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My school laptop won’t update see description
This is the dell Inspiron 11 3000 series and the dell update won’t work. It is suppose to update in the background but still won’t! If someone can help with this please do! And the audio is very glitchy and weird, it takes 5min minimum to start up and touch pad is also glitchy. I’m not complaining about the laptop l like it but mine needs a repair. We did try and still they couldn’t do anything so please help me!
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Infinite power layout geometry dash
This level will take a long time because I still need to get better block designs.
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New Demon level sneak peak!
Remember yesterday? Well, I just made a small version of it. It looks ok at the moment but I will add more stuff to it to. make it look better.
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23 May 2018
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Geometrical dominator 3 coins
Geometry dash video. Please tell me how to record on ps4. you will know why when u do.
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Skyline layout. Geometry dash levels!
This is my FIRST VIDEO! And also I am Currently making in geometry dash, a new demon: skyline. Please comment for any advice for the actual style and ect...
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Geometry dash duel glitch?? (In editor)
If you look closely, the outline of the duel icon, the glow is still there! How did this happen?
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Galaxy (song)
Errrr.... this took me about an hour so don’t judge. Hopefully it’s good? Also thanks to music jam maker (where I made the song). If you want a quick and easy way to make music (simple music) choose music jam maker!
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Paper.io 2 100%. Why am I alive?
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Memes 2 . The video.
hi. its another one. took me 30 minutes to make soooo...
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How are you. Time to ruin your day
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Minesweeper. bet u didn't know about this...
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Juicy memes Deluxe pack FREE SALE! ($0.00)
these are actual my own. some i might not be aware of so plz no hate
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