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The ORIGINAL REAL Super Fast Turtle.. I filmed my super fast turtle in 2008. Since then I have has millions of views and have been featured on t0sh.0 blog and many Japanese TV shows. This soft shell turtle video was NOT sped up. Enjoy, comments disabled because people on the internet are't very nice. Thanks
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Cat Food Bandit
Captured my dog eating cat turds and cat food.
Просмотров: 9573 vidproject
Super Hungry Lizard
I spotted this lizard munching on a big bug. I don’t think he is able to swallow the whole thing.
Просмотров: 26 vidproject
Slow Motion Lizard biting finger
I take slow motion video using the iPhone X. This video is a bit blurry.
Просмотров: 90 vidproject
Super Fast Turtle
This is the remix of the original. n0obtarget has stolen the original video.
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Angry Driver Loses Hat
Driver speeding up in the far right lane gets cut off by another driver. He throws a hand out the window and then sticks his head out causing his hat to fly off. LMAO
Просмотров: 75 vidproject
16’ Tape Measure retracting in slow motion
In today’s video you will see a 16’ tape measure retract. Filmed on an iPhone X
Просмотров: 34 vidproject
Slow Motion
Various slow motion clips shot from my iPhone X
Просмотров: 6 vidproject
Stapler slow motion.
Micro Stapler slow motion
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Random Slow Motion
Just random clips of things recorded in slow motion using the iPhone X
Просмотров: 14 vidproject
Slow Motion Lizard
Slow motion lizard making his escape. Filmed on an iPhone X
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iPhone X slow motion
These are just various clips I uploaded using my iPhone X. Quick and random clips with no real point to them. Leave a comment if you have an idea for a slow motion clip. If I use your idea I will link your channel in the description. Thanks for watching and have a great day!!
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Slow Motion Lizard Part 2
I have started uploading slow motion footage recorded on my iPhone X. Leave a comment if you have a slow motion idea. $10 amazon card given to you if I use your slow motion idea.
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Crazy Bicycle Train
I spotted this crazy bicycle while stopping for fuel.
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Super Crazy Lizard
This video captures a lizard eating a big bug. The lizard is trying to figure out how to eat this bug.
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