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My little kitten who sits on my shoulder
Yeah just me playing with Mutt my cat. She sits on my shoulder everywhere I go (she's grown now) and I keep getting bounced from places like Starbucks or stores because she is with me. I hate prejudice!
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Cop asking me for I.D. and scares my kitten
PART II of this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw1oBew320I PART III here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXIYDRegkB0 And for all you people wanting to see Mutt (my cat) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZK_jUBoaqY I know I'm a bastard but if I don't talk back then WHO WILL? And read below before you judge (troll)... Firstly, there are comments here that say I was trespassed before the video started. Obviously not true because if I was then the cops would've just not taken my shit and busted me then and there. Trespassing requires a warning first which never happened. I never did argue with anyone until the police arrived, then I opened my big mouth. Also, I never was arrested or 'detained' but I essentially detained the police. I deal with a lot of crap when I go out to busk (sing on the street) and especially with police. I am an accomplished musician and I act accordingly but it only takes one fool to play some hero. Here a cop is asking for I.D. and I refuse and she even goes so far as to threaten arrest which I say "go ahead, arrest me." Just so everyone knows, this is in Ottawa, Ontario and the cops weren't there for me but because I was standing around (smoking a cigarette) they decided to harass me. There are 2 other videos I will be uploading so you can see I never actually gave my I.D. And 2 things for the record: First, my cat is awesome and I take her everywhere with me pretty much. I trained her to sit on my shoulder so it's better than leaving her at home all her life, right? And I could care less what people think of me and my cat (although most people love her to death). Second, the "busking" I do is for adventure, not necessarily $$. I have traveled to many different countries performing music (without the cat hehe) and I speak several languages. So for the trollers out there: I say that I do have a job (with a law firm actually) and my cat has a better life than most people do probably.
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Cop asking me for I.D. and scared my kitten part III
I found another snap of a video relating to cops getting owned. PART I here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzhyZzdg1rI PART II here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw1oBew320I
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Feminism is Cancer REMIX
I had time on my hands so and I was learning Vegas Pro so this ridiculous video took about 14 straight hours hahaha. I learned a lot though. I'm getting the shortcuts and tricks down pat. More of these to come.
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Wanted Dead or Alive in Ottawa
I was on Sparks St. in Ottawa busking and a guy from Switzerland happened to be passing by so he broke out his little guitar and I just made this song up on the spot. Some kid stopped to listen so I asked him to record us on my phone.
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Cop asking me for I.D.  and owned PART II (disturbing the clientele)
This is the second edition of my cop owned video. A lot of people had doubts as to whether or not I actually showed I.D. and here is the last video proving my resilience. Don't ever take shit from pigs (cops who are bullies). Look at how they desperately try to get support from anyone in the vicinity and of course there are heros who tag along like fools. They were properly toilet trained by television haha. There is a middle video still, but all I am doing is giving the cops shit. Still good viewing. And remember, they came at ME first. PART III here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXIYDRegkB0 PART I here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzhyZzdg1rI
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cop at industrial road Ottawa
This is PART 2 of Ottawa Trainyards Cops. So stop you torllers hahaha. Just sit and watch.
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Ottawa Trainyards Cop part END
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My Mutt
This is Mutt, a rescue cat. She sits on my shoulder everywhere I go. She's not the typical sketchy cat that everyone thinks about, she's awesome. A whole lot cuddly too! hehe "The Cat's Meow" written and performed by Farro Braun (me)
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Collage of Farro Braun
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Farro Braun in Trier Germany
Bad quality but it's me in Germany.
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Starbucks Meathead
So I was out with my cat which I normally do and she sits on my shoulder, never jumping off or anything and I decided to get a coffee at Starbucks. Some jerk, while I was getting my coffee, started yelling and swearing and threatening me (kids were in there) saying the cat should be on a leash. Nobody else had a problem with her and in fact thought it was so cool that this cat would stay on my shoulder even during this upset. Unfortunately I didn't film the fiasco inside Starbucks but the man promised he would kill me (???) when I went outside so I went outside and clicked on the old camera and this is what happened. (People in the Starbucks were concerned and watching and two people came out to support me).
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blah blah blah blah blah
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Düsseldorf HBF 2010 Fußball
Man, I loved Germany before Merkel wanted it destroyed.
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Ottawa Trainyards Cop Trying To Give Me the Business and Gets Owned
I was out singing (busking) and there was always a rival busker there who was really weird. I suspect he called the cops on me to blame me for drinking and driving to get me into trouble so he can have the pitch (the busking spot-and he couldn't even tune a guitar). I have to admit that this cop was a gentleman. Some people may claim I was arguing just for the sake of it but hey, I won. If everyone follows blindly along then this is not a civilization I want to be around. Know your rights!
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In the Kitchen in a Prague Hostel
I wonder if the lyrics are still on the bench...
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