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The Assassination of Gaddafi - GRTV Backgrounder
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2994 The killing of Muammar Gaddafi at the hands of NATO-backed, Al Qaeda-linked forces marks the end of a campaign expressly aimed at the assassination of a head of state and overthrow of a sovereign country in direct violation of international standards that have held sway since the Nuremberg trials at the end of World War II and the establishment of the Geneva Conventions. Find out more about the death of Gaddafi and the gears of the international "justice" system that was out to convict him from the start in this week's GRTV Backgrounder.
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Engineering the Global Crisis: Financial Destabilization for Profiteering and Power
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2699 The European sovereign debt crisis which has been gestating for years seems ready to come to a head as the IMF met last weekend in Washington that were dominated by talks about Greece, debt, and the risk of global contagion. Amidst tense talks about the future of the Eurozone in which the idea of allowing Greece to default on its insurmountable half-trillion dollar debt was floated, even the usually staid US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, warned that "cascading default, bank runs, and catastrophic risk" was a real possibility. G20 Finance Ministers and central bank governors are now calling for the European Central Bank to double their existing bailout fund to create a trillion Euro emergency stockpile to recapitalize European banks and fund Spain and Italy as their economies teeter on the edge of a Greek-like meltdown...
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Hillary Clinton: US Losing Information War to Alternative Media
The US is losing the global information war, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared while appearing before a congressional committee to ask for extra funds to spread US propaganda through new media. Clinton said existing private channels are not good enough to handle the job, naming as rivals Al Jazeera, China's CCTV and RT -- which she watches, she added. Clinton was defending her department's budget in front of the House's Committee on Foreign Affairs on Wednesday. Clinton said the US should step up its propaganda effort and get back "in the game" of doing "what we do best." "During the Cold War we did a great job in getting America's message out. After the Berlin Wall fell we said, 'Okay, fine, enough of that, we are done,' and unfortunately we are paying a big price for it," she said. "Our private media cannot fill that gap." "We are in an information war and we are losing that war. Al Jazeera is winning, the Chinese have opened a global multi-language television network, the Russians have opened up an English-language network. I've seen it in a few countries, and it is quite instructive," she stated. Things have changed a lot since the days when Western media outlets, including BBC and CNN, had a monopoly on the coverage of world news. More and more viewers across the world tune into various foreign media to get a fresh take on events. It is all in the numbers. For instance, RT's presence on YouTube is a real hit: almost 300 million views, when CNN International is struggling to reach 3 million. RT's constantly growing audience is an indication that the days of media monopoly are over and that people are demanding more multi-polar thinking. Aired on RT, March 3, 2011 http://rt.com/news/information-war-media-us/
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End of Nations: Canada, the US and the "Security Perimeter"
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=3502 American President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Harper have unveiled a new border security agreement that has received scant attention in the American media. However, far from being a new arrangement, what this accord represents is only the latest in a chain of usurpations of national sovereignty. Find out more about the path toward the North American Union on this week's GRTV Backgrounder.
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Nuclear Industry Cover Up of Massive Radiation from Fukushima
Spread Professor Chris Busby's message about Japan and the nuclear industry's intentional coverup of Fukushima radioactive problem, how Japan is trucking tons of radioactive waste to south Japan, etc. Prof. Busby has been working on making supplements that block some of the radioactive nucleotides from attaching themselves to the DNA. See also: Arnie and Maggie Gundersen/Fairewinds Associates (Mr. Gundersen, a nuclear engineer and a former nuclear industry executive, is an unequalled US expert on nuclear energy and nuclear industry problems): http://www.fairewinds.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/fairewindsenergy Websites recommended by Arnold Gundersen: http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/2011/04/fukushima-i-nuke-plant-japan-nuclear.html http://enenews.com/ Nuclear Regulatory Commission daily reports (what's happening at nuclear plants near you): http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/event-status/event/2011/index.html Fukushima links (Fukushima Daiichi live and a YouTube compressed version): http://lucaswhitefieldhixson.com/lucaswebcamwatch.html http://www.youtube.com/user/fuku1live http://atmc.jp/fuku1/#v=C4Xfo23IBaM http://www.tepco.co.jp/nu/f1-np/camera/index-j.html Radiation measured in water and air at Fukushima plant: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/kabun-blog/500/ Weather (radiation flow) from Fukushima: http://www.stormsurfing.com/cgi/display_alt.cgi?a=glob_250 http://www.meteocentrale.ch/en/weather/weather-extra/weather-in-japan.html Dr. Helen Caldicott (latest interview with Arnold Gundersen): http://ifyoulovethisplanet.org/?p=4952
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The Icelandic Example? - Michael Hudson on GRTV
SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST: http://ur1.ca/50ptm Iceland was one of the hardest hit nations in the immediate aftermath of the September 2008 economic meltdown. Asked by their own government to pay Britain and Holland for bailing out their Icesave-exposed banks, the people overwhelmingly said "no." Do the actions of the Icelandic people present an example for the rest of the world as we see the global economy teetering on the edge of collapse? Find out on this week's GRTV Feature Interview with Michael Hudson.
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Japanese Government Insiders Reveal Fukushima Secrets
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2750 The former Prime Minister of Japan has revealed that scientific advisors to the Japanese government warned that evacuataions of as many as 30 million people up to 250 kilometers away from Fukushima would have to be evacuated in the event of a worst case scenario at the stricken nuclear plant in the country's Northeast. The proposal would have seen Tokyo itself subject to evacuation, but the idea was immediately rejected because of the chaos it would have caused...
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US pharm industry creates diseases to cure them
From Russia Today: http://rt.com/news/us-pharm-industry-disorders-drug/ Published: 14 February, 2011, 11:31 US pharmaceutical companies get creative when it comes to disorders and drugs to treat almost anything, from canine depression to female sexual dysfunction. The American drug trade is a multi-billion-dollar business, and is only getting bigger. Meanwhile the industry has been accused of illegally pushing medicine onto the market, often endangering the lives of patients. In the US, the most common medication prescribed for dogs is to treat aggression and anxiety disorders. Pharmacists admit that Prozac works terrifically on dogs. Yes, there is such a thing as doggy Prozac, a beef-flavored version of the well-known "human" anti-depressant, government-approved and being proscribed by veterinarians for canines in crisis. "There is a significant population of dogs which is really suffering from separation anxiety," reveals veterinary behaviorist E'Lise Christensen, from NYC Vet Specialists. The drug company, one of the largest, is banking on that. They believe up to 17 per cent of US dogs are suffering from this mental affliction. It is an idea some would scoff at, and as Christensen says "I definitely understand being skeptical." "Companies are desperate to keep up their profit margin, and do things to keep the margin up, even though the number of new drugs that are important in the pipeline has diminished," argues Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of Public Citizen's Health Research. It turns out those companies do not need doggy drugs in order for critics to make that case. Medical researchers have crunched the numbers and found the pharmaceutical industry now tops the defense industry as the number one defrauder of the US government. "That was a finding that I didn't expect. No one had really ever looked at it before and it shows you how out-of-control really the pharmaceutical industry really is," Dr. Sidney Wolfe said. In some cases it is criminally out of control, perhaps helping this industry go from selling US$40 billion to $234 billion a year in prescription drugs. Over the last two decades, companies have been cheating and endangering patients. Their biggest violations are overcharging the government by billions and illegally marketing their drugs to treat conditions for which they have not proven safe or effective. One of the largest criminal penalties ever levied against an American corporation involved the drugs giant Pfizer. The illegal practices included essentially hiring positions despite the buzz about the drug, telling their colleagues to prescribe it for a condition it was not approved for. And when it comes to the drug companies, disease-pushers may not be an unfair way of describing them, as well as drug pushers -- that is what one filmmaker found when tracing a newly-minted disorder. "Female sexual dysfunction itself is something the pharm industry really pushed for and had a hand in creating," believes Liz Canner, filmmaker of Orgasm Inc. That is the conclusion Canner came to after following the process of a drug company developing female Viagra. She says only a small number of women need it, but the company has other plans. "Their marketing and the amount of money they're pouring into it really says they're trying to sell this to the whole population," insists Liz Canner. And with commercials for prescription drugs airing on TV in the US, companies are in a position to do just that. With billions being made and not much to lose, critics say even in the case of crime, for this industry nothing is likely to change. "Unless people go to jail unless the fines are much larger than they have been the companies will find that it's cheaper to cheat" Dr. Sidney Wolfe said. Companies that stop short of nothing to find some-syndrome, someone or something new to medicate. From Russia Today: http://rt.com/news/us-pharm-industry-disorders-drug/ Published: 14 February, 2011, 11:31
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Engineering the Eurozone Collapse - F. William Engdahl on GRTV
SUBSCRIBE IN ITUNES: http://ur1.ca/5gj2c RSS: http://ur1.ca/50ptm The leaders of the EU prepare for a summit this week as the Eurozone continues to spin out of control. But how did the collapse begin, and who will profit from it? Find out more in this week's GRTV Feature Interview with F. William Engdahl.
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Chossudovsky: NATO Recruiting Jihadists to Syria
Outside forces are trying to destabilize Syria by funding and supporting an armed insurrection which does not represent the majority of Syrian society, says Michel Chossudovsky from the Centre for Research on Globalization. He drew a difference between the opposition within Syrian civil society and the insurgency, which is largely funded by Islamists. Members of Russia's upper house of Parliament on a fact-finding mission to Syria, including talks with President Bashar Assad, and Chossudovsky hopes the visit will help clarify matters and lead to a targeting of those countries sponsoring the insurrection. "This insurgency is there to destabilize and create a pretext for responsibility to protect NATO intervention in Syria," he claimed. In the wake of the Russian delegation's mission, he stressed, there is a need for investigation into the causes and consequences of the insurrection. "We have information that NATO headquarters in Brussels and the Turkish High Command are in fact drawing up plans for the first military step into Syria," Chossudovsky said. "And we also know that NATO is in fact recruiting mujahedeen and jihadists to assist them in their campaign in these various countries." He believes that any military intervention in Syria would immediately lead to regional escalation involving Israel, Lebanon and even Iran. Originally aired on RT, September 19, 2011 http://rt.com/news/syria-foreign-forces-insurrection-835/
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A special production by James Corbett for GlobalResearchTV The Centre for Research on Globalization in collaboration with Canadians for 9/11 Truth present a Commemorative Public Conference: AFTER 9/11: TEN YEARS OF WAR Thursday, September 8, 2011, Montreal, Canada The tragic events of September 11, 2001, which claimed many lives in the United States, have since given rise to an era of endless US/NATO-sponsored wars accompanied by economic chaos, rising poverty and financial manipulation. We have seen a marked shift towards authoritarianism, the criminalization of justice and the development of a police state. At this special 10 year commemorative event, we invite the public to an evening exploring the truth behind 9/11 and its implications for the future of society. Speakers: Cynthia McKinney will be speaking on "9/11 Truth: The War at Home and Abroad". She is a former Member of the US Congress and the Green Party Candidate in the US presidential elections. She has recently returned from a fact-finding mission to Libya. Wayne Madsen will be speaking on "Media Manipulation and the Fear of Terrorism". He is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, bestselling author and syndicated columnist. He has over 20 years' experience in security issues. Michel Chossudovsky will be speaking on "9/11 and the "Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT)". He is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (Emeritus) at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya will be speaking on "Today's 9/11 War Machine: Report from the Middle East War Theatre". He has been reporting during the last two months from Tripoli. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization. The event will be launched with the Première Screening of Global Research's short documentary film: "Remembering the Tragic Events of September 11, 2001", produced and directed by James Corbett For more information visit Global Research: http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=25954
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The Death of Dr. David Kelly - GRTV
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2803 On July 18, 2003, British biowarfare expert and UN weapons inspector David Kelly was found dead on Harrowdown Hill, near his home in Oxfordshire. Ruled a suicide by the official judicial inquiry chaired by Lord Hutton, now a group of British doctors is challenging the Attorney General's decision not to hold a coroner's inquest into the death, citing the overlooked, suppressed and modified evidence suggesting Dr. Kelly was murdered. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on The Death of Dr. David Kelly.
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Bush in B.C.: Canada Hosts a War Criminal
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2938 Human rights groups, civil rights campaigners and concerned citizens united in their condemnation of the visit of former US President George W. Bush to Canada this week for a speaking engagement in Surrey, B.C. Bush's visit rekindled debates among Canadians about their government's willingness to host an unconvicted war criminal who is guilty of authorizing torture in contravention of numerous international treaties and the laws of his own country. Find out more about the efforts to bring Bush to justice in this week's Global Research TV Backgrounder.
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Radiation Coverups Confirmed: Los Alamos, Fort Calhoun, Fukushima, TSA
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2365 A series of disasters, potential disasters, bad news and worrying studies over the course of the past week have brought public attention back to the issue of radiation and its attendant health risks, and further exposed how governmental agencies that are supposed to protect the public have in fact knowingly put the public at risk and even colluded with the very industries they are supposed to be "regulating."
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Paul Craig Roberts on the 9/11 10th Anniversary - GRTV Feature Interview 002
Subscribe to the podcast: http://ur1.ca/50ptm This week GRTV talks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary Treasury, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, author and researcher, about the significance of 9/11 on the brink of the tenth anniversary of those events. We discuss the many points at which the official explanation of 9/11 do not mesh with the available evidence, the many experts who have raised their voices in dissent (and been silenced), and what our response to 9/11 teaches us about where we are heading as a society.
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Will Bretton Woods 2 Bring Change?
Some of the most influential world leaders met at Bretton Woods to discuss the global economy, but what impact can this panel really have in the end? The Centre for Research on Globalization's Andrew Gavin Marshall compares and contrasts this congregation's conversation with the historic Bretton Woods get-together of 1944 and presumes it is a precursor to the upcoming G-20 meeting. Originally aired on RT, April 11, 2011
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Courts Rule US Government Above the Law
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2855 Manhattan Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein has declined to hold the CIA in contempt for destroying videos that it had been ordered by the courts to preserve. Find out more about the decision, what it means, and its context in this week's edition of Behind the Headlines.
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7/7: An Historical Analysis - Tom Secker on GRTV
SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST: http://ur1.ca/50ptm This week GRTV talks to Tom Secker, the documentary filmmaker behind the newly released 7/7: Crime and Prejudice, which is available for viewing on GRTV.ca: http://ur1.ca/556nv In this wide-ranging discussion, we examine inconsistencies in the police investigation of the alleged terrorist bombings in London on July 7, 2005, and interrogate the way the memes and ideas about suicide bombings have echoed down through the decades to implant "War on Terror" narratives in our own age.
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The Nuclear Danger with Dr. Helen Caldicott (1/7)
Dr. Helen Caldicott: Conference on THE NUCLEAR DANGER: Nuclear War and Nuclear Power Montreal. March 18, 2011 Sponsored by the Centre for Research on Globalization The single most articulate and passionate advocate of citizen action to remedy the nuclear and environmental crises, Dr Helen Caldicott, has devoted the last 38 years to an international campaign to educate the public about the medical hazards of the nuclear age and the necessary changes in human behavior to stop environmental destruction. In the words of Dr. Caldicott, "When I first heard about the reactor damage at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan, I knew the prognosis: If any of the containment vessels or fuel pools exploded, it would mean millions of new cases of cancer in the Northern Hemisphere. Many advocates of nuclear power would deny this. During the 25th anniversary last week of the Chernobyl disaster, some commentators asserted that few people died in the aftermath, and that there have been relatively few genetic abnormalities in survivors' offspring. It's an easy leap from there to arguments about the safety of nuclear energy compared to alternatives like coal, and optimistic predictions about the health of the people living near Fukushima. But this is dangerously ill informed and short-sighted; if anyone knows better, it's doctors like me." For more information: http://www.helencaldicott.com/ http://www.globalresearch.ca/ Filmed and edited by Jorge Zegarra
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Audio Tapes Released From 9/11 Archives, Majority of Records Still Sealed
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2580 As the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, the National Archives has released a compilation of audio clips of air traffic controllers, military officers and pilots recorded that morning. Find out what the media is not telling you about the issue in this week's edition of GRTV: Behind the Headlines.
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Against AFRICOM - Cynthia McKinney on GRTV
SUBSCRIBE IN ITUNES: http://ur1.ca/5gj2c RSS: http://ur1.ca/50ptm Established in 2007, the United States African Command (AFRICOM) has been at the heart of the US agenda to secure the continent and its resources against America's supposed enemies. Now, many are questioning AFRICOM's role on the continent at all. Find out more about the race for Africa's riches in this week's GRTV Feature Interview with former congresswoman and 2008 presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney.
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America's Project of Conquest: All-Out Blitzkrieg on Libya
Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research on Globalization in Canada, calls Western operations in Libya a "project of conquest, and not a humanitarian undertaking." With oil at stake, the US has everything to lose in the region. "We are at a very dangerous crossroads", says Chossudovsky. "With US and NATO military advisors and special forces theoretically helping the rebels, what does it imply in the terms of international law? This is an interference in the affairs of a sovereign country." "This is not a protest movement, as in Egypt and Tunisia", Chossudovsky point out. "This is an armed insurrection. And the public opinion has been lead to believe somehow that conditions in Egypt and Tunisia have, so to speak, spread to Libya and that this is a spontaneous insurrection. Actually it is not, it has been planned well in advance. Most probably those special forces were already on the ground prior to those of insurrection." Originally aired on Russia Today on March 8, 2011. Full story: http://rt.com/news/us-libya-saudi-weapons/
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Rozoff: AMD 'Un-Resets' Washington's Relations with Moscow
Russia has repeatedly voiced its concern about the US missile defense program in Europe. Journalist Pepe Escobar, while doubting the system's capabilities, says Moscow has every right to be worried. ­Escobar, a correspondent with Asia Times Online, declared that the recent anti-missile defense agreement the US signed with Romania was "un-resetting the relationship" with Moscow. "Nobody knows if the anti-missile defense works," he told RT. "It is a multi-billion, almost trillion, dollar program. It is typical of keeping the industrial-military complex running." The story has not changed over the last 10 years -- Washington is still trying to encircle Russia, claimed Escobar. And Russia's concerns that the shield is aimed against it are absolutely valid, he said. "Some of the best military strategists in the world are in Russia," says Escobar. "They know that Iran, first of all, does not have the capabilities to attack Europe even if they wanted to. And, number two, they may be a very hard line regime, but they are not suicidal. So this excuse against Ahmadinejad is ridiculous." The potential for an arms race depends on Russia's reaction to Washington, he predicted. The AMD tests have not been successful so far, so anything really dangerous for Moscow is not expected to emerge from the system for at least seven years, he concluded. The recent spike in activity has highlighted Washington's commitment not only to press ahead with the European missile defense shield project, but also to extend and reinforce it, despite indicating two years ago that it wanted to abandon the scheme. That is the view of Rick Rozoff, an international affairs expert from the "Stop NATO" movement. Rozoff adds that American claims of a threat from North Korea or Iran are purely fictitious. "What we're talking about is a potential jump to the first-strike system," the expert says. "This means that in the event the US or its NATO allies would launch what they would describe as a 'pre-emptive' strike -- but in reality a first strike -- against a nation like Russia, the created missile defense system will work to ensure that any missiles surviving this 'pre-emptive' attack could not threaten retaliation," he explains. "It is not defense," Rick Rozoff concludes, meaning that from the geographical standpoint, the positioning of the rockets makes no sense as they will not effectively intercept threats from either Pyongyang or Tehran. Originally aired on RT, September 16, 2011 http://rt.com/news/amd-moscow-race-russia-683/
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Michel Chossudovsky on the 9/11 10th Anniversary - GRTV Feature Interview 001
In the inaugural edition of this new weekly video interview series from GlobalResearchTV.com, James Corbett talks to Professor Michel Chossudovsky about the history of the 9/11 Truth movement, the current state of the movement, and the deplorable state of the anti-war movement, which has largely rejected 9/11 Truth and bought into the "war on terror."
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Make No Mistake: NATO committed War Crimes in Libya
NATO massacre in Zlitan, August the 8th/9th 2011. A large number of casualties occurred in the city of Zliten, in the district of Misurata. In Zliten, 85 people were killed including 33 children, 32 women, and 20 men as a result of NATO's deliberate targeting of residential areas and civilian infrastructure. Many of the injured civilian victims are in critical condition and near death. Zliten has been under constant NATO bombardment for several days. The recent NATO attacks started at about 11:30 p.m. EET on August 8, 2011. At least 7 civilian homes belonging to local farmers were destroyed, killing entire families. In all 20 families were the targets of the NATO bombings. This video exposes the media's role of covering up the truth. The mainstream media did not report about this properly or accurately. The media did this to whitewash NATO's war crimes against the Libyan people. Produced inside Libya by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya.
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Police State Canada: From the McDonald Commission to the G20
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=3351 Documents released under the Access to Information Act in Canada earlier this month reveal what Canadian activists have long known: that a massive RCMP-led intelligence dragnet worked for 18 months to infiltrate, surveil, and ultimately arrest activists across the country for their participation in Vancouver Olympic and Toronto G20 activism. Find out more about the history of the Canadian police state in this week's GRTV Backgrounder
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Bilderberg 2011: Background, Preview and Predictions
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/sunday-update-20110605/ For more news and information, please visit The Centre for Research on Globalization: http://globalresearch.ca/
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Former Ambassador: 'US to control Iraq oil always'
Despite the US's declared withdrawal of its military personnel and contractors out of Iraq, Washington has prepared to control the country's rich oil reserves in any case, shared Ranjit Singh Kalha, former India's ambassador to Iraq in the 1990s. ­Having spent $3 trillion in Iraq, a country with harsh weather conditions (+50 C most of the time) and absolutely nothing valuable but oil reserves, the Americans simply cannot give up the plentiful and very high quality oil they went there for. "It takes $1.50 to take out this oil that's just below the surface. Anybody who has access to this oil can be a game changer -- as far as the politics of oil is concerned," Ranjit Singh Kalha concluded. The problem Americans encountered in Iraq is that once given "some symbols" of democracy, the Iraqi voted for a Shia-led government. The headache is that the Shia traditionally have close links with Iran, the core territory of this affiliation. "That is the present dilemma. If you withdraw from Iraq completely, you leave this vast oil wealth of Iraq in the hands of Shia (Iran-oriented) government. And therefore it upsets the political balance in the Middle East," Ranjit Singh Kalha explained. He said that to counter such adverse developments the US will have almost 20,000-strong embassy in Baghdad (the largest US embassy in the world) and consulates in Basra, Kerkuk and in northern Kurd-inhabited territory, each consulate 1,000-strong. "Americans cannot afford to be completely absent from Iraq," the former ambassador argued, adding he does not see any lessening of American influence in Iraq. Iraq is a multi-confessional country and to curb religious extremism all previous country's rulers had to be very tough with the population, the diplomat stressed. In Saddam's Iraq most of the military and law enforcement was Sunni and the rule of law was first of all a rule of military power preventing sectarian violence. Today's Iraq is ruled by Shia government which does not have the necessary experience of ruling with an iron fist, so the country risks a full fledged civil war to start at any time given. American troops will not go far from Iraq -- they will be re-deployed to next door Kuwait. "This is just a re-shuffle of the cards. Americans could always come back because the bases will be kept intact, while 20,000 personnel means that most of the staff will be there," Ranjit Singh Kalha said. The US has made sure Iraq does not have any Air Force whatsoever so Iraqi airspace will remain under American control, "which means you can bring force in whenever you want, however you want, and prevent anyone else from coming in." The Iran-Iraq border is very long and porous, the population on both sides is blood-interlinked, so the threat of Iran interfering into Iraqi internal affairs is always present. As for Afghanistan, occupied by the allied forces, the same tactics might be used there and even if the troops depart, the military bases with thousands of servicemen will stay anyway. Originally aired on RT, December 13, 2011 http://rt.com/news/us-iraq-withdrawal-farce-673/
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Libya Operation: Foreign Oil Interests Prompt Invasion
Mideast expert Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya says that US wants to appropriate Libyan oil, and that operations have already begun. "Foreign intervention can only exasperate the problem in Libya. It cannot help it in any way," he declared. "As a matter of fact, the foreign intervention has already begun. The French, the US and the British have already sent so-called humanitarian aid to Benghazi, but they have also sent military advisers and Special Forces. This means that the operation has already begun." Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a Research Associate at the Centre for Research on Globalization. Originally aired on Russia Today, March 3, 2011
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Lévesque: Syrian Death Toll Claim: Thousands Dead, Zero Verifiable Sources
The Syrian opposition says 5,000 have been killed during a nine-month crackdown, with more than 250 civilians killed in two last days alone, calling for UN protection from "acts of genocide." But researchers say the information is tough to verify. RT spoke with Julie Levesque from the Centre for Research on Globalization, who says the most significant problem with the figures from Syria is that, simply, "we do not know where they come from." "I've discovered that it mostly comes from one group, which is a local coordination committee in Syria. We do not know who these people are," she said. "We do not know who has been killed, and we do not know who has killed them. There are 17,000 armed men, according to a report from the Institute for Strategic Studies, which is based in London," the researcher further explained. Levesque also said that verification is difficult because the opposition does not provide names to support their claims, and even the UN admits the information is hard to vouch for. "All we hear is that government forces are cracking down on peaceful protesters. And if there are 17 thousand armed men among the protesters, they are no longer peaceful protests." Syrian authorities also claim over 2,000 troops have been killed since uprisings began in mid-March. But, Levesque says, authorities have provided a list of names of those killed. Originally aired on RT, December 22, 2011 http://rt.com/news/syria-unrest-casualties-reports-469/
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The Globalization of War - GRTV Backgrounder
The world's attention is increasingly focused on Syria and Iran as the region continues to move toward military confrontation. Less noticed, however, is that the pieces are being put into place for a truly global conflict, with military buildup taking place in every region and threatening to draw in all of the world's major powers. Find out more in this week's GRTV Backgrounder.
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Chossudovsky: Al Qaeda and the Global War on Terrorism
"Al Qaeda and the Global War on Terrorism" with Michel Chossudovsky. The broad consequences of 9/11 with regard to US military doctrine, and more broadly the pretext and justification which the lies surrounding 9/11 have given to waging a war of conquest under the banner of what we call the Global War on Terrorism; Libya, Syria; Q and A. "Guns & Butter" investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics. Maintaining a radical perspective in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, "Guns & Butter: The Economics of Politics" reports on who wins and who loses when the economic resources of civil society are diverted toward global corporatization, war, and the furtherance of a national security state. Produced and hosted by Bonnie Faulkner. Originally aired on KPFA, November 30, 2011 http://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/75596
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FBI Targeting Political Activists as Terrorists
Anti-terrorism resources are being used to target environmentalists, peace, animal and political activists who hold different views than the government. It was recently revealed that a counter-terrorism firm spied on individuals who attended film screenings of the documentary Gasland. The film focuses on the practice of natural gas fracking and what impact it has on the environment and in the communities where it is used. The FBI and other government agencies are cracking down on those who are not willing to say in line with the status quo. In Pennsylvania, activists have faced terrorism charges for writing slogans in chalk on sidewalks. In California, 27 individuals are set to go on trial stemming for protest actions Elsewhere 23 anti-war, pro-labor and international solidarity activists may face a grand jury on trumped up charged. The FBI boasts 164,000 suspicious activity reports that are made up of activists who do not follow the governments view on matters. The US government is using taxpayer money to squash the competition as opposed to protecting the American people from true terrorist threats, all while stomping on freedom of speech rights. Carlos Montes, a co-founder of the Brown Berets Chicano Movement explained there is a marked rise of the US government using tools at their disposal designed to fight terrorism to impose oppression on political activists. "The protest movements are directly exposing and challenging the lines that the US government puts out," he said, yet law enforcement authorities continue to crack down without just cause. "It's a war against dissent." The government is working to stop the movement which is merely seeking to exercise its right to free speech and the right to protest "They're trying to stop us but we're not going to let them do it," Montes added. Originally aired on RT, May 26, 2011. http://rt.com/usa/news/fbi-political-activists-terrorists/
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Retweeting Democracy: The Role of Social Media
Originally aired on RT, April 14, 2011 http://rt.com/news/democracy-usa-social-media/ The US is training anti-government activists from the Middle East and North Africa on how to spread democracy with the help of modern computer technology. One of the latest developments is the "panic button". According to the State Department, the application can be uploaded onto activists' cell phones. In case they get detained, the software instantly erases the contact book in their phones and sends a warning alert signal to other activists. It looks like the application could soon be in demand -- one push of a button and the evidence is gone. American officials claim the best of intentions, saying it is to protect pro-democracy forces in other countries. But many will be wondering if the innovation will be something also welcomed by drug dealers, criminals and terrorists. To help use the technology more effectively, the US has organized training sessions for thousands of activists. One held just weeks ago in the Middle East included anti-government campaigners from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. And as the newly trained and equipped activists return home, the US, as one State Department official put it, counts on the ripple effect. "Foreign interference doesn't have to be a military invasion and a bombing campaign or some kind of a special operation in that country. It can also be the training and funding and political support given to individuals who then promote those foreign interests. That's one of the newest strategies that the US government has successfully been executing in different countries around the world, that it doesn't consider subordinate to their agenda. And they do it subtly, so it's harder to detect and denounce it, which is often more effective", claimed Eva Golinger, a journalist. The US perceives the internet and social networking platforms as major tools for spreading democracy, and pumps millions of dollars into developing systems to help people in the Middle East and China get around internet-blocking firewalls. But at the same time, American companies provide Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait with the technology to effectively block websites. The US military has recently launched an online management program which enables it to generate multiple fake identities on social networks. The false personas are designed to contribute to the flow of conversations on Facebook, Twitter and other websites. "People are using social media for cyber warfare. That's what we are going to see -- governments or non-state actors are going to try to find ways to use the internet and social media to gain an advantage in their own battle", Shadi Hamid from the Brookings Doha Center told RT. The recent turmoil in Libya suggests the orchestration of Twitter with fake users. Only around five per cent of Libyans have access to the internet and the number of twitter users there is so small that analysts could not even calculate it. Yet, in February this year, a surge of Libyan Twitter accounts appeared, reporting in English and virtually all begging for intervention. "We know that since the beginning of the war Libyans have no longer got access to the internet, but somehow people don't check the essential facts and they take all the information coming from social media at face value, which then serves the broader purpose of fabricating the news", said Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research on Globalization. Trained activists, provided with panic buttons and other technology, scores of false identities on the internet spreading certain ideas -- the US says this is all about promoting democracy. But do these declared intentions justify direct interference in other countries' domestic affairs? Originally aired on RT, April 14, 2011 http://rt.com/news/democracy-usa-social-media/
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The War on Whistleblowers - Sibel Edmonds on GRTV
SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST: http://ur1.ca/50ptm This week GRTV talks to Sibel Edmonds, famed FBI whistleblower and the Editor of BoilingFrogsPost.com about the various ways that whistleblowers in the national security establishment are retaliated against, set upon by the establishment, and undermined by the very foundation-funded organizations that are supposed to be helping them.
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America Considered Nuclear Strike on Libya
Originally aired on RT, April 6, 2011 http://rt.com/news/considered-nuclear-strike-libya/ While the operation in Libya against the Gaddafi regime is in full swing, some reports have surfaced that the Pentagon was planning a nuclear strike on Libya decades ago. ­Professor Michel Chossudovsky from the Centre for Research on Globalization claims that the US has planned nuclear strikes on Libya on a number of occasions in the past. "It was suggested by the Pentagon [in 1997] that this weapon should be used against Libya. But in fact it was quite explicit because they said that this weapon would be available for possible use against a suspected underground chemical factory being built by Libya at Tarhunah, which is a city 60 km from Tripoli." According to Professor Michel Chossudovsky, a B61-11, a tactical nuclear weapon with approximately the explosive capacity of two-thirds of the Hiroshima bomb, was tested a few days ago. It was tested using a B-2 Spirit aircraft, which has been used during the Libyan operation. It is known as a very sophisticated heavy bomber equipped to deliver tactical nuclear warheads. However, Chossudovsky says there is no evidence that these weapons are being prepared use in Libya. Originally aired on RT, April 6, 2011 http://rt.com/news/considered-nuclear-strike-libya/
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The G20 and Financial Globalization
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=3138 Last week's G20 Summit in Cannes, France is already being written off as a bust by the international financiers who were hoping to bolster the fledgling European Financial Stability Fund with international support and to implement a new global financial services tax which they claim will be the long-term solution to the ongoing global economic meltdown. Find out more about the behind-the-scenes moves toward a global financial infrastructure in this week's GRTV Backgrounder.
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Pavic: KFOR Action Against Serbia is an Aggressive Show of Force
NATO peacekeepers have used tear gas to take control of one of the barricades in Northern Kosovo, built by local Serbs several months ago in an ongoing border dispute. Political analyst Aleksandar Pavic insists KFOR forces act as occupiers. ­But the success of the KFOR troops was short-lived, after a new block was put up further down the road. The crackdown comes just days after the head of the UN drew attention to the increasing number of attacks on Serbs living in Northern Kosovo. NATO troops were deployed to the region to keep the peace and separate the conflicting sides. However, by bulldozing barricades they seem to have taken a particular side. And as Aleksandar Pavic says, the alliance has been doing this for years, while there is a bigger picture behind its actions in Serbia. "They've broken their mandate, actually. They are doing the job of the Albanian-controlled government in Pristina, and they are doing it openly, in spite of their mandate from the UN, which is supposed to be a peace-keeping mandate, to keep the warring sides separated," he told RT. Speaking of the latest events around the barricades, Pavic notes that the KFOR action is an "aggressive show of force". "They are acting like an occupier, instead of peace-keeping," he added. With all that, it is not just about Kosovo, the political analyst pointed out. "This is part of a larger picture, and I think people should be very much aware of that," Pavic said. "The same powers that are controlling NATO are controlling what is happening in Greece. They are behind the crisis in Greece, they are behind the crisis in Iran. What we are seeing right now is the sign of a new world disorder, and Serbia is one of the flashpoints." "All the people that are doing all the Occupy Wall Street and all the other streets throughout the Western world right now -- the Kosovo Serbs are the forefront of this fight," Aleksandar Pavic concluded. Originally aired on RT, November 9, 2011 http://rt.com/news/serbia-world-pavic-kosovo-957/
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From Yugoslavia to Libya: KLA Links to Al Qaeda
Twelve years ago NATO attacked former Yugoslavia under the guise of humanitarian aid. Now history is repeating itself in Libya. Michel Chussodovsky from the Centre for Research on Globalization says the coalition forces in Libya may say humanitarianism is the goal, but the military has attacked schools, media, hospitals and historic sites. Originally aired on RT, March 24, 2011
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War With Iran: History and Consequences
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=3219 This month's release of a new International Atomic Energy Agency report into Iran's nuclear energy program has caused a flurry of diplomatic activity, political posturing, and breathless news headlines about the supposed imminent threat of an alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program. Given the nature and tenor of the coverage of the IAEA report in the mainstream press, one might be forgiven for believing that the agency has in fact uncovered new signs that Iran has made any concrete steps toward creating a nuclear weapon since it suspended that program in 2003 or that there is any evidence whatsoever that Iran has made any progress in the development of nuclear weapons technology. In reality, however, the report contains no new information about Iran's alleged attempts to create nuclear weapons, a fact quietly conceded by even the most hawkish opponents of Iran's nuclear program, including former weapons inspector David Albright. Find out more about the recent moves toward war with Iran in this week's GRTV Backgrounder.
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Nazemroaya: West Funnels Illegal Weapons Into Libya
France has been among the main powers behind the NATO-led air campaign, which is officially aimed at protecting civilians from assaults by Gaddafi's forces. However, many view a change of regime in Libya as the main reason for the alliance's involvement there. France's latest move has invoked extensive criticism from Russia and the African Union, while China has indirectly objected to it. The sending of arms to the Libyan rebels is illegal, yet it has been going on almost since the beginning of the conflict there, believes Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya from the Centre for Research on Globalization. "It definitely is violating the United Nations' sanction as well as international law. There is something called the ATT [the Arms Trade Treaty] and under the ATT they cannot supply arms to the rebels," he said. "This is not new news either. They have been saying it from March that they have been sending arms to the rebels. In the London conference, the Prime Minister of Qatar said they were going to send arms. He said that in front of Hillary Clinton and all the representatives of the NATO states were there." "Reuters and the Wall Street Journal -- they all said that the United States was sending arms through Egypt to the rebels. It is reported, it is documented," Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya added. Originally aired on RT, July 5, 2011 http://rt.com/news/un-arms-conflict-expert/
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Chossudovsky: Killing of Gaddafi and NATO's Money-Driven Wars of Conquest
After nearly a two month manhunt, former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was found and killed. Revolutionary forces flooded his hometown, Sirte, and according to some reports, the US fired a drone missile at his convoy causing his death. Michel Chossudovsky, director for the Centre for Research on Globalization, tells us more about today's events. Originally aired on RT, October 20, 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K4sKK30_7g
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Afghanistan: Ten Years of Illegal Occupation
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2769 On October 7, 2001, NATO began its invasio of Afghanistan. Ten years later, as the country descends into even greater chaos, the illegal occupation of Afghanistan continues...
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What Really Happened in Libya? - Mahdi Nazemroaya on GRTV
Subscribe to the podcast: http://ur1.ca/50ptm This week GRTV talks to Mahdi Nazemroaya, a research associate of the Center for Research in Globalization who spent two months in Libya before escaping after the rebel siege of Tripoli. We discuss what really happened in Libya, including the war crimes perpetrated by NATO in support of the rebels, and how the media helped to enable those war crimes by covering up for the perpetrators.
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The Globalization of Poverty / Globalizacija siromaštva
Promocija kjnige: GLOBALIZACIJA SIROMAŠTVA, Mišel Čosudovski Translated from English: THE GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY by Michel Chossudovsky. Knjigu možete nabaviti na srpskom jeziku: ARTIST - Društvo lepih umetnosti. Beograd, Srbija. Now available in the Serbian language from ARTIST Fine Arts Collective. Belgrade, Serbia. Info: http://www.artist-publisher.net/ For information on the English version: http://www.globalresearch.ca/
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Hague Tribunal Wakes Up to Mladic Interview
An interview with wars crimes suspect Ratko Mladic carried by RT two weeks ago seems to have been news not only to the public, but also to the one international body which is supposed to be most aware Balkan war-related matters - The Hague Tribunal. At least this is what RT judges from an inquiry about the interview and how it came into RT's possession, ordered by a criminal investigator of the Tribunal. RT will naturally co-operate with the investigation in the interests of justice, although the fact that such an important piece of evidence was missing from the Tribunal's materials is somewhat surprising, especially since the interview dates back to 1995 and was done by a Western TV channel. The interview with Mladic, a former general of the Yugoslav army and later the army of the Republika Srpska, was recorded shortly after the Srebrenica massacre, the mass killings of Bosnian Muslims which the Tribunal has defined as genocide. In it, Mladic voiced several serious allegations against the UN peacekeeping force. "Instead of disarming the Muslim formations, as they had committed themselves to doing... the United Nations forces turned those safe areas into terrorist and fundamentalist bases from where our villages and towns were attacked," he said The ex-general also accused the UN of smuggling weapons into the supposedly demilitarized zone. "Sometimes, they even used helicopters to airlift weapons from Iran and other combat hardware. We knocked down one such helicopter on the outskirts of Zepa two or three months ago," he said. Mladic, who was arrested in May 2011, is standing trial in The Hague for this episode and other alleged war crimes. He is the final prominent Serb leader to face this fate. The last Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic stood in the dock for five years before dying in the Tribunal's custody, while the President of Republika Srpska Radovan Karadzic has been on trial in The Hague since his arrest in 2008. The International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was established in 1993, when the series of bloody armed conflicts in the Balkans was far from over. The UN Security Council formed the body to prosecute the gravest atrocities committed by all the warring parties. Over the 18 years of its existence it has drawn a lot of criticism. It faced allegations of bias based on the fact that almost 70% of indictments it issued were against Serbs. Its fiercest critics called the Tribunal a political show rather than a court of law. Some of ICTY's sentences were seen as astoundingly mild, as was the case with Bosnian military commander Naser Oric, who was tried for raiding Serbian villages and torturing prisoners, and was sentenced to merely two years and then totally acquitted of all charges on appeal. There is also criticism over the ICTY's lack of will to investigate atrocities allegedly committed by non-Serbs. The most widely-publicized case is the allegation of trafficking of donor organs harvested from kidnapped Serbs during and shortly after the war in Kosovo. The suspected crimes had been investigated by the UN as early as 2004, but were not given due coverage until 2008, when former ICTY Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte published a book on them. More generally, some argue, the Tribunal's activities have not served the interests of reconciliation in the Balkans. It is viewed with suspicion by Serbs and Croats alike, who doubt the ICTY's integrity and call its decisions biased, although in cases where both parties are involved, the direction of the alleged bias would often be opposite depending whose side you talk to. Originally aired on RT, September 2, 2011 http://rt.com/news/hague-mladic-interview-rt/
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Yugoslavia Anniversary Highlights Parallels with Libya
Originally aired on RT, March 24, 2011 http://rt.com/usa/news/usa-libya-yugoslavia-anniversary-war/ In March the seasons change and sunshine falls on America. In March American politicians venture to foreign counties -- to drop bombs. March 1999 -- the United States entered Yugoslavia. "Our armed forces joined our NATO allies in air strikes against Serbian forces responsible for the brutality in Kosovo," said US President Bill Clinton. March 2011 -- the United States entered Libya. "The UN Security Council passed a strong resolution that demands an end to the violence against [Libyan] citizens. It authorizes the use of force," US President Barack Obama said. From one democratic president to another, bombing commences. The US and coalition forces reign down on Libya over the anniversary of the Yugoslavia bombings. The attack on Libya was sanctioned by the UN Security Council, in contrast to the bombings in Yugoslavia. Without approval in 1999, NATO took the lead in the first time the alliance attacked an independent and sovereign nation which posed no threat to the organization's members. Similarly, Libya poses no threat to the nations leading the campaign of aggressive attacks. There are many sticking parallels between the two wars. The enemy in 1999 was Slobodan and "The New Hitler" -- Milosevic. Today it is Moammar Ghadafi who has been in power in Libya for over 40 years. "As much as Ghadafi is this John Galliano-dressed freak show, he modernized Libya for a while," said Pepe Escobar, a correspondent from the Asia Times. Nevertheless, America seeks regime change and a nation friendlier to US interests. "Ghadafi needs to step down and leave," Obama stated. "What we are seeing is a full-fledged was, including attempting evidently to kill the head of state of the targeted country. That again is a page from a Yugoslav book from 12 years ago," said Rick Rozoff of Stop NATO. "What has the world learned? Evidently, not much." Officially, the US and allied intervention is one of humanitarian concern -- the same rational argued in 1999 when bombings commenced in Yugoslavia. "You say you can bomb a country because you are coming to "save its people", and essentially that was what the rationale behind the war in Yugoslavia," explained Michel Chossudovsky, the director of the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montréal. "You don't come to the rescue of civilians with bombs and missiles, ok? Bombs and missiles are part of a killing machine, and they inevitable will kill civilians." Like Yugoslavia, a no-fly zone has ignited the engine of the war machine -- a green light to use bombing and airstrikes. The UN agreement on Libya created the no-fly zone and went further to allow "all means necessary" which opens the doors for nearly any type of assault. In Yugoslavia thousands of people were killed and millions displaced. "After the war, when they did a count, they found that US and NATO bombs had destroyed 14 tanks in Serbia. But, they had also bombed 437 schools," said Sara Flounders from the International Action Center. Experts are predicting a similar outcome in Obama's war in Libya. The White House is promising the conflict will last only days, not week -- just days. Initially, the same guarantee was given for the war in Yugoslavia. That conflict lasted two and a half months. "They think that a quick bit of bombing will sort the matter out, but in fact, I think they will find that it will last far longer than they've gambled for," remarked journalist John Laughland. 12 years on Serbia still remembers the losses it suffered at the hands of US led NATO bombings and the US is now entering its fourth set of attacks on foreign soil in the past 12 years. Originally aired on RT, March 24, 2011 http://rt.com/usa/news/usa-libya-yugoslavia-anniversary-war/
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Finian Cunningham: How the US and Britain are Suppressing Democracy in Bahrain
"How the US and Britain are Trying to Suppress Democracy in Bahrain" Interview with Global Research Correspondent Finian Cunningham on blogtalkradio, August 11, 2011. To read more from Finian Cunningham, visit his archive on Global Research: http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=listByAuthor&authorFirst=%20Finian&authorName=Cunningham To link up with blogtalkradio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/liberalpro/2011/08/11/interview-with-global-researchs-finian-cunningham
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NGOs and the War on Libya - Julien Teil on GRTV
SUBSCRIBE IN ITUNES: http://ur1.ca/5gj2c RSS: http://ur1.ca/50ptm "The Humanitarian War" is a film about the demonization of Gaddafi in the run-up to the war in Libya. In this carefully researched documentary, Julien Teil examines the documents and interrogates the NGOs behind the campaign to oust Gaddafi, and shows the lack of evidence for the alleged war crimes that supposedly justified UN intervention. Join us for this week's GRTV Feature Interview with documentary filmmaker Julien Teil as we discuss the lead-up to the war on Libya, and whether it can happen again in Syria.
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Foundations of Social Engineering with Andrew Gavin Marshall
From the Corbett Report, June 29, 2011: Author, researcher and Global Research associate Andrew Gavin Marshall joins us to discuss the American robber barons of the 19th century and how they used tax-free foundations as a vehicle for transforming their vast fortunes into political and social control. For more info, visit The Corbett Report: http://www.corbettreport.com/interview-348-andrew-gavin-marshall/
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