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Forecasting Methods Overview
This is an overview of some basic forecasting methods. These basic forecasting methods are broken into two categories of approaches: quantitative and Qualitative. Quantitative forecasting approaches use historical data and correlative association to make forecasts. Qualitative forecasting approaches look at the opinions of experts, consumers, decision makers and other stakeholders. This video is about basic forecasting methods and covers 9 of the most common approaches. Avercast forecasting software makes good use of these approaches, and is powered by over 200 algorithms. Visit http://www.avercast.com/ for more information on our leading forecasting software.
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Moving Averages - Forecasting Methods
This video in our series on forecasting methods looks at the basics of moving averages. When you create a forecast using this moving average method, you predetermine the number of periods to average to get a forecast for the next period. Savvy demand planners that use moving averages for supply and operations planning will often use a weighted average for specific periods. While moving averages can be an effective method of forecasting in some instances, you can get better accuracy by combining forecasting methods. Avercast forecasting software makes use of over 200 demand planning algorithms to get the most precise predictions possible. Visit http://avercast.com for more information or to get a free demo of our software.
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Naive Forecasting - Forecasting Methods
In this video, we cover the naive forecasting method. This forecasting method simply states that we forecast that this period will be the same as the previous period. While there are some situations that call for this method of forecasting, we recommend using a more robust approach. Avercast is a forecasting and demand planning software company. Avercast forecasting software is powered by over 200 forecasting algorithms to make supply and operations planning more accurate. Visit http://avercast.com for more information.
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Molly Puckett Avercast Software Review - Ellery Homestyles LLC
Molly is a Vice President of Demand Management and Operations for a home decor company. She went from a large multi-million-dollar company run on spreadsheets to an always up to date and accurate forecasting software.
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Paul Feorene Avercast Software Review - Kawasaki Motors Corp
Paul is a Sr. Manager of Logistics & Parts Operations for Kawasaki Motors lawn mower division. He has freed up millions in inventory and justified a new hire with the implementation of Avercast.
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Why Choose Avercast Forecasting & Demand Management Software   Customer Testimonial Compilation
Hear real Avercast customer testimonials.
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Avercast Product Review - Tammy Deane
Tammy Deane, the Customer Demand Planner at Navico, gives her review of Navico's experience with Avercast.
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Product Review - Zack Van Vaulkenburg
Zack Van Vaulkenburg, a Demand Planner at Signature Products Group (SPG), gives his review of SPG's experience with Avercast.
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Product Review - Nick Ferguson
Nick Ferguson, a Demand Planner at Signature Products Group (SPG), gives his review of SPG's experience with Avercast.
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Jim Bell Avercast Software Review - Coastal Pet Products, Inc
Jim is a Sales Planner & Project Coordinator for the largest manufacturer of pet collars and leashes. He uses Avercast every day to increase forecast accuracy, manage demand, and so much more.
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