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Difference Between Naproxen and Ibuprofen
Although ibuprofen and naproxen are very similar, they aren't exactly the same. For example, pain relief from ibuprofen doesn't last as long as pain relief from naproxen. ... This difference may make naproxen a better option for treating pain from chronic conditions.Advil (ibuprofen) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). ... Tylenol Regular Strength (Acetaminophen) reduces fever and relieves pain, but doesn't lower inflammation and swelling. Aleve (Naproxen) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).Advil (ibuprofen) works well for treating fever, inflammation, and a variety of mild to moderate pain conditions, but it doesn't last as long as other NSAIDs.Aleve is a brand (trade) name for naproxen and ibuprofen is the drug name of a different NSAID (common brand names of ibuprofen include ...Ibuprofen vs. NaproxenTo begin, both ibuprofen and naproxen are NSAIDs, and they will both offer some relief to whatever is causing you pain. One difference ...The Difference Between Pain Relievers: Naproxen vs. Ibuprofen. There are different kinds of painkillers that are available for managing various clinical ...Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are over-the-counter medications that can be used to reduce fever, relieve mild aches and pains, and reduce ...The two are NSAIDS, which work by inhibiting arachidonic acid conversion to COX 1 and COX 2 and therefore can inhibit platelet and prostaglandin synthesis.... over-the-counter painkillers that have more similarities than differences between them. ... The active ingredient in Advil is Ibuprofen and in Aleve it's Naproxen. A study of naproxen and ibuprofen in patients with osteoarthritis seen in general practice. The Manchester General ...
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Difference Between Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis
There are two forms of pancreatitis: acute and chronic: Acute pancreatitis occurs suddenly and may result in life-threatening complications; however the majority of patients (80 percent) recover completely. Chronic pancreatitis is usually the result of longstanding damage to the pancreas from alcohol ingestion.Pancreatitis is sadly a growing ailment that millions of adults have little to no knowledge about. It's one of those diseases that you don't ever ...Types of pancreatitis vary. It's important to understand the difference between acute vs chronic pancreatitis symptoms as well as treatment ...These are follows, acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis is diagnosed for a sudden occurrence of inflammation of the pancreas that lasts for a few days only. In this case, there is a sudden attack of acute pain in the upper abdominal area that may last for hours or days.The gastroenterologists at Johns Hopkins answer questions about chronic ... What is the difference between acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis?+. Pancreatitis – Acute and Chronic | ACG PatientsAcute Pancreatitis. The diagnosis of acute pancreatitis is made by a combination of symptoms, physical exam findings, and laboratory tests including amylase ... Acute vs Chronic Pancreatitis | Chronic Pancreatitis vs Acute Pancreatitis Etiology, Pathological Changes, Clinical Features, Complications, ...Acute pancreatitis has a sudden onset and short duration, whereas chronic ... Differences in the occurrence of pancreatitis between males and females are likely ...
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Difference Between Nephrologist and Urologist
Urologists and nephrologists both treat kidney problems. Urologists are surgical specialists who focus on anatomical or structural disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract. They treat problems such as kidney stones, kidney blockages, and kidney cancer.Unless you deal with the specialists on a regular basis or have a background in medicine or Latin, it is common to wonder what the difference between a ...What's the difference between a Nephrologist and a Urologist? Nephrologists are medical doctors who do not perform surgeries and specialize in the diagnosis ...Many do not know the difference between an urologist and a nephrologist. This is mainly because their respective fields of specialty are closely related. Basically ...The roles of nephrologists and urologists often overlap. The nephrologist is a specialist who focuses on disorders and diseases that affect the kidneys and ... The confusion arises because both urologist and nephrologists treat kindey problems. ... Urologists are surgical specialists who focus on anatomical or structural disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract. They treat problems such as kidney stones, kidney blockages and kidney cancer.Urologists and nephrologists are two groups of specialists who focus on treating ... there is a significant discrepancy between the salaries of nephrologists and urologists. ... [Difference] | Difference Between a Neurosurgeon & a Neurologist.Nephrologist and urologist are two types of specialists. Nephrologists work in the areas related to kidneys and urologists work in areas related ... Because urologists and nephrologists both treat kidney problems, knowing which type of doctor to see can be confusing. Urologists are surgical specialists ... Difference Between Nephrologist and Urologist - Healthcare SalariesNephrologist VS Urologist, what is the real difference, many ask ? We are answering these answer. Check out the full comparison between those careers.
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Difference Between GMP and CGMP
GMP vs CGMP All over the world, to help attain global standards, and to ... healthcare products between more than 100 countries of the world.Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations given by the US Food and Drug Administration under the authority of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic ...GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations promulgated by the US Food and Drug Administration under the authority of the Federal Food, Drug, ...This in turn, protects the consumer from purchasing a product that is not effective or even dangerous. GMP is also sometimes referred to as "cGMP". The letter "c" stands for "current," reminding manufacturers that they must employ technologies and systems that are up-to-date in order to comply with the regulation.what is the differnce between GMP and CGMP. Question Posted / p.hariprasadmsc@gmail.co. 7 Answers; 25712 Views; Shilpa Medicare, I also Faced.GMP AND cGMP CONSIDERATIONS Dr. Basavaraj K. Nanjwade M.Pharm., Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Pharmaceutics KLE ...What is GMP? All you need to know about Good Manufacturing Practice: GMP requirements, GMP standards, GMP guidelines, GMP certification and more.GMP AND cGMP CONSIDERATIONS. Dr. Basavaraj K. Nanjwade M.Pharm., Ph.D. Associate Professor. Department of Pharmaceutics. KLE University.
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Difference Between Effexor and Effexor xr
Effexor and Effexor XR are similar antidepressant compounds. ... Effexor XR dissolves over a prolonged period, while Effexor is an immediate-release medication. The drug manufacturer, Wyeth Pharmaceutical notes that both Effexor products provide the same dosage, but have a different chemical release timetables.Effexor XR and Effexor are both venlafaxine. Effexor is an immediate release tablet, that dissolves soon after you take it. Because venlafaxine has a ... Posted in: effexor, effexor xr, depression, anxiety - Answer: The difference between the two, is that the XR releases the same ...Yes and No. Venlafaxine is the active chemical in Effexor XR, But notice the "XR" Short for Extended Release. Generic Venlafaxine has no time release properties, but there is now a Generic Extended Release formula of Venlafaxine now on the market. I used to take Effexor XR in the past.Common Questions and Answers about Venlafaxine vs effexor xr ... I sometimes feel that it makes a difference when I do change but could be more psycho ...At the most fundamental level, they contain different excipients, which are ingredients included ... What is the best medication like Effexor XR? Why does Effexor ...I've never quite understood the point of having an XR version of an SSRI, since they're supposed to be taken everyday and in theory have their ...There is a fundamental difference between Venlafaxine tablets and Venlafaxine slow release from or XR. This is due to the half life of the ...The capsule is marketed under the brand name Effexor XR® and is approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder, panic disorder, ...Both venlafaxine XR and desvenlafaxine have limited clinically significant drug interactions. The most striking difference between the two products is cost.
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Difference Between Ache and Pain
Difference between ACHE, PAIN, and HURT. 600+ Confusing English Words Explained This is a free sample from the e-book 600+ Confusing English Words ...Sympler, Your Health Buddy says,. Ache vs Pain. Ache and Pain are two words that are often confused when it comes to their meanings and connotations. Strictly ...What's the difference between pain and ache? I often see the two ... This is a difficult question to answer, because both aches and pains are ...Headache, stomachache, body ache, earache and toothaches are some of the aches we have all ... Most dictionaries define an ache as continuous, dull pain.Ache vs Pain Ache and Pain are two words that are often confused when it comes to their meanings and connotations. Strictly speaking, there ...Dear All, I hope this message finds you in good health. Can someone please explain the difference between ache and pain. Why can't we say ...Both of these words are most commonly used as nouns. They refer to unpleasant sensations that you feel in your body, although they are slightly different feelings. A pain is usually used to refer to a kind of sharp discomfort that is difficult to ignore. ... Less commonly, both pain and ache can be used as verbs.I would like to know the difference between having an ache, a sore, and pain in your body. Should we say headache or head-sore, leg-ache, ...Pain is a general term, whilst ache is a subset of pain - it's more specific. An ache tends to be a dull, throbbing type of pain ... Difference of pain and ...
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Difference Between Birth Rate and Death Rate
What is the difference between Birth Rate and Death Rate? The difference between total births and total deaths in a population over a period of ...The ratio of total live births to total population in a specified community or area over a specified period of time. The birthrate is often expressed as the number of ...Death rate; The ratio of deaths to the population of a particular area or during a particular period of time, usually calculated as the number of deaths per one ...Death rate; The ratio of deaths to the population of a particular area or during a particular period of time, usually calculated as the number of deaths per one ...The difference between the birth rate and the death rate is known as growth rate. 2. The growth rate is expressed in percentage ...Birth rate (crude) or CBR is expressed as number of live births in a year per thousand of women. Death rate (crude) CDR is expressed as number of deaths in ... The first three letters. Ba-zing! Birth rate is the number of live children who are born in a given period of time (for example, if in one year the birth rate ...Thank you for the A2A: I think that "rate" implies a quantity divided by a fixed amount within a ... What is the difference between life and death? What are the ways ...Births and deaths are natural causes of population change. The difference between the birth rate and the death rate of a country or place is called the natural ...The difference between the two is 'population growth' if it is a positive number or 'population decline' if it is negative.
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Difference Between Disability and Handicap
Impairment, Disability and Handicap. ... Impairment: any loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function. Disability: any restriction or lack (resulting from an impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being.An impairment is the abnormality itself, and a disability is the restriction that is caused by the abnormality. A handicap is the manner in which the impairment restricts the normal functioning of an individual. However, someone who has a disability doesn't necessarily mean they're handicapped.Key difference: Disability and handicap are close synonyms of each other. Disability means the inability of a person to perform his/her routine actions. Handicap ...A disability is a condition or quality linked to a particular person, whereas handicap refers to an obstacle imposed on people by some constraint in the ...The terms handicap and disability are often used interchangeably; however, they have distinctly different meanings, particularly when used by the medical ...What is the difference between Disability and Handicap? While the terms disabled and handicapped reflect the same shortcomings, people ...The terms disability, impairment, and handicap have been used ... of a person, rather a description of the relationship between the person and the environment.Many people use the terms 'impairment', 'disability', 'developmental delay' and 'handicap' interchangeably. Though these terms are related, they do...Can someone have a disability and NOT have a handicap? What is ... Words and labels make a big difference in our lives. ..... It is so common today that people don't know the difference between a disability and handicapped.
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Difference Between Meningitis and Meningococcal
Meningitis is an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord and the coverings surrounding them. It can be caused by both bacteria and viruses. Commonly, meningitis may also used to refer broadly to bacterial meningococcal disease.Meningitis is an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord and the coverings surrounding them. It can be caused by both bacteria and viruses. Commonly, meningitis may also used to refer broadly to bacterial meningococcal disease.The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency defined the line between meningitis and meningococcal disease to answer a vital ...Meningitis and meningococcal disease are both caused by Neisseria ... their causes are similar, there are still vast differences between the two.What's the Difference Between Bacterial and Viral Meningitis? ... For example, though rare, meningococcal meningitis is a type of bacterial meningitis that can ... Meningitis is an inflammation (swelling) of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. A bacterial or viral infection of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord usually causes the swelling. However, injuries, cancer, certain drugs, and other types of infections also can cause meningitis.A comprehensive selection of Meningitis Now's most frequently asked questions ... What is the difference between meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia?What is meningitis B vaccine? What are the differences of CNS components in viral and bacterial meningitis, and why? What's the difference between opposite ...Meningococcal bacteria can cause meningitis, septicaemia or both. Most people who get the disease have some symptoms of both meningococcal meningitis ...This article points out the differences between meningitis and meningococcal disease with regard to clinical picture, investigations, ...Meningococcal disease and meningitis are not exactly the same. ... What's the difference between meningococcal B and meningococcal C? There are many ...
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Difference Between Bypass and Open Heart Surgery
An open heart surgery may include techniques that are performed through small incisions on the chest. Inspite of the tremendous development of medical science, these techniques are still termed open heart surgery. A coronary artery bypass surgery or CABG is done when the flow of blood through the arteries is impaired.In this type of surgery, the heart is not stopped from beating and the surgeon performs the surgery. Coronory Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) is one of the common open-heart surgeries in the United States. A bypass surgery is used for treatment of the narrowed arteries.What is the difference between an open heart surgery and a bypass surgery?Bypass vs Open Heart Surgery | Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) vs Bypass Heart Surgery The management of heart disease has come a ...Open-heart surgery has also been used in the treatment of severe coronary artery disease. There are different types of heart surgeries. Bypass ...In comparison, bypass surgery requires opening the chest, general ... The biggest difference between the two procedures was in the need ... If you are having a heart attack, then undergoing emergency angioplasty or bypass ...It can be confusing to understand the difference between having minimally ... Open heart surgery is a surgical cardiac procedure where your chest is ... complex aortic procedure, or multiple coronary artery bypass procedures.For patients who have several blocked arteries around their heart, the gold standard treatment has long been coronary artery bypass surgery. ... springy lattice tubes used to prop open clogged arteries, may also work well in ... disease need to weigh before making a decision between the two procedures.Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Weisberger on difference between open heart ...Open heart surgery (of which I've had 3) is a non-specific term, meaning “a procedure in which the chest is opened and the heart is exposed (and its function ...
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Difference Between GMP and GLP
People are often confused by differences between Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations as they relate to laboratory testing. ... In addition, scientists and quality control/quality assurance personnel participating in GLP and GMP studies play different roles. Difference Between GMP and GLP. “GMP” is Good Manufacturing Practices, and “GLP” is Good Laboratory Practices. Both the GMP and the GLP are regulations that are governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These regulations are imposed for ensuring the safety and integrity of drugs.3) The OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice. 4) GLPs are not ... Function. GLP. GMP. GCP. Ownership. Facility. Management. Manufaturer. Sponsor.We often confused by the differences between Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulation and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations ...GMP and GLP are regulations that have been imposed by FDA on health care product manufacturers. While GMP applies to goods that are ...Learn the basics of GCP, GLP, and GMP audits and key differences in what each audit is for and how they're conducted.Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). ... outlines the differences between GLP and GMP regulations that are significant to ...GMP and GLP are regulations that are governed by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Health Care product manufacturers. Differences between GMP and ...All You Never Wanted to Know About GLP and GMP. Research. By FDA standards . . . A VERY uncontrolled, undisciplined activity!!! Note: Innovation is the key.
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7th Month of Pregnancy Diet
Are you in the third trimester and worried about 7th month of pregnancy diet? Here's an article which makes you aware on what food need to be ...Foods to Include in 7th Month of Pregnancy Diet. Foods Rich in Iron and Protein. Foods Rich in Calcium and Magnesium. Foods Rich in DHA and Folic Acid. Foods Rich in Vitamin C and Fiber. Avoid High-Fat and Spicy Foods. Limit Your Intake of Sodium-Packed Foods. Say No to Caffeine, Alcohol, and Tobacco. Junk Foods.Pregnancy month 7: Article on important diet tips and food to eat during 7th month of pregnancy, from Nestlé Family. Eat right to feel good during this month.Welcome to your final trimester of your pregnancy, which begins at 28 weeks. Now you start your way through the last stretch of your pregnancy. Your body and. It's been a long road, but you're nearly there. At seven months of pregnancy, or between 28 and 31 weeks, you've reached the third trimester ...Pregnancy Third Trimester - Six month of your pregnancy, understand your baby ... diet (according to certain researchers, premature birth may be caused by the ...Healthy 7 Month of Pregnancy Diet Plan ... So in this trimester of seventh month it is obvious to have swelling feet and hands, most of the ladies ...
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Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing
Define "cleaning" and "sanitizing" and the differences between the two procedures. I. CLEANING. Cleaning is the process of removing food and other types of ...Not only is a sanitized item clean, it is also hygienic. DISINFECT (verb): clean with a disinfectant in order to destroy bacteria (disinfectant is described as “a chemical that destroys bacteria”). STERILIZE (verb): make free from bacteria or other living microorganisms.First of all, there IS a difference between clean and sanitary. “Clean”, means that soil and food are visibly removed from surfaces. When items are “sanitized” it means that those surfaces have a reduction of pathogens. There still may be microorganisms present, but they are at safe levels. Insights for cleaning professionals. Cleaning professional learning focus: disinfectant wipes, sanitizing, cross contamination.Unless the item to be sanitized is effectively cleaned, it is impossible to obtain close contact between the sanitizer and the surface to the sanitized. Also, some ...You need to both clean AND sanitize. The analogy I like is this: if my Dog pees on my floor, I first wipe up the liquid (clean), then use bleach ...It's crucial that school custodial staff know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing in order to effectively prevent the spread ...CLEANING AND SANITIZING –. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Definitions. Cleaning: The removal of visible dirt and organic matter from objects using detergent,.Biosecurity: a lot of people don't necessarily realize there's a difference between cleaning and sanitizing.I take cleaning very seriously. In fact, I love having a clean home almost as much as I love my two rambunctious little boys and five enthusiastic pets. But for me ...
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Difference Between Circulatory System and Lymphatic System
Circulatory System vs Lymphatic System The circulatory system is the most important system of the body as it ensures the exchange of ...Closely connected with the blood and circulatory system, the lymphatic system is an ... There are many differences between the central local government ...blood transports tissue vessels. The lymphatic system is an open transport system that works in conjunction with the circulatory system. Lymphatic vessels collect intercellular fluid (tissue fluid), kill foreign organisms, and return it to the circulatory system.Both trains remove cargo - blood removes carbon dioxide, lymph vessels remove waste - and can also take on cargo - lymph vessels transport lymph, and the blood vessels carry nutrients, oxygen, and hormones. ... An individual's lymphatic and circulatory system work together to provide lymph for the body.Covers the relation between the cardiovascular and the lymphatic systems. Difference between Blood and Lymph | Major DifferencesLymphatic system consists of lymph and lymph vessels (lymphatics). The fluid in the spaces between tissue cells is called interstitial fluid or tissue fluid or extra ...Together with the heart, blood vessels represent the main component of the circulatory system, which consists of an elaborate network of tubes ...The lymphatic system and the circulatory system are connected in several ways: they both transport fluids and blood from the... Cardiovascular system is the circulatory system is an organ system that moves nutrients, gases, and wastes to and from cells, helps fight diseases ...The difference between these two systems is: Circulatory system is only made up of the blood, heart, blood vessels, lymph nodes. Respiratory ...
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What is the pelvis
The pelvis (plural pelves or pelvises) is either the lower part of the trunk of the human body between the abdomen and the thighs (sometimes also called pelvic region of the trunk) or the skeleton embedded in it (sometimes also called bony pelvis, or pelvic skeleton).Located in the lower torso, the pelvis is a sturdy ring of bones that protects the delicate organs of the abdominopelvic cavity while anchoring the powerful ...The pelvic region is the area between the trunk — or main body — and the lower extremities, or legs. ... The bones of the pelvis are the hip bones, sacrum, and coccyx. Each hip bone contains three bones — the ilium, ischium, and pubis — that fuse together as we grow older.The pelvic girdle is a ring-like structure, located in the lower part of the trunk. It connects the axial skeleton to the lower limbs. In this article, we ... The bones, joints and walls of the pelvis. Bony pelvis. The bony pelvis is formed by the hip bones in front and at the sides and by the sacrum and ...In this lesson, you will learn about your hips and the important structures involved in their formation. The ilium, ischium, pubis, acetabulum,...The pelvis, so called from its resemblance to a basin, is a bony ring, interposed between the movable vertebræ of the vertebral column which it supports, and the ...The pelvis is the lowest part of your tummy (abdomen). Pelvic pain is more common in women. There are many different causes of pain in your pelvis. They can ...
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Difference Between EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation and TENS
TENS vs EMS: the main difference between the two: TENS stimulates the nerves – the rationale being that the simulation keeps pain signals from reaching the brain. EMS causes the muscles to contract – by mimicking the action potential that comes from the central nervous system.Muscle Stimulation EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulation. These units are designed to provide relief by stimulating the muscles ...Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) use electrotherapy to stimulate the nerves and active therapeutic healing. Electronic Muscle Stimulators (EMS), on the other hand, sends electric impulses that cause muscle contraction.EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is the use of electrical pulses to generate a muscle contraction. EMS is typically used to enhance muscle ...Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation for Skeletal Muscle Function ... nerve stimulation (TENS), and functional electrical stimulation (FES). ..... withdrawal of ES are present across different types of applications, such as ...EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) vs TENS. EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which is also referred to as neuromuscular electrical ...The biggest difference between TENS and EMS is that TENS is designed to stimulate ... The electrical muscle stimulation of an EMS device induces muscle ...A TENS unit stimulates the nerve endings while the EMS unit stimulates the muscles. Amazingly enough, electrical stimulation of the nerves dates back to ancient Rome ... pain reduction begins to last longer and the time between sessions lengthens. ... The EMS units are specifically used to prevent atrophied muscles or for ...Whether looking for a tool to boost your fitness and strength or recover from an injury quickly, electric muscle stimulation (EMS or NMES) can ...
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Difference Between Fasting and Nonfasting Blood Sugar
A fasting test gives you a 'bottom line'. This is the lowest you can expect the sugar and cholesterol figures to be. If you have just eaten then the levels of sugar and cholesterol are determined by what you have just eaten – not by your body's ability to handle these substances.A fasting test gives you a 'bottom line' result – this is the lowest you can expect the sugar and cholesterol figures to be. If you have eaten just before the test, then the levels of sugar and cholesterol are determined by what you have just eaten – not by your body's ability to handle these substances.When fasting they are getting a clearer picture of your blood sample and what they ... Blood sugar, cholesterol, liver function just to name a f. ... Non fasting blood test is just getting a sample of your blood just to check red blood ...Fasting vs Nonfasting Blood Sugar The main energy source consumed by humans in everyday life is carbohydrates, and they are then ...WRAL's 'State of Inequality' looks at economic differences across NC .... A more accurate, non-fasting test called the Hemoglobin A1c is the new standard ... at blood sugar over two to three months,” said UNC endocrinologist Dr. John ... In screening, a number below 5.7 is normal and between 5.7 and 6.5 ...I am new to this and I am wondering if anyone can tell me the differences between the fasting Glucose Level and the fasting Insulin Level.Also known as: Blood Sugar; Fasting Blood Sugar; FBS; Fasting Blood ... of abnormal glucose levels, to distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, ... a non-fasting glucose level (random blood sample) that is equal to or ...... minimal difference between a fasting and non-fasting cholesterol blood test... ... tests, such as blood-glucose, triglycerides will most certainly require a fasting ... I have been asked to NOT fast, but what difference will it make if I do, will it ... In my experience a fasting blood test measures you fat and sugar ...The amount of cholesterol in your blood is directly correlated with your risk of developing heart disease, the leading cause of death in the ...
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Difference Between Clinic and Hospital
There will be several doctors attending upon the patients in a hospital. Another important difference between a clinic and hospital is that a clinic ...Key Difference: A hospital can be a private or public sector building where patients are admitted for treatment. On the other hand, a clinic is a health care hub or it is a place where a doctor analyzes the patients, prescribes medicines and gives the instructions as to how to use the medication.What is the difference between Clinic and Hospital? A hospital is typically larger than a clinic and treats both inpatients and outpatients. A clinic ...A clinic is for short term,we find only one doctor there it is a non life threating care.polyclinic is a big term of clinic where we find so many doctors of diffrent fields.we can say that is a hospital.in clinic the services are limited in polyclinic there we can get more services from different specialists.A clinic is a healthcare facility that is primarily focused on the care of outpatients. Clinics can be ... Large outpatient clinics[edit]. Large outpatient clinics vary in size, but can be as large as hospitals.... explain to me , please, the difference between a clinic and a doctor's office? ... I do go to a clinic at the hospital to see a consultant, a senior ...Clinic: a medical establishment run by a group of medical specialists. Hospital: a building designed to diagnose and treat the sick, injured or dying.When I first moved from the world of hospital EMRs to the world of clinic EMRs, I was not surprised by the similarities between the two worlds.Difference-between-clinic-and-hospital Clinic: Clinic is a type of institution which provides the health care facility. The clinics can be owned ...
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Difference Between Food Poisoning and Food Intoxication
Both food poisoning and food intoxication have more or less similar meaning. Nevertheless they are similar in the context, in most of the cases, ... Food Poisoning vs Food Spoilage Food poisoning and spoilage are two ... Microbial contaminations are classified as intoxication, infection and ...Food poisoning is caused by consuming foods that contain toxins. These toxins can be produced by micro organisms, can occur naturally in the food (for ...Both terms, foodborne illness and food poisoning, are often used interchangeably by consumers. However, both have different meanings. Foodborne illness is an infection or intoxication that results from eating food contaminated with viable (live) microorganisms or their toxins.In general, symptoms caused by toxins occur very soon after eating a contaminated food and may result in sudden and uncontrollable vomiting and/or diarrhea. Infection from food-borne pathogens may be caused by bacteria, parasites or viruses.Foodborne intoxication is caused by ingesting food containing toxins formed by ... For a foodborne illness (poisoning) to occur, the following conditions must be ...Differentiate between the major types of foodborne diseases -- infection, intoxication, and toxin-mediated infection. Microbiological hazards cause most ...The term is broken down into food infection and food intoxication and with either one, you will have similar symptoms. With a food infection, a microorganism ...Food poisoning, also called food intoxication, results from the ingestion of foods containing preformed microbial toxins. Foodborne infections result from ...
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Difference Between Catabolism and Anabolism
All the chemical reactions going on inside the living organisms are collectively called metabolism. There are about 5000 types of chemical compounds inside the ...Anabolism refers to the process which builds molecules the body needs; it usually requires energy for completion. Catabolism refers to the process that breaks down complex molecules into smaller molecules; it usually releases energy for the organism to use.The differences between anabolism and catabolism are the former is a constructive phase of metabolism whereas the later is a destructive ...These reactions usually result in release of energy which is further used to drive chemical reactions. On the other hand, in anabolism reactions, simpler substances combine to form complex molecules. These reactions generally require energy to take place.Difference between Anabolism and Catabolism. Article Shared by M Manisha. The upcoming discussion will update you about the differences between ...Catabolism vs Anabolism The knowledge about metabolic processes of the body among the people is mostly on the lower side due to the ...Did you know that maintaining a healthy level of anabolic activity is critical to ensuring quality of life and longevity? Metabolism can be simply defined as the set ...These relations are constructive. Energy is required for the process. for example, photosynthesis. Catabolism. Breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ...What are metabolism, catabolism, and anabolism? Metabolism is the general term for all chemical reactions that happen in the cells of living ...What is the difference between Anabolism and Catabolism? Anabolism is the constructive phase of metabolism; catabolism is the destructive ...
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Difference Between Esophagus Oesophagus and Trachea
Functions-The first and the most obvious difference is that the trachea is a part of the respiratory system while the esophagus forms part of the digestive system. ... Muscular movements of the esophagus result in the passage of food from the mouth to the stomach cavity.Esophagus (or Oesophagus) and trachea are two very different parts or organs belong to two distinctive systems of the body. Oesophagus is a ...Trachea is a respiratory structure which transfers air entering the nose from environment to lungs whereas esophagus belong to digestive system which is called 'Gastrointestinal tract' and it transmits food and water to stomach. ... Trachea is a structure of respiratory system which is long tube shaped structure.Difference between Trachea and Esophagus. Trachea and esophagus are the tubular structures present in human body in neck region.Every stem is responsible for different functions and made up of several organs. ... Esophagus and Trachea are the names of such connecting parts which join ...The 6-inch-long trachea mainly functions as a bridge between the larynx, ... Structurally, the esophageal tube is made up of muscular walls that push food along ...The esophagus is a median structure that lies first behind the trachea and then ... Hence there is a (retrocardiac) space between it and the vertebrae, which is ... A vague, deep-seated, esophageal pain may be felt behind the sternum or in the ...
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Difference Between Acute and Chronic Gastritis
Multimedia. Gastritis describes a group of conditions with one thing in common: inflammation of the lining of the stomach. ... In some cases, gastritis can lead to ulcers and an increased risk of stomach cancer. For most people, however, gastritis isn't serious and improves quickly with treatment.Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Landa on acute vs chronic gastritis: Acute means "short term". Chronic means "long term".Acute and chronic forms of gastritis in dogs; types of chronic gastritis: atrophic, ... Unfortunately, most owners do not distinguish between vomiting and ...Additionally, severe physiologic stress ("stress ulcers") from sepsis, hypoxia, trauma, or surgery, is also a common etiology for acute erosive gastritis. This form of gastritis can occur in more than 5% of hospitalized patients. Also, note that alcohol consumption does not cause chronic gastritis.Yes, in fact all chronic gastritis are due to prolonged untreated acute gastritis. You may have ... What is the difference between acute and chronic? How can ...Acute hepatitis has short time period of onset manly weeks. Chronic hepatitis may persist for ... Can acute gastritis turn to chronic? What is acute stress?The timing and duration of the condition are the factors which allow one to differentiate between acute gastritis and chronic gastritis. Bentomed from fangocur ..The Difference Between Gastritis and GERD ... Many of the causes of GERD are the same as the causes of gastritis including long term use of ...
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Difference Between Low GI and High GI
The difference between low and high glycemic carbohydrates exists due to your ... Carbohydrates with high glycemic index ratings (GI) cause glucose and ...It is a ranking of foods from 0 to 100 that tells us whether a carbohydrate food will raise blood sugar (glucose) levels dramatically, moderately or just a little. A low GI food has a GI of 55 or less. A medium GI food of between 56 and 69. A high GI food has a a GI of 70 or more. We asked nutritional therapist Henrietta Norton for her guide on GI - from the key differences between high and low GI foods to her top healthy ... Low GI vs High GI Glycemic Index abbreviated as GI is an index which shows the rate of blood sugar level rising after consuming a particular ...The GI compares foods that have the same amount of carbohydrate, gram for gram. Carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion have a higher glycaemic index (GI more than 70). These high GI carbohydrates, such as a baked potato, release their glucose into the blood quickly.I was confused about the difference between these two systems so I spoke ... Here are two examples: Watermelon has a high GI of 72, yet a low ...Learn the REAL difference between simple and complex, high glycemic and low ... A carbohydrate with a low glycemic index (low GI) breaks down more slowly ...Hi everyone, But what is the difference between low carb and Gi diet! I have been looking on the internet and not finding any sort of info on GI ...G.I. stands for Glycemic index. The Glycemic Index is a way of scoring different foods according to the effect they have on blood sugar levels, or more ...A GI of 70 or more is high, a GI of 56 to 69 inclusive is medium, and a GI of 55 or less is low.What GI does not tell you is how much of that ...
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Difference Between Antibiotic and Antimicrobial
Antimicrobials are used to kill or prevent further growth of microbes, antibacterials are used to kill or prevent further growth bacteria, antivirals are used to treat viral infections, antifungal are used to kill or prevent further growth of fungi.Antibiotics are medicines used to prevent and treat bacterial infections. ... Antimicrobial resistance is a broader term, encompassing resistance to drugs to treat infections caused by other microbes as well, such as parasites (e.g. malaria), viruses (e.g. HIV) and fungi (e.g. Candida). Difference Between Antibiotic and AntimicrobialAntibiotic vs Antimicrobial Antimicrobials are agents that act across a wide range of organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungal, protozoa, and ... Antimicrobials: An Introduction - Antimicrobial Resistance Learning SiteAntibiotics Versus Antimicrobials. An ANTIBIOTIC is a low molecular substance produced by a microorganism that at a low concentration inhibits or kills other ...Whereas, antimicrobial is very broad term which I prefer to use. The word antibiotic does not sound good- "against life" To be specific: 1. Antib.Concerning medicine, what are the differences between antibiotics and ... Antibiotics are a broader range of antimicrobial compounds which ...An antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms or stop their growth. Antimicrobial medicines can be grouped according to the microorganisms they act primarily against. For example, antibiotics are used against bacteria and antifungals are used ... and work by exploiting differences between mammalian and fungal cells.Describe the difference between the terms "antibiotic" and "antimicrobial" . They both inhibit the growth of or kill microorganisms. Antibiotics are produced ... Difference between Antimicrobial and Antibacterial ... An antimicrobial agent is an antibiotic, an antibacterial, an antifungal, an antiparasitic and ...Explaining the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial products. ... All of these are microbial, but only one of them is affected by antibiotics. Despite ...
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Difference Between Femur and Humerus
Femur vs Humerus Bone is a type of connective tissue that arranges to make the bony framework together with tendons and ligaments.Know the Difference between Femur and Humerus. A human is comprised on 206 bones including cartilages, joints and strap-like ligaments that play a central ...I can Identify the similarities between the humerus and femur. The femur and the humerus both have the medial and lateral epicondyles, they both have a head where they connect to the body, they also both have a shaft on the anterior surface.What are the similarities and differences between clams and mussels? What are the similarities and differences between autopsy and necropsy? What are the differences and similarities between atoms and molecules? What are the similarities and differences between metacarpals and metatarsals?Differences in calcification between the humerus and femur of young rats ... A comparison between interlitter and intralitter variation in rats with respect to the ...There is, however, a slight correlation between humeral and femoral .... However, Ruff (1999) found no significant difference in femoral strength between Great ...Humeral trabecular bone is more isotropic than femoral trabecular bone in all species ..... ple, but the difference between the humeral and femoral bone structure ...Comparison of extracted skeleton patterns of human femur and humerus ... and there were obvious differences between the simple skeleton images and the line ...
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Difference Between Lung Volume and Lung Capacity
Lung Volume vs Lung Capacity Respiration can be stated simply as the process of up taking oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the ...Lung volumes measure the amount of air for a specific function, while lung capacities are the sum of two ... Distinguish between lung volume and lung capacity ... What is the difference between Lung Capacity andThe difference between Lung Capacity and Vital Capacity is that the former is the total volume of air in the lungs where as latter is the maximum ... In general volumes are static measurements. Capacities are dynamic. In order to measure a volume sometimes it requires a dynamic measurement ...Lung volumes and lung capacities refer to the volume of air associated with different phases of the respiratory cycle. The average total lung capacity of an adult human male is about 6 litres of air.The following terms describe the various lung (respiratory) volumes: The tidal volume (TV), about 500 mL, is the amount of air inspired during normal,Total Lung Capacity 4.7 L n/a n/a (TLC)DATA ANALYSIS 1 5. .... Describe the difference between lung volumes for males and females.Measurement of lung volumes provides a tool for understanding normal function of the .... Describe the difference between lung volumes for males and females.Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV): Total lung capacity minus the volume of air in the lung at the end of a normal inspiration. ... Expiratory Reserve Volume (ERV): This is the difference between the volume of air left in the lung at the conclusion of normal expiration versus at the conclusion of maximal expiration.
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Difference Between Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter
Normally, the top chambers (atria) contract and push blood into the bottom chambers (ventricles). In atrial fibrillation, the atria beat irregularly. In atrial flutter, the atria beat regularly, but faster than usual and more often than the ventricles, so you may have four atrial beats to every one ventricular beat.Afib vs Aflutter. How to make the difference between Atrial fibrillation (Afib) and Atrial Flutter and in particular between Atypical Atrial Flutter and ...Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter. Atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter are very fast electrical discharge patterns that make the atria contract very rapidly, with some of the electrical impulses reaching the ventricles and causing them to contract irregularly, faster, and less efficiently than normal. Atrial flutter is similar to atrial fibrillation (Afib), but atrial flutter has a more steady – if faster than normal – pattern. Both are irregular heart ...There are many similarities between atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter, there are also significant differences.Atrial flutter is an abnormality of conduction within the ... Atrial Fibrillation: What Are the Differences (Symptoms, ECG, Causes)? .... The difference between atrial flutter and AFib in terms of feeling are ...Atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation are types of abnormal heart rhythms. Learn about the similarities and differences between these two ...My doctor told me I sometimes have atrial fibrillation and at other times have atrial flutter. What is the difference between these two ...The rapid atrial rhythm of flutter differs from AFib in two important ways: First, ... American guidelines do not distinguish between flutter and AFib.Please explain the difference between AFIB and AFlutter. ... of the heart (i.e. the atrium, therefore, both the names contain the prefix "atrial") and ...
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Difference Between Dentist and Orthodontist
You might assume that there isn't much difference between a dentist and an orthodontist. However, not only do they provide different treatments ...Good for you, for seriously digging in to determine whether a dentist vs orthodontist is the specialist you need. ... Dentists will earn either a D.D.S. (doctor of dental surgery) or D.M.D. (doctor of dental medicine) degree. ... Ideally, an orthodontist will be certified by the American ...Orthodontists and dentists both help patients improve their oral health, but in different ways. Dentistry is a broad medical specialty that deals with the teeth, gum, nerves, and jaw, while orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on correcting bites, occlusion, and the straightness of teeth.Dentistry is a broad medical field that focuses on the health of the teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw. Dentists treat a wide variety oral health issues and diseases including cavities, tooth decay, and gum diseases such as gingivitis.Not sure whether you need to see a dentist or an orthodontist? Well, it all depends on the kind of treatment you need. Visit us online to learn more!Orthodontists are dentists who have undertaken additional specialist study full-time at university to become a ... To become an orthodontist in Australia you must:.All dentists with this degree can be licensed to practice general dentistry. However, to practice with the title of orthodontist, a dentist must complete two or three ...A dentist and orthodontist have both received a dentistry degree. Being able to perform orthodontic treatment is challenging and needs ...What sets an orthodontist apart from a regular dentist? And when should you seek out orthodontic treatment?Key Difference: A dentist and orthodontist both are dental professions. A dentist takes after the general problems related to teeth and gums. On the other hand, ...
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Difference Between Disease and Illness
The diagram illustrates the difference between illness, disease, and sickness, and it includes brief descriptions. Disease refers to the medical establishment's perspective; sickness refers to society's perspective, and illness is the way the patient perceives their condition.There is some difference between the usages of the terms, so you should be careful while using them. Illness and disease both cause the same feelings of discomfort, pain or unease in people. However, an illness is more of a subjective feeling. This means that there is really no identifiable reason behind the condition.Key Difference: Illness is used to describe a person who is in a poor state of health. A disease is an abnormal condition that affects the body of an organism, ...As a medical biller or coder, you must know the difference between illness and disease. Just as you may be ill but not be suffering from a disease, you may be ...Please enter between 0 and 1000 characters. ... In general, "illness" is more general then "disease", which in turn is more general than ...An illness is normally a state of health that may cause some form of discomfort. The illness may or may not be caused by disease. A disease ...Until I tried to answer this question, I imagined the words were pretty much synonyms. But, I went and looked it up in my medical dictionary.A disease is an identifiable condition affecting an organ or organism whereas illness is the subjective negative experience that comes with ill health. Specifically ...Disease versus illness in general practice. Cecil G. Helman ... L. Disease and illness. Distinctions between professional and popular ideas of sickness. Cult Med ...Disease, disorder, syndrome, condition - what's the difference? ... Do you have trouble articulating the differences between diseases, disorders, ...
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Difference Between Nerve and Neuron
Nerves are found in the peripheral nervous system, while neurons are found in the brain, spinal cord and the peripheral nerves. 4.A neuron can also be called a neurone or a nerve cell. 5.Neurons conduct nerve impulses, while nerves transmit information to various parts of the body. Physiologically and Anatomically ... A neuron is a cell, responsible for the generation and transmission of neuronal impulses (action potentials), ...Nerve fibers are the little arms that stick out of nerve and relay dec 29, 2015 learn about neuron nerves. Learn neuron vs nerves as nouns the difference between nerve and is that (zoology) a bundle of neurons with their connective tissue sheaths, blood vessels cells nervous system, called or neurons, are specialized to carry 'messages' there several differences axons dendrites similarities other. Differences between nuclei, ganglia, nerves, and tracts flashcards nerve cell vs neuron what is the difference motor sensory neurons wikipediahuman physiology & nervous system. What is the difference between a nerve and neuron? Nerve neuron? ? ? Difference? Eli5 neuron, fibre nervedifference neuron nerves. What is the difference between nerve and neuron? Neurons similarities differences. These signals between neurons occur via synapses, specialized connections with in vertebrates, the majority of belong to central nervous system, but some reside peripheral ganglia, can respond stimuli and conduct impulses because a membrane potential is difference distribution ions on inside versus outside. Apr 2, 2012 a neuron is the center of nerve cell where impulses originate. The membranes of all nerve cells have a potential difference across them, with the synapse point impulse transmission between neurons; Impulses are apr 13, 2011 is it that something neuronal has to do neurons, while neural nerves or nervous system? . Neuron vs nerve what's the difference? Theydiffer. Shallow groove between gyri;. Neuron although nerve and neuron may sound similar to most people, they are, in fact, two different components of the body a is cell, responsible for generation transmission neuronal impulses (action potentials), production neurotransmitters and, sometimes, detecting internal external signals (like touch). Role played by neuron and nerves. A nerve neurons are sometimes called cells, though this term is potentially misleading since many do not form nerves, and nerves also a neuron an electrically excitable cell that processes transmits information through electrical chemical signals. A nerve is a bunch of axons, which are part neurons oct 11, 2011 vs neuron the animals, unlike plants, have developed special systems to respond stimuli external environment and create basic cell nervous system made difference between fibre? Source(s) source(s) bitly. Difference between nerve and neuron what are all the differences a nerve? Quora. Nerves and neurons are the 'wiring' that allow nervous system to control everything schwann cells spaced evenly apart, gaps in between them. G what's the difference between 'neural' and 'neuronal understanding nerves neurons pt direct. In microbiology, a nerve refers to tissue that contains the axons growing out of neurons' cell bodies mar 11, 2010 vs. Granulated cytoplasm of a nerve cell due to an abundance ribosomes. Motor neurons are cells that carry information from the central nervous system to muscles and glands, while sensory send signals body parts a nerve is an enclosed, cable like bundle of axons in peripheral. Difference between neuron and nerves. Apr 6, 2016 the neuron is cell that has property of being electrically excitable, thus making it possible to convey information other such cells. Neurons are similar to other cells because neurons have a cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm, start studying differences between nuclei, ganglia, nerves, and tracts. Learn vocabulary cluster of neuron cell bodies found only in the cns ganglia start studying nerve vs. I'm confused as to what the difference is between a nerve and a neurone. ... Neurons are like the individual wires in a power cable. The power cable is the nerve, ...
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Difference Between Crunches and Situps
Crunches and sit-ups are both common abdominal exercises. ... A sit-up is a strength training exercise which strengths the hip flexors and abdominal muscles, in addition to chest, neck, lower-back and lower-leg muscles. A crunch, on the other hand, is considered a half-sit up. It only exercises the abdominal muscles.Crunches mainly exercise the abdominal muscles, and the hip flexors may also be engaged. Sit ups involve using other stabilizing muscles in chest, back, neck and hips. A common mistake when doing either crunches or sit ups is to primarily use hip flexors instead of abdominals.While there are similarities between the two exercises, they do work ... While crunches mainly work the abdominal muscles, the full sit-up ...Traditional sit-ups emphasize sitting up rather than merely pulling your sternum ... Remember crunches only tone the ab muscles, you need a lowered calorie ... What's The Difference Between Whey And Casein Protein?Crunches vs Sit ups Crunches and sit ups are the most common work outs in an exercise routine. Both these are very effective for the abdomen and burn up a.Muscle cells are more metabolically active than fat cells. By helping you build muscle, sit-ups will help you burn more calories in the long-run.Squats: are one of the best compound exercises. By compound I mean it engages several ... Crunches and sit-ups are both common abdominal exercises.
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Difference Between Acute and Chronic Renal Failure
Acute kidney injury, also called acute renal failure, is more commonly reversible than chronic kidney failure. Acute kidney injury (AKI) is usually caused by an event that leads to kidney malfunction, such as dehydration, blood loss from major surgery or injury, or the use of medicines. Acute vs Chronic Renal Failure | Acute Renal Failure vs Chronic Renal Failure | ARF vs CRF Acute renal failure is abrupt deterioration in renal ..... Renal Failure. 2016-04-02. Contents [hide]. 1 Main Difference; 2 Acute Renal Failure; 3 Chronic Renal Failure; 4 Key Differences; 5 Video Explanation ...If you are confused about the difference between acute renal (also called kidney) failure and chronic kidney failure, you came to the right place. Chronic kidney failure is a condition where the kidneys' ability to filter waste from the bloodstream becomes worse over time, generally over a period of years.When dogs and cats have kidney disease, it can be a puzzle determining whether the problem has just developed or has been ongoing. Acute and chronic renal failure Dr. S. Parasuraman Faculty of Pharmacy, AIMST.ACUTE KINEY FAILURE A.K.A. ACUTE KIDNEY INJURY (AKI) .... It is important to differentiate CKD from acute renal failure (ARF) because ARF can be ... to confirm blood flows and establish the differential function between the two kidneys.Distinction between AKI and CKD may be artificial. Consideration should be given to the integrated clinical syndrome of diminished GFR, with acute and chronic ...What's the Difference Between Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs? The kidneys are hardworking organs. In addition to filtering blood and eliminating ...
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Difference Between Dialysis and Hemodialysis
There are two primary types of dialysis; hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Both are based on principles of osmosis and diffusion. ... For a small percentage of ESRD patients, peritoneal dialysis is chosen, which uses the lining of the patient's abdomen as the dialyzing membrane. Dialysis vs Hemodialysis | Peritoneal dialysis vs Hemodialysis One of the most appreciated inventions in the field of medicine is the dialysis ...Hemodialysis uses a man-made membrane (dialyzer) to filter wastes and remove extra fluid from the blood. Peritoneal dialysis uses the lining of the abdominal cavity (peritoneal membrane) and a solution (dialysate) to remove wastes and extra fluid from the body.Home Treatments: Home Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis. By Joel Glickman, M.D., ... Understanding the Differences between PD and HHD. During home ...Could you please the difference between hemodialysis and ... Hence the combination of dialysis and ultrafiltration constitute hemodialysis.One general difference between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis is that hemodialysis is for those who still have some kidney function left, ...kelly is good. the best answer.Peritoneal dialysis (PD) and hemodialysis (HD) are dialysis options for end-stage renal disease patients in whom preemptive kidney transplantation is not ...Home Hemodialysis (HHD): Advances in dialysis technologies in recent times has highly simplified the above-mentioned form of hemodialysis allowing it to be ...Survival comparisons between haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis ... Nevertheless, potential mortality differences between dialysis modalities in (subgroups of) .... Relationship between dialysis modality and mortality.
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Difference Between Axial and Appendicular
The human skeletal system is composed of individual and attached bones, with the support of ligaments, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. ... The upper arm is connected to the axial skeleton by the shoulder girdle, and that is supported by a myriad of tendons, cartilages, muscles and ...We are composed of one skeleton that can be divided into two major regions, the axial and appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton makes up our central axis and consists of the following bones: skull, vertebrae, ribs and sternum. The appendicular skeleton consists of the limbs and girdles.What is the difference between the axial and appendicular skeleton.Axial Skeleton Definition ... This Site Might Help You. RE: What is the difference between axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton?The axial skeleton is the skeletal structure (bones, cartilage, ligaments) that comprises the medial part of a body, also known as the trunk (spine ...Axial muscles originate on the axial skeleton (the bones in the head, neck, and core of the body), whereas appendicular muscles originate on the bones that ...Articles on human anatomy, with 'test yourself' questions, and with links to lots of great anatomy quizzes; do YOU know the difference between the axial and ...This lesson describes, in detail, the differences between the axial and appendicular skeleton of your body. You'll know which bones (and how many)...In order to demonstrate thorough knowledge of the human skeleton together with understanding of the difference between the axial and appendicular skeleton ... This tower of bones make up the skeleton. The skeleton is divided into the axis/axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton is ...
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Difference Between Ayurvedic and Homeopathy
Homeopathic remedies use various plant, animal, synthetic materials, and mineral substances and the medicines are prepared by diluting the substance in alcohol or distilled water. The origins of Ayurveda has been found in the Vedic text, Atharvaveda. Homeopathy was created by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century.According to Hindu mythology, Ayurvedic medicine originated from Lord Dhanwantari. On the other hand, the Homeopathic system of medicine was founded by Samuel Christian Hahnemann 200 years ago in Germany. Thus, region and time of origin is the most obvious difference between Ayurveda and Homeopathic medical systems.The question asked was: 'What is the difference between homeopathy, Ayurveda and allopathy ... Many people regard Ayurveda to be a pseudoscience.Ayurveda and homeopathy are similar in the sense that they both use natural remedies. However, they are various key differences among them. Ayurveda is ...homeopathy Ayurvedic have been in practice in south-east Asia for ions while homeopathy has been in practice for three centuries. Both of them follow different ...A Comparison between the major treatment methods including allopathy, ... homeopathy and Ayurveda) to find out the major differences ...Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term, made up of the words “ayus” ... HOMEOPATHY – The differences between the way two individuals ...There is some basic difference in the principles of ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic medicine. Though the fundamental principle of ...Why it is said to be that homeopathy is meant for complete cure from any disease? What is difference between herbal and Ayurveda medicine?
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Difference Between Naturopath and Homeopath
Many people think that homeopathy and naturopathy are one and the same thing. ... Following are some explanations to help you understand the difference.A naturopathic doctor practices naturopathy and has attended a 4-year graduate-level naturopathic medical school and studies the same basic sciences as a medical doctor (MD) as well as botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, counseling and other integrative therapies. Although the path to a diagnosis and the treatments rendered may differ between the two, homeopaths and naturopaths share the belief that, ...Homeopathy and naturopathy are commonly confused, but they are in fact completely different practices. The two alternative medicine systems are similar in that ...Barton is very, very unhappy at how homeopathy is taught and used by most naturopaths. Now ... Maybe naturopaths are actually figuring out that homeopathy, which is based on prescientific ..... The difference between Gen.Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are general practitioners of natural medicine. They are trained to treat ailments using clinical nutrition, acupuncture, botanical ... Homeopathy vs. Naturopathy — Susan GilesNaturopathy. Confusion between the two is what comes up most often when I meet people. I will talk about homeopathy first and then naturopathy. In addition, I ...Naturopathy is a medical system that takes a holistic approach to health and healing. The practice utilizes many modalities such as nutrition, exercise, ...Difference between naturopath and homeopath. This is one of the questions I am asked most often. The way I like to explain it is that a naturopathic doctor is kind ...Naturopathy is a methodology within modern medicine which favors minimally invasive interventions, plant-derived medicines, and behavior and ...
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Difference Between Bronchial Asthma and Cardiac Asthma
In cardiac asthma, the reduced pumping efficiency of the left side of the heart leads to a build up of fluid in the lungs (pulmonary oedema). This fluid build-up can cause breathlessness and wheezing. Cardiac asthma has very similar symptoms to bronchial asthma.Bronchial Asthma vs Cardiac Asthma Difficulty in breathing or dyspnoea is described as the increased awareness of one's laborious breathing.Difference between cardiac asthma and bronchial asthma: # in cardiac asthma there is a h/o hypertension,ischaemic heart disease,aortic disease etc.on the ...ASTHMA AND CARDIAC DYSPNEA—A DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS ... MILLER H. Differential diagnosis between bronchial asthma and cardiac asthma. In cardiac asthma, the reduced pumping efficiency of the left side of the heart leads to a build up of fluid in the lungs. This fluid build-up can cause breathlessness and wheezing. Cardiac asthma has very similar symptoms to bronchial asthma.Difference Between Bronchial Asthma and Cardiac Asthma ... Cardiac asthma is a complication associated with congestive heart failure that ...Cardiac asthma is a medical diagnosis of wheezing, coughing or shortness of breath due to congestive heart failure. It is known as cardiac asthma because the symptoms mimic ordinary asthma (bronchial ... The distinction between bronchial asthma and cardiac asthma is especially important because some treatments for ...Difference between Cardiac Asthma and Respiratory Asthma ... pathways which causes swelling and contraction in bronchi and bronchioles, ...Bronchial asthma is another name for the common form of asthma. 'Cardiac' asthma, on the other hand, is not true asthma but breathing ...Looking for online definition of cardiac asthma in the Medical Dictionary? cardiac ... Q. What's the difference between bronchial asthma and cardiac asthma?
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Difference Between Antibiotic and Antiseptic
Both, antibiotics and antiseptics, are chemical substances that prevent the growth and development of the microorganisms, but antibiotics are ...An antibacterial is an antibiotic, but as the name implies, it can only target bacteria. Antibiotics, on the other hand, can kill or keep pathogens from growing. ... Antiseptics, including hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and iodine, are mainly used to deter bacterial growth.Generally, chemicals that kill or disable microorganisms and viruses in non-specific ways are called antiseptics. ... They also do not necessarily affect viruses, which are targeted by their virus counterpart, the antivirals. Antibiotics tend to be complex molecules, used in minute quantities to poison the pathogens.What's the Difference between Disinfectants, Antiseptics, Antibacterials and Antibiotics? In most cases, antibiotic is used to mean antibacterial. Antiseptic: Generally a topical treatment that kills bacteria, fungus, and other organisms ...The difference between antiseptics and antibiotics is that antiseptics weaken and slow the growth of bacteria and certain other...A secondary school revision resource for Edexcel GCSE Biology about infectious disease, pathogens, plant defences and body defences, with Higher tier.chemical substance often produced by a ... The difference between a microbicide and an antiseptic is that an antiseptic is ... I think antiseptics are more potent since they are only used externally, they easily irritate tissues, and they kill the bacteria whereas antibiotics areHi, Just wondering if anyone can explain to me what the difference between these 2: antiseptic vs antibiotic?? I have both and was wondering if ...
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Difference Between Antiseptic and Disinfectant
Antiseptics are used on living tissues and cells to destroy any types of infections or sepsis which may be living on the tissue. Disinfectants are meant to destroy microorganisms which can infect nonliving objects.Both antiseptics and disinfectants eliminate disease-causing organisms,.The difference is in how each substance is used. Antiseptics are applied to living skin or tissue to prevent infection, whereas disinfectants are applied to surfaces, equipment or other inanimate objects. Antiseptic vs Disinfectant Antiseptics and disinfectants are both related to microbiology. These are chemicals frequently used to stop or reduce ...Antiseptics and disinfectants are the basic tools of cleaning and sanitizing, yet the difference between the two substances is unclear. Knowing ...The terms antiseptics and disinfectant are often heard to be used synonymously as many people ... What is the difference between disinfectants and antiseptics?The main differences between antiseptics and disinfectants are that. Disinfectants are used primarily to sanitize objects, and antiseptics are ...Disinfectants and antiseptics. ANTISEPTICS. An antiseptic is a type of disinfectant, which destroys or inhibits growth of micro-organisms on living tissues without ...People often tend to confuse between an antiseptic and a disinfectant. Both can be used in cleaning and sanitation purpose, yet they are ...What is a disinfection? What is pasteurization? What is the difference between an antiseptic and a disinfectant? How much heat does it take for sterilization?Antiseptics and disinfectants are extensively used in hospitals and other ...... Experiments designed to distinguish between germination and outgrowth in the ...
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What is the prognosis
Define prognosis: the prospect of recovery as anticipated from the usual course of disease or peculiarities of the case — prognosis in a sentence.Prognosis (Greek: πρόγνωσις "fore-knowing, foreseeing") is a medical term for predicting the likelihood of a person's survival. ... A complete prognosis includes the expected duration, function, and description of the course of the disease, such as progressive decline, intermittent crisis, or sudden, unpredictable crisis.A medical prediction of the future course of a disease and the chance for recovery. Note: Prognosis is often used as a general term for predicting the unfolding of events: “The governor said that the prognosis for the state's financial future is bleak.”The prognosis of a genetic condition includes its likely course, duration, and outcome. When health professionals refer to the prognosis of a ...prognosis meaning, definition, what is prognosis: a doctor's judgment of the likely or expected development of a disease or of the chances…. Learn more.Definition of prognosis: Assessment or prediction (in the sense of a best educated guess) of the future course of the development, outcome, or progress of a ...Prognosis describes how serious your cancer is and your chances of survival. Learn about survival statistics and how they are used to estimate ...What Is the Prognosis for Pneumonia? Are There Vaccines for Pneumonia?The outcome of the disease varies and depends on factors such as initial cause, age, severity of the case, and strength of the immune system. For example ...
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Difference Between Malnutrition and Undernutrition
Malnutrition is not the same as undernutrition! Here's is more information. - National Nutrition Week -- Difference between malnutrition and ...Difference Between explains what Malnutrition is, What Under-nutrition is and the difference between Malnutrition and Under-nutritionWhat's the difference between malnutrition and undernutrition? How does hidden hunger factor in? These are questions we encounter ...may manifest as hunger, a deficiency of vitamins and minerals or overfeeding. ... Differences Between Vitamins, Minerals & Proteins.Difference between Undernourishment and Malnourishment are as follows: A huge percentage of world total population faces the food problem. Malnourishment.Malnutrition and under-nutrition are loosely used terms often referring to a condition where a person is not getting a balanced diet. However, malnutrition.Malnutrition vs. Under · nutrition. The World Health Organization defines nutrition as: the intake of food, considered in relation to the body's dietary needs.Malnutrition is poor nutrition because of an insufficient OR poorly balanced diet or faulty digestion or utilization of foods. Undernutrition is also poor ...As nouns the difference between malnutrition and undernutrition is that malnutrition is a lack of adequate nourishment while undernutrition is inadequate ...Malnutrition is the condition that results from taking an unbalanced diet. It may result either when certain nutrients are lacking in the diet or in ...
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Difference Between Aleve and Ibuprofen
Aleve and ibuprofen are both used for pain relief. But is one more ... Aleve is a brand (trade) name for naproxen and ibuprofen is the drug name of ...Ibuprofen Structure Aleve Vs Ibuprofen If you've got a serious headache and other body pains then one of the quickest solutions is to resort to the use of.Advil and Aleve are popular over-the-counter painkillers that have more similarities than differences between them. Both belong to the class of drugs called ... This difference may make naproxen a better option for treating pain from chronic conditions. ... but some differences between them may make one a better option for you. .... Aleve and Alcohol: Are They Safe to Use TogetherTwo of the most common over the counter NSAIDs are Ibuprofen (Advil, Brufen, or Motrin) and Naproxen (Aleve). Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the two ...The Naproxen FDA package insert doesn't have numbers about how common side effects are. Advil (ibuprofen) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). ... Aleve (Naproxen) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It blocks the inflammation process in your body, which relieves swelling and pain.The major difference between naproxen, the active ingredient in Aleve, and ibuprofen is that the former is not considered safe for use by patients with a history or ...Acetaminophen Brand name: Tylenol Best for: Excellent for pain relief and fever reduction. Commonly used long-term for osteoarthritis, chronic ...You probably have at least three kinds of painkillers in your bathroom medicine cabinet. But they're not all designed to treat the same types of ... A Food and Drug Administration review posted online Tuesday said naproxen -- the key ingredient in Aleve and dozens of other generic pain ...
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Difference Between Assisted Living and Nursing Home
They typically live with more complex health care conditions that require the assistance of a skilled nurse or a physical or speech therapist. ... Nursing home residents are more likely to share a room with another senior. Residents in an assisted living community usually have their own apartment or suite.Are there certain qualifiers or diagnoses that my parent must have in order to qualify for a nursing home versus assisted living care? Are all nursing home and ...Understand the similarities and differences of assisted living and nursing home care including care services, costs and payment options.Assisted Living communities are designed for seniors who are no longer able to live on their own safely but do not require the high level of care provided in a nursing home. Assistance with medications, activities of daily living, meals and housekeeping are routinely provided.nursing home vs assisted living Learn the difference between assisted living, nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities. If you have a growing concern for your ...Assisted living facilities and nursing homes serve different types of residents. An overview of the differences between assisted living and nursing homes.Learn the difference between nursing care and assisted living care so the best decision is made. Find TX assisted living facilities and nursing home care.One way to characterize the difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities is to describe the former as more hospital-like and ...Assisted living solutions fall between an independent living community of active adults and a nursing home with 24×7 medical care. Assisted ...When families can no longer keep an older adult in his or her own home (the almost universal preference), there are typically two options for ...
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Difference Between Glottis and Epiglottis
Epiglottis vs Glottis Glottis and epiglottis are situated in the pharynx, and help to protect the airway from aspiration during swallowing.Glottis and Epiglottis are two such parts which are present in the human gullet ... The main difference between these two explains such that Glottis is the part of ...As nouns the difference between glottis and epiglottis is that glottis is (anatomy) an organ of speech, located in the larynx, and consisting of the true vocal cords ...Glottis is the elongated space between the vocal cords. Glottis is involved in the production of sound. Epiglottis is the cartilaginous flap which is ...Epiglottis has a role in speech that is it acts as an articulator in the production of vowels and pharyngeal consonants. ... Glottis – it is the space between the two vocal cords. It plays a ... Difference between conducting zone and respiratory zone.Glottis (also called glottic cleft) is the space between the vocal folds and arytenoid cartilages of the larynx. It is the place for vocalisation, as when the ...
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Difference Between Bronchial Asthma and Asthma
Bronchial Asthma vs Asthma The human respiratory system and its ability to utilize oxygen maximally and transfer it to blood are the reasons ...Bronchial asthma is just another name for asthma. Bronchial simply refers to the fact that asthma affects the bronchial airways, which consist of the bronchial tubes that branch off from your trachea (breathing tube) into the smaller bronchioles into the even smaller alveoli.Asthma is a common enough condition, but the connection between symptoms of asthma and another lung condition known as bronchial asthma is less understood. While bronchitis symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath are similar to the symptoms of asthma, there are some important differences.Bronchitis, a term that refers to inflammation in the bronchi or larger airways of the lungs, may be due to infection or other immune processes in the lungs, not ...What is the difference between asthma and bronchitis? .... Stress and depression; Permanent narrowing of the bronchial tubes in chronic cases ...Asthma and bronchitis are inflammatory lung diseases in which the lower airways swell, resulting in breathing difficulty. Asthma is a chronic ...Learn more from WebMD about bronchial asthma, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.Find out the difference between cardiac and bronchial asthma.Asthma is a common illness characterized by respiratory symptoms such as ... of breath due to intermittent airway obstruction; evidence of bronchial irritability ...In both conditions, respiratory or bronchial tubes become very inflamed. Although many similarities, asthma and bronchitis are actually two different diseases.
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Difference Between Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil
Fish oil and cod liver oil are two different oils even though they both come from fish and have a similar fatty acid profile. Fish oil is extracted from the flesh of tuna, herring, cod and other deep-sea oily fish species. It's rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA but doesn't have much vitamin A or D.5 Differences Between Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil. 1). Cod Liver Oil contains Vitamins A, D and F (a full spectrum of fatty acids including EPA-DHA) from the livers of cod fish. ... Fish Oil contains only EPA and DHA with no vitamins.The main difference between cod liver oil and fish oil capsules is that cod liver oil contains the fat-soluble vitamins A and D. Because these ...Both omega 3 fish oils and cod liver oil contain beneficial levels of essential omega 3 fatty acids. The main difference between the two is that ... Fish oil is extracted from the bodies of oily fish whereas cod is a non oily fish that stores oil in its liver. Cod liver oil also contains substantial ...I now read that taking large amounts of cod liver oil may be unwise, and that taking fish oil might be a better bet. Can you explain the differences between these ...Unlike many Omega-3 supplements, Fermented Cod Liver Oil is cold ...... is a difference between the fermented cod liver oil and regular fish oil ... the difference between omega-3 and cod liver oil supplements, whether Bowen technique can help migraines and the best ..Cod liver oil made from 100% Arctic cod livers is an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids ... What's the difference between fish oil and cod liver oil?The cod liver contains its omega-3 rich oil in small vacuoles. When the oil ... So what's the difference between krill oil and fish oil? Like regular ...
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Difference Between Endemic and Epidemic
endemic/ epidemic. Endemic and epidemic are both words that diseases love, but something endemic is found in a certain placeand is ongoing, and epidemic describes a disease that's widespread. An endemic disease is restricted to a place, as with malaria, or a people, as with Tay-Sachs.Endemic: a disease that exists permanently in a particular region or population. Malaria is a constant worry in parts of Africa . Epidemic: An outbreak of disease that attacks many peoples at about the same time and may spread through one or several communities. Pandemic: When an epidemic spreads throughout the world.An Epidemic Disease is a disease that spreads throughout a large portion of the world. Epidemics tend to be widespread and difficult to stop or ...Endemic vs Epidemic Endemic and epidemic are words commonly used ... without knowing their real meaning or the difference between these ...Please state each one with an example clearly ... The amount of a particular disease that is usually present in a community is referred to as the baseline or endemic ...The dreadful outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa has made headlines like these a daily sight in newspapers and on news sites all over the world.Endemic: a disease that exists permanently in a particular region or population. Malaria is a constant worry in parts of Africa. Epidemic: An outbreak ...This lesson will talk about what an endemic disease is and how it is different from an epidemic. We'll also discuss how an epidemic differs from... ... Disease Control & Prevention 8:35; The Differences Between Infection and Disease 8:29 .Endemic distribution is restricted to a located area, epidemic is spread but not in a uniform way (some spots show more concentration of ...[attach] The amount of a particular disease that is usually present in a community is referred to as the baseline or endemic level of the disease.
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Difference Between Name Brand and Generic Drugs
Why is this important to my patients? Some patients have the misperception that generic drugs are inferior to brand name drugs.1 They may be ... Generic drugs are required to have the same active ingredient, strength, dosage form, and route of administration as the brand name product. Generic drugs do not need to contain the same inactive ingredients as the brand name product.The difference between a brand-name product and a generic one is designed to be transparent. Once the patent life expires on a brand-name drug product, it is eligible to be made into a "generic drug." ... The drug may differ in color, shape, taste, inactive ingredients, preservatives and packaging, however.A brand-name drug and its generic version must have the same active ingredient, ... What is the price difference between generic and brand-name drugs? This cartoon, made by a pharmacist, explains the REAL difference between generic and brand name drugs.Pharmacist can recommend and sell generic drugs instead of a brand name medication in ... Difference of ±20% of bioequivalence between generic and brand.Some differences between generics and brand-name drugs are allowed.Are generic drugs just as good as brand name drugs? Dr. Melissa Stoppler discusses this issue.The brand name is the trade name under which the product is advertised and sold. The drug is protected by patent, so only one manufacturer can produce it.different names? Generic medications are identified by the chemical name. Branded medications typically have a unique, trademarked name (in addition to the ...
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Difference Between Cream and Ointment
An ointment is a preparation of a medication for topical use that contains an oil base - essentially a preparation of water in oil. Creams and ointments contain a different proportion of oil to water. Ointments have a higher concentration of oil, compared to creams. The more oil, the greasier and stickier the product.Ointments feel greasy and are “occlusive”, meaning they stay on the surface of the skin and are not well absorbed. The water and oil components of creams and ointments serve primarily as a “vehicle” to carry an active ingredient or medication.Key difference: Ointment and creams are both types of topical medication. A topical medication is a medication that is applied to body surfaces such as the skin.Cream vs Ointment, what is the difference? Ointments contain a higher percentage of oil than creams in their bases (80% in comparison to 50% ...Dear Pharmacist,. Last week my dermatologist prescribed a steroid ointment for a skin condition that I newly developed. When I arrived to the ...A cream is generally a water based. It is the preparation of oil in a water whereas Ointment is an oil based. It is the preparation of water in an oil. Cream. emulsion of water and oil; classified as oil in water (o/w) or water in oil (w/o) emulsions; o/w creams (e.g. vanishing creams) spread easily and do not leave ...Ointment vs Cream Topical medication is the common form of treatment for most skin disorders. But when you go to a pharmacy, you will find ...Products like cream, ointment and gel are all effective at treating skin problems. Although they sometimes have similar ingredients, the amount of each ...The difference between cream and ointment is that the two substances are formulated differently. Cream contains 50 percent oil and 50 percent water, while ...
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Difference Between Adverse Effect and Side Effect
Answer - Posted in: side effect - Answer: They are sometimes used interchangeably but adverse drug reaction means an ...Adverse effects reduce either by reducing the dose of the medicines or by stopping the drug altogether. ... Side effects are mostly temporary and resolve spontaneously whereas adverse effects are often longer lasting and need intervention. An adverse effect is an undesired effect and is usually very harmful.To many people, adverse events and side effects mean the same thing ... but for the patient to be able to recognize the differences between the ...The key difference between the terms 'side effects' and 'adverse effects' is that during medication the side-effects of a given drug can be predicted or determined ...Side effects may vary for each individual. The term adversity is internationally defined: „Adverse drug reaction (ADR), Suspected adverse (drug) reaction, Adverse effect, Undesirable effect “A response to a medicinal product which is noxious and unintended.”The main difference between Side Effect and Adverse Effect is Side Effects are mild and self-resolving but Adverse Effects are severe and life ...Adverse effect and side effect are terms commonly associated with drugs. They are used by nurses and doctors, to refer to undesirable effects ...Posts related to Difference Between Side Effects and ADRs ... (WHO); "An adverse drug reaction is a response to a drug which is noxious, .In medicine, an adverse effect is an undesired harmful effect resulting from a medication or other intervention such as surgery. An adverse effect may be termed a "side effect", when judged to be .... The distinction between adverse and nonadverse effects is a major undertaking when a new drug is developed and tested ...
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