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Max D, Freestyle, Reno Nevada
Tom Meents and Max D's winning Freestyle run at Reno Monster Jam. Tom Won Racing, 2 Wheel, Donuts and Freestyle! Clean sweep on his first appearance in Reno! March 9th, 2018
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VW Bug dirt car.
This is the first time I have ever seen a VW Beetle (classic) race at a dirt track. A majority of tracks won't allow these. And this car showed why, He Dominated! Coos Bay Speedway, June 4th 2016
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Reno Monster Jam 2013
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Hornet Main Event start
7/30/16 Douglas County Speedway in Roseburg Oregon
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2018 NNKC Enduro PIT LANE Rules
Basic Tour of the Pit Lane before the Inaugural Enduro at Northern Nevada Kart Club. (Desert Park Raceway) REMEMBER DO NOT CROSS THE YELLOW. haha Have fun! Let's go racing! Merge. https://www.nnkcreno.com/
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Street Stock Smackdown (1/2)
The Street Stock Smackdown at Douglas County Speedway in Roseburg, Oregon. 7/30/16
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Bomber on the Rocks
Evyn driving his Axial Bomber on the course at Next Level RC in Roseburg Oregon. I decided to film it. Cause we were having fun. Axial. Bomber. Crawler. RC. Rocks.
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Mutant Freestyle run -Reno, Nevada
Monster Jam at the Livestock event center in Reno, Nevada. Fun night
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V6 Mustang Straight Pipe
2007 Ford Mustang 4.0l V6 with muffler removed. Due to the exhaust design it's basically a Straight pipe. All that's left are the Catalytic Converters at the Engine! Crazy difference and it only takes 20 minutes to do. WARNING, Droning is very annoying when in too high of a gear, and freeway speed. But this is how you make a V6 a V8! #Ford #CrowdControl
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NNKC LO206 Battle!
Northern Nevada Kart Club Race #1 of 2017. This is Heat 2. (Only race I filmed) Although there were only 6 of us, All of us were incredibly close, Racing around like a Freight Train! Had a Ton of Fun! One of the best 3rd Places I ever raced for. Mix of Sr. LO206 and Heavy LO206. Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeaudoinMotorsports/ And on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Beaudoin_Racing nnkcreno.com for more info on the track.
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SR. LO206 KPX Prairie City, Pre-Final 2018
Well, That was fast. Qualified 18th, near mid pack, should have just started in the back but I figured Regional Drivers could drive. I was wrong. Oh Well, Bent the Left Front Tie Rod. Finished 22nd out of 26 in this race. #KPX #CalifornianDrivers #INVADER
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NNKC Race 2- Heat 1
What a day! Beautiful weather, Fast Karts and Great racing! This is Heat 1 for the 2nd Race of 2017 Ran a decent race, then threw it away and had a Great fight to the finish! (Race excites at 5:50) I Lost the Battle, but Won the War. Won The Main Event by nearly 9 Seconds. (I was in Cruise control, #13 spun on the first lap) Follow Beaudoin Motorsports on Twitter and Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/BeaudoinMotorsports/ https://twitter.com/Beaudoin_Racing NNKCReno.com for more info on the Racing!
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Infamous Track 7! NNKC Practice
Infamous Track 7 layout at Desert Park Raceway!
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DURABILITY TEST! NNKC Race 5, Heat 2, 2018
Chassis snaps on Turn 5 Curb Jump on Lap 1. and I Literally mean "Snapped." the Left Rear of the Kart was disconnected from the Right Rear. Photos on our FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/BeaudoinMotorsports/ But as you can tell, I was still able to drive it like a mad man! Kart developed a wicked push, felt like it had no steering, metal and seat were dragging, but I survive the Heat, we put a support Brace from the Axle Carrier to the Seat made some chassis adjustments and I raced the Main! #95 #INVADER #KeepKartingFun
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Masters KPX Main event at NNKC
Absolute Down pour! Day started off well. But the weather quickly turned, everyone went on Rain tires. Wrecked my day, but my dad did great! #51 finished 8th at the end of it all. Quite a crazy first regional race for us! Hosted by the Northern Nevada Kart Club P.s. and No I could not hold the camera still. My hands were frozen.
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(P1/2) Fibercraft BBQ and Meet! VW's!
FiberCraft is Located in Reno, Nevada. Got a Classic VW? Need parts? They're your 1 stop shop for Everything Vdub!
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(P2/2) FiberCraft BBQ and Meet! VW'S!
Part 2 of the first video. LOTS OF BACK FIRE. Us water cooled VW Guys are a different breed. Haha. So many more VW's I didn't get on camera, it was a big meet!
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"NASCARLO" Coos Bay Speedway, OR. June 4th, 2016
If you've ever watched Motor Trends Youtube channel, you'll have seen the "Nascarlo" on RoadKill. Well, I found another one. And it races against Modifieds. It got 5th in the end of it.
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How To: Clean car rims!
This is a quick little video that I took while cleaning my rims hope you enjoy it! https://youtu.be/u-TNsO33eqQ Chris Fix, how to paint wheels (Scotch brite pad, not sure why I said Emory Cloth) I am not liable for anything you do that messes up your rims or you freeze your hands cause you take a video while it's this cold out but I enjoyed doing it, and you can do it too! at your own risk
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RACING INCIDENT! Heat Race 2, NNKC Race #5 Sr. LO206
Well, This was a dim spot on a Sunny day. I think we have all come to terms that it was a Racing incident. #13 went onto the curb in turn 2, got loose behind #22, and well we were all running nose to tail, and my bumper went under his a bit and around he went. First wreck we've had together! But it was okay though, I let him win the 1st heat and the Main Event. (I pulled off the track due to injured back flaring up and hurting ribs/hips)
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Grave Digger Wheelies
Grave Digger driven by Pablo Huffaker at the Livestock event center in Reno, Nevada. Wheelie competition!
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Mini Stock Main Event Start
Great start to what ended up being a great race! 7/30/16 Douglas County Speedway in Roseburg Oregon
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Wrong Place, Wrong time. TWICE! NNKC Race 4, Heat 1 2018
Race #4 of 7 or Northern Nevada Kart Clubs 2018 Season. 7/15/18 Ugh... What else can I say? Uphill battle all day. #95 #Invader #KeepKartingFun
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Tom Meents Max D, 2 Wheel Competition, Reno Nevada
Tom Meents showing some INSANE skills piloting Max D to an Easy "2 Wheel Competition" win in Reno, Nevada. March 9th, 2018 Tom Would eventually win Racing, 2 Wheel, Donuts, and Freestyle. Completing a 1st day sweep of all the events! First time in 25 years he's been to Reno!
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KPX Reno 2017 Sr. LO206
I Present to you... SHAKE CAM! Sponsored by the idiots at IKF, or whoever made it a rule "No Camera's on Helmets." Boy is that a stupid rule. Guess what happens when you mount the camera to the kart with no suspension? IT F***ING SHAKES. Thanks again. On to the race, not that you can tell what's going on, I had too much grip and was off the pace. Made for a LONG day. Eventually the kart bounced off the track with 2 to go, and I decided "I don't care" so I pulled off the track. Sorry Cone. Back to Club Racing, way more fun. The GO PRO cut the races up so this is the end of the Main Event for Senior LO206, And yes, That kart really did Drive over the 18.
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Final 4 lap Shoot Out for Hobby stocks!
Absolutely crazy final laps during the Hobby Stock Main event at Rattlesnake Raceway in Fallon Nevada! Watch that 16 year old go! #Talent
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1000 UTV Start in Reno
Lucas Oil Offroad at Wild West Motorsports park
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Whoops! KPX Rd 4 Monterey Bay Karters Final 2018
7/22/2018 Senior LO206 Final for KPX at Monterey. Plan was to hang back, let any crashes happen, and drive through them. welp, nobody crashed. tried to race up through the back of the field, made a solid pass on kart during the switchbacks, but then either 1. I got pushed 2. I locked the brakes 3. #15 checked up early and I ended up tapping his rear bumper, sending him sideways thus blocking the road for me. Engine stalled, got it started, lost so much time, it was impossible to make it back up, sooooo I channeled the inner #HOONIGAN in me and tried to drift all the corners around the track. eventually the leaders caught me, so I pitted. It was fun, but disappointing too. Oh well, back to club! #95 #INVADER #KPX
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Mod Kart Start in Reno
Lucas Oil Offroad at Wildwest Motorsports park
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Fighting for every spot. NNKC Race 4, Heat 2 2018
4th race of 7 in the 2018 Northern Nevada Kart Club season Had to start from 12th after the first Heat Mayhem, Started getting desperate to make up time. I will be getting a new front bumper for next race....
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Heat 1, NNKC Race #5 Sr. LO206
Well it was a good day! Got my speed back, after that disappointing run for KPX. Made some great adjustments on Saturday and woke the kart right up! This is Heat 1, Qualifying was a P-Pick, so we all drew a number out of a cup and there ya go! I got 2nd. not too bad. Had a lot of fun, overall ran a mild 2nd all day, could have pushed the issue, but no reason to. Congrats Jacob on winning! His channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUv7MYOTEfdTg1dyWsx8-zg
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4x4 Short Course Racing
Whip It Raceway and Hobbies in Reno, Nevada. 4x4 Short Course Trucks airing it out. Indoor Clay Track.
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NNKC Race 3, Heat 1 Sr. LO206 2018
What a Race! This was one of the best race days to date! May not have won, but I had a ball! Felt good going fast again, been in a rough patch the past month or so. Glad to be Racing up front again!
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Yellow Brake Road. NNKC Race 6, Heat 2 2018
So, when the corner worker is waving the Yellow like mad in a Highspeed section of the track, What are you supposed to do?.. haha anyways if I hadn't lost that time the Result may have been a bit different! Still a great race! Always super fun racing #24 S. Dow. Clean but hard racing made even tougher when your brakes are failing... 5:40 going into Turn 1 the Pedal went to the floor and I had no brakes, then at 6:20 they came back and I Brake Checked myself going to 1. Did we fix it? Stay tuned for the Main Event! (Spoiler: We didn't) And yes, those are Headlights on my Kart. Courtesy of Harbor Freight! 1st #24 S. Dow 2nd #95 A. Beaudoin 3rd #18 K. Chinander 4th #51 B. Beaudoin 5th #581 C. Brewer #Invader #KeepKartingFun #NightRace #RickJeromeMemorial
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NNKC Race 4, Main 2018
Liberal use of my front bumper, Desperation Passes, Ridiculous Hold ups, Fighting for every position, Gain 3 positions, lose more points. It was a long day, 100 degree temps, moderate humidity, lack of track position, easily one of the top 3 hardest races I've done. It was Race #4 of 7 for the 2018 Northern Nevada Kart Club Championship. 7/15/2018 Only 3 to go, need to find Luck, Points, and Speed. #95 #51 #Invader #KeepKartingFun
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Evening Practice, Northern Nevada Kart Club
The #95 Invader as been welded, and rebuilt! Back on track to shake things out! We are Ready to Rock and Roll!
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SAVE OF THE YEAR!! NNKC Race 5, Main, 2018
Well it all comes down to this, after a day of battling at the front, Breaking the Kart in half in Heat 2 (Bandaged it together) only thing standing in my way of victory is the #44 of Tyler Agan! and I never got a chance to race him... Unfortunately starting on the outside doesn't always work, lost too much ground in the first 2 laps, had to find a groove and try to reel him back in the rest of the race, and slowly I was but pushing the kart to the limit, I over stepped my and the Chassis' abilities coming onto the straight and nearly destroyed the Kart and Barriers, But I didn't! Maybe I should Take up Drifting? haha anyways, watch and enjoy! Hopefully we can snag a win before the year is out, only 2 to go! The Championship has been sealed by #133 Jacob Ciari, so Congrats to him! 2X Champ! Back to Back Years, Now I just have to make sure I get 2nd Back to Back! #95 #Invader #KeepKartingFun
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RACE OF THE YEAR! NNKC Race 3, Main 2018
Best race of the year by far! Senior LO206 is the most competitive class we have, due to the sealed engines and talented drivers. This race showed it, 3 karts within half a second of each other for the majority of the race. Jacob(133) had been Half a Second faster a lap all day, but suddenly in the Main Myself and Steve(24) Caught him, Jacob didn't slow down, we sped up. Every little mistake from Jacob Fueled our Fires to go faster. The Result was the Closest race of 2018 for NNKC so far: 1st: #133 Jacob 2nd: #24 Steve -0.162 3rd: #95 Alec --0.254 4th: #204 Jon 5th: #51 Brud 6th:#18 Kelly 7th:#12 Garrett 8th:#22 Nat 9th:#581 Carmen DNS One of my favorite races ever, #KeepKartingFUN #Invader #NNKC
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KILL ALL TIRES! KPX Rd 4 Monterey Bay Karters Pre-Final 2018
7/22/2018 Round 4 of the 2018 KPX Championship sees us heading to Beautiful Monterey, to race on a piece of unused Airport Tarmac owned by the Monterey Bay Karters club. The Strategy was to hang out around the tail of the field to stay out of Trouble, and the Plan was working well, Except as you can see by the video, This track is BRUTAL on tires, so watch and enjoy as my Right Front tire Shreds itself apart. Track layout is fun, Track Surface is insane. #95 #INVADER #KeepKartingFun
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Heat 1, Race 2, NNKC 2018
May 20th, 2018 ***Race starts at 2:20*** Time for Race 2 of the '18 season! Boy o Boy! we had a Field of karts! 13 karts, 10 Senior LO206's... which I was in the middle of. Class was very close! most of the field separated by a few tenths, so if you fell back it was hard to make it back up. 1st and 2nd were in another ZIP code however. 1st: 133 2nd: 35 3rd: 24 4th: 1 5th: 95 6th: 18 7th: 51 8th: 75 -Heavy 9th: 65- Heavy 10th: 4th -Heavy 1th: 11 12th: 111 13th: 581 NNKCReno.com
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WE HAVE SPEED! NNKC Race 5, Heat 1, 2018
We are back baby! Finally found my speed I have been lacking! After so many disappointing showings this season we are finally Battling for the Lead! And this isn't just any race, this is KPX Tune up for California Drivers, and 1 BIG name showed up, Tyler Agan #44 who is currently 2nd, with a great shot of winning the 2018 KPX Senior LO206 Championship. And we went toe to toe all day! I set the pace, going fastest in Practice, and Putting the Kart on pole, less than a Tenth of a second from the Track Record! And here's how Heat 1 Turned out! What a Battle! 3 Kart fight for the lead, nearly changing position every lap! #95 #INVADER #NNKC #KeepKartingFun Side note, we had 18 drivers racing!
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360 Sprints Coos Bay wreck
June 4th 2016, 360 sprint main event start at Coos Bay Speedway.
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Going from Bad to Worse. NNKC Race #4 (Aug. 6th)
Heat 1, (Only race I recorded) Something wasn't right in the kart, had an evil issue in Turns 1 and 2. Wrecked twice in qualifying and once in this race, then the exhaust came loose, so I had to pull off. Losing speed, not sure why, just a bad day all around. had to slow way down in heat 2 to prevent any accidents, and lost the chain on the WARM UP LAP of the Main. DNS. Hopefully we can get the kart going in the right direction the rest of the year, or it's going to be a loooong race to the championship.
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Drifting at NNKC
Drifting at the Northern Nevada Kart Club's track, Desert Park Raceway. Testing it out to see if it works, using the pit area for full size cars. I'd say it went well! Thanks to everyone involved, hopefully we can do more of this. #95
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Saturday Night's Alright for Karting! NNKC Race 6, Main 2018
Here we go! Main Event for Senior LO206 at the 2018 Rick Jerome Memorial Night race for NNKC! After a strange start, the Front 3 broke away, 24 Dow, 95 A. Beaudoin, 18, Chinander and ran nose to tail for a while. Another Local Yellow made an appearance, this time I made sure to stay at Dow's pace, unlike Heat 2. Speaking of Heat 2, if you saw the video, you'll remember that my Brakes were failing, hadn't been an issue for the first half of this race, until... 6:00 Another Save of the Year Nomination: 7:00 P.S. If you notice me shaking my head and raising my arms, it is due to the fact that the track was COVERED in dirt and debris, the rest of the field were tripping over each other, unfortunately catching #51 B. Beaudoin in 3 separate wrecks, still managed to finish with no damage! 1st #24 S. Dow (Congrats! Awesome, Awesome Racing with you) 2nd #95 A. Beaudoin 3rd #18 K. Chinander 4th #22 N. Sombatsiri (YEAH DUDE!!!!) 5th #581 C. Brewer Only ONE Race Left in the 2018 Championship! Jacob Ciari (133) Leads the Championship by a very healthy 88 Points. not impossible to catch him, but unlikely, the real battle is for 2nd. Me and Steve (24) are separated by 2 points! So after 6 races, it comes down to one shoot out. Driver on top gets 2nd in the Championship! #Invader #NightRace #RickJeromeMemorial
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SR. LO206 KPX Prairie City, Final 2018
Ugh... Unknown to me, The Rear of my kart sustained damaged in the Pre Final first turn accident, The Rear axle was knocked loose. Every time I turned left the Brakes applied. So if you need to learn how to get out of the way, and let people by, watch this Video... #KPX #NoLuck
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LO206 Kart 2018
Finally! The time is here! The 2018 season is just around the corner for the Northern Nevada Kart Club! (https://www.nnkcreno.com/) Alec Beaudoin driver of the #95 is looking for redemption this year. Last year's battle for the Championship was super close, and it came down to the last race. A small driver error cost Alec the Race Win and the Championship. (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTJfFdqtXWye1C0YRvCG0jfhT_jOYIPXy) This year, Beaudoin Motorsports will be ready. From the first Green Flag to the Last Checkered Flag look for the #95 to be at the front! New Look #95 reveal soon... For Updates be sure to Like the "Beaudoin Motorsports" Facebook page and Subscribe to the Youtube Channel.
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Max D vs Obsessed, Championship Race, Reno, Nevada
Championship Race between Max D and Obsessed! Closer race than you'd expect! Tom Meents would eventually go on to win Racing, 2 Wheel Competition, Donuts and Freestyle. Sweeping the First day of competition in Reno, Nevada. First time he has ever been to Reno! March 9th, 2018
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Hobby Stock Main start 7/3/16
RattleSnake Raceway in Fallon Nevada
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It's a freaking Drift Previa. WOOOO!
Drifting in Reno for Hot August Nights 2017
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