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Vytauto Šapranausko atminimui [Tribute]
Siūlau įsiklausyti į dainos žodžius, kurie puikiai atspindėjo aktoriaus gyvenimą ir paskutines jo dienas. Video skirtas prisiminti ir pagerbti Vytautą Šapranauską: Vieną žymiausių ir labiausiai mylimų TV laidų vedėjų, Lietuvos teatro ir kino aktorių, humoristą. Gimė:1958 balandžio 19d. - Mirė 2013 balandžio 18d. [54 metų] Daina : Gytis Paškevičius - Žiūrovai
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Mokinukes - Tu esi melagis
daina is koncerto
Просмотров: 425886 Nostalgic memories
Lineage 2 ost: Enchanted valley
One of my personal favorite: both zone and theme, best known for dwarves never ending stone of purity and crafted leather spoil, also in older chronicle for most of spellbooks drop, farming books and amulets for prp/ee/se/bs/wc/ol/mages/summoners etc Also great exp zone with 2x 3x 4x hp mobs :)
Просмотров: 951 Nostalgic memories
BFDR servo daina
Bfdr team speak funny moments Grandmano koncertas ts pokalbis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCEhysPPIas
Просмотров: 51676 Nostalgic memories
Lineage BFDR servo ts
pegas jo chebra ir fake pfizeris kitas irasas bfdr servo daina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UdUguvJQJg
Просмотров: 17695 Nostalgic memories
Lineage 2 ost: Valley of saints
Powefull and deep theme. Who can forget exping in vos? getting nice drop of dc/tallum gloves recipe in this zone? Also very famous zone for nobless class quest with top zone boss Flame Of Splendor Barakiel [70]. Aesthetically one of most beautifull zones in game.
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Sandra Cretu sexy hot tribute
Sandra Cretu is famous 80s 90s German pop singer, and in my opinion one of hottest womans in 80s. Used videos: Sandra - Hiroshima Sandra - Johnny wanna live Sandra - Heaven can wait Music: Sandra - Don't cry (The Breakup Of The World) Notice: I do NOT own this song nor the image featured in the video
Просмотров: 33742 Nostalgic memories
Lineage 2 ost: Execution Grounds
Famous, or for some maybe infamous zone theme (loved by PK), best known for oldschool gamers, since this zone was one of biggest low lvl grind zones for healers in c3 c4 c5 c6 ,and known vastly for some 2nd class quests
Просмотров: 270 Nostalgic memories
Lineage 2 ost: Hot Springs theme
One of most heartbreaking Lineage 2 themes ever, i bet many players will get nostalgia from this :) All rights belong to NCsoft and music composer Bill Brown
Просмотров: 516 Nostalgic memories
Lineage 2 BFDE 2009 05 28 first OutRage rb (Guardian of statue of Giant Karum)
First Outrage clan raidboss in new bfde 12x server in giant cave "Guardian Of The Statue Of Giant Karum" Song: Darkseed- Forever Darkness (I do not own song, its darkseed band and thier studio product, not mine) Yesterday record 7399 players online!! http://www.bfdr.eu/
Просмотров: 5987 Nostalgic memories
BFDE 2009 (300 vs Holy mass pvp)
BFDE 12x pvp, after wipe, 2009.
Просмотров: 15166 Nostalgic memories
Lineage 2 ost: Fishing theme
Legendary fishing theme, maybe not all familiar with this, cause most spend thier time grinding lvl or fighting raids or pvp, but dwarves and ppl who love fishing in real life will have great amount of nostalgia listening of this, l2 had tons of fishing spots, but most famous were around giran, in aden near clan halls, my personal favourite near floran, also very unique in hot springs with unique fishes and secrets of hot springs clan hall :))
Просмотров: 197 Nostalgic memories
Lineage 2 ost: Plains of Lizardmen
Good old plains of lizardmen, countless days spent on farming those lizardmen groups, doing warlord, gladiator, tyrant and destroyer 2 class quests, also most crowded zone with raid bosses, many 30-45 lvl raids are situated here :)
Просмотров: 278 Nostalgic memories
Lineage 2 ost: Einhasad temple (Church theme)
Theme of all churches in lineage 2 world, i bet those who had bishop, prophet, elven elder, prophet character, this theme will be familiar, or maybe you just loved to leave your character sitting in middle of einhasad temple in Giran and rest from that big market and lag :)
Просмотров: 48 Nostalgic memories
Immortal Forests
My collection of Forrests images, painted by various artists in deviantart site Paint style: Digital style (most of). Song: Emotional Music - The Immortal Land
Просмотров: 266 Nostalgic memories
Lineage 2 The Final Chronicle
A tribute, to a best mmorpg game ever, most unique and original gameplay in c0-c6 chronicles. Song: Phalanx - i'm alive L2 4life....
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