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Clever vehicle is way to beat the traffic queues
The prototype of a revolutionary new type of vehicle only one metre wide specially designed for cities has been developed by a team of European scientists. The vehicle combines the safety of a micro-car and the manoeuvrability of a motorbike, while being more fuel-efficient and less polluting than other vehicles.
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Photonics research at University of Bath
The photonics group has led the way in developing photonic crystal fibres, pioneered by Professor Philip Russell in 1991 and now a major new area within physics. These optical fibres are able to harness the power of light in many new ways, enhancing existing applications and leading to many new ones. The work is expected to have a major impact in many areas of engineering and technology, including light sources, optical telecommunications, ultra-violet light and x-ray generation, atomic and quantum physics and astronomical imaging.
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The stresses of starting school
Dr Julie Turner Cobb in the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath is monitoring the stress levels of children as they start school. She has found that levels of the stress hormone cortisol begin to rise as much as three to four months before the children actually start at their new school. She has also discovered that it is the more extrovert children who are more stressed by starting school.
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Cutting carbon emissions from diesel engines
A team at the University of Bath is working on cutting pollution and carbon emissions from diesel vehicles, including making engine oil more efficient and increasing the number of parts powered electrically.
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Organic light emitting diodes OLEDS
A thin film of plastic which conducts electricity and produces solar power could be the basis for a revolution in the way we light our homes and design clothes. An international research project has begun that could help bring to mass-market organic light emitting devices (OLEDs), which could have far reaching technological implications and cut the cost of lighting by billion of pounds each year. The University of Bath has led the project.
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Mobility toy for children with disabilities
An electric mobility toy designed specifically for two-to-five year olds will give children with disabilities the chance to make their own way around the house and garden. The Wizzybug has taken engineers at the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering in the School for Health at the University of Bath over three years to develop.
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Hydrogen powered car research
Hydrogen-powered cars that do not pollute the environment are a step closer thanks to a new discovery by scientists in the University of Bath which promises to solve the main problem holding back the technology.
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Texans come to Bath, UK for help in drilling for oil
A Texan company is interested in new machinery which can drill round corners, opening up new oil deposits.
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Cutting chemotherapy side-effects
A novel use of tiny fibres could cut down on the side effects that cancer patients suffer when given chemotherapy
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