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Fresh water aquarium - Mystery Snail
My mystery snail breaking through some java fern roots that he got trapped in. :-)
Просмотров: 5819 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer 3 - Demo
Interesting in store demo for the CoCo3
Просмотров: 3332 drhoads08
Ooma Telo and Linx VoIP Review
Quick review of my Ooma Telo
Просмотров: 6827 drhoads08
Dungeons of Daggorath Retrospective
My memories of playing this amazing game
Просмотров: 214 drhoads08
Legend of the Red Dragon Gameplay
Some gameplay footage from this classic BBS game
Просмотров: 8271 drhoads08
Real Life Thomas the Train
This is a cool video of Thomas the Tank Engine pulling into the station at The Strasburg Rail Road in historic Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They have a great event for kids called "I spent a day out with Thomas"
Просмотров: 9099 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer 3 - Christmas Demo
Interesting in store Christmas time demo for the CoCo3
Просмотров: 919 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Dragonfire
Great old game for the Color Computer as well as other platforms
Просмотров: 1279 drhoads08
ega trek DOS 2.2 vs. 3.1 differences (Enterprise vs. Lexington)
I demonstrate the differences between these two games
Просмотров: 870 drhoads08
Classic BBS Door game Usurper gameplay
Some gameplay from this classic BBS game
Просмотров: 3648 drhoads08
Windows 3.1 and Office 4.3 demonstration plus Visual Basic 3.0 and Castle of the Winds
Demonstration of my Windows 3.1 VMware setup
Просмотров: 3310 drhoads08
Peanut Butter Panic for the TRS-80 Color Computer CoCo
Short play of this great old CoCo game.
Просмотров: 1188 drhoads08
Fresh water aquarium - Honey Sunset Gourami
My Honey Sunset Gourami. He is very personable and a lot of fun to watch. He can be a bit of a bully but never seems to hurt any of the other fish.
Просмотров: 4149 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Dino Wars
Dino Wars... Mortal Kombat with Dinosaurs!!! What could be better than that? Well... A lot, actually...
Просмотров: 1536 drhoads08
BBS Door - Tradewars 2002
Best BBS Door game of ALL time.. IMHO... :-)
Просмотров: 4089 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Extended BASIC Demo
Interesting demo of Extended BASIC on the CoCo
Просмотров: 270 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Taxi
Great educational game for the CoCo
Просмотров: 283 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Color Baseball
Great baseball game for the CoCo
Просмотров: 1347 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Dungeons of Daggorath
One of the best games for the CoCo. An amazing RPG for its time.
Просмотров: 2023 drhoads08
DeskMate 3 on the CoCo Color Computer 3
Awesome old school GUI for the COCO3. Amazingly powerful interface for the CoCo.
Просмотров: 1507 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - The Magic of Zanth (Land of Xanth)
Interesting old Graphic adventure for the CoCo 3
Просмотров: 325 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Atom
An interesting edutainment game for the CoCo
Просмотров: 438 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Wildcatting
Interesting original game for the CoCo
Просмотров: 751 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - The Sands of Egypt
Classic animated text adventure for the CoCo
Просмотров: 1877 drhoads08
Fresh water aquarium - Sparkling Gourami
My two Sparkling Gourami. One is shy and the other is personable.
Просмотров: 1394 drhoads08
Radio Shack Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 2 - Doubleback
One of my favorite childhood games
Просмотров: 577 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Grobot
Unique game for the Coco
Просмотров: 145 drhoads08
TRS-80 CoCo Color Computer - Space Assault (Space Invaders)
Space Invaders clone for the CoCo
Просмотров: 229 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Fraction Fever
Good old edutainment from the early 80's
Просмотров: 240 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Don Pan
Fun side-scrolling action game for the CoCo
Просмотров: 187 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
This was on the CoCo??
Просмотров: 256 drhoads08
MS-DOS - Dino Wars
Cool Dino 2D fighter Archon clone
Просмотров: 314 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Popcorn! (Avalanche, Kaboom!)
Avalanche clone for the CoCo
Просмотров: 341 drhoads08
The Planet Saturn through an Orion XT10 10" amateur telescope captured with an iPhone
My first viewing of Saturn. The image was much clearer than what this video shows. I could not use more magnification due to poor viewing conditions.
Просмотров: 1395 drhoads08
Intel 386 sx Retrospective
I talk about my experiences using a 386 computer
Просмотров: 122 drhoads08
The Planet Saturn through my amateur telescope high power - Orion XT10
2nd try at capturing Saturn. Looks better in this video, but I need some sort of mount to hold my iPhone steady. Sorry for the shakes. Was a great view through the scope. This was in a 10" Dobsonian scope with a 10mm lens.
Просмотров: 2850 drhoads08
Siberian Kitten (Marshmallow) Plays Fetch
We have only had Marshmallow for 1 week and she spent the first few days hiding. Now she is already playing fetch!
Просмотров: 135 drhoads08
MS-DOS - SuperFly
Great arcade game by Nels Anderson. You can read up on Nels here: http://www.classicdosgames.com/interviews/nelsanderson.html
Просмотров: 245 drhoads08
Radio Shack Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer - Polaris (Missile Command)
Missile Command Clone for the CoCo
Просмотров: 225 drhoads08
The Planet Jupiter and moons through an Orion XT10 10" amateur telescope captured with an iPhone
Jupiter and its moons moving through my eyepiece. Recommend full screen and 720p. This is the first time I have ever seen Jupiter through a telescope. It was a great experience to find it and view it myself. I captured the video by putting my iphone up to the eyepiece. lol.... I hope to have some better videos once I learn how to do it more accurately. It looks much better when looking through the eyepiece. Not bad for an iphone shoved in an eyepiece on a telescope though. I used an Orion XT10 with a 7.5mm eyepiece and a 13% neutral density filter to dim it for the iphone. Sadly, I have a lot of light pollution in my area but it does not seem to prevent most of the major views. (I got the Orion Nebula no problem) Also, I tried registax to create a nice image from this video, but it does not work with .MOV. I used premiere to convert to uncompressed .AVI but this crashed registax. I tried a compressed .AVI but the image made from registax came out terrible. Photos I would take with my camera (not video) would just come out so bright that I could not pull out any detail.
Просмотров: 3535 drhoads08
Pentium III Coppermine 1Ghz (1999-Present) When does it fail?
I try gaming titles released each year from 1999 to see when the P3 completely fails.
Просмотров: 47 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Star Trap
Unique game for the Coco
Просмотров: 128 drhoads08
Win Trek Gameplay
Win Trek 1.71 (1993) by Brett McDonald
Просмотров: 1280 drhoads08
Red Tailed Hawk kills Squirrel in the middle of the city
I missed the initial attack, but still very interesting to see in a dense urban environment.
Просмотров: 1560 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Demolition Derby
Fun little racer for the CoCo
Просмотров: 141 drhoads08
Help me play: In Quest of the Star Lord - Part 2
Thanks to all of the great help in Part 1 I was able to get to a bunch of new screens.
Просмотров: 166 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Androne
My First FPS game ever!!
Просмотров: 480 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Poltergeist
Unique movie based game for the CoCo. Here is Marlinlee beating it with ease: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuRcRLj6SjU
Просмотров: 512 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer - Microbes (Asteroids)
Fun little asteroids clone on the CoCo
Просмотров: 99 drhoads08
TRS-80 Color Computer and MS-DOS - Silpheed
An in depth look at Silpheed for the CoCo
Просмотров: 381 drhoads08