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Who's the Medication Expert in the White Coat?
Pharmacists are the members of your health care team who are experts in medicines and can help you manage diseases like diabetes and heart disease.
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Pharmacy Calculations: An Introduction for Pharmacy Technicians
Pharmacy Calculations: An Introduction for Pharmacy Technicians, is designed for pharmacy technician students enrolled in a training program, technicians preparing for the certification exam, and for on-site training. As the role for pharmacy technicians continues to evolve and expand one thing remains constant. The safety of patients is the highest priority for anyone working in pharmacy, whether in hospital, retail, or institutional practices. With a thorough understanding of pharmacy math comes accuracy in computations and safety and quality in practice.
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Ambulatory Care: A New World of Patient Care Opportunities
Pharmacists who work in an ambulatory care setting provide an array of pharmacy services. Discover all the exciting possibilities in ambulatory care.
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Personnel Placement Service (PPS) Overview
An in‐person career fair based around one‐on‐one interviews hosted at ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meeting in December. Residencies, fellowships, faculty, and full‐time positions.
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Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation with ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meeting
Organizers of ASHP's first Clinical Midyear Meeting (as it was then known) in 1966 never could have predicted that it would eventually grow into the world's largest gathering of pharmacists.
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BPS Certs Video
ASHP's BPS, specialty certification video.
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The Pharmacist's Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy and Stewardship
Author Sarah Wieczorkiewicz, co-author of The Pharmacist's Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy and Stewardship, talks about the idea behind her new book with Carrie Sincak.
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The Midyear: Experience Greatness
Updated Midyear 2014 video: http://youtu.be/O5vzS_OI0_8C What happens when tens of thousands of pharmacy professionals from all over the world join together at the largest gathering of its kind? Become part of something great that will have a lasting impact on your career, practice, and the lives of your patients.
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ASHP's Handbook on Injectable Drugs
Be sure you have the new 19th edition of ASHP's Handbook on Injectable Drugs, the gold standard for IV compatibility and stability information. Learn more at www.ashp.org/newedition19.
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Match Day 2018
A Message from ASHP President Paul W. Bush on Match Day 2018.
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ASHP's Interactive Handbook on Injectable Drugs
This video will show you how to use ASHP's Interactive Handbook on Injectable Drugs on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Learn more at www.ashp.org/hidonline.
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Tips for Preparing to Take the BPS Exam
Get the tips and resources you need to prepare for the BPS exam.
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ASHP renamed PPMI to PAI
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ASHP Match Day 2017
A Message from ASHP President Lisa Gersema on Match Day 2017.
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AHFS Clinical Drug Information
AHFS Clinical Drug Information (AHFS CDI) is your comprehensive interactive treatment and drug therapy solution. It allows health professionals to quickly access the nation's leading compendium of unbiased and authoritative drug information as well as other drug databases. Access real-time drug and safety alerts, including current drug shortages information. Available on a Google cloud-based platform for any mobile device, as well as in your favorite app store.
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Letters to a Young Pharmacists - video with the editors
Watch Susan Cantrell and Sara Write, two of the editors from ASHP's Letters to a Young Pharmacist: Sage Advice on Life & Career from Extraordinary Pharmacists, discuss their idea for the book and how it became a reality.
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Welcome to ASHP
ASHP's CEO Paul Abramowitz welcomes new members to the organization and outlines their member benefits.
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ASHP 50th Midyear Clinical Meeting Tribute to Dr. Joseph A. Oddis
ASHP 50th Midyear Clinical Meeting Tribute to Dr. Joseph A. Oddis
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Author Video based on Basic & Applied Pharmacokinetics Self Assessment book by John E. Murphy
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50 years of ASHP Pharmacy Residency Accreditation | 1963 to 2013
ASHP residency accreditation is an important driver for excellence, serving as a bridge between education and practice. ASHP is the only programmatic accreditor in the United States for pharmacy residency programs.
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Experience Augmented Reality with AJHP
Learn how you can use the free Layar app to view enhanced content in AJHP directly from your smartphone or tablet.
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Demystifying Opioid Conversion Calculations
Meet Mary Lynn McPherson, author of ASHP's Demystifying Opioid Conversion Calculations, who tells us the idea behind her book and how it has helped countless healthcare professionals over the years.
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ASHP President Gerald Meyer at Opening Session of 2013 Midyear
ASHP President reviews several of the Society's top initiatives during the Opening Session of ASHP's Midyear Clinical Meeting, December 9, 2013.
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Best Wishes to 2016 Match Participants
ASHP President John Armitstead, MS, RPh, FASHP, offers best wishes to all participants in the 2016 Match Residency Program.
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Medication Safety Officer's Handbook
Meet the authors of the Medication Safety Officer's Handbook as they discuss the idea behind the book and how it has helped pharmacists and the entire medication safety team.
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Student Societies of Health System Pharmacists advocate training and legislative day 2015
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ASHP: 75 Years in (About) 75 Seconds
ASHP celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2017. In observation of our anniversary, we took a look at our history and your vision for our future.
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John Murphy talks about Basic & Applied Pharmacokinetics Self Assessment
John E. Murphy, PharmD, sits down to talk about why he created Basic & Applied Pharmacokinetics Self Assessment to help both pharmacy students and seasoned practitioners.
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What is the ASHP Sterile Compounding Competency Library and why is it important?
ASHP subject matter expert Patti Kienle discusses the importance of sterile compounding competency assessment and how the ASHP Sterile Compounding Competency Library can meet those needs.
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Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator's Handbook
Author Lynn Eschenbacher talks about the idea behind her new book, the Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator's Handbook.
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Wisdom from the Pharmacy Leadership Trenches - Interview with the Authors
Toby Clark and Sara White, authors of ASHP's Wisdom from the Pharmacy Leadership Trenches discuss the idea behind their book and how it came to be.
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ASHP’s Take Our Children To Work Day
April 23 was a special holiday with VIP guests at ASHP headquarters—Take Our Children to Work Day. ASHP staff was treated to more than 20 young guests. They asked many questions, had lots of energy, and learned what their parents/grandparents do at ASHP. We really enjoyed them visiting! Here is a snapshot of the day.
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Author Video based on Basic & Applied Pharmacokinetics Self Assessment book by John E. Murphy
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Kaiser Permanente's Home Phototherapy Initiative
Kaiser Permanente (KP) Northern California patients share their experiences with the KP Phototherapy Project which has allowed them to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (eczema), and vitiligo at home with narrowband ultraviolet B phototherapy devices. Use of this equipment at home has allowed patients to reduce treatment costs, improve access, and reduce medication burden. Clinical pharmacists initiate and adjust home phototherapy doses and doses of related medications under collaborative drug therapy management protocols. The article “Design and implementation of population-based specialty care programs” which describes three specialty population programs is part of the AJHP theme issue on population health and can be found at http://www.ajhp.org/content/74/18/1437.
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ASHP SM14 Summer Meetings
Experience three targeted conferences for the price of one! Learn more about the boutique conferences being offered for patient safety officers, informatacists, and pharmacy leaders.
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Author Video based on Basic & Applied Pharmacokinetics Self Assessment book by John E. Murphy
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A Message from ASHP
An ASHP Message to Residents
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ASHP Testifies During Senate Hearing on 340B Drug Pricing Program
ASHP reinforced its support for the 340B Drug Pricing Program during March 15 testimony before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions. Joseph Hill, director of ASHP’s Government Relations Division, emphasized that the program helps maximize scarce federal resources while providing low-income and uninsured patients access to lifesaving medications.
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ASHP TV 2017 Midyear Meeting Wrap-up
What’s on the horizon for pharmacists? That’s the question ASHP TV addressed in its wrap-up of the 2017 Midyear meeting. Hear what your colleagues believe is on the horizon; listen to their career advice, tips for volunteerism, and other meeting highlights and important take-away messages.
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Author Video based on Basic & Applied Pharmacokinetics Self Assessment book by John E. Murphy
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2014 Ambulatory Care Conference and Summit
Ambulatory Care pharmacy practice is evolving. ASHP invites all ambulatory care practitioners to get involved and attend as we pioneer an innovative and consensus building education event to advance ambulatory care practice.
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ASHP President Offers Best Wishes to Match Participants
A message from ASHP's President Christene Jolowsky to participants in the 2015 Residency Match.
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Pharmacy Residency - A Message from Your Peers
Advice and stories from pharmacy residents.
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ASHP Testimony at Health Subcommittee House Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing on Compounding
Kasey K. Thompson, Pharm.D., M.S., vice-president of the ASHP office of policy, planning, and communications, represented the Society at a July 16 hearing called by the Health Subcommittee of the House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee on reforming the drug compounding regulatory framework.
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ASHP 2014 Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition
Exhibit and you will be able to reach virtually all of today's current and emerging leaders in health-system pharmacy, as well as professionals in clinical and managerial roles. Among the 20,000+ expected registrants, over half are practicing pharmacists. These are the people who lead the field with their knowledge and insights; make the decisions that shape our industry; and use the latest products, services and technologies.
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ASHP Testimony-Senate Hearing: Pharmaceutical Compounding: Proposed Legislative Solutionon
Kasey Thompson, Pharm.D., M.S., vice president of ASHP's office of Policy, Planning and Communications represented ASHP at a May 9, 2013 hearing held by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) to get feedback on the proposed compounding legislation. During his testimony, he noted that the legislation establishes a clear boundary between FDA jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of state boards of pharmacy, which will help prevent entities like the New England Compounding Center from inappropriately operating as pharmacies.
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