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Putin and the Future of Russia - Eric Draitser on GRTV
Eric Draitser of StopImperialism.com joins us to discuss the geopolitical significance of the reelection of Vladimir Putin as Russian President. We talk about the differences between Putin and Medvedev, the future of Russian-American relations under Putin, and the future of Syria.
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Michel Collon : Guerres et médiamensonges 1/5
Conférence du Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation, 4 juillet 2012. Les enjeux de la crise mondiale : austérité, guerres, brutalité policière et mensonge médiatique Conférenciers : - Michel Collon, journaliste belge, auteur de « La Stratégie du Chaos », fondateur d'Investig'Action - Michel Chossudovsky, professeur d'économie (émérite), auteur de « Mondialisation de la pauvreté et nouvel ordre mondial », directeur du Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation - Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, porte-parole de la CLASSE (Coalition large de l'Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ))
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R2P: Imperial Conquest by Another Name
As the world recovers from one humanitarian peace bombing in Libya, and braces for another possible intervention in Syria, many are now asking how it is that the so-called liberal left have become cheerleaders for the very wars of aggression they once pretended to deride. As long-time investigate reporter Pepe Escobar explains, an obscure international doctrine called Responsibility To Protect or R2P has been the main tool for shaping this new paradigm for the continuation of NATO's imperial power grabs around the world. Find out more about the history of this doctrine in this week's GRTV Feature Interview with our special guest Pepe Escobar.
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The Crimes Committed in the Name of 9/11
Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, presents to the "9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth" conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012.
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Chossudovsky: Al Qaeda and US-NATO Special Forces on the Ground in Syria
Thousands have taken to the streets of the Syrian capital Damascus to support the country's embattled leader Bashar al-Assad. The demonstration comes on the year anniversary of the anti-Assad uprising that has left scores dead and injured. The pro-Assad rally is taking place under the slogan of protesting a 'one-year conspiracy' to overthrow the regime. The opposition said that Assad has forced people to attend the Damascus demonstration in order to overshadow the opposition rallies marking the beginning of the popular uprising in Syria a year ago, AP reports. Video footage, however, shows people of different ages, including children, dancing and waving Syrian flags. Others had the national flag painted on their faces. With opposition rallies planned all over Syria and abroad, local activists report the increased presence of the Syrian army in opposition strongholds. The Popular uprising in Syria against the current regime started in mid-March last year. According to the UN, 7,500 people have been killed in the conflict. While western states urge President Assad to leave his post, he claims the foreign-directed opposition is filled with terrorists and gangsters seeking to destroy Syria. Political analyst Christoph Horstel, who was at the rally in Damascus, told RT that those who are still choosing violence over dialogue aren't really interested in a Syrian democracy. "It is very clear that anybody who is now picking up arms against this government, which obviously has indulged in honest reform and election, these people are not serious about constructive internal dialogue in Syria, that is quite clear. They are not part of a process, they are just killers", Horstel said. 'Opposition losing supporters' There are many circumstances serving to increase Assad's popularity while weakening the opposition, says Middle East expert Ali Rizk. He believes there is no choice for Assad's international opponents but to resort to some kind of political solution to the crisis. "Because of the procedures, because of the practices which some of the opposition resorted to, they have lost a lot of their supporters," Rizk said. "When you see Syrian opposition figures speaking about for example cutting off ties, or decreasing their ties with Iran, cutting Syria off what we refer to as 'a resistance axis,' I think all that does, it gives more popularity to the Syrian regime." "The Syrian people are known to be people who very much support the anti-Israeli approach, a political stance which Assad has used," he added. "And I think that is the main source of his popularity." Assad still has enough support not only in Damascus but in the rest of the country as well, and that will allow him to stay in power, at least for some time, political analyst Ahmed Badawi told RT. "Assad seems to still have considerable support everywhere, except of course in the places that have come under heavy fire from his military," he said. "The whole legitimacy question of course is a big dilemma for the regime, but it seems so far that the regime has managed to keep a lot of its legitimacy intact." Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, believes that members of the Free Syrian Army are being trained by special forces from NATO countries . "MI6 and CIA operatives are there," he stated during an interview with RT. "This is from their own sources, incidentally, it's not hearsay, it is actual fact. British special forces have met up with members of the Free Syrian Army and they are training members of the Free Syrian Army from a base in Turkey. British MI6 operatives have reportedly been training the rebels in urban warfare." Originally broadcast on RT, March 15, 2012 http://rt.com/news/syria-pro-assad-rally-damascus-643/
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Open Seeds: Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life
As the world begins to digest the implications of intellectual property for online censorship, another IP issue threatens an even more fundamental part of our daily lives: our food supply. Backed by legal precedent and armed with seemingly inexhaustible lobbying funds, a handful of multinationals are attempting to use patents on life itself to monopolize the biosphere. Find out more about the process of patenting life and what it means for the food supply on this week's GRTV Backgrounder. For complete transcript and sources, please visit: http://www.globalresearch.ca/patenting-the-food-supply-and-the-monopolization-of-the-biosphere/5355452
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Chossudovsky: West Seeks Destruction of Syrian Nation
Michel Chossudovsky, a prominent analyst and director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, says Western powers are after a war of aggression in Syria by supporting and arming insurgents and terrorists, Press TV reports. "It is well-understood that this is not a civil war; this is a war of aggression where forces of some NATO countries have entered the country; I am talking about elite SAS, MI6, US CIA, French and American forces, forces from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, mercenaries... the aggressors are the NATO countries and the FSA [the so-called Free Syrian Army] terrorists are their foot soldiers," Michel Chossudovsky said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday. He went on to say that there is a breakdown of UN diplomacy because "the Secretary General (Ban Ki-moon) is in fact blaming the victims in the name of the aggressors." "He is blaming the victims in the name of the aggressors; it is well-documented that these atrocities directed against the Syrian people have been committed by FSA mercenaries and terrorists and these terrorists are supported by the Western military alliance," the Canadian analyst noted. Chossudovsky further argued that the underlying objective of the actions of the Western powers in Syria is to "destroy the Syrian nation." "What is happening now is a whole series of acts of intimidation, of threats, not to mention economic sanctions. The underlying objective is to destroy a nation; it is to kill a nation, to destabilize its economy, to trigger a humanitarian crisis and then send in the NGOs to pick up the pieces and so on and so forth or send in NATO," he explained. Many people, including large numbers of security forces, have been killed in the turmoil that began in Syria in March 2011. Damascus says outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorists are the driving force behind the unrest and deadly violence, but the opposition accuses the security forces of being behind the killings. The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the armed militants are foreign nationals. Originally aired on Press TV, September 6, 2012 http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/09/06/260187/west-after-war-of-aggression-in-syria/
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Language Imperialism - Dr. Thorsten Pattberg on GRTV
As China, Russia, and the other so-called BRICS nations rise in economic and geopolitical power, interest in these countries' language and culture is increasing in the West. Dr. Thorsten Pattberg of Peking University examines the ways that translation of certain key concepts misrepresents history and culture. This is the GRTV Feature Interview for Global Research TV with host James Corbett and guest Dr. Thorsten Pattberg.
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9/11 Insider Trading - Mark Gaffney on GRTV
As America prepares itself for the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, some of the most vital questions about the financing of those attacks and the monetary anomalies of that day remain unanswered. In a new book on the subject entitled Black 9/11: Money, Motive and Technology, author Mark H. Gaffney tries to shine a light on these important aspects of the day that changed the world forever. Find out more in this week's GRTV Feature Interview.
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The Secret Service on 9/11 - Kevin Ryan on GRTV
Kevin Ryan, a former site manager for Environmental Health Laboratories and a whistleblower on Underwriters' Laboratories involvement in the discredited NIST report on the WTC destruction, joins us to discuss his latest article on the anomalous actions of the secret service on 911, and what it tells us about possible government foreknowledge of the attacks. Read Kevin Ryan's article here: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/03/secret-service-failures-on-911-a-call-for-transparency.html
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Chossudovsky: Turkey Already Waging War on Syria
Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey has told his country to prepare for war against Syria relying on an unproven shelling that landed in Turkey from Syrian territory. The Turkish military has fired mortar shells into Syria for the fourth day in a row after a number of projectiles slammed into the southern border province of Hatay. Press TV has interviewed Michel Chossudovsky, Centre for Research on Globalization, Montreal, about the recent steps Turkey has taken and how the plan for NATO involvement inside Syria may unfold. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview. Press TV: Five days of military strikes and now the Turkish prime minister is calling on his country to prepare for war. With the way things have gone so far, would Turkey had come to this regardless of the mortar that fell in from Syria? Chossudovsky: Well, this has been a hidden agenda for quite some time. The war on Syria is already de-facto because Turkey is supporting the Free Syrian Army; it's training the rebels; it's allowing for the influx of mercenaries through its territory; it is providing logistics to the terrorists inside Syria; and it has Special Forces also within Syrian territory. And I should say that the military high command has concern that it's supporting the Muslim Brotherhood as well involved in insurrection. So the war is de-facto. The incident is being used as a pretext when in fact even according to the Western media, we do not know who is behind this shelling incident inside Turkish territory. The Ankara government blames Damascus; it blames the Syrian armed forces, but if you look at some of the press reports emanating from the New York times on the one hand and the German media, there is absolutely no proof that these shots were actually done by the Syrian governmental forces. And they could have been done by the Free Syrian Army. They could also be used deliberately as a pretext to enable Turkey to proceed to the next phase of this war. Now what is also of course very disturbing is the fact that Turkey as a member of NATO may well invoke Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, which stipulates that an attack on one member is an attack on all members. It's the doctrine of collective security and this might be the first step for a NATO involvement. Press TV: That leads me to my next question, do you think that through this escalation of this conflict we are going to see direct NATO involvement, because we are already getting reports that NATO artillery and weapons are already being used by the Turkish military in their shelling? Chossudovsky: Well, it's clear that Turkey is already involved. Turkey is already involved inside Syria. Now what I think is possible is that Turkey is going to demand the formation of some kind of a buffer zone, which essentially means the occupation of certain border areas of Syria. This has been on the drawing boards of military planners for quite some time. Turkey has territorial aspirations as far as Syria is concerned. But it is more than that. The coast line, which links Turkey to Lebanon and Israel going through Syrian territory. This is also an objective, to gain control over that coastline. In other words, we have to understand that Turkey is a major military power in the region; it is involved in the conflict; it is supporting mercenary fighters inside Syria; and there is the distinct danger of military escalation not only in terms of Turkish regular forces, which are now entering officially into Syrian territory, but also that this might extend to a subsequent NATO involvement under the doctrine of collective security. Originally aired on PressTV, October 8, 2012 http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/10/08/265596/turkey-has-territorial-aspirations-in-syria/
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Fidel Castro's Message Against Nuclear War: Calling for World Peace
October 15, 2010 - TRANSCRIPT: The use of nuclear weapons in a new war would mean the end of humanity. This was candidly foreseen by scientist Albert Einstein who was able to measure their destructive capability to generate millions of degrees of heat, which would vaporize everything within a wide radius of action. This brilliant researcher had promoted the development of this weapon so that it would not become available to the genocidal Nazi regime. Each and every government in the world has the obligation to respect the right to life of each and every nation and of the totality of all the peoples on the planet. Today there is an imminent risk of war with the use of that kind of weapon and I don't harbour the least doubt that an attack by the United States and Israel against the Islamic Republic of Iran would inevitably evolve towards a global nuclear conflict. The World's peoples have an obligation to demand of their political leaders their Right to Live. When the lives of humankind, of your people and your most beloved human beings run such a risk, nobody can afford to be indifferent; not one minute can be lost in demanding respect for that right; tomorrow will be too late. Albert Einstein himself stated unmistakably: "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones". We fully comprehend what he wanted to convey, and he was absolutely right, yet in the wake of a global nuclear war, there wouldn't be anybody around to make use of those sticks and stones. There would be "collateral damage", as the American political and military leaders always affirm, to justify the deaths of innocent people. In a nuclear war the "collateral damage" would be the life of all humanity. Let us have the courage to proclaim that all nuclear or conventional weapons, everything that is used to make war, must disappear! Fidel Castro Ruz October 15, 2010 Delivered during a meeting with Prof. Michel Chossudovsky in Cuba
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Nuclear "Security" and Nuclear Hypocrisy
As the so-called "international community" once again meets to mouth political platitudes about stopping nuclear proliferation, many are now pointing to the numerous pieces of evidence demonstrating that, contrary to their official position, these very governments are invested in the proliferation of nuclear materials and nuclear weapons around the globe. This is the Global Research backgrounder from GRTV.ca
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Real Wealth vs. The Debt Bubble - Catherine Austin Fitts on GRTV
As a former investment banker and Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts spent years learning how the system really works. Now, she spends her time teaching people about that system and how they can invest their time, effort and money in building a system that works to generate real wealth. This is the GRTV Feature Interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest, Catherine Austin Fitts.
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Cynthia McKinney presents to the 9/11 Revisited conference in Kuala Lumpur
Cynthia McKinney, peace activist and former U.S. Congresswoman, presents to the "9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth" conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012.
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India Fingerprinting, Iris Scanning Over One Billion People
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=3783 The Indian government is ramping up efforts to fingerprint and iris scan the entirety of its 1.2 billion citizens in an ambitious scheme to issue national ID cards with biometric details. The plan has so far already enrolled 110 million people and issued 60 million numbers, with the aim of enrolling 200 million by this March and 600 million by 2014. Find out about the history and consequences of biometric ID this week on GRTV - Behind the Headlines.
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FBI Latest Government Agency to Target Social Media
The US Federal Bureau of Investigation posted a Request for Information last month calling on IT companies to demonstrate their ability to design software for monitoring, mapping and analyzing social media. Find out more about the history of government spying and propaganda through social media on this week's edition of Behind the Headlines.
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Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War
As the US and Iranian governments escalate tensions in the already volatile Straits of Hormuz, and China and Russia begin openly questioning Washington's interference in their internal politics, the world remains on a knife-edge of military tension. Far from being a dispassionate observer of these developments, however, the media has in fact been central to increasing those tensions and preparing the public to expect a military confrontation. But as the online media rises to displace the traditional forms by which the public forms its understanding of the world, many are now beginning to see first hand how the media lies the public into war. Learn more about the media manipulations behind the beginning of war in this week's GRTV backgrounder. SOURCES AND TRANSCRIPT: http://www.globalresearch.ca/faking-it-how-the-media-manipulates-the-world-into-war/5336838
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Michel Chossudovsky : Guerres et crise économique 1/5
Conférence du Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation, 4 juillet 2012. Les enjeux de la crise mondiale : austérité, guerres, brutalité policière et mensonge médiatique Conférenciers : - Michel Collon, journaliste belge, auteur de « La Stratégie du Chaos », fondateur d'Investig'Action - Michel Chossudovsky, professeur d'économie (émérite), auteur de « Mondialisation de la pauvreté et nouvel ordre mondial », directeur du Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation - Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, porte-parole de la CLASSE (Coalition large de l'Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ))
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Bowie: Winds of Change: Kim Jong-Un Wants More for North Korea
Following the dismissal of a senior military official said to be opposed to reform, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has announced that the nation will begin to experiment with agricultural and economic reforms. Pyongyang has allegedly created a special bureau to take control of the economy from the military, a significant departure away from Kim Jong-Il's "Military-First Policy". Reports issued by the Bank of Korea based in Seoul have confirmed that North Korea's real annual GDP has increased by 0.8% in 2011, a significant shift away from previous years of economic deterioration. As China increases investment in North Korea in the form of Special Economic Zones and private enterprise, Beijing has led initiatives to develop the nation's vast mineral resources, valued at $6.1 trillion. Prior to his death, former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il visited Russia to finalize agreements with Gazprom, a Russian state-run natural gas-exporter, to construct a pipeline connecting Russia, North Korea and South Korea, giving Pyongyang an estimated $100 million in annual transit fees. Originally aired on RT, July 21, 2012 http://youtu.be/9rDEdAyTcg8
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James Corbett presents to the 9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth conference in Kuala Lumpur
James Corbett, editor of The Corbett Report, presents to the "9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth" conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012.
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The Air Defense on 9/11: Anomalies and Questions
The systematic failure of every level of the US air defense on the morning of September 11th provides one of the clearest "smoking guns" in the full complicity of key elements of the US government and defense department in those attacks. In his new peer-reviewed article published at the Journal of 9/11 Studies, author and researcher Paul Schreyer outlines many of these key anomalies and the way they have been carefully covered up by the so-called 9/11 investigations. This is the GRTV Feature Interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest, Paul Schreyer. Find out more in this week's GRTV Feature Interview
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Rozoff: US Targeting Independent Governments
UN Security Council members and representatives from Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey have held a meeting toward resolving the Syrian crisis. Press TV has interviewed Rick Rozoff, Manager, Stop NATO, Chicago about the Geneva meeting and the participant nations that were permitted to attend. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview. Press TV: Look at the rights records of the participants at the meeting in Geneva particularly that of the US, it's hard to believe that their only concern is human rights. Can you tell us how regime change in Syria may benefit every participant in that conference? Rozoff: Well, certainly not every participant, but you are correct in implying that the participation in the Geneva meeting - this so-called action group - was heavily weighed against Syria and against the interests of international law. For example, the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council include three founding members of NATO - the US, France and Britain who are hardly impartial or disinterested parties. And that in addition to the non-permanent Security Council members invited, three out of the four were clearly interested parties - I'm talking about Turkey, Qatar and Kuwait. Arguably only Iraq was a fair or impartial participant from the region. The fact that Iran was excluded from the talks is a travesty of course even after Russia insisted that to participate. And of course the European Union participated on behalf of the European members of the NATO alliance. And even the Arab League one could argue has been undermined and effectively taken over by a very limited number of Arab States - I'm talking about the six members of the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council including the two in attendance, Kuwait and Qatar. So, this was hardly an impartial or a representative meeting of nations and organizations, it was rather a US-dominated forum in which Russia and China stuck to their position arguing against of course external - and we're talking for the most part Western - interference in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. That is an inviolable principle and one that is being violated on a daily basis by the US and its allies Press TV: What is the situation on the ground there? Hillary Clinton says that Assad has to go because he does not pass a 'mutual consent test'. For how long do you think Assad will be able to absorb such huge pressure and remain in power? Rozoff: That's a question I am unable to answer. I can only say that should the West with its local allies and clients and I'm speaking about Turkey and the [Persian] Gulf States - the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council States, succeed in overthrowing yet another government in the Arab world and I'm of course alluding to the precedent last year in Libya, this will not mark the end of this. Any government that has a foreign policy orientation that's independent and principled will be targeted. This will not be the last president of a sovereign state that Hillary Clinton orders to step down as she did last year in the Ivory Coast and Libya if you'll recollect and as she may well do tomorrow in any number of other countries from Belarus to Venezuela. The fact is there at last appears a substance or perhaps a polarity of the population that prefers stability and the nation remaining intact to the latest effort by Western powers, the US in the first place, to not only topple the government - that's the explicit intent by the US and its allies by the way, France and Britain most prominently - is to topple the government and have implanted a subservient client regime in the Middle East. Should they succeed in that, it would be catastrophe for the Syrian people and the Middle East and for the Arab world as a whole. Originally aired on PressTV, July 1, 2012 http://www.presstv.ir/detail/248876.html
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Chossudovsky: US and NATO to Blame for Syria Violence
The US voices outrage at the Syrian Army's success in clearing Syria's largest city of Aleppo of anti-Damascus armed groups. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Sunday that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lost all legitimacy by attacking the armed groups in the city. This is while Syrian security forces are clearing more areas across the country of militants. The United States has said it is enlarging its assistance to Syria's fractured opposition. Also, according to Reuters, the White House will soon authorize greater covert assistance to the armed gangs. Washington has already thrown its support behind Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey for arming the Syrian opposition. Press TV has conducted an interview with Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of Centre for Research on Globalization, to further discuss the issue. For interview transcript, visit: http://edition.presstv.ir/detail/253532.html Originally aired on PressTV, July 30, 2012 http://edition.presstv.ir/detail/253532.html
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Chossudovsky: The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 Uncut
Ten years have passed since the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001, and there are still many unanswered questions surrounding that fateful day. In 2011, experts and scientists from around the world gathered in Toronto, Canada to present new and established evidence that questions the official story of 9/11. This evidence was presented to a distinguished panel of experts over a 4-day period. Through their analysis and scientific investigations, they hope to spark a new investigation into the attacks of September 11, 2001. This video features the full presentation by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal, Canada. Press For Truth and The International Center for 9/11 Studies Present: "The Toronto Hearings on 9/11: Uncovering Ten Years of Deception" Produced by: Steven Davies Dan Dicks Bryan Law An over 5-hour DVD, with comprehensive coverage of the 4 day Toronto Hearings from September 2011. Featuring expert witness testimony from: David Ray Griffin Richard Gage David Chandler Kevin Ryan Niels Harrit Barbara Honegger Peter Dale Scott Graeme MacQueen Jonathan Cole Cynthia McKinney ...and many more! For more information and to order a copy of the full DVD, visit: https://store.globalresearch.ca/store/the-toronto-hearings-on-911-uncovering-ten-years-of-deception/ Video originally posted by Press for Truth: http://youtu.be/sPIfgmuN4ns
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The Euro Crisis: Origins and Consequences with David L. Smith
As ECB chief Mario Draghi announces an unlimited bond buyback program to prop up the faltering Euro, and as the German supreme court rules that the European Stability Mechanism is constitutional, all eyes are once again on Europe. Now, analysts like David L. Smith are explaining the origins of the crisis and its likely consequences to an increasingly concerned public. Find out more in this week's GRTV Feature Interview.
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Chossudovsky: Western Countries Sabotage Syria Peace Plans
US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says, if elected, he would work with the US allies to arm the insurgents fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. This comes as a group of Syrian political parties have held a forum in the country's capital, Damascus, to discuss a peaceful solution to the unrest in the Arab state. The participants of the meeting said political dialogue, national reconciliation and fighting terrorism are the sole means to restoring security. The Syrian figures reiterated that their country is entangled in an international conspiracy by some Arab and Western countries, adding that the unity of the Syrians would foil any plots. The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the insurgents are foreign nationals, mostly from Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. Press TV has conducted an interview with Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, from Montreal, to further discuss the issue. The following is a rough transcription of the interview. Press TV: When Romney says that Washington's ambition is to impose American values in Syria, what do you think American values imply exactly? Chossudovsky: Well, I'm a little bit confused as to Romney's interpretation of Western values. For me, Western values actually come from Mesopotamia. They come from the ancient Aramaic language which is still spoken in Syria. That is the cradle of Western civilization. That's where Christianity was born. That's where both the New Testament and the Old Testament were written and formulated in Aramaic. And Aramaic is still spoken in Syria. If Romney wants to support Western values, it's not by channeling weapons to al-Qaeda and to an opposition which is integrated by terrorists and which, ultimately, these military formations reject what I understand as Western values -- which are the values of the Western world but also of the Middle East. Press TV: We've earlier discussed the possibility of a full-scale military intervention by NATO in Syria, starting off with Turkey first getting involved. We're already seeing shelling across the border. Right now, as these countries beat the drums of war against Syria, where is the UN Arab League Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi? Where is the so-called six-point peace plan that was put forth by Kofi Annan? Chossudovsky: Well, it would seem that the same Western countries which have put forth these peace plans are now involved in, ultimately, boycotting or undermining these peace plans. Turkey has threatened military intervention in Syria based on very tenuous evidence that Syrian armed forces shelled a border city inside Turkish territory. The New York Times says that there's no evidence one way or the other as to who actually committed these acts of shelling. Turkey is already within Syrian territory, supporting the rebels, providing them with weapons and so on. I should mention that there's a lot of opposition inside Turkey to any kind of military adventure which could lead to a full-fledged war with Syria. Press TV: Let's hope cooler heads prevail. Originally aired on PressTV, October 9, 2012 http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/10/09/265761/west-sabotages-syrian-peace-plan/
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Chossudovsky: "War on Iran would mean World War III"
The military build-up and economic sanctions against Iran are designed to unleash a global war from the Mediterranean to China with unpredictable consequences, warns Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization. Tensions between Iran and the West are close to crisis level. With massive help from the western media, Iran has firmly become embedded as the root of all evil in the minds of many westerners. The author of the book Towards a World War Three Scenario, The Dangers of Nuclear War told RT that "The issue of Iran's nuclear weapons is a red herring, but this red herring could lead us to a WWIII scenario." He also recalled all the American military bases with nuclear weapons close to Iran's borders. Michel Chossudovsky recalled that a couple of weeks ago, America's Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta quite categorically stated to CBS that Iran neither possesses, nor is developing nuclear weapons. Panetta did not rule out that there are still diplomatic means to cut Iran's Gordian knot. But considering the US military preparations around Iran, this statement rather looks like a deceptive maneuver. Last week, EU nations adopted an unprecedented set of sanctions against the Islamic Republic.. These include a complete embargo on oil supplies from Iran, and are expected to come into force in July. "What we are witnessing here is a build-up towards a military confrontation. These sanctions constitute the staging of a military agenda," feels Michel Chossudovsky. "In turn, we have massive deployment of US military hardware, troops going to Israel to be stationed in Israel, more troops go to Kuwait, [American] naval forces are entering the Persian Gulf." Michel Chossudovsky believes that "What the United States wants now, including its allies, is some kind of a green light which will give a human face to a war." On Monday, the UN nuclear inspectors started a three-day mission to examine Iran's atomic activities. Tehran says the talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency, the first in more than three years, will prove its nuclear program is purely peaceful. With the visit of the IAEA inspectors, Iran is playing a diplomatic card, believes Chossudovsky. The IAEA is not politically controlled, so once it confirms Iran's nuclear program has peaceful purposes, this should undermine the aggressive intentions of the West. The US needs a contrary statement from the IAEA to use this for transition to a new -- military -- stage in the Iran drama. "This war has already started. There are drone attacks, there are special [American] forces inside Iran and there is financial warfare," considers Michel Chossudovsky. Plans to invade Iran emerged immediately after the invasion of Iraq, Chossudovsky informs, with military preparations begun around 2005, so by now everything should be ready and in place for a full-scale military conflict. "The WWIII scenario is unthinkable. This war would extend from the Meditarranean to the Chinese border. It could possibly include Russia and China," Michel Chossudovsky concluded. "We could find ourselves at a very critical crossroads." Originally aired on RT, January 29, 2012 http://rt.com/news/us-iran-ww3-chossudovsky-025/
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GMO Foods: Science, PR, and Public Backlash
In the face of yet more scientific evidence of the adverse health effects of genetically modified foods, country after country is working to ban, limit or restrict the cultivation and testing of GM crops. But as the biotech giants gear up the PR war against their opponents, the question of what people can do to avoid GMO foods is becoming more important than ever. Find out more about this topic in this week's GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV. TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.globalresearch.ca/genetically-modified-foods-and-pr-wars-fighting-against-biotech-giants/5353538
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Mass Panic Over Bird Flu Experiments
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=3640 The US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity made the unprecedented decision last month to call for the censorship of a pair of papers in scientific journals that describe how to make a novel, human transmissible form of bird flu that could kill unprecedented numbers of people. Find out about the history of the US government and biowarfare research in this week's installment of GRTV Behind the Headlines.
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Panel Discussion at the 9/11 Revisited Conference in Malaysia
Prof. Gurdial Singh Nijar of the University of Malaya leads a panel discussion on how to prosecute the war crimes of 9/11 at the "9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth" conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012.
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Chossudovsky: Iran and the Globalization of War
"Iran and the Globalization of War" with Michel Chossudovsky. Recent developments in the Middle East including the wider implications of the destabilization of the entire area; the current global war as a different kind of conquest than that of World War I and II; US military deployment in the area; the role of Israel; Iranian Defenses; US war planning and war scenarios since 2003 concerning the nation of Iran, including Austere Challenge 12, Theatre Iran Near Term, Global Strike 2003, Concept Plan 8022, and Vigilant Shield; the effect of sanctions; and The Responsibility To Protect. Visit http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=25185 for more info "Guns & Butter" investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics. Maintaining a radical perspective in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, "Guns & Butter: The Economics of Politics" reports on who wins and who loses when the economic resources of civil society are diverted toward global corporatization, war, and the furtherance of a national security state. Produced and hosted by Bonnie Faulkner Originally aired on KPFA, January 18, 2012 http://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/77020
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Schett: US/NATO Proxy War in Syria Follows Precedent Set in Bosnia
In the wake of recent violent clashes in the Syrian capital Damascus, the country's government has accused Western powers of assisting Qatar and Saudi Arabia with supporting and financing terrorism and further militarizing the region. While accusations abound on purported weapons shipments and the training of insurgents, it is clear that Western involvement in Syria appears to follow a precedent set years ago during NATO intervention in the war in Bosnia, when weapons were being covertly shipped into the region despite an official arms embargo. According to Benjamin Schett, an independent political researcher based in Vienna, "It might be a repetition of this game in Syria." This proxy war with Western powers is being waged amid speculation that Syria is being turned into a terrorist hub and as Schett confirms, "There is an interest in turning Syria into big chaos." But claims that Syria's government is bombing its own people and security buildlings don't add up. As Schett explains, "I think that doesn't sound very plausible because the ongoing destablization and increase of sectarian violence in Syria is not so much in the interest of Assad but more in the interest of the insurgents in order to provoke harsh reactions from the Syrian government troops, which finally could provoke foreign intervention." Originally aired on RT, March 19, 2012
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David Swanson: Atrocities of War: Video of US Marines Creates Outrage
As Washington attempts to limit the damage done by the now-infamous YouTube video which apparently depicts US marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters, critics say such actions are the inevitable outcome of an unjustified war. As US defense secretary Leon Panetta condemned the footage "in the strongest possible terms," Afghan President Hamid Karzai released a statement on Thursday calling the alleged desecration of the dead bodies "completely inhumane." With Karzai imploring the US military to punish those responsible, Panetta promised "those found to have engaged in such conduct will be held accountable to the fullest extent." The Pentagon further stated it was still in the process of identifying the four soldiers who mockingly urinated on the slain fighters while a fifth one stood back and filmed the incident. But while the Pentagon attempts to fight off claims that there are systemic problems in the American military, David Swanson, author and campaigner at rootsaction.org, told RT the latest scandal is not an isolated incident. "This is not a group of four or five sociopaths who somehow made it through screening and got into deployment in the service of the United States. This is the result of the inevitable training that is necessary to get men and women to take part in a war that is not defensive, that has no reasonable moral or legal justification." In fact, Swanson argues that scandals like this can actually lead people to overlook greater injustices being committed. "My outrage in particular is in the fact that these soldiers have apparently murdered these people and the scandal is that they are urinating on them. The hatred that is necessary to get people to do such a thing is necessary to motivate soldiers to fight in a war that has no other credible rationale. The war itself is an atrocity, and so we pick out these particular atrocities and we get outraged. But we don't look at the underlying fact, and we end up with this incredibly bizarre phenomenon of being upset that someone is peeing on a body that he has killed." Originally aired on RT, January 12, 2012 http://rt.com/news/taliban-marines-urination-scandal-651/ Also availalbe on David Swanson's website, War Is A Crime: http://warisacrime.org/content/video-i-discussed-our-brave-troops-urination-practices-rt
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Interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad  08.11.2012 (French subtitles)
In an exclusive interview with RT, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that Syria is not going through a civil war, but rather a different kind of war -- terrorism through proxies. Assad told RT that the West creates scapegoats as enemies -- from communism, to Islam, to Saddam Hussein. He accused Western countries of aiming to turn him into their next enemy. While mainstream media outlets generally report on the crisis as a battle between Assad and Syrian opposition groups, the president claims that his country has been infiltrated by numerous terrorist proxy groups fighting on behalf of other powers. In the event of a foreign invasion of Syria, Assad warned, the fallout would be too dire for the world to bear. Full transcript available on RT: http://rt.com/news/assad-interview-exclusive-syria-265/ Originally aired on RT, November 8, 2012 http://youtu.be/pdH4JKjVRyA
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Going After Guns: 'You can't have police state and armed population"
President Barack Obama has made a move towards stronger gun control in the U.S. The proposal comes after the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school that took the lives of 26 people, including 20 children. For more analysis on the gun-control debate in the U.S., RT talks to Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. Originally aired on RT, December 19, 2012 http://rt.com/usa/news/obama-support-ban-assault-326/
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America's Pacific Century: Containing China
Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, President of the International Movement for a Just World analyses a wide variety of issues including the emerging BRICS nations, the crisis in Syria, and the implications of Washington's policy shift to the Asia-Pacific region. In January 2012, US President Barack Obama unveiled the 2012 Defense Strategic Guidance report, entitled, "Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense," which confirmed America's plans to drastically increase its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region to counter China, now the world's second-largest economy. Following a speech by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta at the eleventh annual Shangri-La Dialogue defense summit in Singapore calling for the expansion of American alliances with defense treaty partners in the Asia-Pacific such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea and Thailand, the United States would announce its plans to reposition 60% of its navy to the region by 2020. The increasing militarization of the Asia Pacific highlights a growing emphasis on containing China, in a move to enhance Washington's presence in one of the most economically viable parts of the world.
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Japan Backpedals on Plan to Phase Out Nuclear Power
Last week, Japan surprised the world by announcing that it plans to abandon atomic energy completely by the 2030s. But now in an abrupt turnaround, the Japanese Cabinet appears to be backpedaling on that decision, dropping any mention of the 2030s deadline in its approval of Japan's new energy policy. Find out more in this edition of "Behind The Headlines" from GRTV.
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Richard Gage Presents to the 9/11 Revisited conference in Kuala Lumpur
Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth presents to the "9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth" conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012.
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Michel Chossudovsky : Guerres et crise économique 4/5
Conférence du Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation, 4 juillet 2012. Les enjeux de la crise mondiale : austérité, guerres, brutalité policière et mensonge médiatique Conférenciers : - Michel Collon, journaliste belge, auteur de « La Stratégie du Chaos », fondateur d'Investig'Action - Michel Chossudovsky, professeur d'économie (émérite), auteur de « Mondialisation de la pauvreté et nouvel ordre mondial », directeur du Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation - Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, porte-parole de la CLASSE (Coalition large de l'Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ))
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The Economic Collapse and the Neoliberal Onslaught
For decades, the IMF and the World Bank have used the cover of development and restructuring to plunder and loot the developing world. Now, as these institutions begin to set their sights on the struggling economies of Europe and other developed countries, economics professor and Global Research editor Michel Chossudovsky breaks down the true history of the economic crisis and the international financial structure. Find out more about the origins of the economic collapse and its consequences in this week's GRTV Feature Interview.
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Bowie: The Truth on Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program
Nile Bowie is an independent writer and photojournalist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; he regularly contributes to Tony Cartalucci's Land Destroyer Report and Professor Michel Chossudovsky's Global Research Twitter: @NileBowie As posted on Global Research: (http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=31035) Istanbul hosted so-called P5+1 countries. They include the five permanent Security Council members - America, Russia, China, Britain, and France - plus Germany. Iran participated in good faith. Its delegation came with little hope hardline Western views would soften. On April 14, both sides agreed to more talks in Baghdad on May 23. At issue isn't Iran's nuclear program. Tehran's a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) signatory. It complies fully with provisions. No evidence suggests otherwise. Nonetheless, bogus accusations persist. Iran won't relinquish its legal rights. Washington remains hardline and obstructionist. An unnamed US official called May 23 talks "very difficult." Both sides continued on Thursday. A possible Geneva June round was discussed. On May 24, the Washington Post headlined "Iran nuclear talks continue on second day," saying: Talks resumed Thursday "amid fading hopes that these latest negotiations would help ease tensions over Tehran's disputed nuclear program." As explained above and numerous previous times, Iran's program complies fully with international law obligations. Washington's the problem, not Tehran. Originally aired on RT, May 24, 2012
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Draitser: Israel's Deadly 'Monopoly of Force' in Gaza
Israel's carried out a wave of deadly rocket attacks on Gaza - and warned that a ground operation is also on the table. The attacks, in response to rocket fire from Gaza, killed at least 10 Palestinians, including the military leader of Hamas. Eric Draitser, a geopolitical analyst for Stop Imperialism.com, thinks Israel's actions are disproportionate, and the violence will spill over beyond Gaza's borders. He sees the attack as fitting in with the pre-election campaign to influence Israel's general election. "The timing of the attack is not a coincidence. Even though Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seen as the only option, he was also pushing hard for Romney to win," Draitser told RT. "And now this attack could be one of the ways Netanyahu is trying to exercise his own power in the country, showing that Israel is not weak and that the administration will push forward with this imperialistic agenda no matter who won the US election." Originally aired on RT, November 15, 2012 http://rt.com/news/israel-gaza-strike-election-758/
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Harper's Foreign Policy - Yves Engler on GRTV
While Canada enjoys a reputation as a peacekeeper on the world stage, its history proves it to be anything but. In his new book "The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper's Foreign Policy," author and activist Yves Engler explores how the Harper government is trying to further militarize Canada and create a change in perception of Canada's foreign policy. Find out more in this week's GRTV Feature Interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest, Yves Engler.
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Schett: Syrian Opposition Studies Terror Tactics in Kosovo
The same horrors that were witnessed during the war in Kosovo are now apparently being prepared for the multi-confessional Syrian population by Islamist Syrian Liberation Army trained in Muslim Kosovo in the middle of Europe. The Syrian Liberation Army group that actually formed the delegation to Kosovo has been fighting with the Syrian government for over a year now. This stand-off has claimed well over 9,000 lives, about half of them Syrian servicemen, law enforcers and officials. Lately, the militants have been squeezed out of the Syrian cities and their positions along the Syrian-Turkish border. Being unable to turn the tide independently, the Syrian Liberation Army has been addressing to its foreign sponsors to start a military intervention into Syria to topple President Bashar Assad. However, researcher and GlobalResearch.ca contributor Benjamin Schett told RT the Syrian rebels would not learn much in terms of military tactics from the KLA. "The so-called Kosovo Liberation Army -- this terrorist group -- had in fact already been defeated by the Serbian army in 1998." Schett says that once Serbia agreed on a ceasefire, pulled back troops, and let in OSCE observers, the KLA used this situation to intensify their attacks so as to provoke a military reaction. He continued that by presenting themselves as freedom fighters and victims to the Western media, the KLA secured a Western intervention in March 1999 after they staged a fake massacre in Račak. Schett believes the Syrian rebels would go to Kosovo for knowledge in public relations techniques. He says despite their lack of military prowess, they were adept at making the Western public believe they were fighting for a justified cause amid reports they had committed a slew of war crimes and human rights abuses. In 1998-1999 Kosovo separatists started an armed conflict with Belgrade to split the Kosovo region from Serbia. The war in the region was marked with mass atrocities and executions of the civilian population. Most of the Serbs that used to live in Kosovo became refugees. In 2008, 10 years after the beginning of armed conflict with Serbia, Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed independence from Belgrade. Kosovo's independence has been recognized by leading Western countries, most members of NATO and countries associated with the bloc. Originally aired on RT, May 4, 2012 http://rt.com/news/syrian-opposition-studies-terror-tactics-in-kosovo-585/
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Islam & the Politics of Hegemony
GRTV speaks to Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), about the unrest sweeping the Islamic world in response to "The Innocence of Muslims" film and its relation to Western hegemony. Interview conducted by Nile Bowie.
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Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois : Lutte étudiante et enjeux économiques 2/3
Conférence du Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation, 4 juillet 2012. Les enjeux de la crise mondiale : austérité, guerres, brutalité policière et mensonge médiatique Conférenciers : - Michel Collon, journaliste belge, auteur de « La Stratégie du Chaos », fondateur d'Investig'Action - Michel Chossudovsky, professeur d'économie (émérite), auteur de « Mondialisation de la pauvreté et nouvel ordre mondial », directeur du Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation - Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, porte-parole de la CLASSE (Coalition large de l'Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ))
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Dr. Mahathir Mohamad opens the 9/11 Revisited Conference in Kuala Lumpur
Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, president of the Perdana Global Peace Foundation and former Prime Minister of Malaysia, opens the "9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth" conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012.
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The NDAA: Just one more link in the chain of tyranny
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=3719 With the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act into law, more Americans than ever before are wondering how the country could have descended so quickly into a police state. Far from a unique or isolated act, however, the NDAA is just the latest entry in a long list of steps toward the codification of outright martial law. Find out more about the history of this agenda in this week's GRTV Backgrounder
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Friend Turned Foe: Turkey Rounds on Syria in Regional Power Bid
Turkey, Syria's neighbor and long-time ally, is now taking an active role in attempts to dethrone Assad. Ankara is backing Western actions, reportedly providing a base for training Syrian rebels and even discussing a no-fly zone with the US. ­Back in 2002 Turkey, strictly following its newly-designed "zero problems with neighbors" foreign policy, was engaged in building strong economic, political, and social ties with neighboring countries. Everything was going to plan until the Arab Spring hit the region. Turkey faced a choice: to maintain its policy of engagement with authoritarian Arab leaders, or to take a different path. And Syria became the country which felt the full force of Ankara's policy u-turn when Turkey came out in support of Syria's opposition and aligned itself with the country's staunch enemy -- the US. Turkey found itself in the frontline of the Syrian crisis last June when thousands of Syrians poured across its border, fleeing a government crackdown on the town of Jisr-al-Shughour. At the time, the Red Crescent said it was caring for 30,000 refugees in camps just inside Turkish territory. Threats of the conflict spilling into Turkey caused Ankara to consider sending troops into Syria to create a buffer zone. In the event, it was not deemed necessary, but the tensions did not help relations between the two neighbors. Turkey claimed that the Syrian crisis could not be resolved through negotiations, that Bashar al-Assad could no longer be trusted, and started to act. Turkey has suspended energy cooperation with Syria and threatened to stop supplying electricity to the country. It followed the Arab League and announced a raft of punitive measures targeting President Bashar al-Assad's regime, provoking Damascus to suspend its free trade pact with Ankara. As a result, cross border trade ground to a halt; flourishing commercial links between northern Syria and south-eastern Turkey were severed as if they had never existed. Reports about American and NATO forces training Syrian rebels in the southeastern Turkish city of Hakkari added more fuel to the fire. And according to PressTV reports quoted in the Turkish daily Milliyet, former FBI employee Sibel Edmonds has said the bureau started a training program in Turkey back in May. She also mentioned that the US was involved in smuggling arms into Syria from Incirlik military base in Turkey in addition to providing financial support for the Syrian rebels. Russia's Kommersant daily also reported in November on operations being managed from Turkish territory. Meanwhile, rebel groups that attack government forces have frequently fled retribution by crossing the Turkish border. And finally, the most recent move from Turkey -- discussions with the US about a no-fly zone over Syria, in what looks suspiciously like a Libya-style scenario. Nikolay Patrushev, head of the Security Council of Russia, said on January 13 that the United States and Turkey -- both NATO members -- were discussing the possibility of a no-fly zone. ­From 'Zero Problem Policy' to Regional Leadership ­Back in 2003, Turkey and Syria entered a golden era of bilateral relations, with a free trade agreement, a visa-free regime and several presidential visits. The border areas became especially close -- families living on both sides felt they shared a common home. To switch from "a zero-problem policy" with your neighbors to a "problem-creating position," you need good reason. And Turkey seems to have few. Geographically, politically and religiously, Turkey has always been the crossing point of decidedly-different worlds. Ankara has long harbored ambitions to be the region's powerful, leading state. But the influence of Iran, Israel and Egypt complicated Turkey's path to its goal. The Arab Spring has significantly shifted the years-long balance of power in the Middle East. Everyone has become weaker -- everyone except Turkey which, on the contrary, has significantly increased its influence in the Middle East and North Africa. "Turkey wants to be leading this movement of changes and reforms in the Middle East," Dr. Jeremy Salt, a Middle East politics expert, told RT. "This is a kind of cohabitation between America and Turkey: Turkey helps America in exchange for some stuff. This is how Turkey becomes more and more influential in the region," echoes political science professor Gokhan Bacik. The road Turkey is now following may look slippery, but no matter how dangerous its choice may be, there seems to be no way back. Originally aired on RT, January 18, 2012 http://rt.com/news/turkey-syria-neighbors-policy-077/
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