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Deciding to be amazingly psychotic for a few minutes of my life.. although this hasn't been the first.
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Conversation with a rich Jew on text/phone
His name is Alex.. He was in my contact list but didn't know who the real him was. I knew he did fairly well but just came off as an above average regular guy in person.. its when I contacted him in text and talked partially on the phone to him that I got to see the real him.. I had a very eye opening talk with him though that made me even disturbed, even someone like me as politically incorrect as I am known to be was triggered by his heavy support for certain entities I always fought against like the Koch Brothers. He had to be connected to the elite.. he associated with people who drove $300,000 rolls royces, was into Donald Trump long before his presidency came about and probably has played both sides in his life.
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Thanksgiving trip: Driving videos in MA on Route 2A, but went to NY state
Ok, My main videos are in MA, my pictures are in NY state on the ferry and on the country roads. I couldn't get a lot of other clips because it was cold up there and didn't want to hold the camera outside and with gloves on it would also be hard to film and press those buttons so I didnt. It was freezing up there. I did take walks though. I liked some of the area. I may even move up there because its so close to here (4 hrs) and the houses are cheap IF you want to buy. The cold keeps people out, that's the positive. The negative: Still subject to NY laws. Its a police state out there, maybe even worse than Massachusetts I hate to say. NY City laws still influence Upstate even if they're 2 different worlds and their prisoners are up there too. I would have filmed myself at an Indian Casino but I didn't.. again I don't film around family members so, I didn't get as many videos as I wouldnt have wanted to. I keep my youtube life private even if some do know. All the videos I filmed were only me.. the pictures I took were when I didn't feel I could make videos. I wish I had more but I don't. Maybe next time I'll drive my own vehicle up so I can cover more in the north country and do more videos.
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Richard Spencer response: Baby Boomers and millenials
I am commenting on a Richard Spencer video via altright.com where he talks about boomers and millennials and culture wars, race wars. He touched on people not showing their identity also in the cause who want to treat it like a hobby. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQ9bYdlVOyU&lc=z22fs1u5nnf4ftj5104t1aokgxaipx13ymnvp3szhpz1rk0h00410.1518942005134175 Also check out: www.namethejew.com
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St Petersburg FL is a fucking shithole
Ok and even more after the hurricane it seems to me. I see the writing on the wall.. This is NOT a place to invest in. LEAVE NOW IF YOU'RE HERE or suffer the high depression rate and bad unemployment rate.. HIGH VIOLENT CRIME 86/100. There don't have to be a hurricane coming for me to tell you to leave, because after all isn't it what happens AFTER the storm that's most important? The writing is on the wall! This city is going back to the black community because whites sure as hell don't belong here unless they're cucks! And yes in the nice neighborhoods too..you don't have to be in the ghetto necessarily. This place is totally compromised.
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Nicest day of the winter: Brookline NH walking along Rt 13 and Main Street
2/21/18 Nicest day of the winter .. Snowed and got colder the day after. Shame. More heating bills to come :(.
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This is sort of a response to the Thom Hartmann Program and his ads for his superbeets for somewhere around $69.99 from $130.00 or something like that. Why spend that when you can get a bundle of beets for somewhere around 3-4 dollars? Can someone tell me wtf these superbeets do different that a regular one doesn't and tell me WHY these things are worth so much goddamn money!
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After all this time.. why are people STILL feeding into Tommy Sotomayor??
Just an honest question I have to ask. Even if he has been right on some things, he still lives up to the black stereotype having different kids with different moms and is getting paid more than most of his people considering SO.. is he boule? was he boule? He was ONCE friends with Tariq Nasheed so, dont forget that.
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Driving to Manchester NH Sat 1/6/2018
I stop to eat Chinese food at a place called Haluwa. Real good food. Then I get on the road and drive to the Mall of NH and a few other places on a very cold day. My camera ran out of space so couldn't film too much of the mall. Malls are only good to be seen and to people watch. I never buy anything.
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Message to the Alt Right leaders
Stop what you're doing. Either include others or be denounced for good. STOP going to protests, STOP antagonizing.. STOP working with George Soros.. STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING! You're all just paid stooges misleading everyone! I haven't paid attention to any of y'alls work lately because its just the same old shit. Same old internet babble, nobody really meeting in real life to do anything genuinely good. I don't see protests as a success, sorry guys. Theres more to life than going at ANTIFA protesters. See this is the trick: Antifa leaders get their guys to go to the rallies and George Soros. They have people to tell others to show up to "smash Nazis" and so forth. Then people like Spencer collaborate with George Soros, Spencer brings his guys or Duke or whoever else and then ya, they put themselves in it to make it look like they're fighting equally but leaders on both sides collaborate I am pretty damn sure.
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Civic nationalism is a failure
My take on civic nationalism and all that is wrong with it.
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Downtown Brookline NH walking
Down on Main Stree-eetttt. Like Mr Bob Seger.
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Around Peterborough NH
Driving around this old small NH town, Peterborough.
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Night time fun with the dogs 2
Late at night, bored and they wanted to come out so I played with them for fun.
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The genders will be segregated: White women prefer their BFF's
If they aren't already. The white man and woman are as segregated as they've ever been even if at times it doesnt seem so. Or theres times where I really believe white women want it this way.. they place their bff in their lover category even when they have a boyfriend already. They are perpetuating the nonsense in making many males possibly turn gay themselves. When society had more order, you didn't see any of this period end of story. I speak the truth as I see it from my own eyes. The GLBT agenda isnt only to blame. If anything, they have white women to thank for the most part as honorary members of the GLBT due to their actions. Key question, if a white woman doesnt have a white man, doesn't have a nig nog, then guess who she goes for? Either her bff or her dog if theres no bff. White women have fucked us over. Usually more go for their bff than a black dude on average. Theres a lot of cheating going on but its being unreported. This kind of cheating and unfaithfulness with the bff.
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Kalinas coffee and European Deli Gyro Sandwich with LAV Pilsner to drink
I get this deli's Gyro sandwich on Saturday with a LAV pilsner beer for $2.50
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John S Hall: One of the greatest geniuses alive today
Look at his work here: http://johnshall.blogspot.com/ You have a guy right here under your nose that you know very little to nothing about, This guy John S Hall LITERALLY should have got big in the 80s instead of R.E.M. His band was around that long, around as long as Mike Patton and Faith No More too.. people talk so much about Mr Bungle, but not John S Hall.. WHAT THE FUCK?? http://kingmissile.com/ HE IS A SENSITIVE AHH-TIST: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/bn55n8/john-s-hall-is-a-sensitive-artist-who-works-in-a-law-firm Michael Stipe has nothing on this guy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cNLvq4MpJ4 My Father: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F41NIPlSa8&list=PLuTKuEmC3rcqUYAfYG6Yr9b-rdyAKVU8- 2:11 sounds like Sinead lol. Detachable Penis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBwPIFncng0
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Exposing St Petersburg FL for the truly SAD city that it is!
Bottom line is don't fuck with people who ordinarily could make your town a great place and truly vibrant, not by some rich freeloaders moving into the place, gentrifying it and all other nonsense like that. The true creativity of the city could have made it better if only it continued on that course. The crime would be lower, the true community feel would be up instead everything took a 360 and went totally backwards in its development but with the farce that it was getting better, It was a city on the upswing with more jobs, reasonable cost of living. If this city is cheap at all, ITS CHEAP FOR A REASON. So when you come from California looking for your little private Idaho on the beach because SoCal costs too much now, keep that in mind. Your life wont be better! Someone else from California even told me, he wishes he never done it. I thought he complained a bit too much but he said hes only in St Pete because he cant afford SoCal, he had zero positives to say though and this was back in 2015. BTW these pictures are older long before the hurricane.I was waiting for the right time to unleash them well HERE IT IS. This city has always had problems. See I know my shit because I researched. During the 2008 housing crisis, it was the last days of the true artists or I should say 2010-2011 was. What drew me to this place was the good music back before 2008, the concerts I'd go see, the artsy feel, small businesses that now closed their doors. It showed a bit of potential THEN anyhow.. They were trying to fix it then. Violent crime rate 86/100. http://www.bestplaces.net/crime/city/florida/st._petersburg Rick Kriseman I HOPE YOU'RE WATCHING.
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I will answer the Bill Bunting debate challenge on Facebook
Ok Bill, if Gunshine will not go in your forum, I will. I will come on facebook and speak to your audience. I want to literally meet who is on your page because I see a mix of people I have no clue about writing in your comments.
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Then those who are human under the spell of this alien race. Some can call them reptilians, not human, Jews, but I call them an alien Caucasian/mongrelized race that collaborates to take over this country..and it doesn't matter who rules them whether its the Jews or whoever else, the fact is they are working dangerously as a collective and sometimes without the appearance that they're working together.. they may not have even met that's the scary part and they are oppressing guess who... YOU.
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Yes.. I finally turn the camera to the dogs while I was on the LaZboy. Pit bull reacts to me making noises and playing dead.
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In Opioid City: Manchester NH
You tell me if it looks like a place where many opioids are.. I drove by the parks where they say drugs are being offered to innocent people in broad daylight.. I didn't see it. I didn't see it 8 yrs ago either when I walked in one of those parks outside Elm St. And I saw kids getting off the busses, totally healthy looking. No sign that the drug bug is going to hit them. Either way, I had an appointment, I came to town for a little bit.
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Bill Bunting why no JQ?
Billy boy may not be in the redneck revolt but hes their ideal guy. the 95% doesnt just stand up, most are good little slaves FYI. I am long over the fact that everyone will just wake up as a collective and overthrow the Jewish oligarchs. www.namethejew.com
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Nig nogs are getting pushy
If any of you are in a town or city that has a 75/100 violent crime rate into the 90s, watch your ass at all times. ALL TIMES. Lets face it the vast majority of these high crime cities are dominated by Afro americans or Hispanic blacks even if they deny their blackness like in Lawrence MA which ranks 90/100. St Pete gets a whopping 86 in violent crime! 86 for a city that many whites have been enthusiastic about moving to and with something like a 60% white population.. CUCKS! is all I have to say. CUCKS. And some of them are scammers too with a backup person as well. One to one this city is weak though.. None of these bitches have anything on me and I am yet to get a punch in the face by anyone too. People work in groups mostly to be at their strongest and the thuggery runs from all sides. RICK KRISEMAN I HOPE YOU'RE TAKING NOTES! RICK BAKER AS WELL. I'D RUN FOR MAYOR HERE IF I HAD ANY KIND OF BACKING BUT NOBODY SUPPORTS ANYONE HERE UNLESS YOU'RE A BIG MONEY DONER FOR GOLDMAN SACHS. ITS GETTING MORE FRINGE.. THERE IS NO MORE BEING MODERATE AND "NICE" ABOUT THE PROBLEMS. NICE IS FOR LOSERS!
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Miguels seafood and grill mexican restaurant, Tampa FL
I go to South Tampa to check out Miguels for lunch: http://www.miguelscafe.com/
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Part 1 of angry rant: many blacks have it better than me
It speaks for itself.
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Ashby/Fitchburg area MA driving Route 119
I even passed Fitchburg High School.. GO RAIDERS! All in all just a drive on an ice cold day to get gas and warm my S10 up.
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Back to Papa Ginos! $4.99 all you can eat
After over 4 years, I return to one of my favorite lifelong chains of the Boston area. The best chain pizza. Better than Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Dominos by far. The only thing Papa Johns may have on PG is the dough, its probably a tie but that's about it. They literally call this "Bostons favorite pizza". While I don't think its best in Boston, I think Regina is, it comes pretty damn close to anything else that's a runner up. And this is the best value you can get for most Italian food now eating out when you get the pasta dishes.
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Devil in the woods: Talking about life, beating some sticks around
Random Saturday video I made, nothing else to do on something like a house arrest I am on right now.
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Call out to Chris Cantwell
I see you're back again.. just catching up on some of your interviews or your live hangout with Prince Puberty and Faked Alaska. Want to talk further, meet up?
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Fuck humanity (ANGRY RANT)
SIck of this bullshit. Its no wonder I am more of a nihilist. Society keeps getting worse. I cant wait too much longer.. I AM LOSING IT. Spread those fires more rapidly COME ON! Build the wall Trump and keep everyone in!
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Richard Spencer speech, Gainesville FL at University of Florida
I weigh in on what I saw of the Richard Spencer speech earlier. Cucks like Rick Scott of course have to declare a "state of emergency" for this event which was radically unnecessary. I have had my criticisms now of Spencer and Enoch before, but each time they do something like this in front of all these crowds, the respect I have for them seems to grow so, keep shooting yourself in the foot collegiate liberals. You're making MAJOR asses out of yourselves!
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Cynthia G debate challenge
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Discussion about The father of the Alt Right
Alain de Benoist https://www.buzzfeed.com/lesterfeder/the-man-who-gave-white-nationalism-a-new-life?utm_term=.eyvkbKGJwN#.tb71xXwO27
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Dear Latino people: Why dream so much?
To the dreamers or even other latinos, why do you want to be part of this shit country known as the United states of America? Its warmer in Mexico, its more native to what you know. I think a lot of you who seek citizenship and want to "be American" are insane. A guy as messed up as me is your future if you allow yourself to be American. Your future children will turn out like me.
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The True Royal Stinkbug
Ok i address this part 2 response that True Royal Stinkbug made to me, going on about threatening me, never to question her and this and that like shes some goddess and shit. This bitch living in a dream world! Well like Peter Garrett says, Your dream world is just about to fall. Here is the video I am responding to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRzg9fVgOlI I can see how this is going to end. Her having a temper tantrum because I am in her head psychologically. She will probably make another video and go THIS IS WAR like shes known for doing. She equates me with all these other evil white supremacists controlling the world and even the top 1% so that in fact is an honor to me.
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Playing the victim, crying poormouth, homelessness and other stuff
I analyze why people play the victim and cry poormouth and how it can be an effective strategy.
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David Hogg Reddit page
He goes by davisgreen111.. was looking over his posts on there and when I was his age, he said some of the things I'd say and maybe even still who knows . I'll simply put it like this.. I am what he is to the left to the alt right.. he has media recognition now to go after corporations and Fox News.. within my power, I will go for the shills of the Alt Right because I am sick of their shitty ass do nothing space out in google hangouts direction and I don't like Baked Alaska at all or his tactics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CZPjD2TVu4 https://www.reddit.com/user/davisgreen111/
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Londonderry NH driving
Just driving to Londonderry NH area.
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City Data forum moderators are fascists and assholes
This needs to be brought to light. The moderators over there have had a reign of terror for awhile over on www.city-data.com/forum . Worse than Stormfront!
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FBI ties "Alt Right" to Amtrak terror attack
Dude hates nigs so he blows up an Amtrak train in Southwest Nebraska??? IDIOT! More articles: https://www.theroot.com/missouri-man-accused-of-attempting-terror-attack-on-amt-1821804616 https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/01/05/575960858/alleged-white-supremacist-is-charged-with-terrorism-after-stopping-amtrak-train
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Traveling north on RT 122, Amherst area NH
I drove to a certain point then turned around but yes I traveled down 122
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Storytime: My cowboy phase in 2000
Ok I play examples of a few songs I listened to years ago like back in 2000 and then some discussions I had, my desires of the times when I was in my cowboy phase. I did, I literally wore a cowboy hat around in public, went to some hotel in Maine with it on. I listened to Clint Black, Randy Travis, Diamond Rio, maybe some Garth Brooks at the time. I was glued to CMT though and the happy images it brought.. IMAGERY. They got the south to look totally white when it wasn't so I had this idea the south would be great when I was in a state I never left (MA) and wanted to see what it was really like in places like TN, FL was where I ended up moving to though, not TN which btw I have considered and the Knoxville area at one time. But back during this phase, I didn't think I'd leave New England, I was seeking a local alternative to MA actually like Maine or Vermont.. somewhere with more country living, even NH too. I thought I could have got all I needed.. long story short, I ended up in Pennsylvania trying to live that out. Living out "my country fantasy" and it didn't go too great at the time either. PA is actually like a southern state in parts. Like you have Philly and Pitt, then Alabama in the middle. It was ok, but winters were worse than NE and they didn't do the roads well. Heavily democrat also just the same as where I came from, just more country living. They had Ed Randall at the time and honestly, I didn't think he was that great like people made him out to be. He was their choice though. I give a sample of one of the new time greats, Hank III in this video.
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TX Sucks: Dickinson Texas denies anyone hurricane assistance in the name of Israhell
Here are some links: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/10/20/559070267/need-hurricane-aid-in-one-texas-city-if-you-boycott-israel-you-may-be-out-of-luc https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/10/20/texas-town-makes-hurricane-harvey-aid-applicants-pledge-not-to-boycott-israel/?utm_term=.14ae7ddf7dc4
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America is sterile
I explain why America is a very hard country to make it in now especially in these times.
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Oh Mother Etruria, I am your long lost son
I literally have to be, look at the resemblance. If there is any remaining trace of the Ancient Etruscans, I am calling for them. Anywhere in the world. I am one of the last ones left.
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Checking out this junk fest, found 2 shovels, 2 soccer balls and I grabbed that big chair. Storm is coming, supposed to be less severe here so I am covered for shovels now.
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Waiting in line for St Patricks Day dinner
Its like a geriatric welfare line! @ a Catholic Church. I ate them out of house and home too. I had 3-4 plates of all you can eat.
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White women, society and the state of America
There is some things some people arent going to like but like always, I tell the truth and idgaf.
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General rant
make what you want out of it I guess.. not really a set subject.
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