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Day in the Life of a CHG Healthcare Sales Rep
We followed around Weatherby Healthcare's Andrew Munn to experience what it's like to be a sales representative at CHG Healthcare.
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Why CHG Healthcare Is a Great Place to Work
Employees share why CHG is one of the country's best company's to work for.
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Three Is Our Magic Number - CHG Healthcare Services
CHG is #3 on Fortune Magazine's 2013 List of the "100 Best Places to Work For." More than 300 CHG employees in Salt Lake City, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Florida sang, danced, cheered and laughed to celebrate our place on Fortune's list. That's because Three is Our Magic Number. Three Is Our Magic Number lyrics: Three, is a magic number Yes it is, it's our magic number Count up all the letters that make CHG You get three, it's our magic number Everyone at CHG Has got personality The athlete, the artist, the sales rep and me It's our great big family F-O-R-T-U-N-E We're on the list at number three Baby, baby, baby can't you see It's our magic number It takes three rings to make a circus Three to make a crowd It takes three to make a pyramid That will make you proud We believe in our people We're training all the time Our work is never finished 'Til we're dancing in a line Three, is a magic number Yes it is, it's a magic number Three apples in the break room Three treadmills in the gym Three long weeks of PTO That's good for her and him If that wasn't reason Enough for you to cheer At CHG we celebrate Our people through the year CHG is number three CHG is number three CHG is number three That's why three......... is our magic number
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2015 Top Workplace: CHG Healthcare Services
Salt Lake Tribune names CHG the No. 1 top workplace along the Wasatch Front on its 2015 Top Workplaces list.
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CHG's Flash Mob
During a recent leadership summit, CHG leaders were given quite the shock as a group of employees from all over the company got together for a flash mob. At CHG, we know how to work hard, but we know how to play harder.
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Free to Be Me at CHG - Robert Jones
Robert Jones is a director of training at CHG Healthcare and says he's loved every minute of the six years he's been with the company, especially the Putting People First culture and the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives.
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CHG marketing Mad Men rap
CHG's marketing team celebrated the return of its vice president from maternity leave with a Mad Men-themed party! Listen to this rap song team member Eric Malizia put together for the occasion.
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Making a Difference: Weatherby Healthcare Doctor Provides Care to Underserved Areas
Dr. John Gray, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, says locum tenens assignments allow him to help people in underserved areas like the one he grew up in.
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CHG Healthcare Intern Program
CHG allows college students to learn more about our business and culture through its intern program. Find out why these interns have enjoyed the experience.
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CHG Celebrates No. 18 Ranking on Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" List
For the seventh consecutive year, CHG is named to Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list. See how we celebrated the event.
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Halloween at CHG Healthcare Services 2015
Another fantastic celebration at CHG Healthcare Services. To learn more about our culture, visit www.steuptochg.com
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Weatherby Healthcare Mannequin Challenge
Our Weatherby Healthcare division in Fort Lauderdale crushed the mannequin challenge.
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President's Club 2016: Puerto Vallarta
Check out all the fun our people had during this year's President's Club.
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Employee Appreciation Week 2017
For more than a decade, CHG has celebrated Employee Appreciation Week as a way to thank our people for their hard work and dedication to our core values and our customers. This year, employees participated in a variety of fun events, including Battle of the Bands, musical trivia, a silent disco, and food and live music.
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New Hires Break Dance During CHG Sales Training
After several employees mentioned their dancing skills during new hire sales training August 26, they got the chance to prove it in an impromptu talent show.
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2017 Difference Makers Trip: Kenya
Thanks to a grant from the Making a Difference Foundation, three CompHealth physicians — Dr. Gina Bell, Dr. Adaobi Okonkwo, and Dr. Peter Kim — joined our six Difference Makers Award winners on a humanitarian trip to Kenya.
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Weatherby Healthcare Mission, Vision, Values
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CHG Breaks Ground on its New Headquarters
We recently broke ground on our new corporate headquarters in Midvale, Utah. The building is scheduled to open in 2017 and will include an onsite health center, gym and cafeteria for employees.
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2016 Employee Appreciation Week
Employee Appreciation Week is CHG's way of thanking our people for all their hard work. Check out all the fun our people had during this year's activities.
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Welcome to CHG!
Mike Weinholtz, CEO of CHG Healthcare Services, welcomes you to the CHG family of companies.
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CHG Healthcare Services New Look Marketing Department
At CHG, we have a top notch Marketing Department that supports all brands under the CHG name. Recently, it put a mission statement and set of values to go along with its already visible changes. Take a look and see.
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CHG Headquarters 2017
Take a peek at our new headquarters in Utah. Onsite amenities include a gym, health clinic, game room, cafeteria, coffee and smoothie bar, and sports court.
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Employee Appreciation Week 2012
See how CHG employees celebrated Employee Appreciation Week, May 21-25, 2012, in every office around the country!
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CHG Employee Compassion Fund: Jeff Coon
Funded by employees, for employees, the CHG Compassion Fund provides need-based grants to employees facing financial hardship. Jeff Coon shares how the Compassion Fund helped him during one of the most difficult times of his life.
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RNnetwork Lip Sync Battle
RNnetwork held a lip sync battle to raise money for local charities during the office's Making a Difference Week.
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Free to Be Me at CHG - Jamie Barker
Jamie is grateful to work at CHG Healthcare where the LGBT community is supported and has a voice. She's convinced the inclusiveness of CHG builds a stronger community, and she's grateful she can be herself at the office.
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CHG Earth Day Walk 2017
CHG Healthcare employees across the country are gearing up to walk, bike, carpool, or take mass transit to work to celebrate Earth Day. #chgearthwalk17
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Marathon Health Center at CHG Healthcare
CHG employees and their families have free access to on-site health at the Marathon Health Clinic.
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Free to Be Me at CHG - Chaska O'Neill
Chaska appreciates working at CHG Healthcare Services because it lets her be exactly the unique, quirky person she is -- even when she rocks fairy wings and purple hair.
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2018 CEO of the Year: Scott Beck
Find out why Utah Business named CHG's CEO, Scott Beck, as one of the magazine's 2018 CEOs of the Year.
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CHG Healthcare Celebrates the Holidays
Find out how each of our offices -- CompHealth, Weatherby Healthcare, RNnetwork and Foundation Medical Staffing -- celebrated the holidays this year!
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2018 CHG Humanitarian Trip: Navajo Nation
We partnered with Amizade to send 12 CHG employees on a company -sponsored humanitarian trip to the Navajo Nation in Tuba City, Arizona. Find out more about the group's experience.
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We're Number 27
At CHG, we pride ourselves on being a "People First" company. This belief rang true in the recent announcement of Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For where CHG ranked #27. This is the second year in a row that CHG ranked in the top third of the list. CEO Mike Weinholtz was on the road in our Fort Lauderdale office when the list was revealed and shared the good news in person with our employees there.
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Putting People First Week 2018
Each year, we dedicate an entire week to thanking our people for being part of the CHG family. Events are held in each of our office, with a mix of fun activities, treats, and recognition. Here's a look at the Putting People First Week activities at our Salt Lake City headquarters. More photos and video, click here -- http://ow.ly/lUme30kahvp.
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CHG Healthcare: Best Companies to Work For in Utah
Utah Business recognized CHG Healthcare and its people-centric culture on the magazine's 2017 list of Best Companies to Work For.
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2018 Dr. Seuss Day
CHG partnered with the United Way to read with students at East Midvale Elementary as part of the organization's annual Dr. Seuss Day.
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2018 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For
For the ninth consecutive year, CHG Healthcare was recognized as one of Fortune magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For.
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Free to Be Me at CHG - Rebecca Vaughn
Rebecca was searching for a workplace that Puts People First and found it at CHG Healthcare Services. She's grateful that people can be themselves and thrive within CHG's businesses.
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Fortunate to work at CHG
CHG Healthcare employees share reasons why they're fortunate to work at CHG--celebrating 6 consecutive years on Fortune magazine's list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For" in 2015!
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CHG Healthcare Recognized as a 2017 Best Company to Work For
For the eighth straight year, CHG Healthcare has been named to Fortune magazine's list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. This year, CHG ranked No. 20.
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Free to Be Me at CHG - Jennifer Walter
Jennifer started at RNnetwork when she was 18 years old and fell in love with the company and its culture. Today, she's a leader and is grateful that CHG Healthcare embraces and encourages her quirky side that includes singing random, made-up songs during work hours. It's one of many ways she's free to be herself at CHG.
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Free to Be Me at CHG - Jackie Wong
Hear how Jackie found her place at CHG Healthcare and her appreciation for a company that lets her be herself at all times--and celebrates her strong opinions, tattoos and colorful personality.
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CHG is Shuffling
The Two Steves, CHG's dynamic performing duo, lead the company in a dance-off to celebrate our revamped website and culture blog.
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Free to Be Me at CHG - Jan Allen
Jan discovered how CHG Healthcare Puts People First even before she started working at the company. Hear the story of how CHG people embraced Jan and her partner as they faced cancer with strength, support and dignity.
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Free to Be Me at CHG - Brett Sanford
As a leader in his local church, Brett has opportunities to regularly serve others--without creating conflicts in his daily work. It's one reason why Brett appreciates the support and freedom CHG Healthcare offers him in his personal and professional life.
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CHG Makes the Sweet 16
CHG Healthcare Services celebrates its fifth consecutive year on Fortune magazine's 2014 list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For." We're No. 16 in 2014! We've been a top-20 company for three straight years and in the top 30 companies since our first appearance in 2010.
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CHG's 2013 Fortune video
Learn more about how CHG employees make a difference in healthcare -- and how they place healthcare providers around the United States -- in this video, part of our 2013 submission for Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" award.
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Free to Be Me at CHG - Jared Southard
Jared loves his work as a trainer at CHG Healthcare Services. He is able to help people become better at work and better people in their personal lives.
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CHG United Way Week 2012 - Salt Lake City
Check out all the events from the Salt Lake office's 2012 United Way Week, including an '80s-themed prom, ping pong tournament, hula hoop contest and more!
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CHG's United Way Corn Dog Eating Contest
In 2007, CHG Healthcare Services held a corn dog eating contest to raise money for the United Way. The winner ate 12.5 corn dogs in just 10 minutes and over $3,000 was raised.
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