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Team Russia World Juniors Goal Horn 2016
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Team Finland World Juniors Goal "Horn" 2016  (Old shitty edit)
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Vancouver Canucks 1st Round exit Goal Horn 2015 (LEGIT)
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Real Racing 3 engine swaps/mods
Not bad.
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iPhone 4S - gpSPhone vs GBA4iOS (iOS 7 GBA Emulator test)
Fog lag made me angery so I decided to put these two GBA emulators to the test!
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NHL 2K mobile mods - iOS Gameplay - Custom Goal Horns
**THESE HORNS ARE OLD, but I'll continually update them with newer versions Download the cool stuff here!: http://www.nhlgaming.net/forums/topic/23210-updated-nhl-2k-mobile-custom-horns-and-music/ The horns work as intended in Season Mode. No I did not play each and every game to capture these lol These are tests in Quick Game mode to see how each horn would sound like. Of course, only one team's horns are used for all teams and that would be the "000H" (Ducks horn by default). BUT, if you delete that file, take any team's horn and rename it to 000H-02/01, then that will be used!
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[iOS] Real Racing 3 - Lamborghini Gallardo trrt
This is the Gallardo's engine from NFS!
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Real Racing 3 - Change iOS Graphics Settings (DESCRIPTION)
*THESE ARE IPHONE SETTINGS. Maybe you can follow the same procedure for the iPad/Android devices Better demonstration (using 2,1 settings): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPgeBVfLAQM -If you don't enjoy lag, use iPhone2,1.plist following the instructions below! You'll get close to 30fps or some shit and it doesn't look bad at all! Steps: ---1. Locate "RealRacing3.app/res/eds/" (Find your RR3 application folder then follow the above) ---2. Depending on your device (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc). take these following files and make a copy somewhere. _For an Android guide, just google/youtube it. It's everywhere_ _______________________________________ BACK UP FILES IN THE "eds" FOLDER FIRST _______________________________________ These are -probably- the highest graphic settings available so far for each device iPhone: iPhone.plist (not recommended), iPad: iPad3,4.plist (not tested!) iPod: iPod5,1.plist (not tested!) Android: AndroidXtraHigh.plist (Don't have an android, but obvously this one?) +Rename these files corresponding to the device you use+ I use a 4S, so I copied the settings then renamed that to iPhone4,1.plist ---4. Experience higher quality textures (and lag) for RR3. Enjoy! And if you want Lower Quality but Higher Framerate, use 2,1.plist on the iPhone
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Real Racing 3: Audi R8 LMS Ultra (Dodge Viper V10 Engine) - Laguna Seca Cup
I fixed the ghosting shortly after I uploaded this. Leave a dislike!
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GTA V NaturalVision Remastered/ENB test
Lul. i7 8700 GTX 1060 6GB 1280x720 res LA Roads, NVR, ENB, Car Mod add-ons, DLC/Add-on Traffic Spawn, Realistic Explosions, 2k/4k Water
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PES 2017 iOS - UEFA Champions League 1st leg Special Agent/Pack Opening etc.
Audio muted due to copyright! Enjoy this acceptable replacement provided by YouTube.
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Asphalt 8 | Venom GT (No Nitro)
Songs used please don't flag for copyright: The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger U2 - Miracle of Joey
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Minecraft Pocket Edition - TNT Cannon
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