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Mont St Michel, France
Sacred fortress on an island in the sea, this is one of the most magical places on the planet. Rising from the sea like a ghostly vision, this walled medieval village with a church rising at the apex is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has been an important pilgrimage site for a thousand years. Visitors still flock here for secular as well as religious reasons, to absorb this special atmosphere, especially enhanced in December when all is cold and foggy, with few visitors clogging the little lanes. Our video glimpse shows you many highlights that might tempt you to stay for a few days on the island in one of several small hotels so you can fully absorb the experience.
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Oslo to Bergen, Norway by Train through the mountains and Boat through the fjords
We’re going to take you on one of the most spectacular train rides in all of Europe: starting in Oslo, we’re heading cross-country through fascinating mountain terrain, passing lakes and rivers and waterfalls, and then by boat through a vast fjord, finally we will be arriving later in the day at the ancient capital of Norway the town of Bergen. This special trip is called Norway in a Nutshell. Showing you a big cross-section of the country in just one day. Please subscribe: http://bit.ly/2pmdyeu The scenery keeps getting more spectacular as we climb through the central regions of Norway, getting a little bit like Switzerland with tall mountains in the distance and glaciers, with lakes where the water is clear blue color. We change trains mid-way at Myrdal and board the Flam railway which is one of the most scenic rides in Europe. It travels about four miles from the mountain tops down through seven lush valleys to the waters below in the Sognefjord, Norway’s largest fjord. There we catch a boat to Bergen through the Sognefjord. There's lots of great scenery during the boat ride, with the mountains towering high above on both sides of this chasm. See our other Bergen movies here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLke86NFI6R8xoUa2-Cf0AsnxYu844FFfq http://tourvideos.com/
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Cotswolds, England Castle Combe, Malmesbury, Bibury, Stow, Slaughter, Bourton, Tetbury
The Cotswold district in south-central England is famous for its green rolling hills and especially for its honey colored stone villages. We’re starting our explorations in perhaps the most beautiful village in all of the Cotswolds and perhaps in all of England or the world for that matter -- it's Castle Combe, a perfect postcard village. Fortunately we've arrived early in the day in the off-season so it seems as if we have this little town all to ourselves we can appreciate the exquisite beauty of this special place without any crowds or distractions. http://tourvideos.com/
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Zurich AT04
Zurich is the worlds best city in which to live, with the highest quality of life, according to recent studies -- which also makes it a perfect place to visit. While most people know Zurichs reputation as a modern banking center, you will be surprised to discover the historic charms of its extensive Old Town, among the largest in Switzerland. Zurich is ranked number one because of its superb cultural, economic and environmental conditions, and for high scores on other important social criteria, as determined by the Mercer Human Resource Foundations annual study. This financial capital makes a convenient final destination in our Alpine journey, for it is another attractive town, with a quaint old section by the river, and is just 30 minutes away from the airport for our flight home. We spend the evening, with time for dinner and a stroll along the banks of the river in the Old Town, enjoying its pedestrian atmosphere. These cobblestone lanes lined with old buildings provide a picture-perfect experience to complete our tour. Zurich is an ideal place to stay -- especially when you consider the main visitor attraction: a beautiful Old Town of cobbled lanes lined with historic buildings and numerous fine shops and restaurants. It is delightful to wander in this large pedestrian zone that is filled with enchanting little alleys which lead through an ancient town founded during the Middle Ages. Visitors can take pleasure in its wonderful lifestyle, enjoying friendly, efficient services while exploring many fascinating sights. This charming, compact city is situated on the picturesque waterfront shores of Lake Zurich, with the Limmat River running through the center of town and the snow-capped Alps visible in the distance. The Old Town extends about five blocks in from both sides of the river and stretches for about a mile. The right bank, or east side, of the river has the larger cluster of old buildings and is considered the prime district for visitors. Much of your time can be devoted to exploring its many little side alleys and shops. Across on the left bank you will find Zurichs most famous street, the Bahnhofstrasse, running about 1,200 yards from the main train station to the lake, and lined with elegant stores, department stores, restaurants and small boutiques. It is a lively yet quiet street scene for it is limited to pedestrians and trams. This is shopping central for ladies clothing as well as a business center for many major banks and offices. Billions of dollars in gold bullion are stashed away in corporate basements beneath your feet. The neighborhood between Bahnhofstrasse and the river offers a lovely chunk of the Old Town to wander through, with several important historic sites to see.
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Lucerne, Titlis and Zurich, Switzerland
Lucerne Switzerland one of the most attractive towns in all of Europe and recently listed in Condé Nast travel as one of the top 20 cities of the world. The most exciting, convenient excursion out of town is to Mount Titlis and it's very easy to get there -- you take the scenic train from Lucerne on a one hour journey to Engleberg. You can get up to Mount Titlis by tour bus, but as usual we find it's a lot more pleasant to go by train. The scenery is among the most spectacular you'll find in all of central Switzerland -- enjoying beautiful views of the mountains farms and villages along the way. As we go by some of the typical chalets -- you find this kind of housing all over the countryside of Switzerland. From the mountain top we get a fine view looking into the heart of what's called the Bernese Overland. These mountain peaks range from about 10,000 feet high, we’re standing now to as high as 12,000 and 13,000 feet in the far distance. After coming down, we decided to keep going and take another train to Zürich just one hour away. Zürich is the world’s best city to live in, with the highest quality of life, according to recent studies -- so it is also a perfect place to visit. We walk through the Old Town and then continue along the elegant Bahnhofstrasse, one of Europe’s finest boulevards, lined with thriving, modern retail frontage from end to end. No cars or trucks disrupt this pleasant shopping atmosphere -- only pedestrians and quiet electric trams gliding by. http://tourvideos.com/
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Monaco travel guide
http://tourvideos.com/ The world's most deluxe country. Passing through Eze sur Mer, but were not stopping because we are heading to Monaco, the world's second-smallest country, after the Vatican, less than a square mile in size. It's been a sovereign nation since 1861 when it gained independence from France, and it's a full member of the United Nations -- small, but filled with beautiful contrast, one of the world's most deluxe places. The Tourist Information office in the train station is a great place to stop and pick up some brochures and you can get a free city map here and you'll find they are very helpful. And yet despite this diminutive size, there is contrast in Monaco: You've got the Old Town and you've got the new ultra-modern town...you've got the waterfront and you've got the hillside...there are beautiful flowers and gardens and historic sites. This program will focus on the two main areas for the visitor: The old town and Monte Carlo with the casino and elegant shopping area. Monaco is more than twice as densely populated as the second most crowded country, which is Singapore.That's with a population density in Monaco of about 47,000 people per square mile, compared to Singapore with about 20,000 people per square mile. Now this is really crowded compared to other European countries. For example, the UK has got about 700 people per square mile, Italy 500 people per square mile. So we are talking about a very crowded and packed in place, this Monaco, and yet they manage it amazingly well. Perhaps this is a model for the other big cities of the world, showing how to grow and how to plan your city. Several cities in the world have got twice the population density of Monaco, including Dacca, the most crowded city in the world, the capital of Bangladesh, Manila and Mumbai. Other cities that are more crowded include in India, Delhi and Calcutta, also Hong Kong, and Paris is more densely populated; Bogotá, Karachi, Cairo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Manila and even Paris. And yet Monaco does a very good job of organizing the people who live here into beautiful buildings and lovely neighborhood, so they're doing a great job in handling that population. The might even be considered a model for the rest of the urbanizing areas of the world. Monaco gained its independence back and 1489, and had a protectorate with Spain for about 100 years and, and then with France, and then with Sardinia up until 1860. Monaco became independent from France in 1861. And today it's a sovereign nation represented in the United Nations. It's surrounded by France and there is a military arrangement where it's defended by France. Monaco is quite active on the international scene with consulates in 72 different countries, and within Monaco, there are 65 countries that have embassies, along with 75 nations with consular offices, so this is by no means a small, isolated place. It's very much part of Europe. The economy will surprise you. You might think that all of the revenues are gained from the gambling casino and related gambling ventures, but actually gambling represents only 3% of the nation's revenue of the nation's revenue, the GDP. The present casino was first inaugurated in 1863 and gradually grew an expanded ever since. It's an elaborate structure with the principal façade fronting the town in the south façade overlooking the sea. The earliest portion was rebuilt in 1878 by Charles Garnier, the architect of the grand opera house in Paris. Of course gambling was very important back in the 19th century when it was just getting started. The first casino was opened in 1856. The principal entrance of the casino is between two towers with domes of colored tiles, and flanked by statues of the Seine and the Mediterranean. The south façade has three arcades with Venetian mosaics and two slender towers, and niches at the side with statues representing music and dance. To arrive on the terraces of Monte Carlo at twilight on a springtime or autumn evening is one of the great episodes in one's life.
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Netherlands Summary Travel Video – Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Holland
Taking you on a grand journey through the Netherlands, starting with a visit to Haarlem, travelling then down to Leiden, spending three nights in Leiden, doing a few day trips out from there. Then I’ll take you to Delft for three more nights and excursions out from Delft such as to The Hague which is the political capital of the nation. http://tourvideos.com/ And then on to Rotterdam the great modern city of the Netherlands, continuing to Utrecht, a university town with a very large historic center and then down to Maastricht in the southern part of the country. I'll also be going up to the Alkmaar cheese market which is a lot of fun. It happens once a week and it’s a big touristic event. They re-create what it was like in the old days with the cheese market and the guys running around carrying her sleds full of giant Gouda cheeses, but here in the Netherlands they don't say Gouda, it's 'Howda.' I'll take you to that town of Gouda as well and show you where they make the cheese. And then up to Amsterdam for the grand finale. I’m staying two nights or three nights in place, in Amsterdam six nights, so I’ll be providing quite thorough coverage showing you the shopping streets and the museums, the old historic neighborhoods, the old brick buildings and going on some canal boat rides as well – that’s one of the real fun things to do when you’re in the Netherlands. In each of the towns I’ll be walking because these towns are compact and historic and have so many things to see while walking around. And occasionally you can hop on a tram or hop on a bus and that helps you get along. Maybe you want to rent a bicycle. Everybody here is on bicycles. The Netherlands is a land of canals and bicycles and beautifully and preserved old towns such as Delft and Leiden seem like the architecture hasn’t changed in the last 300 years. And it’s really quite a revelation to see how modern everything is at the same time The people of course are highly educated. They have some of the top universities in the world in the Netherlands, and the higher education is all but free for those who are interested. And it’s just a nation of friendly people, smart people, very productive people as well. Fortunately for us, just about all of them speak very good English, so it’s very easy to get by when you are visiting here. I’ll be spending three weeks traveling by train, and the Netherlands has got perhaps the best train system in Europe. Yes maybe even better Switzerland. It’s phenomenal. The trains are clean, fast, frequent. The foods are great. You can have a reasonable lunch for about €12, say the equivalent of no more than $15 – often it’s a good hearty sandwich and a cappuccino or a beer. Of course the Dutch love their beer. And they also drink a lot of wine as well. They don’t produce wine, but being in Europe, in the center of Europe, it is very easy for them to bring in wines from not just France and Italy and Spain but all over the world actually. You see always a good variety on menus, but especially it's the beer. They must have dozens of varieties of beer that are brewed right here in the Netherlands. Now people also call this country Holland and that’s a common mistake actually because Holland is just part of the Netherlands. It's two provinces on the Western side but the country actually the Netherlands. And the people are Dutch, they speak Dutch. It’s a unique language. It’s a separate language but has similarities to German and to Danish. I’m traveling in the in the month of September which is a good time to be here, and I got real lucky with the weather so far, it has been perfect. It’s been let’s say 75°F 20° 22°C, just very comfortable and actually a bit warmer that should be at this time of year and that’s a good thing, sometimes you get lucky. So it’s a real excursion through the Netherlands, not just visiting Amsterdam. Even if you are only going to Amsterdam you should spend 4 to 5 days there so you can do some day trips because the country is pretty small and you can travel all way to the Hague for example by train in about 45 minutes from Amsterdam, so it could be a home base for you. Traveling for three weeks in this wonderful country was a great experience, including all the way down to Maastricht at the southern tip of the Netherlands, and a little side trip over to Aachen in Germany to see the Cathedral dating back to the year 800. You're going to love this upcoming series of movies about the Netherlands. We will focus on Amsterdam, of course. I spent a week in this wonderful city. We will have pictures of the museums, the restaurants, the canals, the streets, the old buildings, Rembrandt's house – and yes it took a lot of walking to get these shots. It was three weeks on foot. The Netherlands presents the visitor with the wonderful variety of sights to see. You're going to love this upcoming series of movies about the Netherlands.
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Trümmelbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
http://tourvideos.com/ There is one super outstanding site that you might want to stop off to visit along your bus ride, and that's the waterfall at Trümmelbach. You can get off the bus about halfway through the valley, and you pay a small fee to visit this powerful Trümmelbach waterfall which comes roaring down from the Jungrau, Eiger and Monk high above. There's an elevator that's inside the waterfall thanks to those amazing Swiss engineers, along with a series of tunnels and staircases and bridges to bring you right up to the face of this raging vertical river, all the while you are inside the mountain. It's phenomenal. Valley has 72 waterfalls but Trümmelbach is by far the most spectacular. It's really the only one that you can walk up with a elevator and staircase and walkways and go inside the mountain. You actually go up inside the mountain to view the waterfall. It's the most amazing waterfall in the Alps that you'll ever see. The Swiss engineers have built staircases and walkways, elevators and viewing platforms to give you this view of a most unusual waterfall. It had carved out a narrow, vertical twisted canyon into the rock face of the cliff and the engineers thought this is an interesting opportunity to let people get up in there and be inside the waterfall itself. They have a variety of different colored lights -- they try and jazz it up a little bit, kind of tart up with a bit of psychedelic lighting and wonderful stairway access. You look at it on the way up, you turn around and you come walking back down again and get different angles, different viewpoints. There are about a dozen major drops in this waterfall, so it's like looking at 10 or 12 waterfalls in one, and always there is the amazing carved in sculptured rock cliff face, with the booming water pounding through. It is water that's coming down from the Aletsch Glacier and from the Jungfrau Mountain. This is one of the main drains for the Eiger, the Munch and the Jungfrau, those three big peaks that are up at the Jungfrau massif. When you're coming down, you could take the elevator halfway back down to the bottom or walk all the way down, and that's a better strategy because you'll see parts of the lower falls that you would've missed otherwise, and more of these wonderful views from the Trümmelbach looking into Lauterbrunnen Valley. On our way down the park was closing already, so we had no choice. The elevator shut down. We had to walk all the way back down and we were glad we did. The engineers design these interior tunnels and walkways so that you get vistas along the way. You'll be walking up a staircase, it's through tunnel and then it opens up and you can stand at the ledge and look down, look up, see the water spraying around. And they put some colorful lights in here which might seem a little tacky -- it's not really a disco ball spinning around -- but it does add some welcome color to this otherwise gray stone and gray water, so that's all part of the fun. This is very easy visit and when finished you just walk back to the road to the bus stop and catch the next bus coming through. Now here's a little tip -- you might check the bus schedules that are posted on the board before you go into the waterfall so that you can time your visit, the buses are not all that frequent, and if you know when the next bus is coming, and you can then linger in the waterfall or hustle on a little bit in order to catch that bus. Otherwise you might have to sit around and wait for half an hour at the bus stop for a bus to come through. There is fortunately a convenient café restaurant right here -- you can have a drink or have an ice cream, have some coffee, sit at their tables and they're very friendly folks, and wait there for the bus and soon enough the bus arrives and it will pick you up bring you back to the town of Lauterbrunnen which is only about a 10 minute bus ride from this point. You could also very easily walk from Trümmelbach back down to Lauterbrunnen town. There is a nice riverside trail that will take you about 45 minutes, a very easy level stroll through beautiful scenery. Or you could just walk along the roadway and that'll be quicker, maybe 20 to 30 minutes to walk from Trümmelbach to Lauterbrunnen, so take your pick, but if you timed it right the bus will pick you up and give you a ride.
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Interlaken, Switzerland
Please subscribe: http://bit.ly/2pmdyeu The town of Interlaken makes a perfect home base for exploring the beautiful mountains all around the central region of Switzerland. In this segment we will take a quick look at what Interlaken has to offer. The advantages of staying in Interlaken are the many hotels, restaurants and shops, and wonderful train and bus connections to get up to the mountain sites. Some of the world's most spectacular mountain scenery is waiting for you just outside of Interlaken in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Europe's longest glacier -- four famous mountain peaks: the Monk, Eiger, Jungfrau and Shilthorn -- astonishingly beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley, my favorite -- Europe's highest railroad station, delightful mountain villages of Grindelwald, Wengen and Murren -- two large lakes with tour boat service -- and some fascinating nearby cities. We have many other movies about the surrounding mountains and valleys you can find on our YouTube channel and on our website. All of these attractions are close to the town of Interlaken which makes a perfect base from which to explore the region. There are nearly 100 hotels and guest houses in all price ranges in the city. While Interlaken is attractive with excellent supply of these hotels shops and restaurants, and there's a pretty park in the middle, frankly it is not one of Switzerland's really quaint and traditional villages. You don't come to this area just to see Interlaken. Instead it's a practical tourist center with fine support services, excellent rail and boat connections, and a compactness that makes for easy walking anywhere in town. There's also a large casino filled with slot machines for some evening amusement. The nearby surrounding peaks and valleys are your main reason for being in Interlaken so your time in town is mostly for eating and sleeping, doing a little shopping, in order to gear up for the excursions into the mountains. For the more adventurous you can go paragliding. That's right even if you don't know anything about it you can go with a pilot and enjoy tandem paraglide ride. They'll drive you up to the hills and then you do a little walking, hike up further up on the slope, and you jump off, and the payoff is you get to glide down and enjoy a fantastic view. Or for something less adventurous you can just rent a bicycle and go peddle around. There's a lot to see in the Interlaken area. The town itself is relatively flat and you can peddle through the shopping areas and up into the residential zones. As you can see the main activity in town is shopping -- all sorts of souvenirs for sale, clothing, you can buy some hiking gear. It's a great place for backpacks, for boots, hats, clothing of all kinds, walking sticks and a T-shirt that says Interlaken. There's not much of a pedestrian zone that's free of automobiles here but they do have one little lane that's for pedestrians. But the rest of town is very friendly for walking around, the sidewalks are wide and there's always things to look at and things to do. While you have many lovely hotels to pick from there's no question that one of them stands out above all the others. It's the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel and Spa Five-Star, ultra-deluxe. Even if you cannot afford to spend the night here you might enjoy a meal in one of their various restaurants and you can even have a nice meal on their front terrace with a view looking up towards the Jungfrau. This great meadow is right next to the one major street of town, the Hohweg, which is beautifully landscaped and kept in a semi-natural state with flowers and trees and the meadow along one side and grand hotels on the other. If you're a gambler of course there is a casino like there is in most Swiss towns and it's an elegant place. It's part of the Kursal complex which for 100 years has been a cultural center of the city, set in a beautiful park with fountains and flowers. Tourists have been coming to Interlaken and the area since about 1800 when it was first popularized by some romantic painters and then tourism really increased in the 1890s and early 1900s with the opening of railway service. There is a quiet residential area behind the main commercial town. Population of Interlaken is quite small, just about 5000 people, many of them living in traditional chalet-style houses that really make something for you to have a look at. So that's another nice activity -- take a stroll in the residential neighborhood. http://tourvideos.com/
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Venice  Italy 2013
http://tourvideos.com/ Venice is the city of dreams, a place like no other, with water for streets and boats for cars. Our several walking tours, photographed in 2013, April, bring us into the heart of town including: Rialto, San Marco, the Basilica, hidden restaurants, and of course, a gondola ride. This summary is a visual feat, part 4 of our recent video tour of Europe.
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Haarlem, Netherlands weekly outdoor food market
It's Saturday morning in the Dutch city of Haarlem, Netherlands and the open market is in full bloom. It's one of the larger and more lively market squares in all of Holland. Market day in a European city is generally a lot of fun. You get a chance to mingle around with the locals then have a look at the produce, and the cheese and the fruits and different clothing items for sale, participating like a resident – and maybe you'll find something good to eat. It's no surprise this big event is at the central market square right in the middle of town next to the big church. When traveling it's not always easy to strike up conversations with the locals but on market day everybody is ready to talk, so by all means have some chats with the vendors. If you don't find anything to eat at the market there are a number of cafés all around the market. There's a beautiful corner bar here – people kicking back watching the parade of people going by, having a drink or having a meal. It's a perfect spot for a break before plunging back into the market. The buildings all around the market square are beautiful and historic. Most of them date back to the 1600s. You've got the old meat market, you've got the weighing house, the City Hall, and the big church, the Grote Kerk, there is an archaeology museum and some former residences of the nobles. Well you can see how much fun this market is but you've got to be here on a Saturday to catch all of this action. So if you can possibly arrange your schedule, if you're staying in Amsterdam and you're around on a weekend, by all means come on over to Haarlem and have a walk around the market and then see the rest of town. We have more movies about Haarlem so be sure to have a look at our YouTube channel and subscribe so you can be notified about all of our recent uploads. We've also got a series of films about the Netherlands covering many of the highlights of this beautiful country, stay tuned. more travel movies at our website http://tourvideos.com/
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Jungfrau Switzerland via Interlaken and Grindelwald
Please subscribe: http://bit.ly/2pmdyeu Train trip to the Jungfrau Mountain at the Top of Europe, near Interlaken and Grindelwald, Switzerland. Europe's highest railroad line will bring you up to a spectacular world of perpetual winter, dominated by massive, snow-covered peaks reaching over 13,000 feet high and surrounding the continent's longest glacier. Many consider the train ride up one of the finest, most picturesque in the world, where getting to the top is half the fun. The journey from Interlaken to Grindlewald can be easily made on the Bernese Overland railway, and it travels on a scenic route through the valley and along the river and passes several villages. There are magnificent mountain views all along the way. The hundred-year-old rail line from Kleine Scheidegg to the Jungfraujoch is one of Europe's great engineering wonders, the world's highest subway climbing through four miles of tunnels inside the rock. The beginning of this 50-minute journey is not underground, and momentarily offers a great view; so sit on the right side of the train. The train makes two brief stops enroute to let everyone out for a walk through short tunnels to viewing stations, where you look through windows at the nearby mountain peaks and the landscapes far below. Upon arrival at the end of the rail line, you walk through an ice tunnel decorated with ice carvings and then approach a sight too amazing for description or film. You really have to pay your dues and go there in person to experience the exhilaration of standing at the top of the world, surrounded by Alpine giants of snow.The observation deck and snowfield are at 11,350 feet, flanked by the jagged peaks of the Jungfrau (13,642 ft.) and the Mönch (13,449 ft.), which form a valley that cradles the Aletsch Galcier, an endless field of snow that stretches 13 miles to the horizon. Plan on spending an hour or two at the top, playing in the snow and exploring the various levels and exhibits of the visitor center, then catch a convenient train back down the route you came. You return to Kleine Scheidegg, where you can change trains for a different return route that will take you through Wengen and down to Lauterbrunnen. http://tourvideos.com/
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Zermatt, Switzerland in the heart of the Alps
Please subscribe: http://bit.ly/2pmdyeu We're heading for Zermatt, Switzerland one of the most beautiful towns in the Alps, surrounded by mountain peaks up to 15,000 feet high. Most famous for the dramatic Matterhorn, there are many other majestic sites to enjoy in this remote mountain area. So remote that you can’t drive or fly there, the Alpine resort village of Zermatt is surrounded by some of Europe’s highest mountains that shelter it from the outside world. Like mythical Shangri-La in the Himalayas, this is a magical wonderland. The quaint little village of Zermatt is situated in the midst of woods and pastures, in a mountain-girded valley, nearly 5,500 feet above the level of the sea. The town of Zermatt, while dense, is geographically small. There are three main streets which run along the banks of the river Matter Vispa, and numerous cross-streets, especially around the station and the church which forms the centrer of Zermatt. In general anything is at most a thirty-minute walk away. Streets are narrow and lined with shops, restaurants, hotels and inns near the rail station. Homes and houses are throughout, some perched on the lower edge of the mountains, and a mixture of very old wood-hewn beamed walls 100s of years old with newer buildings and homes (probably only a century old!) Most buildings and homes are chalet style, some very historic, others more modern, but all blended in with the "Old World" charm and Alpine architecture. Swiss watch shops, clothing boutiques, and souvenir shops with everything from Swiss brass bell key chains to lacy handkerchiefs for sale, Swarovski Crystal figurines and jewelry, cuckoo clocks, Goebel Hummels, Reuge Music boxes, fine porcelain dolls. Bakeries abound as do gourmet food stores. We discovered that the best buy on chocolate bars were in the grocery stores. Of course there are many shops that sell clothing and accessories for hiking and skiing. Most of these stores also rent skiing equipment and the people who work at the stores can help anyone choose the best equipment to rent for a successful day on the slopes. In the old village, beside the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof, about 30 ancient buildings show the traditional building style of the original Walser residents. The barns and grain stores, up to 500 years old, are a piece of living history and reveal how the mountain farmers of Zermatt once lived. Their sun-beaten wooden walls are made of larch wood and stand on stilts with round stone slabs on top to prevent rodents and insects from entering. The roofs of these typically Valais-style buildings are covered with shingles made of flat stone slabs. http://tourvideos.com/
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Portofino, Italy
http://tourvideos.com/ Visiting Portofino in the off-season during November is quite magical because you can have the picturesque seaside village all to yourself -- no crowds. We show you how to get the best view, walking up the hillside path. Don't come here if you are not willing to walk ten minutes up a gradual slope for one of the classic postcard vistas of Italy.
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Lucerne to Interlaken Swizerland by train through the Brunig Pass
http://tourvideos.com/ Train ride through the Swiss Alps from Lucerne to Interlaken, via the Brunig Pass and Lake Brienz, brings us into the heart of Switzerland. The scenery unfolds as we travel along in Swiss rail comfort, enjoying views of majestic mountains and tranquil lakes, framed by green rolling hills dotted with chalets and contented cows.
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Cinque Terre, Manarola, Italy
http://tourvideos.com/ Manarola, a small village along the Liguria shore of Italy, is one of the famous Cinque Terre, the five villages stretching from Monterosso to Riomaggiore. We visit Manarola in the off-season and show you some lovely viewpoints, while exploring the pedestrian main lane. Arriving and departing by train makes the visit very easy, even though no roads go to the town.
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Shanghai Walking Tour.mov
http://www.tourvideos.com Shanghai Walking Tour through the vibrant streets of this fascinating city, which has some of the most lively neighborhoods you have ever seen.
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Tours, Loire, France
The world's most famous collection of palaces is in the Loire Valley outside of Paris in France. You’ll find the city of Tours is a very good home base for staying a few days, and from here you can easily explore the Loire Valley, and visit the many illustrious Château that are in the region. Most of the major attractions are within 30 to 40 minutes away from Tours – it's very convenient either by train or by private Tours company. A big attraction of Tours are the large number of hotels available in a wide range of prices, and lots of restaurants – and the train station is right in the center of town, so it's real convenient for getting around. Tours is easy to reach from Paris by train. You can take the high-speed TGV from Montparnasse Station and it just takes an hour and 12 minutes with no change of train necessary, so that's very convenient. And the train station is right in the middle of town when you arrive in Tour, so everything is just in front of you.In the tangle of narrow streets branching off from the Place Plumereau, one finds many examples of fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth century houses, including a few with wooden fronts ornamented with roughly carved statuettes. http://tourvideos.com/
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http://www.tourvideos.com Music and dance begins our journey to this capital of the Czech Republic, one of the best-preserved cities in Europe. Prague has always been a major center of culture and commerce, resulting in construction of a beautiful 18th-century town, which was then preserved during the 20th century due to lack of development by the communists. Arriving by train, we have a grand time exploring in this first part of our series, walking to the Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge.
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Haarlem, Netherlands (Holland) travel video
The historic city of Haarlem is one of the most attractive destinations in the Netherlands. We show the main neighborhoods you want to have a look at when you're visiting Haarlem, a real Dutch treat. In the center the market square with the great church towering over, and just below there is a series of pedestrian lanes lined with shops and cafés that are very charming, and there are little side residential lanes here as well. Haarlem is only 15 minutes away from Amsterdam by train, so it makes an easy day-trip, but this small city is so fascinating you might want to spend a night or two to fully enjoy the experience. Many of these brick buildings date back 400 years to the 17th century when Haarlem was at its peak of prosperity. They were homes and workshops and warehouses of the merchants. Today there are a lot of bars and restaurants and then it becomes a shopping street. And this leads us right into perhaps the most charming street in Haarlem and maybe the cutest lane in the country. Kleine Houstraat. You won't get lost here because it's a small district and the streets are rather straight and run at right angles to each other, but there's plenty here to keep you busy for a full day just wandering around. Walk along some of these connecting streets like Anegan, it's almost like a wide shopping mall that joins up three of the other main shopping streets. You'll find the shoppers and workers are friendly and ready to talk. There is frequent train service every 10 minutes between Haarlem and Amsterdam. However if you come on day trip you're probably not going to be getting to the ends of some of the shopping lanes and into the interesting little back streets or to the museums. If you spend a night or two you'll have plenty of time.
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Florence to Siena by bus
Siena, in the heart of Italy’s Tuscany regions, is one of the great medieval cities to explore. It's a UNESCO world heritage site. It is so well preserved that it attracts visitors by the millions and yet most people don't spend the night here. They are visiting on a day trip, maybe three hours, half a day. So we’re going to show you some tips on how to get the most out of your visit. Siena has so many attractions we’ll be exploring it in several movies in our series. Most people who visit Siena are staying in nearby Florence just over an hour away by bus or by train or by driving. So we’re going to show you the best way to get from Florence to Siena, to begin your explorations. Like many travelers, you’re probably relying on public transportation to get around, like bus or train. And in getting from Florence to Siena a very convenient way to do it is by taking the bus, the SITA bus line, SITA. Their bus station is right in the heart of Florence across the street from the main Florence train station, and you can easily buy your bus ticket right on the spot at the bus station. Just get to the window, queue up maybe, if you're traveling on a weekend it'll be busier but during the week it's much better, there's fewer people, and you can get on your bus and head to Siena. You want to be sure to catch the Rapida bus rather than the ordinary bus, because the Rapida is nonstop, it just takes an hour and 15 minutes so that's very convenient. The other bus does make three or sometimes four stops along the way, it could take you an hour and 40 minutes, so get the Rapida, it's the same price and more convenient. There is generally one bus an hour and you can check the schedule on their website. Lately they're leaving it 9:10, 10:10, 11:10 AM for example. And it's usually not too busy, especially if you're traveling during the week and during the off-season. On a weekend it'll be a lot more busy and you might have to stand – some people stand all away, it's possible, but you'd much rather have a seat. The bus seats are quite comfortable and you get a lovely view out the big windows of the rolling hills of Tuscany as you drive along. Most of the route is on a freeway so it's not the most scenic journey in the world but you do get nice glimpses of the vineyards and a few olive trees here and there, and the green hills in the distance. You might even notice of fortified hilltop village off on the right side of the bus. You could travel from Florence to Siena by train but it's really not convenient. It takes two hours, which is much longer than the bus ride, and when you get to Siena the train station is not in the Old Town – it's down below and it could take you a half an hour walking uphill to get to the Siena Old Town, so in this case going by bus between Florence and Siena is the best way to go. Upon arrival in Siena you'll probably want to use the facilities at the bus ticket office. They've got a pay toilet which is very clean and very convenient, and you could buy your return ticket if you didn't already purchase a round-trip ticket back in Florence. And if you're staying overnight in Siena for a few days you'll find that you can ride the bus to some of the other nearby towns of Tuscany. It's a very easy walk from this bus stop into the Old Town – it will only take a few minutes and then right away you're in the pedestrian zone. We have got several detailed movies about the visit to Siena walking the little lanes and bringing you into the great cathedral and explore the main piazza il Campo. Have a look at our YouTube channel and our website where you'll find more than 1000 travel movies.
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Kinsale, Ireland and the Rock of Cashel
Kinsale in the south of Ireland is a coastal village famous for its brightly colored shops, gourmet restaurants and significant history. Click to Subscribe http://bit.ly/2pmdyeu Mostly you’ll find that it’s the perfect small town to walk around in. Did we mention pubs yet? Oh yes, you’ll find lots of Irish music in the pubs of Kinsale. It is a small town with a friendly atmosphere. It’s the kind of place where you just want to hang out and relax. Kinsale has become one of Ireland's most popular visitor destinations, and yet it is somewhat remote. It's not very crowded except for a couple of months in the summertime when it does get rather busy. The rest of the year it's a little bit more quiet and peaceful than the other major Irish destinations, because it's on the far southern shore away from the main intercity highways. Coming in through the little downtown, we’re soon driving along the marina as we get to our hotel, the Actons, nicely located just a short walk from the town center. One of the defining characteristics and most pleasant aaspects of the city is that it's right on the water. There's a big natural harbor that played a large role in its history and economy, which has involved fishing and trading with Europe, and some important military battles because of its strategic location. More on that later. The town consists of well-preserved historic buildings because during the twentieth century this area was in economic decline. Nothing much happened here, there was very little development. And so the old buildings from centuries ago are still standing. It's one of those delightful historical sequences where a town was booming in the 1600s and 1700, 1800s with many attractive shops and homes built in a nicely organized village center, then went into decline, left alone for a hundred years, and now it's been rediscovered. The buildings are all renovated and painted in a lively variety of colors. In the last forty years, Kinsale has really blossomed and has bounced back today as a very attractive destination, with sThe largest public gathering place is Market Square, which has the only pedestrian streets in town. http://tourvideos.com/
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Lucerne, Switzerland
http://tourvideos.com/ Lucerne is deservedly the most popular destination in Switzerland, famous for its well-preserved Old Town, consisting of many blocks of medieval buildings richly decorated with painted murals showing village life in olden days, making this like an outdoor art gallery. All of this is set on a beautiful waterfront, along the shores of Lake Lucerne and the River Reuss. The historic center of Lucerne is an extensive pedestrian zone, filled with interesting shops, restaurants, and ancient buildings. The steep gabled roofs, covered with strong wooden shingles to ward off the winter snow, complete the picturesque scenario. Automobiles are not allowed into this large historic zone, so you can wander the cobbled lanes without fear of getting run over. The shopping is fun, with many items that are pure Swiss in character, like music boxes, chocolates, watches, cuckoo clocks, cowbells, beer steins, hand-carved wooden statues, costumed dolls, cheese, knives, embroidery, linens, music, and you can also find very good deals on clothing.
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Chinatown, New York
We’re taking you to Manhattan's Chinatown, which is the most famous and home to the highest concentrated, industry population density of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere. Click to Subscribe http://bit.ly/2pmdyeu Most visitors blow through in about half an hour and just walk along a couple of the main streets like Mott, Mulberry and Canal and then depart, and that's fine. But you can venture into the side streets and go further east to get a real taste of the neighborhood, as we’re showing you on the map route that we took to make this movie, bringing you all around. Chinatown has several quite different faces. On one hand it's an exotic bit of Asia appealing to tourists. It will is like entering a different world from the rest of Manhattan, lots of shop selling trinkets and many restaurants serving authentic cuisine making a, fine place to stroll. On the other hand, it’s, a very busy commercial district with small factories, trucks loading and unloading everywhere, warehouses packed with goods importing and exporting, many little banks and a him slightly chaotic energy. It's a busy New York dynamo. We will take a walk along Hester Street for a few blocks. It's one tourist shop after another, it seems, but fun to look at with these open fronts. As you look down the side streets you'll notice that gridiron of the old fire escapes. It really is a characteristic and quaint touch of old New York. Here you can see how Chinatown has really been expanding, especially out here on the east side with the residents from Fuzhou in the southeast part of China. In recent decades they have been the main group coming in. http://tourvideos.com/
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Zug, Switzerland
If you're staying in Zürich, Switzerland for a few days you might want to consider a day trip to a nearby town and one of the closest destinations is the historic city of Zug. It has a small historic center with several remarkable buildings and quaint Swiss atmosphere. Zug is half an hour away by train and all the trains leave twice an hour from Zürich, so it's really easy to get there. Please subscribe: http://bit.ly/2pmdyeu Switzerland playlist http://bit.ly/2qsUism It's a direct train -- you don't have to change – and you’ll enjoy some nice scenery along the way. When you arrive in Zug you'll notice that the train station is quite modern. If you think you're coming to visit an old historic town, which is really the plan, you'll be surprised at how beautiful and up-to-date the station is. In fact Zug is a modern city with a historical town, which is what we’re here to see. You don’t want to walk from the train station to the old town, which is just too far, over a mile, so get on the public bus. A short ride take you through the modern part along the lakeshore, and you'll soon be arriving within a few blocks of the old town. Now come along on our video tour of Zug’s Old Town. See more of our Swiss movies at these 2 playlists: http://bit.ly/2mdurTo and http://bit.ly/2naLlGe and our website: http://tourvideos.com/
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Kyoto shopping streets, Sannenzaka, Ninenzaka, Kiyomizuzaka, Japan travel video
In Kyoto, Japan, we're going shopping on the lanes near two major temples, Kiyomizu-dera and Ginkaku-ji. There are some small shops inside the temple but the main action for shopping is outside on the pedestrian lane leading up to the temple as you find typically throughout Japan. A main temple has a shopping street leading to it, something like the inevitable gift shop at the exit of the museum. Ceramics are one of the very popular items for sale here and they are made not only in Japan but a lot of it is made right in the Kyoto area, it's a local specialty. Of course you'll find all of the typical items for sale: fans, trinkets, miniature samurai figures and figurines. You can buy handbags and purses made from kimono material. Perhaps a Japanese print or a painting to hang on your wall. But some careful shoppers have noticed the prices on these touristic lanes are little higher than you'll find in downtown and the selection is pretty much the same everywhere, so keep that in mind. But when you're shopping, if you see something you love, just get it. You might never find it again. It's a fun diversion on your way up to the temple to shop along the way to Ginkaku-ji, but really the shopping lane over by Kiyomizu-dera is hard to beat. http://tourvideos.com/
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Rome walking tour -- travel video
http://www.videoguidebooks.com Visiting Piazza Navona, Castel St Angelo, Pantheon, Via del Corse, Via della Croce, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Via dei Giubbanari and Campo dei Fiori.
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Florence  Italy 2013
http://tourvideos.com/ Florence, starting point for Dan Brown's new book, Inferno, is always listed in the world's top-ten places to visit because of the Renaissance tradition we still see in the architecture, and the overall beauty of the city, not to mention great restaurants. Our walking tour with local guide brings us to the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria and across the Arno River to Oltrarno. We also enjoy steak at il Porcospino, a favorite restaurant, with a most friendly waiter, Franco. Part 3 of our recent video tour of Europe.
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Budapest part 1
Have you heard of the Magyar people, or their nation of Magyarorszag? Its Hungary, the exotic Central European nation whose beautiful capital of Budapest will surprise you with its beauty, affordable luxury and unique history. Gypsy music fills the air; scenic vistas are everywhere; old and new mix in a cultural blend that makes Budapest an excellent destination to put high on your travel list
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SoHo and Greenwich Village, New York
Two of New York's best neighborhoods for walking are Soho and Greenwich Village, and in this segment we're going to take you on a stroll through the area, starting out with several minutes wandering through Soho, which is the neighborhood south of Houston Street. It had been a rundown industrial neighborhood with factories, warehouses and truck-loading ramps, but in the last 40 years, it became New York's supreme cutting-edge, artistic neighborhood. Soho got more and more popular as lots of artist moved in, attracted originally by cheap rents in illegal lofts. From the late 1960s, art galleries came in, and then restaurants and trendy shops followed. Prices skyrocketed to a point where only the wealthiest dot-comers can live there now. The artists have been squeezed out and relocated to Brooklyn, Jersey, the East Village and Lower East Side, but with a similar sequence of changes now happening there too in that never-ending process of gentrification. Big money has taken over most parts of the city. We walk north to the Village along Broadway, cross Houston Street. It just takes a few minutes passing more interesting blocks of the city with coffee shops and little markets, which soon brings us to the NYU student section. We'll go through Washington Square Park, down McDougall, over to Bleecker Street and into the West Village where we will spend most of our program, especially walking along Bleecker Street. You can walk almost anywhere, any which way you want in the Village and have a great time, but we're going to show you a suggested route that hits a lot of the highlights. http://tourvideos.com/
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Pantheon Rome-07A
http://www.videoguidebooks.com Pantheon Rome
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Zurich, Switzerland: Old Town walking tour
http://tourvideos.com/ Zurich's Old Town extends about five blocks in from both sides of the river and stretches for about a mile. The right bank of Zurich, or east side, of the river has the larger cluster of old buildings and is considered the prime district for visitors. Much of your day can be devoted to exploring its many little side alleys and shops. Zurich is one of Switzerland's great cities for walking.
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Avignon, France part 1, walking tour in Old Town
http://tourvideos.com/ We start at one of the most picturesque streets in town, Rue des Teinturiers, the "street of the tinters." Several ancient water wheels along this cobbled lane are still turning, pushed along by a quaint little, tree-lined canal. The wheels were once used to provide power for the manufacturing and dyeing of textiles. Now this is a trendy street, with cafes, boutiques and a small theater, a mere ten-minute walk from the town center. We have a quick look at the Palace of the Popes then continue walking the small lanes of the Old Town of Avignon.
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Hanoi, Vietnam Old Quarter walking tour
http://tourvideos.com/ Hanoi's Old Quarter is one of the great destinations in Asia, densely packed with open store-fronts, lots of people, scooters buzzing by, many cheap places to eat, historic buildings and friendly people. The Old Quarter of Hanoi is often known as the 36 streets, but in fact, now there are more than 36 streets, each one providing rewards for the intrepid visitor. 35. The old quarter is different from other places in Hanoi. Preserving the houses in the old quarter is very necessary, and according to the plan, the Hanoi people committee are planning to preserve the old houses in the old quarter, so it can keep the original state. However the planned renovations might change the existing historic character, so you better visit soon to get this authentic old-fashioned experience.
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Lisbon 2010
http://tourvideos.com/ Lisbon is one of the great overlooked capitals of Europe -- slightly off-center without the fanfare of London or Paris, which makes it a wonderful place to visit. Prices are good and the sights are excellent. This city has atmosphere and character of Old Europe. This introduction shows you many of the highlights.
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Rome evening stroll.mov
http://www.videoguidebooks.com Rome at night is a perfect place for walking in the little pedestrian lanes, or sitting at an outdoor restaurant enjoying the great food and views.
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Tallinn, Estonia.mov
Tallinn, Estonia main town square and little lanes
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Walking along the narrow streets of Lyons Old Town is like leaving the modern world and taking a giant leap back 500 years. Cobblestone streets lined with ancient facades extend for many blocks through the largest Renaissance-era neighborhood in France. The magical feeling of the past is further enhanced by numerous older structures from the Gothic, Romanesque and even classical Roman times, and by the complete absence of modern buildings. Old Lyon has a unified historic atmosphere that you dont find in many other large cities of Europe.
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Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland AT04
Train ride to Interlaken along Lake Brienz puts us in prime position for some outstanding mountain scenery, including trips to the Shilthorn, Murren, Lauterbrunnen Valley, Jungfrau, then hiking back down to catch a bus to Trummelbach Falls, then to Grindelwald where we hike into the glacial canyon and then have a lovely dinner, Swiss style.
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Annecy, France
http://tourvideos.com Annecy, France, cute village with canal in the middle, big market day today.
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Gion  & downtown Kyoto, Japan travel video
Most visitors to Kyoto, Japan are here to enjoy the temples, gardens and the historic sites but you'll also find that downtown Kyoto is very appealing. It's a busy modern shopping area that features a couple of major boulevards, several large department stores and smaller pedestrian-only streets, and there’s many blocks of boutiques and restaurants, cafés and thousands of local residents filling the sidewalks. Near the Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto you'll find the most famous downtown historic neighborhood, Gion, the neighborhood of the geisha or as they say in Kyoto, the geiko. And the little side streets are where you want to venture to see the really charming part of old Kyoto. Hanamikoji is the main side street in Gion where you're most likely to run into some geisha. Keep in mind you want to be polite and considerate when you see a geisha, or geiko as they are called in Kyoto. The primary commercial street here is Shijo dori and it's always very busy, full of shops and pedestrians and there's a lot of cars, a lot of traffic going by. We’ll show you more of this in a few minutes, including a covered shopping mall, but it’s kind of nice to get away from the busy streets and into the side lanes. Be sure to also walk a few blocks north along Kiyamachi to reach the charming little canal that winds its way above and below Shijo-dori. http://tourvideos.com/
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Antibes France
http://tourvideos.com/ In 15 minutes the train will whisk you to the beautiful coastal town of Antibes, which can easily be explored in a couple of hours and still leave time to get back to Nice for dinner. Antibes was once a fortified village, like most of the other old towns in the south of France, with the original wall running along the shore. As you walk to the Old Town you will notice an ancient fort in the harbor. It looks like it is on an island but actually is on a peninsula. Antibes seems like it is an island because it is on a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides. Walk straight out of the train station two blocks on Avenue de la Libération to the marina and continue along Avenue de Verdun past the marina to a gate in the city wall that will lead you into the Old Town, a small area just several hundred yards long and wide but riddled with dozens of tiny lanes. The walk takes about 20 minutes... turn left to Rue Aubernon which will lead you into the heart of the old section and quickly to Cours Massena, the main food market. There is a large Picasso Museum nearby in the Grimaldi Palace where the artist had a studio that is now incorporated into the museum. Antibes was famous as a home for artists in the 20th century, Picasso in particular, who lived here in 1946 and spent most of his later life elsewhere in Provence. He donated 22 of his paintings to the museum, which also has works by other important artists of the modern movement. A square bell tower from the 12th century looms over the small square with the Church of the Immaculate Conception, built on the site of an ancient Greek temple. Notice the arches in several side alleys linking the buildings together to help support each other, as if holding hands. If you walk straight a few blocks, you will find a peaceful residential neighborhood of narrow pedestrian alleys where you might get a little lost. It's fun to get off the beaten track now and then to see how people live in their residential areas -- just a couple of narrow lanes lined with lush plants that provide a little breather before plunging into the commercial district. Before we go into the commercial shopping district let's have a look at this residential area. This is a charming neighborhood very quiet and it's a pedestrian zone, even for the houses so these people want to get to their house. After wandering through this residential maze, find your way out to Rue des Revennes, which becomes Rue James Close, the most charming shopping lane in town. This narrow pedestrian route is lined with boutiques and restaurants that are so cute you just might want to drop anchor at a sidewalk cafe and sample the local grinds, such as "socca," similar to pizza with a thick crust. These few blocks are some of the sweetest in the entire Riviera, and this very old shopping street is a forerunner of today's modern shopping malls. These streets have always been too narrow for cars, so it's been a pedestrian zone from the beginning. Rue James Close will lead to the main pedestrian shopping street of town, Rue de la Republique, another fascinating route for walking. It connects Place National to Place General de Gaulle, where you can turn right and walk five blocks along Avenue Robert Soleau back to the train station, and then you are on your way once again, home to Nice for the evening.
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Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore, Italy
http://tourvideos.com/ Enchanting, charming Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre, Italy, that stretch of five wonderful villages along the Ligurian shores. Here too you see that familiar pattern -- the houses tumbling down the cliffs to the water's edge and a main pedestrian street rising up from the tiny cove, surrounded by terraced homes covering the hillside, rising high. It's a surprising mix of urban high density in the midst of a tranquil, rural setting. It is very quiet when you walk down the little side streets, especially in the off-season, which is highly recommended.
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Stockholm, Sweden part 2
Visiting Stockholm's Skansen and then downtown. Sweden-in-a-nutshell, this vast Skansen park features about 150 houses and farmsteads that have been collected from all over the country and brought together in an exquisite living exhibit. Next, to the busy pedestrian shopping lane of Drottninggatan. This is truly one of the world's great streets! It's always filled with locals - it's a perfect spot for a stroll and people-watching. And make your way south for ten blocks of retail heaven. As it leads you back to Gamla Stan, the street gets narrower and then becomes the Vasterlanggatan, that's the Old Town's main pedestrian street that you were on already in your first day. All together this route is about one mile long, offering a happy experience you must not miss - a long pedestrian street connecting the modern downtown with the heart of the Old Town. http://tourvideos.com Stockholm, Sweden part 2
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Bath bus tour 2
Continuing on our bus tour with a local guide we learn new insights about the sights and history of Bath. The town center has a human scale, with its lowrise buildings and quiet streets lined with shops and galleries ideal for strolling, yet covering an area only 500 yards wide and 1000 yards long. The many little lanes and alleys that wind through this historic center can easily keep you busy for days, and a dozen small museums will satisfy any interests in culture and history.
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Salzburg Perfect Day
http://tourvideos.com/ Salzburg, Austria, a perfect day includes the castle, walking the narrow lanes, enjoying great views from Kapuzinerberg and Monchsberg hills, have a beer and sausage and visit Mirabell Gardens. The center of town is given over to pedestrians, so you can have a good look around by simply walking. Wear comfortable shoes! There is certainly a lot of interesting history you may absorb here, with visits to museums, castles and palaces, but it is the ambience of the town itself that is most attractive -- the lanes, courtyards, shops, gardens and little squares are the most rewarding part of the Salzburg experience.
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Vietnam introduction.mov
http://tourvideos.com/ Quick summary of visit to Hanoi, Hue and Hoi Anh, some of Vietnam's most interesting places.
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Volterra, Tuscany part 1
http://tourvideos.com/ Part 1: Walking tour of Volterra, an ancient walled-town in Tuscany, with local guide Annie Adair, who describes the early history and brings us to the main piazza and cathedral. See Annie's web site http://www.tuscantour.com/ for information about Volterra and her tours.
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Jungfrau, Grindelwald and Wengen, Switzerland, in One Day
You can get to the top of Switzerland’s Jungfrau mountain in one of the most scenic journeys of your entire Swiss visit, while on the same big day you can find time for several easy hikes and scenic rides by train and cable car, enjoying some of the world’s finest sights, walking Grindelwald's glacier gulch, and mountain trails near Wengen. Please subscribe: http://bit.ly/2pmdyeu Switzerland playlist http://bit.ly/2qsUism Plan to spend 2 hours at the day's main destination, the Jungfrau, at 9:50 nearly 4,000 meters elevation, enjoying the views, frolicking in the snow and experiencing the many exhibits on offer at the summit. Then take the train back down towards Wengen, then hop off along the way for an easy downhill hike at 18:07 in Alpine meadows to Wengen village. Next take a scenic round-trip train ride down to Lauterbrunnen at 19:29 and back up. A cable car ride then carries you on a different route at 21:20 back over the mountains from Wengen to Grindelwald, which is a lovely village to visit, plus you can take a hike there in a glacier canyon at 23:16 . Then take the train back down to Interlaken where you started the day. http://tourvideos.com/
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Bergen, Norway travel guide
The plan for Bergen, Norway: walking tour of town center and the outdoor food market on the harbor; visit to the historic Brygen; and ride up the mountain by funicular to get a great view over the city. Please subscribe: http://bit.ly/2pmdyeu Our walking tour will have a look at downtown and some of the quiet residential neighborhoods. A short walk to the edge of town brings you to the funicular which takes you up the Floyen Mountain for a marvelous view across the city from a 1000-foot high observation perch. The ride just takes eight minutes, making this an easy excursion. At the top you get a spectacular view of the town of Bergen and the harbor, making a nice way to start the day. We then explore the town, old and new. One of the fun activities is a visit to the colorful open-air food market at the harbor, especially busy in the summertime, rich with fresh produce, fish and meat. They have fruits and sandwiches to go as well so you can pick up a relatively inexpensive lunch, or just get a light bite while browsing around. The most impressive historic site in Bergen is the large collection of wooden buildings known as the Brygen, constructed about 300 years ago. These wooden buildings are so important they are on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. The Brygen was the main residences, offices, shops and warehouses of this thriving town, which was one of the important cities of the Hanseatic League, the major trading network of Northern Europe. In the hillside behind the Brygen you can wander through a residential neighborhood that developed hundreds of years ago before there were any automobiles, so as as a result you have narrow, quiet lanes that are for pedestrians, making a peaceful place to stroll. Bergen is worth exploring just to browse around the old streets and alleyways, which can be a most satisfying experience. The small wooden houses lying higgledy-piggledy, cobblestone step ways climb steeply and the passion for flowers is all around. You'll find he occasional shop in the middle of this residential district as well. Watch our video about the train and boat ride from Oslo to Bergen: https://youtu.be/a3B-hWLnsTM http://tourvideos.com/
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