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Jacob Rees-Mogg takes hilarious SWIPE at FRANCE as fellow MPs struggle not to laugh
JACOB Rees-Mogg took a hilarious swipe at France questioning how the UK could be below them in any category of competition, in a rip-roaring House of Commons speech. Jacob Rees-Mogg was fervently against a move to establish a statutory inquiry dubbed Leveson Part Two. He said: “The freedom of the press is so overwhelmingly precious that we should preserve it even if sometimes the press upsets us. “It is amazing how many people who have had run-ins with the press feel it should be more tightly regulated. “The Daily Mail, fascinatingly, did a study of our lordships house and found that over a third of those who voted to shackle the press, had been embarrassed by the press. “A jewel that has become tarnished because of actions that were taken by us. “We have fallen in the rank of free nations over four years from 30th to 40th, we are now behind Trinidad & Tobago. “But perhaps most insultingly, we are even below the French. “The clauses before us today should fill us with shame because they go to the heart of what we should believe in terms of our liberties, freedoms and the rule of law. “Trials have gone ahead and juries have returned verdicts and they were not the ones the establishment expected. “By in large the journalists were found not guilty. The receiving of information as a journalist is your job, the giving of information as a policeman is against the law. “Now we want to put those found not guilty through it again. Put them in the stocks, let them be quizzed and questioned and interrogated so the freedom of the press can be undermined and be pressurised by those who have sometimes had the sharp lash of the press’ tongue against them. “It reeks of self-interest.” An MP sitting near to the arch-Brexiteer said that was “very rude and not true”. Former Labour leader Ed Miliband led moves to amend the Data Protection Bill to establish a statutory inquiry dubbed Leveson part two. But this was rejected by 304 votes to 295, a majority of nine, when pushed to a vote in the Commons - prompting cries of "shame" in the chamber. Five Conservative MPs rebelled to support the measure, including former ministers Ken Clarke, Dominic Grieve and Crispin Blunt, while Labour's John Grogan rebelled to oppose the amendment. Culture Secretary Matt Hancock had warned such proposals would have had a "catastrophic" impact on local newspapers and risked making it "near impossible" to uncover stories of abuse. Reacting to the vote on Leveson part two, Mr Hancock wrote on Twitter: "A great day for a free and fair press." But Mr Miliband tweeted: "Very disappointed for the victims of phone-hacking and press abuse that we did not win the vote for Leveson 2. "The battle goes on to keep our promise to them to get the truth they deserve and protection for victims in the future."
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EU on the brink as Netherlands issues THIS warning to Brexit negotiator Barnier
DUTCH politician Thierry Baudet tore into the European Union’s Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier during a speech in Parliament on Thursday – insisting the Netherlands will put a stop to an EU plot to “punish” Britain. Thierry Baudet, who led the Forum for Democracy party through a stunning surge in the polls in the Netherlands, warned that the only thing “standing in the way” of a "fair" Brexit deal is Michel Barnier. He said: “The European Union has a wonderful agreement with Switzerland, it has a wonderful agreement with Norway. “It also needs to make such a deal with the UK. And the only man standing in the way of reaching a fair agreement is this Barnier.” Mr Baudet hit out at the European Union and warned that no Brexit deal on financial services would be “simply ridiculous”. Mr Baudet said: “It is in our very own self-interest to reach a good agreement in which we mutually recognise each others’ products. And not just with regards to goods, but of services as well. “And such a deal is entirely possible. Barnier himself was the one to add financial services to the TTIP agreement. “He stated, during the TTIP-talks, that financial services could indeed be part of the negotiations. If he says it can’t be done, that would, frankly, be simply ridiculous.” Mr Baudet warned that a no-deal Brexit would prove “detrimental” to the Netherlands. Mr Baudet added: “It’s very important to realise, here in Parliament but also in the European Council, that the only obstacle to reaching an agreement is the European Union’s objective, as the bureaucratic monster it is, to prove a point.” The Dutch politician ripped into the Brussels bloc and said: “To say, ‘if you leave us we’ll punish you. Look how powerful we are, look how tough we are’. “That is the only reason we would not be able to come to an agreement.” The Dutch politician concluded and warned that the European Council has the power to "correct" the Brexit deal. He said: “So that is what the Netherlands should do in the council, prioritise the economic interests of the member states, and not lose itself in cheap political games.” Mr Baudet has led his party on a stunning trajectory since being founded in 2016 with a series of canny online campaigning. Forum for Democracy is now only eight percent behind Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s VVD party, according to polling data released in February. In March, Mr Barnier and Brexit Secretary David Davis presented the latest Brexit deal proposals since the end of the first phase of talks in December. Mr Barnier and Davis described the deal as a “decisive step” that will lead to the “orderly withdrawal” of the UK. The pair also agreed the transitional period will last from March 29, 2019, to December 2020. But some issues, including the Irish border, remain unresolved.
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'Faith in Parliament SHATTERED forever!' Anti-Brexit MPs issued with STERN warning
ANTI-BREXIT MPs was warned that attempts to replicate the current customs arrangement with the European Union could "shatter" the faith British voters have towards the institution. Columnist Melanie Phillips warned MPs their credibility could be put into question should they force Britain to remain in a customs union after Brexit. A powerful cross-party coalition last week approved a non-binding motion calling on the Government to include the option of establishing "an effective customs union" between the UK and European Union, without a vote. But Ms Phillips tore into the decision, suggesting forming a new customs arrangement similar to the one currently in place could keep Britain in the European Union "by stealth". Speaking to BBC Sunday Politics, she said: "Either you are in the EU or you are not in the EU. "The customs union is a way of keeping us in the EU by stealth and all those voters, all those millions of British voters, who voted for exiting the European Union will be looking on this with horror because they perceive this as a way of keeping us in the EU by stealth through the customs union fudge. It’s not a fudge." The Government has struggled to agree the route Britain will take on a future customs relationship with the EU after a meeting of the Cabinet’s Brexit sub-committee failed to back Mrs May’s plan for the customs partnership method with Brussels. Theresa May has been told by Chief Whip Julian Smith that the Government will probably lose a crucial vote in Parliament that calls for ministers to make a customs union with the EU one of its Brexit negotiating objectives. The columnist argued that Parliament had provided British voters with the opportunity to vote for Brexit and should now respect the result – which includes support for leaving the customs union. Ms Phillips continued: "The customs union, however you want to dress it up, to some extent or other keeps us within the EU rules, keeps us in within the single market rules, keeps us attached to the EU in a way the British people voted to leave. "Here we have the crunch that was always going to come because underlying the Brexit vote was the fact that you have Parliament versus the people, potentially. "You have Parliament which is stuffed with Remainers, including the House of Lords and you have the people who voted for Brexit. "People say the decision must rest with Parliament but Parliament gave this decision to the British people: if Parliament is seen to be undermining the decision that it gave to the British people then the people’s faith in Parliament will be shattered forever." To avoid a humiliating defeat in the Commons Mrs May is expected to postpone votes on key Brexit bills until the Autumn. Both the Trade Bill and the Customs Bill must be passed before the UK leaves the EU, but around 20 Conservative MPs are expected to rebel against the Government and back continued membership of the customs union. The Government has also faced 10 defeats on Brexit bills in the House of Lords after peers passed amendments which seek to soften the Government’s Brexit policy.
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Andrew Neil's DAZZLING rant on how Brexit has SHAKEN British politics to its core
ANDREW NEIL launched into an epic rant explaining how Britain's decision to break from the European Union has "upended" traditional British politics.
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Jacob Rees-Mogg brilliantly CORRECTS angry BBC presenter during heated Brexit row
JACOB Rees-Mogg brilliantly corrected an angry BBC presenter during a heated Brexit row when he pointed out the statement he made was not true.
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Leading Brexiteer SHUTS DOWN Remainers' bid for new Brexit vote with very simple point
PRO-Brexit MEP Daniel Hannan dismantled Remainers' calls for a second referendum on membership of the European Union pointing out it was made clear before the vote that "this is it".
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'Belgium is NOT a nation!' Farage provokes EU UPROAR as he BRUTALLY taunts Belgian PM
NIGEL Farage provoked uproar in the European Parliament as he declared "Belgium is not a nation" in an epic tirade at EU leaders for refusing to talk about Brexit and ignoring the will of EU citizens across the bloc.
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'You said they were racist!' Vince Cable torn apart by John Humphrys over Brexit smear
BBC host John Humphrys ripped into Sir Vince Cable’s latest Brexit slur where he accused Brexit voters of wanting a Britain where “faces were white”. Sir Vince Cable used a keynote speech at the Liberal Democrat Party conference to claim the Brexit vote was “driven by nostalgia” and the older generation was responsible for Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. BBC presenter John Humphrys accused Sir Vince of implying “people who voted for Brexit were not only old but many of them were racist” during the fiery debate on the Today programme. The Lib Dem leader claimed he “didn’t suggest that at all” but was torn into by Mr Humphrys who said: “Too many were driven by a nostalgia for a world where passports were blue, faces were white.” The Lib Dem leader hit back and said: “The first point was a simple matter of fact. I know it is uncomfortable that the simple truth of the matter is that the older generation, my generation, the majority voted Brexit whereas for the younger generation, talking under 25s but indeed a wider group than that, voted to remain. “So there was a big differential between generations.” Mr Humphrys continued to grill the politician and said: “But you went further than that and said that faces were white.” In response, Sir Vince said: “I did go further than that. One of the factors was indeed nostalgia. “I mean, why else has so much fuss been made about the change in the colour of the passports and of course younger people have no recollection of.” The BBC host said Sir Vince’s claims were a “side issue”. He said: “The idea that people voted Brexit because they are essentially racist, they wanted white faces. I mean, you use the word white faces.” Sir Vince said: “Let me just explain it to the extent in which I touched on the race issue at all in 40 minutes. Actually, my main criticism was of my own party that they weren’t sufficient…” The Lib Dem leader said the point he was trying to make during his party speech was the difference between generations. During the shock speech, Sir Vince said: “I confess that my own initial reaction to the referendum was to think there was little choice but to pursue Brexit. I thought ‘the public have voted to be poorer. That is their right.’ “What changed my mind was the evidence that Brexit had overwhelmingly been the choice of the older generation. 75 percent of under 25s voted to Remain. But 70 percent of over 65s voted for Brexit. “Too many were driven by a nostalgia for a world where passports were blue, faces were white, and the map was coloured imperial pink.” Responding to Mr Cable’s remarks, Furious Tory Brexiteer Nadine Dorries tweeted: “What an arrogant and offensive man. “His disdain for 17.5 million voters is shocking and a plain stupid position for a party polling on seven percent just like it was 30 yrs ago. You need to apologise Mr Cable!”
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'Are you EMBARRASSED?' Shocked Tony Blair confronted with DAMAGE his premiership did to UK
TONY Blair looked utterly confused and struggled to answer an explosive question about whether the former Prime Minister if he was “embarrassed” that his time as Prime Minister has had such a negative impact on UK foreign policy.
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'Householder has right to defend himself!' Rees-Mogg BLASTS Hither Green burglar tribute
JACOB REES-MOGG launched a passionate defence of Hither Green pensioner Richard Osborn-Brooks while claiming there is a “strong feeling” in the UK that a householder has a “right to defend their home”.
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Brexiteers sold down the river? Rees-Mogg reacts to concession with a shocking prediction
JACOB REES-MOGG defied claims across the political spectrum that Theresa May's concession to Tory rebels this evening had killed off the chance of a no deal Brexit, instead insisting the Government's last-minute compromise had made it more likely.
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'It's a red herring' Brexiteer SHUTS DOWN Gina Miller's calls for second Brexit vote
BREXITEER MP Kwasi Kwarteng blasted anti-Brexit activist Gina Miller after her latest attempt to undermine withdrawal talks with the European Union with calls for a second Brexit referendum. The Tory MP shut down anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller after she attacked the British Government's latest progress in the negotiations with the European Union. Mr Kwarteng blasted Ms Miller for claiming the British negotiating team had shown signs of "incompetence" during talks with Brussels, saying the Government has made "huge progress." He said: "I completely disagree with what Gina has said. "There has been huge progress made on this. Given the fact that the campaign started two years ago, we voted to leave 20 months ago and now we’ve got a very clear idea of where we’re getting to." The Tory Brexiteer hailed the competence of BPrime Minister Theresa May for securing a breakthrough in spite of naysayers warning of the negative impact of Brexit on the UK. He continued: "We've got the implementation period: nobody said we’d get there, nobody said that we’d get to the second phase at the end of December but the Prime Minister had a breakthrough. "People said that there would be a complete disaster, people predicted economic Armageddon with 500,000 more unemployed. That hasn’t happened." Mr Kwarteng added that he was "disheartened" by Ms Miller's negative outlook on Brexit, suggesting her calls for a second Brexit referendum are an attempt to subvert the Brexit vote. He concluded: "We made considerable progress in this period and what I think is very disheartening is that people like Gina – for whatever reason – I know she wants to stay in the EU but I don’t think that’s going to happen. "This call for a second referendum is a complete red herring. The only reason you would want a second referendum is to revert the result. "Now, there’s no indication that that result will be reversed and the Government is working very steadily and methodically to a conclusion. I think things are going much better than anticipated." Ms Miller told BBC News: "I spent two days in Brussels in back-to-back meetings with people dealing with the negotiations. "What they are telling me is that they are deeply concerned and worried because there are no assurances coming from this Government. There is no sector-by-sector data and they are really worried that we have seven months to do the really hard stuff. "It’s been 14 months since my court case won against the Government. They have achieved so little, their incompetence is staggering."
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‘Just LEAVE UK then’ Peter Bone tells UPSET Remainer his solution to Brexit woe
ARCH Brexiteer Peter Bone had a simple answer for a Remainer when he was asked if he had “sympathy” for her EU removal “grieving process”.
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'These are YOUR words' Andrew Neil SKEWERS Soubry calls to 'SLING OUT' Brexiteer MPs
BBC host Andrew Neil ripped into Remainer Tory MP Anna Soubry following her calls for Prime Minister Theresa May to “sling out” 35 hardline Tory Brexiteers from the House of Commons. Andrew Neil demanded the arch-Remainer explain how Theresa May would “sling out” the 35 Tory Brexiteers. Appearing on BBC This Week, Ms Soubry said: “Well, what I mean by that is she’s got to absolutely put them in their place. Neil hit back and said: “You said that she should sling them out – these were your words.” The former minister claimed the comments were her being “deeply frustrated and fed up” as she said the hardline Brexiteers have “not been sorted out”. But Ms Soubry was caught out when the BBC host pointed out Ms Soubry rejoined the Tory party at a time when Eurosceptic Iain Duncan Smith was leader. Ms Soubry said Mr Duncan Smith was “slung out” from the position. She said: “Hang on a minute. I joined the Tory Party because he didn’t represent the majority of Conservative voters. “That’s why he was removed as leader because he didn’t do that and he didn’t do a very good job.” Neil continued to grill the Europhile. He added: “Are you telling us this tonight that you don’t think Mrs May should sling out these Brexiteers?” She said the comments were an “absolute metaphor” for “sorting out” the Conservative Party. Ms Soubry added: “What I don’t think Theresa May appreciates is that if they don’t get what they want, no party will stand in the way of their hard Brexit. They are ruthless, they are organised and they always have been. I don’t want these people to do the harm that they have done to the Conservative Party.” She claimed Brexiteers will vote Mrs May down if they do not get what they want. Ms Soubry also admitted she will “compromise” on Brexit and accept a deal where Britain leaves the single market if she deems it a good agreement for Britain. But she claimed Theresa May’s “magic deal” where Britain gets a bespoke free trade arrangement is unlikely. Ms Soubry faced criticism from Brexiteers after urging Theresa May to "sling out" Eurosceptics. The Europhile said Mrs May had to "stand up to" hardliners or risk losing support within the party. Speaking in the House of Commons, she called on the Prime Minister to "stand up against hard Brexiteers", and was heckled by colleagues for her actions. Ms Soubry threatened to leave the party if the Conservatives ever came under the leadership of "the likes of" Jacob Rees-Mogg or Boris Johnson.
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Brexit news: House of Lords is AGAINST BRITAIN and needs SCRAPPING says Lord Lamont
LORD Lamont blasted the unelected House of Lords following the open war some of its Remain-backing members declared against the Government and the will of the people, arguing that it may be time to SCRAP the upper house for the sake of democracy.
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'Your side LOST!' Fraser Nelson SAVAGES Soubry as she claims people want to STOP Brexit
PRO-BREXIT journalist Fraser Nelson shut down Tory MP Anna Soubry after the Remainer politician insisted British voters had begun to change their minds about Brexit. The Spectator editor suggested Ms Soubry struggled to accept the results of the Brexit vote despite polls showing constant support for the decision to withdraw from the European Union. Earlier this year, the Broxtowe MP threatened to lead a large group of Tory MPs and members in a mass resignation from the party in a bid to force the Prime Minister to soften her stance on leaving the EU. But Mr Nelson hit back at the passionate Remoaner's undermining campaign, reminding her she had backed the losing side during the Brexit referendum. He said: "There was no end of detail in the course of the referendum campaign. What happened, Anna, is that your side lost. "The other thing is you said that people are changing their minds. The polls show the country is still – knowing everything we know now – almost evenly split. "On this question, people aren’t changing their mind because they factored lots of political turmoil." Ms Soubry has long railed against the Brexit direction of the British Government after fervently backing the campaign to remain shackled to Brussels. Speaking during a heated BBC Any Questions? debate, she said: "Whatever your view is, however you voted, the truth of it is – on both sides – it was a dreadful campaign. "It was far too short and it was lacking in detail and when people now dig into it, I think they are beginning to sit back and wonder whether or not we haven’t made a terrible mistake." But despite reservations from pro-Remain MPs like Ms Soubry, Prime Minister Theresa May challenged the European Union to get on with the Brexit negotiations in order to secure a beneficial trade deal with Britain. The PM set out a detailed blueprint for a close economic partnership which still ensures Britain regains full control of our borders and law-making during her third major Brexit speech at Mansion House in London. Mrs May also warned Brussels to accept “hard truths” and end the stalling and posturing over a deal. Her speech was given a cautious welcome by EU leaders last night.
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Brexit News: Liam Fox STUNS Remainer MP with BRILLIANT point about customs union
LIAM FOX, the Secretary of State for International Trade, shut down SNP MP Kirsty Blackman’s demand for a customs union with the EU after Brexit, reminding her that such a deal would force the UK to follow EU regulations ‘without having a say’ on how they are made. Dr Liam Fox dismantled Remainer demands for a customs union with the European Union after Brexit, pointing out that a similar arrangement has greatly reduced Turkey's control over its trade affairs. Speaking on the BBC’s Any Questions, the Trade Secretary said: “The Customs Union is a legal entity. You can only be in the Customs Union if you’re in the European Union, which we’re not going to be. So we can’t be in the Customs Union.” “So then people talk about a customs union. But what does that actually mean? Because there’s only one major country that’s in a customs union with the European Union, and that’s Turkey. “Turkey is in a customs union for goods, not services or finance or agricultural goods. It has to follow EU regulations without having a say on how those regulations are made. “It has to align its trade agreements but has no say in what trade agreements the EU pursues.” “Countries can get access to Turkey’s market by getting access through the EU but Turkey doesn’t necessarily get access to their market. Turkey has had to wait years in some cases to get that. Taking a swipe at Labour’s position on Britain’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU, Dr Fox concluded: “If that’s not the model of a customs union that people want, they should tell us what model of customs union we are to get. We know neither from the Labour Party nor the SNP what a customs union means." During the debate, the Conservative MP also corrected Labour MSP Richard Leonard on his point about a Switzerland-style customs union. Mr Leonard had said: “There are countries like Switzerland which are outside the EU and who have a customs union arrangement with the EU.” Dr Fox replied: “No they don’t, they are in the single market, not the customs union.” Debate over Britain’s future trading relationship with the European Union was reignited this week, after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson broke ranks to publicly criticise Theresa May’s proposals for a ‘customs partnership’ that could see the UK tied to Europe for years after Brexit. In an incendiary interview with the Daily Mail, Mr Johnson branded the plan "crazy" and claimed it would create “a whole new web of bureaucracy”. He added: "If the EU decides to impose punitive tariffs on something the UK wants to bring in cheaply there’s nothing you can do. "That’s not taking back control of your trade policy, it’s not taking back control of your laws, it’s not taking back control of your borders and it’s actually not taking back control of your money either, because tariffs would get paid centrally back to Brussels."
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David Davis to ‘deal’ with Lords as peers told to push Brexit amendments ‘at their peril’
DAVID Davis vowed to "deal" with Lords as Tories warned peers they were pushing through amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill "at their peril".
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‘People had their say!’ Nick Ferrari ATTACKS Lord Adonis over second Brexit vote demand
LABOUR Lord Adonis was shut down by Nick Ferrari during his LBC show after demanding that the British people want a second Brexit referendum.
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Angela Merkel could be gone in WEEKS over German immigration row, Nigel Farage warns
ANGELA Merkel could be unseated in weeks if she refuses to compromise on the immigration issue engulfing her Government, Nigel Farage has warned.
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Jacob Rees-Mogg REVEALS key loophole that WILL save UK's post-Brexit trade
BREXITEER Jacob Rees-Mogg revealed a key trading rule ignored by the House of Lords EU Committee in their latest report will guarantee the UK to carry on with zero tariffs trade before securing a free trade agreement with the Brussels bloc.
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Rees-Mogg SAVAGES ‘arrogant’ Lords over Brexit vote saying it shows 'CONTEMPT' for voters
JACOB REES-MOGG has slammed the House of Lords, following the government's latest Brexit defeat in the upper chamber, saying the decision revealed the 'contempt' peers have for the electorate. The Conservative MP made his comments to the BBC after the government suffered another Brexit defeat in the House of Lords, when it passed a controversial amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill by 335 votes to 244 on Monday night. In a blow to Theresa May, the ammendment would allow Parliament ultimate to set the terms of Brexit if politicians reject any deal agreed by the Prime Minister with the EU. He said: “I think it reflects on the House of Lords more than anything else, that it has a very strong majority for remain. It was essentially a rejection of the referendum result. “Lord Haleshom, who moved the motion, said of the referendum that it ‘at very best was an interim decision’. “The noble lord is saying that the biggest democratic vote in British history - 17.4 million people - made an interim decision on whether we should stay in the European Union “That shows the contempt the Lords have for the electorate and the arrogance of their Lordships. The decision undermines the government’s position, which has framed Parliament’s vote on the final deal as a ‘take it or leave it’ choice. Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a “robust” response to her latest defeat in the House of Lords The unelected chamber, which has the power to debate and amend legislation, faced a storm of criticism from across the country last week after it voted to block legislation that would have taken the UK out of the customs union when the country leaves the EU in March 2019. The Lords approved two controversial amendments to the Government’s European Union Withdrawal Bill on Wednesday. The first called for the Government to explain what efforts it had made to stay in the Customs Union, while the second demanded any major post-Brexit deregulation to be subject to a parliamentary vote. The Chamber passed both, by majorities 123 and 97 respectively. Their actions prompted Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski to accuse peers of "insulting the British people's intelligence" by failing to realise a Brexit vote meant leaving the customs union. He said: "The time may be coming when where we need to have a national debate on an elected senate.” International Trade Secretary Liam Fox told BBC Radio 4’s Today: "It is not acceptable for an unelected house to try to block the democratic will of the British people.” He aid that the vote opened up the possibility of “delaying exit from the EU indefinitely". An Express.co.uk online poll conducted on Thursday found that 96 percent or respondents backed the abolition of the chamber. One signatory said: “It’s time for this den of unelected parasites (the Lords) to go. They have always served their own greed.”
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'Oh, oh, he says!' Theresa May stuns Labour with SAVAGE PMQs attack on front-bencher
THERESA MAY brilliantly mocked shadow secretary of state for communities Andrew Gwynne during a Prime Minister's Questions debate over the increase of local taxes in Labour constituencies. In a response to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over recent Labour tax hikes, the Prime Minister took a hilarious swipe at the shadow secretary of state for communities and local government Andrew Gwynne who interrupted her during her speech. Theresa May said: “We all know, he talks about tax, the top one per cent of the taxpayers are paying the highest burden of tax than they ever paid under Labour. “And we all know what Labour would mean for council taxpayers because just this week, the shadow community secretary backed…" As Mr Gwynne interrupted the Prime Minister, she brilliantly started mocking him: “Oh, oh, he says, oh oh. Could that be because he doesn’t want people to know what he is supporting? “Because he has supported a plan to stop local taxpayers having the right to stop tax hikes. “He supported a plan to introduce a land value tax, a tax on your home and your garden. “And he wants to introduce a new hotel tax. We all know what would happen under Labour. “More taxes and ordinary working people would pay the price.” Shadow chancellor John McDonnell was urged to abolish referendums for council tax rises, allow higher tax levies on empty homes and give authorities the ability to look at local taxes such as land value tax and a tourism tax. The suggestions formed part of a package of measures produced by the Local Government Association's Labour group in a report which sets out how to reverse the "destroying effects of Tory austerity". Sharon Taylor, who leads Stevenage Council and contributed to the On Day One report, said: "If John McDonnell wants to see an irreversible shift in the balance of wealth in favour of working people, then he must take steps to ensure a similarly permanent shift in the balance of power from Whitehall to local communities. "By trusting in local government's democratic accountability, understanding of communities, and experience of making every pound count, he can deliver immediate and visible improvements to people's lives." The report also demands an end to the ring-fencing of funding, to give local councils the "flexibility to deliver what works best and shift priorities as evidence emerges of best practice". Local Labour leaders are also urging the party leadership to give new powers to allow authorities to build council homes, open new schools and create a children's centre in every community.
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Brexiteer's BRILLIANT point that DISMANTLES Lord Adonis' call for second Brexit vote
BREXITEER Gisela Stuart dismantled Lord Adonis' call for a second Brexit referendum claiming the arch-Remainer's ultimate and only goal is to "undo" Britons' democratic decision to leave the EU.
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Labour MP Stephen Kinnock SLAPPED DOWN by wife over election night interview
LABOUR’S Stephen Kinnock was left red-faced after a brutal dressing-down from his wife, a former prime minister of Denmark, over an election night interview. Revealing footage from election night in June 2017 shows Mr Kinnock being told off for agreeing to a television interview shortly after the exit poll. His wife, the former prime minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, gives him a reality check moments before he is set to go on the BBC. The Labour MP was feeling confident as it appeared he had kept his seat, while a shock exit poll showed Jeremy Corby's left-wing party had done better than expected. He had previously dismissed Labour’s chances in the snap poll. Ms Thorning-Schmidt, wearing a red Labour rosette, is shown asking her husband: “Why are you doing this now? Why? What are you going to say?” The dumbstruck MP for Aberavon replies: “Umm… I don't know.” She tells him not to speak about Labour’s success until the result becomes totally clear, in case he is embarrassed. The Dane says: “Yes, you should wait. You don’t know anything. It looks like we’ve had really good turnout here, which is amazing. “Just talk about this: it looks like turnout is up here, I’m hoping lots of young people have come out to vote, I’m hoping this will be a new chance for Labour. “Just keep it to the campaign - nothing about what you thought Jeremy would say. Just keep it simple.” The footage was broadcast as part of BBC documentary Labour: The Summer that Changed Everything. Polls in the run-up to the snap election announcement in April predicted a landslide victory for Mrs May, with a majority of as many as 80 seats. However in a shock twist she actually ended up losing seats, and the confidence of much of her party.
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May SHAMES SNP with BRUTAL statistic about Scottish economy while they WHINE about Brexit
THERESA MAY savaged the SNP in Prime Minister’s Questions by pointing out a brutal statistic about Scotland’s economy as the SNP moaned about Brexit. Prime Minister May was taking questions during PMQs when SNP MP Ian Blackford asked her a question about economic analysis on Brexit and the impact of Britain leaving the single market. But Mr Blackford got more than he bargained for when Mrs May came back with a savage retort about the state of the Scottish economy. Mr May replied: “The Honourable Gentleman asked me for economic analysis. “Well I’ll give him some economic analysis. “We saw the figures this morning for GDP growth in Scotland. “In the third quarter GDP in Scotland grew by 0.2 percent in the rest of the United Kingdom, it grew by 0.4 percent. “Over the last year GDP in Scotland, under an SNP government in Scotland grew by 0.6 percent, in the United Kingdom as a whole it grew by 1.7 percent.” Mrs May pointed out that with those figures, the UK was better with a Conservative government than an SNP one. She said: “My economic analysis - 1.7 percent is higher than 0.6 percent, you’re better off with a Conservative government than an SNP one.” Her response was met with cheers from her party. The SNP has been leading the charge for the UK to retain its single market membership after Brexit, calling on other opposition parties to join them. Nicola Sturgeon insisted that a new report released on Monday would prove that the UK will be better off in the EU-controlled single market and customs union instead of breaking free. The economic impact assessment was used as ammunition by SNP’s leader in Westminster Ian Blackford in PMQs. Ms Sturgeon said: “The Scottish Government is absolutely clear that, if the UK is indeed leaving the EU, then it must stay within the single market and customs union to prevent needless job losses and cuts in living standards.” The Scottish First Minister branded the Prime Ministers decision not to launch her own impact assessment a “dereliction of duty” ahead of the public announcement.
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‘People want a BAD deal!' British MEP issues SHOCK warning as he RIPS into Remainers
BRITISH MEP Dan Hannan warned Remainers want Britain to get a bad Brexit deal with the European Union in order to thwart democratic vote. The staunch Brexiteer hit back at calls for Britain to remain the EU's customs union after Brexit, which was pushed forward by an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill in the House of Lords last week. Speaking on BBC News, Mr Hannan said: “I just want to make this one point about the customs union. A lot of people think it is a kind of compromise, a halfway house. “You’ve heard me say before there should have been compromised. It was a narrow vote. “We should be looking at which EU programmes we remain in, whether we have continued right to take up jobs, whether you have membership of EFTA. But the customs union is not like that. “It is absolutely the worst case scenario. It is not like having a medium burger because half the country wanted it well done and half the country wanted it rare. It is like throwing the burger away and eating the napkin.” The British MEP agreed he would rather remain in the EU than remain solely in the EU’s custom union, which would prevent Britain from striking trade deals across the globe – one of the main pledges of Vote Leave. He added: “Because no other country, the only country in that situation, partially, is Turkey and they hate it and they are always moaning about it. they only agreed to do it as a step to membership. “Why are we asking for a worse deal than Norway has and Switzerland? The answer is because people want it to be a bad deal because they see that as a way of reversing the result.” Peers defeated the Government last week after voting for an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill in hope of keeping Britain in the EU’s customs union. A cross-party alliance of Lords, including Tory rebels, put forward to an amendment to the Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill and voted by 348 to 225 in favour of changing the landmark legislation. A statement issued by the Department for Exiting the European Union said the ministry was “disappointed” by the vote. A similar vote is also expected in the House of Commons on Thursday. Prime Minister Theresa May has previously insisted that the UK will leave the common tariff area so it can pursue free trade deals outside the EU. Brexit Secretary David Davis rejected the idea of remaining in the EU’s customs union if there was no deal on new customs arrangements – insisting he would be a “failure” if Britain remains in the EU agreement. Mr Davis warned the EU is at risk if no deal is made on customs arrangements before the transition period it over. He said: “The bigger risk from that point of view is the other way, is what the French customs authorities, the Dutch and others and we are talking to them already to try and facilitate that. “But no, I do not expect the solution to that to be an extension of membership of the customs union. I would view that on my part as a failure.”
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'Absolute NONSENSE!' Redwood demolishes Anna Soubry's anti-Brexit speech in Commons clash
BREXITEER John Redwood ripped into Anna Soubry during an extremely heated debate in the House of Commons as the Remainer claimed Britain's economy would be heavily damaged if the UK walked away from Brussels with ‘no deal’. Conservative MP Anna Soubry demanded to know whether the Brexit supporter had seen the Government’s assessment which suggests a ‘no deal’ with the EU would damage the UK’s economy. Mr Redwood instantly dismissed the Treasury reports and claimed they simply were not “true”. Speaking in the House of Commons, Ms Soubry, who is trying to keep the UK tied to the EU’s key institutions, interrupted Mr Redwood’s bold speech. She said: “Could the quite honourable friend confirm whether he has seen the analysis that has been conducted by the Government that shows apparently it is excellent modelling the Government has done. “Far better than anything it did in the run-up to the EU referendum that shows if we were to crash out without a deal and rely on World Trade Organisation tariffs our projected increase in productivity and growth for our economy would be reduced by 7.7 percent. “Do you think that is what his Remain-voting constituents in the majority voted for?” Leading Brexiteer and Conservative Party MP for Wokingham quickly dismantled the accuracy of Treasury reports. He replied: “Of course it isn’t and it isn’t true and I have written that on a great length elsewhere with only 10 minutes I don’t have time to go into a detailed rebuttal of those proposals. But we know that the Treasury modelling got entirely the wrong answer for the first 18 months after the referendum. “Their short-term forecasts, which should be easier to do, were massively wrong, forecasting a recession. “I and a few others in the referendum put our forecasting reputation on the line by saying there would be growth after an ‘out’ vote rather than the Treasury forecast. “We were right then. I would like to assure my honourable friend that I haven’t voted for anything that is going to make us poorer. “We will be growing well as long as we follow the right domestic policies. It is complete nonsense to say there is going to be that kind of hit. “It implies that we lose over half our exports to the European Union and it doesn’t give proper reflection what would happen to our trade adjustment were anything that big to happen.” Leaked Treasury reports in January suggested Brits would be worse off under every circumstance when leaving the European Union. Ms Soubry joined forces with anti-Brexit Labour MP Chuka Umunna earlier this year in a call for fellow MPs to rise up against the type of Brexit pursued by hard-line Brexiteers. She has also repeatedly called for Britain to remain attached to the EU’s key institutions and suggested Leave voters should have the right to think again about leaving the EU. Speaking during her landmark Mansion House speech earlier this month the Prime Minister reiterated the UK would be leaving the single market and customs union when reaching an agreement with the EU. Responding to the speech, the President of the European Council said the only option for the UK was a free trade arrangement, similar to the deal Canada has with the EU.
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'I will lead Ukip' Farage reveals plan to REMOVE Tory MPs allowing great Brexit BETRAYAL
NIGEL FARAGE has added to a day of breaking news in Westminister, by pledging to return as Ukip leader and ensure that the Conservative Party does not "sellout" Brexit and the 17.4 million Britons who voted to leave the EU.
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'We weren't WRONG!' Campaigner's rousing call to remember how GREAT Brexit is
CAMPAIGNER Ella Whelan made a spirited call to remember how great Brexit is – insisting Britain must rekindle the excitement embedded in the Brexit vote. The political commentator and author said Brexiteers are “sick” of having their political demands turned into a “bickering match” between Westminster and Brussels. Speaking on BBC Daily Politics, Ms Whelan said: “We’ve forgotten how brilliant Brexit is. It has been a year and 10 months since June 24 when the EU referendum result was announced. “Since then we have had nothing but panic, moaning and groaning about Brexit.” Ms Whelan said it is a “travesty” that Brexit has become the “background noise” in British politics. She added: “Brexit was the biggest political mandate in British history. Despite that, it has been consistently ignored, undermined and belittled. Brexit is seen by many in the political establishment as a mistake and a disaster. “Middle-class columnists still delight in telling us plebs how wrong we were, how uneducated we are and how sorry we will be when this all blows up in our face. “But we weren’t wrong and we are sick of having our political demands turned into a bickering march between Westminster and Brussels.” The political campaigner said the Brexit vote reminded MPs that they answer to the people. Ms Whelan insisted Britain must get “back to the basics” and remember “just how brilliant the Brexit vote was." She added: “No more groaning from the anti-democrats. No more sniping from Brussels. Brexit was a bomb that opened up new space in British politics. It is time to decide what we do with it.” A ComRes survey for the Daily Express found that 68 percent of Britons think that those who voted against leaving the EU “should respect the majority” for leave. Almost four in ten people (38 percent) who voted Remain in the 2016 referendum now agree that the Leave vote should be respected, according to the poll commissioned to mark one year to go until the UK formally leaves the EU. And a total of 65 percent of voters in the survey did not want a second referendum on Britain's membership of the bloc, the online survey of more than 2,000 adults found. The survey comes after a new cross-party campaign, called the “People’s Vote” launched this weekend and demands the Government give Brits another Brexit referendum on the final deal. Nine pro-Remain groups have already pledged £1million to fund the campaign, which Remainer MPs hope will force Mrs May to reconsider the UK’s position in Brexit negotiations. Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly ruled out the prospect of another Brexit vote.
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'It just won't happen' Neil savages Labour MP with BRUTAL dissection of Corbyn Brexit plan
ANDREW Neil picked apart a Labour MP’s argument in a heated debate over how Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policy of keeping Britain in ‘a customs union’ would work. Andrew Neil snapped at Labour MP Nick Thomas-Symonds claiming the European Union would never accept Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policy. Labour Party has said that they would fight to keep the UK in a customs union if it was negotiating Britain’s exit from the EU. BBC Daily Politics host Andrew Neil pointed out the EU would not allow the UK to strike its own trade deals if they remained in ‘a customs union’. He said: “Surely you have to admit that you can not do your own free trade agreements? Mr Thomas-Symonds replied: “Surely you would accept Andrew that depends exactly how you negotiate the position.” The host then picked about the Labour MP’s argument, claiming the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator would never accept that proposal. Neil said: “Hold on, Michel Barnier has said that he does not want the technical blue skies thinking approach, he says it is just pie in the sky. The Brexiteers on the Tory side has suggested. “He has already thrown back the prospect of a customs partnership. “Why on earth would he accept your membership of the customs union that involved our ability to do free trade agreements? It just wouldn’t happen.” The Labour MP argued that he was simply making a distinction between the difference of “a customs union and the customs union”. He said: “A degree of flexibility is what I have said, Andrew. “Obviously Mr Barnier makes a number of statements. Of course, he does and I wouldn’t expect anyone in a negotiation to do anything else. “All I am pointing out, if I may, in a very narrow sense is there is a degree of flexibility and there is an important distinction between ‘a customs union’ and the ‘customs union’.” Neil finished with one final dig at the Labour MP. He said: “It seems to me that your policy is just as vague as the Governments.” It comes after Prime Minister Theresa May held an emergency Brexit war cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning to discuss the subject of the customs union. Leading eurosceptics are firmly against Britain remaining in the EU’s customs union post-Brexit.
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‘Do you want me to play the audio?’ Marr CONFRONTS McDonnell over Tory MP 'lynching' claim
LABOUR’S Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has refused to apologise for repeating demands that a leading Conservative cabinet minister should be lynched. Mr McDonnell, who is Jeremy Corbyn’s closest ally and an architect of Labour’s hard left takeover, was challenged about his remarks aimed at minister Esther McVey in 2014. The shadow chancellor has always insisted he was quoting other people, so he has nothing to apologise for. But after a recording of the comments made in 2014 emerged, Tory Commons leader Andrea Leadsom branded it "truly evil". The comments included calling Ms McVey a “stain on humanity” during a rally in Liverpool and saying she should be “lynched”. He claimed he had just been reporting what a constituent had told him rather than endoring the comment which were met with approval at the rally. Ms McVey, who was a benefits minister responsible for much needed reform, lost her Wirrall seat to a hard left campaign in 2015 but returned for Tatton last year. She is now Work and Pensions Secretary. Mr McDonnell told BBC One's The Andrew Marr Show: "I'm surprised at Andrea. “I like her, she's a good woman." Mr McDonnell said he had not been quoting the comments approvingly. "It was a stand up thing and I was saying, look, this is how rough politics is up there." Mr McDonnell said he had previously "refuted completely" when MPs "misinterpreted it" and insisted he did "not wish harm to anybody". Marr asked the shadow chancellor if he wanted him to play the audio of the comments. "You don't need to, I know exactly what was on it," he replied. The audio was not played. Asked if he would apologise to Ms McVey, who has received death threats, he replied: "I said then I did not support what was happening, of course I didn't support that. "It is for those people who made that statement if they wish to make that apology." Tory deputy chairman James Cleverly quickly condemned the latest refusal to apologise by Mr McDonnell pointing out promises made on improving the nature of politics by Mr Corbyn He said: “Despite promising ‘kinder, gentler politics’, the Shadow Chancellor has today repeatedly refused to apologise for sickening abuse.” The row broke out after claims were made over the weekend that hard Left allies of Mr McDonnell and Mr Corbyn in the extremist Momentum movement are planning to deselect up to 50 moderate Labour MPs as part of a takeover of the party. Far left activists have been attacking moderate Labour MPs online and have made a number of threats. Momentum denied claims that it was planning to deselect MPs.
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WATCH: Jacob Rees-Mogg's INCREDIBLE reaction after Remainers MOAN about his Brexit impact
JACOB REES-MOGG laughed off suggestions from pro-Remain MP and fellow Tory colleague Justine Greening that he was to Brexit negotiations what Russia is to the UN's Security Council. Jacob Rees-Mogg has responded to the shock accusations from Justine Greening, former cabinet minister, earlier this week that compared his actions to the Kremlin. Speaking to Kay Burley during an in-depth interview on Sky News, the prominent Brexiteer MP laughed off the comparisons made by Remainers. Following the local council election results in the early hours of Friday morning, Justine Greening claimed that the MPs in the European Research Group (ERG), a pro-Brexit MP organisation led by Mr Rees-Mogg, was behaving like Russia by vetoing Theresa May's customs plans. She went onto compare his impct on the direction of Brexit to Russian behaviour in the UN, where Vladimir Putin's regime continously block resolutions on Syria. The accusations followed a shock ultimatum from the 60-strong ERG to the Prime Minister over Mrs May's preferred customs partnership plan. The pro-Brexit lawmakers sent a letter to the party leader arguing that the "customs partnership" is "undeliverable in operational terms and would require a degree of regulatory alignment that would make the execution of an independent trade policy a practical impossibility". Theresa May was also defeated during a meeting with her inner cabinet over her customs proposal with the European Union after Brexit. However, the MP for Somerset North fired back and denied that he had done anything wrong. Mr Rees-Mogg insisted he was acting to deliver the referendum and said the ERG were simply encouraging the government to keep its promises. He told Sky News: "I have no authority to veto anything. I'm a backbench Tory MP. "The Conservative manifesto said that we would leave the customs union and we would leave the single market. "I believe that politicians should implement the promises that they've given in manifestos. "So all I've been doing - and other members of the European Research Group have been doing - is encouraging the government to stick to the promises it has made and the Prime Minister Theresa May has made very clear in her various speeches, whether it's the Lancaster House, Florence or Mansion House speech. "So we are very consistent with government policy, we are supporting the government implementing its policy in the face of a lot of opposition from other sources, particularly at the moment the House of Lords." Mr Rees-Mogg added that it would be "bizarre to think that Mrs May would retreat from that promise of leaving the customs union" and that he "doesn't think she's going to". The Brexiteer went on to praise Mrs May as a "very remarkable person". He added: "She is a formidable leader with great abilities. "That's why I'm supporting her and supporting what she promised to do."
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David Davis warns Remainers are making no deal MORE LIKELY in stunning Commons rant
DAVID DAVIS sent Remainers in the House of Commons a fierce warning that they were making no deal more likely by trying to force an amendment.
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Clean Brexit or pay EU bills for years warns Rees-Mogg
BRITAIN must not get ensnared in continued discussions about the European Union’s budget long after leaving the bloc, leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg warned yesterday. He voiced alarm at a report saying other EU members think the UK should help decide the block’s £1trillion budget up to 2027 on the grounds that they think Britain will still be paying in billions for years to come. Mr Rees-Mogg, who leads the influential European research Group, said any future payments must be limited to stand-alone projects, such as scientific and educational cooperation schemes. He said: “We need to be very careful about being in the budget discussions. if you are in the discussions, is there a risk that you begin to take responsibility for decisions and then you find that you get a bill at the end of it? “People want a clean Brexit – once we’ve left, we’ve left the European Union. “We may be involved in the Erasmus programme or something like that, but that will be a stand-alone issue to which we will contribute a set amount of money. “We are not interested in, and we have no standing with regard to, the EU’s total budget. That’s a matter for them.” Downing Street sought to play down the significance of an invitation from the 27 remaining EU states, which the European Commission is said to be also angry about, for the UK to take part in discussions on the next “multi-annual financial framework” for 2020 to 2027. Britain is due to leave the bloc next March and finally break away after a transition period ending at the end of December 2020. Theresa May’s spokesman said the UK was ready to discuss future financial contributions to individual programmes, but the overall budget was for the remaining EU 27 to hammer out. The spokesman also hit back at “negative” briefing from Brussels officials about progress in their talks with the UK. Last week one senior EU official accused the UK of “chasing a fantasy” in its approach, while chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier compared the process to a game of hide-and-seek. The spokesman said: “We need to approach these discussions with the interests of our citizens at heart. “That means focusing on holding constructive talks inside the negotiation room. “We also need to be constructive outside the room, which means looking beyond sound bites and negative anonymous briefings.” Meanwhile, HM revenue and Customs chief executive Jon Thompson came under new pressure over his claim last week that the Brexiteers’ favoured solution for future customs arrangements, using technology to keep cross-border trade flowing securely, would cost nearly £20billion. Cambridge economist Dr Garham Gudgin, who co-founded the Briefing for Brexit site to promote the academic arguments for leaving the EU, and Labour Leave chairman businessman John Millls said the HMRC figure was “hugely inflated” and a “shoddy calculation”. In a joint article on Briefings for Brexit, they said: “The Treasury and HMRC have taken to presenting hugely negative calculations of the economic impact of Brexit without formal analyses that can be checked for accuracy. this must stop. “We fully expect that HMRC’s wild forecasts will also be confounded by reality.”
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'BULLISH' Brexit chief David Davis threatening to HUMILIATE Theresa May over DELAYED plan
CHIEF Brexit negotiator David Davis is said to be furious with the Prime Minister over “deliberate attempts” by Downing Street to foil Brexit and is threatening to humiliate Theresa May by appealing to the full Cabinet to overrule yet another delay in the UK’s cessation.
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Row breaks out as Tory MP HILARIOUSLY mocks Chuka Umunna with BIZARRE impression
BREXITEER Michel Fabricant did a bizarre impression of Labour MP Chuka Umunna during a furious row between the pair about Britain remaining in the customs union after Brexit. Mr Fabricant put on a childlike voice as he mocked Mr Umunna's Remoaner claims, insisting Brits had “no idea what they were voting for” in the Brexit referendum. Speaking on BBC Radio 2, Mr Fabricant said: “The problem is, you’re going to have Chuka Umunna on saying what he usually says, I’m sure, saying ‘oh, the British people didn’t know what they were voting for. They didn’t realise.’ He then stopped and apologised to Mr Umunna but insisted he must “carry on” with his impression. He continued to mock the Labour MP and said: “Chuka, Chuka, people don’t realise that when they were voting to leave the European Union what they’d be doing is leaving the European Union.” Mr Fabricant then said Britain must leave the customs union after Downing Street confirmed Britain will “categorically” leave the customs union. A No 10 source said on Sunday night: "It is not our policy to be in the customs union." The source said they would be seeking an agreement with the EU to maintain as much "frictionless" trade as possible. Mr Fabricant continued: “What they were voting for was independence from Brussels and that I am afraid does mean not being in the customs union. But it doesn’t mean what we all want. “We all want frictionless trade. Tariff-free trade, like some other countries, have got, with the EU even if they’re not in the customs union.” In response, Mr Umunna laughed and demanded a “grown-up” conversation, to which Mr Fabricant sighed. Mr Umunna said Mr Fabricant should “get the facts right” as he demanded Britain remains in the customs union after Brexit. The Tory MP hit back and said: “You can always think of why you can’t do something.” The row got heated when Mr Umunna claimed there will be a chaos in Dover as Britain’s border force fail to cope with the result of Brexit. But a furious Mr Fabricant said the Labour MPs claims were “complete speculation”. He said: “The problem is is that it is speculation about the future. Anybody can come up with reasons why you can’t do something. Mr Umunna then said the Tory MP must get his “facts right” but he flipped the question and said there is no other solution to the Irish border issue.
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Brexit BACKLASH: Minister pledges UK WON'T backslide as Remainer Lords plot REBELLION
THE BREXIT deal will remain as promised, a Treasury Minister ensured, including leaving the Customs Union, despite the UK government having to fight against pro-Brussels Lords over amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill. The Brexit deal will still include the UK leaving the customs union despite pro-Europe peers proposing amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill on Wednesday, as the Treasury Minister ensures voters that the government will not backtrack. Mel Stride, Financial secretary to the Treasury said: “What I was to refer to was to the fact that the customs union itself allows for any eventuality including entering into a customs union with another group of countries. “It is actually within the bill not just in the context of the European Union, but actually our crown dependence. “But in terms of where we go from here, we have made it clear that we will be leaving the customs union and I am absolutely confident that we will be doing that.” New analysis released by Brexit campaigners last night revealed that 10 Remain-backing peers have proposed a total of 388 amendments designed to frustrate or reverse the EU departure process. “What Brexit should mean is that we will have the ability to make trade deals around the world with other countries. “With the faster growing parts of the world economy. “If we are within the customs union of course we don’t have the ability to do that.” Wednesday’s debate is expected to focus on an amendment seeking to commit ministers to making a statement about their progress in the Brexit negotiations on agreeing "an arrangement which enables the United Kingdom to continue participating in a customs union with the European Union". Downing Street officials insisted the Government would not back down over the plan to withdraw Britain from the EU's customs union. Theresa May's spokesman said: "The Prime Minister has been very clear that the British people voted to leave and the EU and want us to be free to sign our own trade deals. “As the Prime Minister has set out, that means leaving the customs union."
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'STOP Brexit' Jacob Rees-Mogg heckled by 'loud-mouthed' Remoaners
LEADING Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg was heckled during a live BBC interview by Remain supporters waving EU flags who repeatedly shouted “stop Brexit”.
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Deutsche Bank in CRISIS - Merkel could be brought down by Germany's biggest bank
GERMAN financial giant Deutsche Bank could see its CEO been sacked "within weeks" amid rising tensions between him and the bank’s chairman, a move that could destabilise Angela Merkel’s already fragile government. The position of John Cryan, the bank’s British chief executive, looks threatened by his rivalry with the bank’s Austrian chairman Paul Achleitner. A senior source told The Financial Times Mr Cryan may be fired before the bank’s annual meeting taking place on May 24, as the company has already started looking for a new chief. The source said: “There is no way he will make it to the AGM.” Mr Cryan arrived in 2015 amid hopes he would have been able to give the German lender a fresh start following years of lacklustre return, legal cases and a battered share price. But the bank’s poor performance recorded lately, together with Mr Cryan's rumoured “lack of leadership”, could be the main reason that brought to the crisis. In the last few months Deutsche has reported annual losses, suffered further declines in investment banking revenue and dropped its 2018 cost-cutting target. A person familiar with the chairman’s thinking told The Financial Times: “It just appears as if John is lacking the resolve to put the strategy into practice”. The source added that “the supervisory board is really puzzled about what has been going on with him”. Sources in Frankfurt also argued that sacking the Briton could be Mr Achleitner’s attempt to safeguard his own position. Although the lender’s two leading people have reportedly never had an easy relationship, the rift seems to have become wider last year. The chairman and the CEO reportedly have different views even on the future of the bank. While Mr Cryan wants to undertake deeper cut in the investment banking division, Mr Achleitner would prefer to avoid them. A boardroom insider told The Financial Times: “Mr Cryan and Mr Achleitner just need to make a decision on the investment bank strategy; that is what is behind all this.” This instability is likely to make the bank even more unstable, which could mean trouble for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In 2016 the Chancellor said she would not put state money into the bank in a bid to save it. Yet, a collapse of one of the most important banks in Europe could bring Ms Merkel’s fragile coalition to an end. But a state rescue could destabilise the Euro, which could threaten Ms Merkel’s leading position in the EU. Deutsche Bank is so at risk of a default that its situation has been compared to the one of the banks of less rich EU state members. Holger Zschäpitz, a financial editor and expert on debt, said the bank’s default risk was now the highest in the continent as the former powerhouse struggled from one crisis to the next. He said the credit risk at Germany’s biggest lender was now even worse than Italy's cash-strapped UniCredit bank.
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'We demand a refund!' EU in turmoil as Hungary SHOCKS Brussels with €1BILLION bill
HUNGARY'S Prime Minister Viktor Orban has set up a tense showdown with the EU elite, after he delivered a fiery speech which included shock demands for a massive refund from the bloc's coffers. Viktor Orban, who has long been a critic of the EU establishment, released a set of demands yesterday that are set to put him on a collision course with Brussels. Hungary's leader said his country has been on the frontlines of defending Europe's borders and, as a reward, Budapest deserves a massive refund. In a video posted to his Facebook page ahead of an informal EU summit, Mr Orban detailed why Hungary now deserves at least half of the one billion euros they have spent on border protection to be reimbursed from EU funds. This would see Brussels hand over more than £450million to Hungary, against the backdrop of concerns surrounding the future sustainability of the EU's budget. Mr Orban said: "It’s time to start substantial negotiations on money. We’ve spent over €1 billion on border protection. "We’re not only protecting ourselves, but Europe as well. At least half of this sum should be reimbursed." The controversial prime minister also proposed a bold new scheme to increase role of national parliaments and sovereignty in EU decision-making. This so-called 'red card procedure' proposal would give national parliaments in power to "stop debates in Europe" if they perceive them to be a threat to their national interests. Mr Orban also shot down the several “completely absurd proposals on the table,” including “taking migrants into consideration during the distribution of parliamentary seats in the European Parliament". He said: "The European Union belongs to Europeans and European citizens.” The European Commission refused to comment on Mr Orban's outburst.
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EU 'WILL COLLAPSE like Soviet Union' Top academic insists 'seeds of destruction' are sown
THE European Union is set to collapse like the Soviet Union, says a leading academic. Professor Gwythian Prins believes the EU has sown the seeds of its own destruction through ever-greater complexity and meddling as the benefits for its citizens shrivel. Voting to leave the doomed bloc was thus “most appropriate and prudent” – not as Remainers claimed, the act of “stupid or culturally primitive racists” he said. He urged Theresa May to be tougher with Brussels, because the pro-EU elites are “cult-like” and impossible to reason with. The African colonial era expert was a history and politics tutor at the University of Cambridge and is now emeritus research professor at the London School of Economics. His findings are on the Briefings for Brexit website. Professor Prins used a method created by the American anthropologist Professor Joseph Tainter to analyse the collapse of ancient empires like Rome, Minoa and Egypt. He found that organisations thrive up to a certain point of complexity, like the EU for its first 45 years when the benefits of pooling powers outweighed downsides. But there is a point when they become so complex that benefits shrink and they lose the support of citizens. He argues that moment for the EU was the start of the single currency 20 years ago and “things have been steadily falling apart” since. The European elite, ignoring many citizens, had responded by pushing on for their superstate, at the cost of alienating voters with increasingly draconian demands. Prof Prins claims there is growing anti-EU sentiment, including Britain’s “clearsighted” Brexit vote “just in the nick of time”. “All this evidence of citizen rejection while the ‘project’ responds with further acceleration has plainly taken the EU into the zone of risk of collapse,” he wrote. “And that is where it stands, shakily but defiant, belittling, bullying, hoping to dishearten the British in order to deter other prospective escapees.” Likening the EU to the Soviet Union which lasted 70 years, he continued: “The ‘project’ is 61 years old this month. “Absence of cultural reproduction suggests that, like its older sibling [the Soviet Union], it should not outlast a human lifespan.”
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Robinson dismantles Lord Adonis' 'FANTASY' anti-Brexit campaign during intense grilling
BBC HOST Nick Robinson roasted anti-Brexit activist Lord Adonis after the peer suggested giving more powers to mayors and counties would eliminate the need to leave the European Union.
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‘What Brexit rebellion?’ Confident Iain Duncan Smith promises ‘Remainers will NOT win’
IAIN Duncan Smith issued a rallying cry to worried Brexit voters that they should not fear “there being a rebellion” while promising Theresa May will “deliver” the detachment from the EU that the public voted for. The former Tory leader sought to quell growing fears after cross-party MPs, including Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna, formed a group demanding an option to stay in the EU. Nine pro-Remain groups have already pledged £1million to fund the campaign, expected to be launched at a rally in London on Sunday. The MP for Chingford and Woodford Green, said: “This is about the Government delivering its business. “I do not have any fears of there being a rebellion that would actually stop the Government delivering its business.” The Government has suffered three more heavy defeats in the Lords over flagship Brexit legislation but Mr Duncan Smith said the “unelected Lords” should be careful. He added: “I believe the Government will get its business, it has a right to do so because it is what the public voted for. “Parliament has always got to be slightly careful of having given the public the vote and then turning around and trying to eat away at the vote to suggest that people did not know what they were voting for which is what we heard in the Lords. “I thought the Lords, rather arrogantly, thought that somehow the great British public were unable to know what they were voting for. “I think they knew very clearly what they were voting for and therefore we need to deliver on that and I do believe and the Prime Minister believes as well, that the party is behind her on getting ourselves a proper trade arrangement. “The rest of this will fall away in due course when we begin that process on proper negotiation on free trade.” In the main reverse, peers backed a cross-party move to retain key EU human rights provisions on exiting the union. Voting was 316 to 245, majority 71, to carry over most of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights into domestic law post-Brexit. It came in report stage of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and after two big defeats at the hands of the Lords last week. Lord Pannick, who won the Article 50 case against the Government, said that to exclude a number of important EU rights from domestic law would lead to a lack of certainty and continuity, providing a "recipe for confusion" after Brexit. He told peers: "I fear the Government is seeking to make an exception for rights under the charter because the Government is suspicious of the very concept of fundamental rights.” Accusing ministers of acting for purely "doctrinal" reasons, Lord Pannick said: "This Bill should not be used as an excuse to reduce the legal rights which we all enjoy against the state." Today David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, paid a two-hour visit to the Irish border. He tweeted: "Today I started what promises to be a busy week in Northern Ireland. "As we leave the EU it's essential both the UK and EU do what it takes to keep the border, which I saw this morning, free from physical infrastructure. "We are determined to get this agreed by October."
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