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Should You Refinance Your Car Loan?
Tips on getting the best deals to refinance your car.
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The 3 Fastest Ways to Raise a Credit Score (2015)
Would you like a better credit score as fast as possible? Here's how to get it.
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High Paying Jobs You Can Get With a 2 Year Degree
Don't have a 4-year degree? Not to worry. There are plenty of great jobs that don't require one.
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How to Start Investing with $500 or Less
When it comes to buying stocks, you don't have to be part of the 1% to get started.
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How to Pay Off $10,000 in Debt This Year
Did you resolve to pay off debt next year? There's a simple 3 step process that can help.
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Are Used Police Cars A Steal? (2007)
By the time a police car hits the auction block, it's often got a hundred thousand miles on it. But it's cheap, it's fast and it's built to last. Are used police cars a steal?
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How to Have a Killer Garage Sale
Tips to help you make your next garage sale more profitable.
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Where to Retire Abroad for Less
5 of the best international cities to retire in.
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Banks vs Credit Unions
When you want to get the lowest rate on the money you borrow and the highest rate on the money you save, where do you go? Bank? Credit Union? Online? Let's find out.
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Why We Can't Buy Cars Direct From Manufacturers
In many states around the country, it's not legal to buy a car direct from the manufacturer. Instead you have to go to a dealer. Why?
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"Organic" vs "Natural" Food
Do you know the difference between 'organic' and 'natural' food?
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Characteristics Successful People Have in Common
Getting rich. Is it just a matter of luck, or are there traits that successful people share; traits we can copy?
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How to Pick the Right Credit Union
Credit unions are well-known for fees and rates that beat the banks. But how do you find the right one?
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James Randi, "Head-On" and Homeopathy (2008)
When you've got a headache, you go to the pharmacy and you assume that all these medications are going to do the trick. But will they? Here's a guy who says he'll bet a million dollars a least one of the products on this shelf doesn't do anything for you at all.
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Beyond Couponing: The Best Ways to Save on Groceries
When it comes to saving, coupon cutting and sale shopping are obvious. But there are other tips you can use to save even more.
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Organizing Tricks You Don't Know
When you sit down at your desk, are you in control, or are you overwhelmed with paper?
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Credit Unions vs Banks: Which is Better?
Tired of getting nickel and dimed by your bank? Maybe it's time to try a credit union.
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Money Management 101 for College Students
Keeping track of your finances is hard enough when you're an adult, much less when you're a young adult in college and learning to do it for the first time.
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How to Invest Your Retirement Savings
If you're one of the millions of Americans trying to stay on top of the money you've got in 401k or other retirement accounts, you're faced with a dizzying array of choices, many of which involve risk.
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The Best Companies for Working From Home
There are plenty of reasons you may want to work from home, but how do you find a legitimate job?
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Tricks of the Trade: Jewelers
Jewelry is always a popular gift for loved ones, but how can you get the best deal?
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How to Get a Free FICO Credit Score
It normally costs money to see your credit score, but here's how you can get it for free.
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You Don't Have to Pay for Cable TV (2011)
If you're like many Americans, you're tired of the high cost of cable. But you can cut the cable without losing a show.
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Simplest Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life
Hate dealing with the family finances? Maybe it's time to make things a little simpler.
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Should You Freeze Your Credit?
If you're concerned about identity theft, maybe you've considered freezing your credit. Good idea?
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What to Do When Friends or Family Ask For Money
Want to make a friend or relative uncomfortable quickly? Ask for a loan.
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Car Buying Services - Are They Worth It?
Buying a new car is fun, but trying to insure you got the best price is anything but.
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The Best Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree
If you don't have a 4-year degree or are considering not getting one, you may be wondering about job prospects. But there are lots of well-paying jobs that don't require a 4-year degree.
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5 Reasons You Should Join a Credit Union This Week
Credit unions offer many advantages when compared to a traditional bank.
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Propane Co's Under-Fill Tanks (2009)
Propane companies are saving money by under-filling the tanks they sell.
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Beginner's Guide to Buying Your First Car
There are few things more exciting for a young driver than buying their first car. But just as there are rules to driving, there are rules to buying as well.
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Cut Your Grocery Bill by up to 50%
A few ways to take a big bite out of your grocery budget.
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The Single Biggest Retailer Rip-Off
Retailers have plenty of tricks up their sleeve to get you to buy stuff, but there's one trick that may be the biggest of them of all.
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What to Do If You Can't Afford a Vet
If you've been to a vet lately, you know how expensive they can be. But if you can't afford it, there are ways to take a bite out of those bills.
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5 Ways to Save 50% on Furniture
Next to your house and car, your home furnishings could be the most expensive thing you buy. But there are ways you can save a bundle.
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A Frugal Mom's Top Tips
When the Rachel Ray show was looking for the thriftiest mom in America, they found Margie Read.
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World's Worst Credit Card? (2007)
Think you've got it bad with the fees your credit card charges you? Well try this: $247 up-front, for a $300 credit line... And that's not the worst of it!
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How to Get a Discount on Everything You Buy In Stores
When you go out to the store, do you get a discount on everything you buy? You should.
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How to Make Money Writing Books
If you've ever dreamed of profiting from publishing, this video is for you.
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Can't Pay Your Taxes? Here's What to Do
Tax time is never fun, but it can be even scarier when you owe money for income taxes and don't have it.
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Lies Retailers Tell
We see the signs all the time. Going out of business sale. Satisfaction guaranteed. We will not be undersold. What do they mean? Not as much as you might think.
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Proven Ways to Appear Smarter
You may not have any influence on how intelligent you are, but you do have some say on how intelligent you appear.
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Selling Gold By Mail Doesn't Pay
We sent equal lengths of gold chain to three different mail-in gold purchasers (Cash4Gold, TurnGold2Cash and GoldKit). Guess how much they offered us
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Things Credit Repair Companies Aren't Telling You
With the right tools, you can repair just about anything, including your credit. But should you turn to a pro for help?
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Stop Paying for a Storage Room
If you're one of the millions of Americans with a storage locker stuffed with junk, you might be paying more than the junk is worth.
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Rent a Car or RV for $1 Per Day
What's more fun than an RV vacation? Doing it for $1 per day.
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Make Extra Money Selling Crafts
How you can turn your hobby into a side gig.
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Cheapest Overnight Shipping: FedEx, UPS or USPS? (2008)
FedEx, UPS, or the Post Office... who has the cheapest overnight shipping?
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Tax Hacks 2017: Deductions You Probably Missed
It's always fun to find money you didn't know you had. And guess what? There might be some hiding in your tax return.
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Saving Money on Homeowners Insurance
Insurance may be necessary, but it doesn't have to be expensive. Our money reporter Stacy Johnson has been giving us ways to save on insurance all month. Today he explores homeowners insurance.
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