrote this masterpiece then the late great Johnny Cash covered it before his death then David Bowie & Trent (NIN) performed it live. Thom is a phenomenal artist we have collaborated on several songs & we have never met as we are in different parts of the U.S. Thank you for checking this out & I hope you enjoy this journey. Kiss The Sky, Thom's project http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?memberID=2173248
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My Salvation
This is a song I did with an artist named Balanced Soul. Weird thing is this was the third artist that asked me to do a song for their girlfriend. A lot of pressure but a great journey. I am always honored to work with talent like this I sang the words he wrote & he performed the music. We both did the production. Enjoy & thank you for stopping by.
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2018 Music Preview Video
I'm lucky to work with so many diverse artists, I get to genre jump and create stuff I didn't know I could because of the music that the artists provide me. I've worked with Thom for many years and I love his work. Yer Boys is with Tonio Brown who I also worked with for years and recently visited him in New Mexico (Amazing)! Owen Burgess (Look Out Friends) is a brilliant song writer who I recently teamed up with. he wrote the lyrics which is a challenge for me because my technique is to make it up as I go so that threw me and challenged me. His ability for lyrics is incredible. This is a preview of what is around the corner with even more song from ONcle etc. Thank you for taking the time to listen. PLEASE support unsigned artists give 'em a thumbs up or a kick in the ass both matter. Love on ya. NO KICKING!
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New Age Of Destruction/Floydian Slip
This was recorded with Thom from Kiss The Sky years ago. Though it was produced years ago it seems to reflect today's crazy times. This is one of my faves I love the music Thom created there's many layers of depth here for you to savor and enjoy. I hope you like this! Thom can be found at http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?memberID=2173248 New Age Of Destruction/Floydian Slip Music Thom Polimeros (Kiss The Sky) Lyrics/Vocals Mark Moffre There's buildings rising faster than we breath there's babies dying faster than we conceive everyone is angry you can see it when they're sleeping we eneter into a new age of destruction..this is the end? Could you be the one responsible for the death of that child who never even breath air? How can we blame stupidity when we never even cared? We cry and we kiss the sky I think we're leaving I really think we're leaving I think we're leaving cuz we're not living (x2) We walked into a new age of destruction the clock on our wrists wont stop ticking our love has ceased existing I can't catch my breath we are numb above the hips no no no no no no I think we're leaving I really think we're leaving I think we're leaving I really think we're leaving I think we're leaving I really think we're leaving I think we're leaving I really think we're leaving
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To Those In Paradise Music by Thom Polimeros
As Thom & I work on a new song I bring you a classic from 2009! "To Those In Paradise" is about the ones we have lost and it's a genuine song about that. Enjoy and please support your local artists. Thom has projects on Acidplanet called cough Kiss The Sky. Headphones recommended.
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ONcle Preview Of 5 Demo Songs 2015!
Brand new Oncle baby! I wanted to add txt but Movie Maker is lame with that so I will list them here. The last song is the newest song "NuPunk" was birthed 2 days ago so it's very ruff with the vocals so please bare with us. ONcle is Kim Bruun (Music) from Denmark & Mark Moffre (lyrics/Vocals) U.S.A. Thank you for your support! 1) "Soul Dancing" 2) "The City Died Tonight" 3) "Gagarin" 4) "Numbers" 5) "NuPunk"
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The March Of The Sovereignty Official Yer Boys Original
Here is a new song with YER BOYS which is myself and Tonio D Brown. Tony created the music I added lyrics/vocals The title came from a fan Terry Porter so I had ideas from the title I never know what the lyrics will be when I start singing. So, here it is. hats off to Tony for some outside the lines music. Thanks for listening. Some really cool songs ahead with various artists. Love on ya!
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A love song..
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The Quiet One's Official video by ONcle
This is a new ONcle song the visuals are stunning as well as Kim's structure & textures. Kim is an artist I have worked with for 17 years He has a worldly flavor in his art. Enjoy & thanks for the listen. More soon The Quiet One's...Kim Bruun Music...Mark Moffre Lyrics/Vocals Your breath fills the air it feels like...aha The quiet one's are the thinkers holding keys Think how cool it would be if we came into this world and we didnt have them tell us what to think Shut up (Shut the fuck up) Tell me what Im thinking Shut up (Shut the fuck up) Tell me what Im thinking Shut up Shut up Shut the fuck up Enjoy
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March Of Sovereignty Teaser By YER BOYS!
Just a small teaser of what is ahead. This is with one of my projects with Tonio D Brown The title was suggested by a supporter Terry Porter which had everything to do with the words I made up. Thanks for the ears! We don't need a safe space ya know that's isolation we don't need an ugly face for self destruction we need to march for the sovereign we need to march for the sovereignty
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Constellation (rare) Deepsky Traveler
Another great song birthed from my project Deepsky Traveler. This was a trio with Bill on lead guitar, Luke on guitar, music writer and drum program. I did the vocals &I am re-recording a batch of new vocals on many DST songs for 2015 as my production skill are better now. Enjoy and thank you! Side note: Janora named a club in second life after this song.
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DeepSky Traveler "Heavens Between"
This is with a band I worked with, we were an exclusive online band which means we never met but collaborated for yrs. This is one of many songs we did. I am always seeking collaborations so email me if you have songs & would like to have vocals/lyrics added.
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Syre By ONcle (2009) Kim Bruun & Mark Moffre
This is "Syre" by ONcle, we recorded it in 2009. This shows Kim Bruun's incredible rhythm & knack for twists and turns. The intro is rare & something you don't hear these days, I dialed the wrong number to try and capture it, this is the result. Kim has an incredible gift for taking a listener places musically. I've recorded many songs with him and they all have a ton of depth. These are songs that you have to hear a few times to digest all the elements that Kim puts into his work. Kim is from Denmark, we've never met but we have been friends for thirteen years and recorded ten out of the thirteen years together. . Oncle is currently recording new material & a few weeks ago "My Alien Life" song/video was uploaded. We thank you for listening and for your input!
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Slow Burn Teaser II With Thom Polimeros of Kiss The Sky
Coming soon A new song with the amazing artist Thom Polimeros from his project Kiss The Sky
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This is an older collaboration with Archaic Dreamz & myself. He used images of he and I along with some interesting images. He has the long hair, he looks like Anthony Kiedis & I have worms on my face lol. Enjoy! Thanks for checking it out.
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Speed Paul Corduwener & Mark Moffre
Recorded several years back with this great musical artist from Holland who unfortunately passed away in December several years ago. We spoke on the phone often & during this session I added parts of a message he left on my voice mail. I miss him a lot. R.I.P my friend.
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Horizon (Her Rising) Official Yer Boys
Brand new song by YER BOYS! Tonio D Brown does the music I did lyrics & vocals Very cool dance by SF Dance Troupe. There's a scam where people are claiming copyrights on clips some are valid but many are not. So if anyone out there is artistic with video & would like to collaborate hit me up we can collab I have tons of original artists with great talent to showcase. Enjoy there is a lot more ahead! Thanks for the listen Love on ya! LYRICS Horizon (Her Rising) Hey hey hey Her love was like a flower in the middle of the night Her love grew by the hour on the second night Horizon beyond the window Horizon Check it out Take me Beyond the pillow in the middle of the night Her rising beyond the pillow The horizon beyond the window Her love is like gold never put on hold Beyond the shadow is the whispering beyond the window is the horizon beyond your shadow beyond the pillow Her rising Check it out Take me down to your horizon just take me down to your horizon Her rising her rising Beyond the window is the horizon
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What The Fuck Happened? JRC3 & me
A great artist that I worked with many times over the years. This was recorded in Florida on my end a long time ago when I first started Enjoy J can be found here http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?AID=97681&t= More brand new stuff ahead with ONcle Yer Boys and Thom Climbing out of da rabbit hole ya know?
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My Alien Life Official Video By ONcle
This is a project I work in with a very talented artist, Kim Bruun. This is our first release in over three years. Kim is from Denmark, I'm from America, we never met we do this via the net & have been doing this for 12 years. Much more to come, enjoy & thank you for the support!
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Slow Burn (Unofficial) Official
This is a new song with Thom Polimeros from Kiss The Sky. Thom, sent me this original & I went for one hell of a ride! That bass, that guitar! I joke & call this unofficial because my headphones shit the bed as I was wrapping the last vocals up so I have some work ahead but for now enjoy, thank you for your ears! Im leaving leaving my i'm leaving i'm leaving my leaving slow burn is buring slow burn is burning slow bur is burning I like to feel the dirt on my skin so I know I'm living even when I'm sleeping slow burn is buring slow burn is buring slow burn is buring my baby's soul is yearning lack of control is burning both of our souls are learning both of our souls are bruning with desire slow burn is buring slow burn is burning slow bur is burning I like to feel the dirt on my skin so I know I'm living even when I'm sleeping slow burn is buring slow burn is buring slow burn is buring burning burning buring into your soul my baby's soul is learning lack of control is burning both of our souls are burning both of our souls are bruning with desire my baby's soul is on fire lack of control from desire my baby's soul is learning both of our souls are merging both of our souls are learning both of our souls...slow burning
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Eyes Without A Face Cover BY Mark
Did a cover of a song that had some great memories Thanks for the ears & stay tuned for originals soon.
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Air Is Heavier Than This by Yer Boys
We are a duo who have collaborated many times over the last 13 years This is one of many new songs that we have recorded. Please support unsigned artists We thank you for your input.
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The Rage By Kim Bruun & Mark Moffre of ONcle
This is from a project I am involved in called ONcle with a dynamic artist Kim Bruun from Denmark. We have never met in person but met on the internet. We have worked together this way for 13 years. This is one of our older songs titled "The Rage" with a nod to Bowie's "Hallo Spaceboy" We recently recorded our first song after a three year break. The song is called "My Alien Life" in which Kim did great video work, you can find it in the list. Kim is a dynamic musician who is always creative & unique. We have also become good friends. Kim does the music, I do lyric and vocals.
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Soul Blue TEASER
This is NOT official, it's a demo I am posting so I can stream to FB. The official version will be out this year! See ya all soon in Second Life where the live shows will happen. Love on ya!
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Grenade Pimp by Deepsky Traveler
where do I start w/o going on and boring you? The amazing musical artist Luke sent me this & said it was inspired by the West Baptist people who were filled with hate I could relate plus the far right wingers was a thought on my part. Then I added the words & Bill blasted it with lead guitar. What blows my mind looking back is it fits into the goon squad of the world today. I was new at production back then so vocals are a bit low Still this is balls to the walls music ENJOY! Lyrics It's never too late for hate I don't know what I'm thinking but I just crave a grenade Have a grenade Jump back it's another attack their throwing bombs ain't talking Iraq they're full of hate & holding signs this is the treason of the poison wine They love God they call you out they drive jags they're in the closet with their glock Grenade pimp grenade pimp have a grenade What they want is in your skin and it don't belong to them they're getting hot cuz they're fill of sin and they're also full of shit It's time to pull the pin & start throwing your own bombs mother fucker Grenade pimp grenade pimp Sick of this shit I don't want to kill 'em all kill 'em all Grenade pimp ahhh have a grenade Sick of this shit I don't want to kill 'em all kill 'em all It's never too late to hate
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Hurt Johnny Cash Version By Mark Moffre
I didn't spend a lot of time on this but really loved doing this version. New music from my project with TD Brown called YER BOYS! & More ONcle with Kim Bruun soon! 2015 will be the year!
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Traveler (Deepsky Traveler)
A rocking song I recorded with two other guys who created some intense music. Luke wrote the music & played guitar, bass & beta monkey drums & did spoken word...Bill played lead guitar & I did lyrics/vocals Thanks for your ears! Sit back and blast off! Love on ya!
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Hurt Preview Raw Demo
Just sharing a raw first take demo with my FB friends. Full version this Spring.
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As We Burn Deepsky Traveler
An online band I recorded with, original. Always up for a collaboration!
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We're Under Control (Sneak Peek) Teaser
I had no clue what I was going to sing when I started recording on this. This is the result & it reflects today's craziness and yesterday and the day before. We have to break free lol! I have a lot of new material that it's more rock oriented and some metal where I get to scream again! If you record guitar oriented tunage & need vocals/lyrics then hit me up! musiccollaborator518@gmail.com All info when song is finished Thanks for your time, enjoy! Love on ya!
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They Killed The Man By Convoled Intellekt
Wow, where to start, this was a project I was in with a buddy when I lived in Florida. I was new to this and this was one of my first songs. I had a bad habit of mixing vocals low because I didn't think I was that good of a singer that''s why the vox are uneven. The music was done by a very talented friend Rick..Rezinunts Nettwork He is still making great music today. Enjoy this song, it's intense as a mo fo. Get in "the mode", crank it with headphones and I can guarantee you'll leave your body. LYRICS I watched an angel die on the cathedral floor It burned my skin when I touched the water..again Like a nail in the hand a crucifixion again They killed the man They killed the man Our Lives are for sale Our Lives are for sale Our Lives are for sale Think about think about our lives We remain and we're not really breaking We're not really taking all the things in our lives There's poison in their eyes There's poison in their lives We need oxygen we need oxygen We remain we remain We're always believing we're always believing Believing in someone believing in someone believing in someone but living in pain The fanatics built ma church with bloodstone stains bloodstone stains Death on the walls. We're always believing we're always believing Believing in someone believing in something believing in someone How many morons we run into? I'm glad I met you! They're not really sleeping They're not really sleeping They're not really sleeping They're not really sleeping They killed the man they killed the man we killed the man you killed the man Step right up & get your life I watched an angel I watched an angel die I watched an angel die Iwatched an angel die The fanatics built ma church with bloodstone stains bloodstone stains Death on the walls. I saw an angel die on the cathedral floor
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Snippet Unofficial Test
For Kim.These are just test clips but is not what will be...
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