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BaleHaus at Bath project will assess straw as a sustainable building material
BaleHaus@Bath is part of a major new research project into how these renewable building materials can be used for homes of the future. Researchers from the University of Baths BRE Centre in Innovative Construction Materials, will be monitoring the house for a year for its insulating properties, humidity levels, air tightness and sound insulation qualities to assess the performance of straw and hemp as building materials. For more information visit http://www.bath.ac.uk/features/balehaus/ Hurricane test: http://www.bath.ac.uk/news/2010/05/20/straw-house-wolf-test/
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Will houses of the future be made of straw?
Researchers at the University of Bath are building a house made of straw and hemp on campus to test how they perform as building materials. http://www.bath.ac.uk/news/2009/07/16/balehaus-2/
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Kevin McCloud opens the BaleHaus@Bath at the University of Bath
Kevin McCloud officially opened the BaleHaus@Bath, the house made of straw bale panels built on the University of Bath's campus, on 19 November. The BaleHaus will be monitored by researchers from the University's Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering to assess straw as an environmentally-friendly building material. Some of the panels in the house were originally used in a house that Kevin built for the Grand Designs Live Exhibition. Kevin spoke about the use of straw bales as building materials and how research data is needed to encourage the mainstream use of these renewable building materials.
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Bath woman swims the Serpentine after life-changing hip op.
A Bath woman who was born with a rare hip condition has just completed a mile-long swim of the Serpentine after a life-changing operation. Victoria Wells was made aware of the operation after attending a lecture by Professor Tony Miles, of the University of Bath. Watch to find out how her life has been transformed.
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A Day to Remember
On graduating and the future: University of Bath graduates talk about their special day and plans for the future. Watch a selection of images from a momentous occasion.
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They've graduated!
Winter graduation ceremonies 2009 - Students discuss their experiences of studying at Bath on their big day. See photos and videos of the ceremonies and interviews with the Honorary graduates at:http://www.bath.ac.uk/wintergrads/ Music by Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No 3 - Allegro. Performed by the Advent Chamber Orchestra sourced from ibiblio.org. Licensed for use under Creative Commons.
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Robotic fish makes waves in Bath
Researchers at the University of Bath have used nature for inspiration in designing a new type of swimming robot which could bring a breakthrough in submersible technology. Conventional submarine robots are powered by propellers that are heavy, inefficient and can get tangled in weeds. In contrast Gymnobot, created by researchers from the Ocean Technologies Lab in the Universitys Department of Mechanical Engineering, is powered by a fin that runs the length of the underside of its rigid body; this undulates to make a wave in the water which propels the robot forwards. The design, inspired by the Amazonian knifefish, is thought to be more energy efficient than conventional propellers and allows the robot to navigate shallow water near the sea shore.
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Researchers capture bacterial infection on film
Researchers have developed a new technique that allows them to make a movie of bacteria infecting their living host. : The insect immune cells called hemocytes (green) rapidly engulf the bacteria (red) following infection and this can be studied in real-time using timelapse microscopy. Press release: http://tinyurl.com/n3yn5e
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