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Jacob Rees Mogg's fury as EU officials gloat UK will be CHAOS a week after Brexit no deal
JACOB Rees-Mogg has lashed out at "delusional" EU diplomats who claimed a no-deal Brexit would plunge the UK into chaos.
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Brexit latest: Rees-Mogg spearheads new Brexit plan with 'POSITIVE' future under WTO rules
EUROSCEPTIC Tories are planning to defy Theresa May by publishing their own alternative blueprint for Brexit, it has emerged. A policy paper setting out a framework for a full break with the EU is set to be published by the European Research Group of MPs and peers next month.
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CHEQUERS IS DEAD: ‘Barnier REJECTS May proposals’ - Raab stunned by BREXIT BOMBSHELL
The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator told a delegation of MPs that Theresa May's proposals for a future trade deal were "dead", it has been claimed.
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‘Resign and we won't revolt’ - MPs send BOLD message to May amid ‘WEAK’ leadership claims
DISSIDENT MPs have revealed they are willing to call off their mutiny against the Prime Minister if she sets out her intentions to step down before the next General Election.
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'She’s compromised all the way!' Julia Hartley-Brewer RIPS APART May's latest Brexit vow
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'Make Britain WIN again!' BREXIT ALLIANCE vows to deliver FULL exit... or OUST Theresa May
A NEW Brexit-backing alliance of campaign groups and think tanks is being launched today in a fresh attempt to force Theresa May into changing course and delivering a full break with Brussels.
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'You have BETRAYED us!' Time RUNNING OUT for May as 50,000 sign Brexit petition
THERESA May is facing increased pressure from Brexiteers after a protest group delivered a petition from tens of thousands of voters to Downing Street today, branding the Prime Minister’s latest blueprint for leaving the bloc 'a betrayal of the referendum'.
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'Remoaner Soubry is a HYPOCRITE!' Brexiteer MEP in fiery clash with Tory Remainer
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Hunt turns screw on Brussels: Get Brexit wrong and relations will CRUMBLE ‘for a LIFETIME’
FOREIGN Secretary Jeremy Hunt delivered an ominous warning to the European Union today as he declared a no-deal Brexit will result “in a fissure of relations that will take a lifetime to heal”.
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We're ready! Theresa May to release no deal Brexit plans NEXT WEEK in warning to EU
MINISTERS are to intensify pressure in the Brexit negotiations next week by releasing details of the Government's plans for a "no deal" departure from the EU.
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Brexit TURMOIL: May's Chequers plan DENOUNCED and campaign to DERAIL agreement launched
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EU wants May’s Brexit plan to FAIL because it will save the UK BILLIONS
THE European Union wants Theresa May’s Brexit plan to fail by rejecting it because it will save UK businesses billions of pounds.
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EU WILL LOSE: Theresa May told WTO will turn UK into an ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE after Brexit
THERESA May’s hand has been massively strengthened in the Brexit negotiations after a new study revealed that using World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules instead of making a deal with the EU will turn Britain into an economic powerhouse.
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NO SECOND Brexit vote: May dismisses call as experts warn referendum would 'solve NOTHING'
THERESA May will not bow to calls for a second referendum, sources insisted yesterday (Sunday) - as experts highlight a string of problems with holding such a vote.
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You ‘BREAK YOUR OWN RULES’ if you fail to compromise on Brexit - UK's clear message to EU
UK MINISTERS have sent an unequivocal message to EU bosses, warning Brussels they will be breaking their own rules if they refuse to come to a compromise in the Brexit negotiations.
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Michel Barnier 'under pressure' to give Britain a Brexit deal for THIS reason
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BREXIT BREAKTHROUGH: Rees-Mogg reveals SOLUTION to Irish border as pressure HEAPED on EU
PROPOSALS for breaking the Brexit negotiation deadlock over the Irish border will be unveiled today by leading Tory Eurosceptics.
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'We saved Europe from itself!' Brexiteer claims he would rather be poor than remain in EU
A PASSIONATE Brexiteer told LBC radio Clive Bull he would rather be "substantially poor" than remain in the European Union, trashing latest claims the Brexit vote was a product of Tory austerity measures.
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WE control our ports, not EU! MP lashes out at Brexit scaremongering over border control
A TORY MP has lashed out at "Brexit scaremongering" over stockpiling food supplies when the UK leaves the EU, declaring that other countries would gladly trade with Britain even if Brussels implements new stringent border checks.
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