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Q & A   Gøtzsche & Whitaker   Psychiatric Epidemic   May14, 2014
Clips from conference
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Sword - Put it Away
How to put away sword properly! From: "Sword of Desperation," Japan 2010, featuring Etsushi Toyokawa.
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Piper plays with Da Foot
Little Piper is a laconic cat, she loves to play, but is very slow and lazy. Sometimes she cries for an hour for me to play with her, but when I get to her, she's too lazy to play. Here is one of her favorite (lazy) games - Da Foot
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Surfers Tea Tree Bay
Tea Tree Bay is a preferred surfing beach - there were surfies running up and down the Coastal Track at Noosa National Park Noosa Heads Section, with their surfboards and nothing else. We watched them most of the day, on the track and in the water. This was an attempt to catch one of them riding a long wave.
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Noosa Beach the Day After the Storm
The day after the storm at Noosa Beach was beautiful, clear skies, 32 degrees C, with plenty of people taking advantage of the beautiful weather at the beach. There was a surf warning, as the seas were still treacherous - but the Surf Lifesavers were happy to watch out for us.
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Clown Fish and Sea Anenome at Sea Life
Sea Life Aquarium at Mooloolaba has an excellent display of Living Coral.
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Fairy Pools Waves
Probably around Winch Cove, on the Coastal Track at Noosa National Park, Noosa Heads section.
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Bush Turkey 2
A bigger bush turkey baby
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Brush Turkey
Our brush turkey, maintaining his pile. Note that the photographer and the train do not bother him, but at the end of the clip, he starts kicking stuff at the photographer!
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Recovery - clip from "Recovered - Eating Issues in Our Own Words" by Tim Steward
Clipped from: https://youtu.be/B8W7RKxH7BY "Recovered - Eating Issues in Our Own Words" - an excellent film by Tim Steward for the TEIC - The Eating Issues Centre, Brisbane, Australia.
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Lazy Piper 2
Which video is lazier? Point a still camera at the cat, and she moves. Point a video at her and she does....this
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Palms thrashing our windows
Club Noosa was a great place to wait out the storm as the tail of Cyclone Debbie hit the Sunshine Coast, with gusts of up to 100 kph.
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Waikato River, Taupo, NZ
Near the falls
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Piper - Tummy Girl
Piper - Tummy Girl - she will do this on command (usually it helps if she wants something or has been lonely)
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Noosa Horizontal Rain
Club Noosa gave us a safe viewing of the high winds (100 kph gusts) of the storm that hit the Sunshine Coast in the wake of Cyclone Debbie.
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HellsGate Noosa
View of Hell's Gate at the tip of the Coastal Walking Track, Noosa National Park, Noosa Heads Section, with views of Alexandra Bay (no swimming or surfing - dangerous surf!) in the distance.
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Buddha Board
Showing how my Buddha Board works.
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Waikato Falls near Taupo, NZ
Waikato Falls, near Taupo, New Zealand
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Piper Getting Fed Mar 2018
Every time she meows, dinner moves closer. She gives a good effort here - she moves her lips, but not much sound comes out.
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Hell's Gates
Hell's Gates, at the furthermost point of Noosa Heads section of Noosa National Park, along the Coastal Track.
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Waves at Boiling Pot
Boiling Pot is a point on the Noosa National Park, Noosa Heads Coastal Track.
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Noosa High Winds March 2017
On the tail of Cyclone Debbie, the Sunshine Coast Experienced High Winds and rain.
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Shooting Yourself in the Foot  Self Sabotage
Snippet from "Knowing Better" channel - "Shooting Yourself In the Foot" https://youtu.be/NDwCpLEVKuY
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Coral and Clown Fish at Sea Life
Sea Life Aquarium, Mooloolaba, has an excellent display of living coral.
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Caterpillar Mt. Field
This little fella crossed my path as I was walking among the Tall Trees at Mt. Field, Tasmania.
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Waikato Falls, NZ
Waikato Falls, near Taupo, New Zealand
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Brush Turkey Chick1
Eggs are hatching and we keep seeing these little fellas around the garden!
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House and Kitchen Tour
Welcome to our home - a view for an artist to help with our new kitchen
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Noosa Coastal Track Waves
Probably around Winch Cove, Noosa National Park, Noosa Heads section, on the Coastal Track.
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Slow Piper
You point a still camera at her, and she moves. You point a vid camera at her - well, here's what you get.
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Lake Cootharaba
This is an inland lake near the ocean just north of Noosa. This was a windy day, but this lake is favoured for the Sailing Club of Boreen Point. We had lunch there.
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Storm Winds at Noosa after Cyclone Debbie
Our unit at Club Noosa had a good view of the storm winds that hit after the tail of Cyclone Debbie hit the Sunshine Coast.
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Noosa storm March 2017
Back patio view of whipping palm trees, high winds and rain, in the tail of Cyclone Debbie on the Sunshine coast at Noosa.
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Brush Turkey Chick2
Eggs are hatching and we keep seeing these little fellas around the garden!
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Dolphin Point Waves
Dolphin Point, at the north end of Tea Tree Bay, is a popular surfing location. This is a view from the Coastal Track of Noosa National Park, Noosa Heads section.
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Feeding Dolphins at Tin Can Bay
Tin Can Bay has a dolphin feeding program for Humpback Dolphins, a riverine species. There is a pod who the alpha allows certain ones to come up for feeding. All of these dolphins are descendants of the original dolphin, Scar, who came to Tin Can Bay for refuge after being injured in a shark attack. That was in the 1950's, and Scar's children have been coming ever since. This dolphin is Squirt, Scar's grandson.
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Waikato River, Taupo, NZ
Waikato River, near the Falls at Taupo
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