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Black Lotus Tassa Drummers along side US #1 Tassa Group wedding in Astoria
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Tassa session during wedding
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Black Lotus Tassa Drummers
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Black Lotus Tassa - Tassamania 2010
Allow me to be the first to say that yes we did make mistakes, but no excuses for it. This was our first competition and though we were not afraid we just did not perform as well as we'd hoped. The competition rules were completely messed up due to last minute tweaking and such. None the less enjoy :) P.S. we are formerly Sweet Rhythms Tassa..
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Tassa - Guyatrin/Sweet Rhythms
Tassa - June 27, 2009
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Kiko Dan killing it up in Singhs
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Black Lotus Tassa Drummers at Phagwah 2011.mp4
Jus wanted to reupload it. Video Credit: WickidSoundz.com
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Guyatrin Tassa group of NJ
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