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Young People Talk about Human Rights
Young members of the Youth for Human Rights movement talk about their ideas about what must be done to ensure everyone knows and protects human rights per the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights.
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Making Human Rights a Reality
Youth for Human Rights has put out a series of short videos each one depicting one of the 30 human rights as listed in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. The first three of these are available on iTunes for download.
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Freedom Magazine interviews Rod Vienneau
Freedom Magazine investigated the Duplessis orphans who were normal kids overnight turned into psychiatric patients and brutalized. Rod Vienneau is their spokesman.
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A trip to an Old Ruin on the Isle of Harris
On my last visit to Scotland I stayed for a time in Leverburgh (A t-Ob) and from there visited the wee village of Northton (An Taobh Tuath). I walked around the coast to a wee ruined chapel called An Teampall, which used to be used also as a lookout for raiders in the old days.
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Dont Harm a Person of Good Will - The Way to Happiness #11
To see the whole series go to www.twth.org. Director Theron Lexton.
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John Travolta and Kelly Preston's Katrina Visit
The Scientology Volunteer Minister Disaster Relief Teams worked along the Louisiana coast to help victims of the Katrina Hurricane. John Travolta and Kelly Preston flew in supplies and lent their support the Volunteer Ministers and other rescue personnel.
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I meet a Mandolin Player on the Ferry from the Isle of Skye
On the ferry from Skye to Mallaig on the Scottish mainland, I met a young traveller who whiled away the wait at Mallaig station by playing his mandolin. While we waited we saw the steamtrain, Lord of the Isles, sister train to the famous Harry Potter Hogwarts Express.
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Scientology Composer Robin Hogarth Wins Grammy
Composer Robin Hogarth from South Africa won a Grammy for his music DVD with internationally renowned Soweto Gospel Choir. Robin talks about the excitement of the Grammy event and his win.
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The Way to Happiness #17 - Be Competent
Number 17 of The Way to Happiness series of videos. Director Theron Lexton. For more information on The Way to Happiness go to www.thewaytohappiness.org
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Anne Archer Gives Young People Awards for Human Rights Work
Actress Anne Archer presented awards to Human Rights Heroes on behalf of Youth for Human Rights International. This event was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in August 2006. More data can be found on this event at www.youthforhumanrights.org.
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Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Guam
The Scientology Volunteer Minister team visited Guam, opened their yellow tent and introduced local people on the technology of how to help others. Their motto as always is, "SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT!"
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Katrina Scientology Volunteer Ministers help build new lives
A team of Canadian Scientology Volunteer Ministers from their disaster relief force drove to New Orleans to help Katrina victims.
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Hungarians Run for a Drug-Free World
The Foundation for a Drug-Free World, partnered by the Church of Scientology, sent a team of runners across Hungary to promote the message of a Drug-Free World. This video tells of one town they visited. The Foundation provides information booklets on drugs and drug abuse and these can be obtained from www.drug-freeworld.org.
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Youth for Human Rights Summit at United Nations NY: Scientol
Youth for Human Rights held an international summit where young people, all human rights advocates in their individual countries, came together to affirm their goals for human rights.
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A Visit to Glendalough and St Kevin's Church, Ireland
I stopped at Glendalough, just south of Dublin to admire the scenery and visit the little church that was part of a monastery and learning establishment run by St Kevin in the 400's. The Church and surrounding are was one of the most serene and peaceful places I have ever visited. Beautiful! I used some music from the Brobdingnagian Bards which fits well with the atmosphere of the pictures and the places.
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International Youth Summit Spotlights Human Rights
A Youth Summit, held at United Nations headquarters in New York and co-sponsored by Youth for Human Rights and the Permanent Mission of Liberia to the United Nations, attracted young delegates from many countries. The delegates, carrying the flags of their country, presented to a UN representative, petitions that had been signed by citizens of their countries, demanding that UN see that the UN Declaration on Human Rights be made law.
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Drug-Free Marshals at Pakistan's Independence Day Celebratio
The Los Angeles Drug-Free Marshals set up their booth at the Pakistani 60th Independence Day celebration. Young Pakistanis were sworn in as Drug-Free Marshals promising to lead drug-free lives.
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A New Life Improvment Center for Plant City
Erika Christensen helped open the new Scientology Life Improvement Center in Plant City.
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Documentary - The People Behind the Freedom Story
Freedom Magazine has been running a series of stories on the horrific abuse of the orphans in Quebec in the 50s an 60s. Under Quebec Premier, Maurice Duplessis, the orphans, normal children, were overnight classified as mental patients so that the Quebec government could get three times as much federal funding for them as mental patients than as orphans. This left the children at the hands of psychiatrists - and they were treated like slaves, given experimental drugs, electro-shock and sometimes lobotomies. I had the chance of interviewing some of those orphans and their spokesman, Rod Vienneau and have put together this little documentary to give them a face as well as a voice.
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Scientology VMs help Sri Lankan Tsunami Victims
Scientology Volunteer Minister Disaster Relief teams flew to Sri Lanka to help people in the coastal villages whose homes had been devastated by the tsunami.
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Scientology Volunteer Ministers at Indonesian Earthquake
Three teams of Scientology Volunteer Ministers went to Yogjakarta, Indonesia to assist people who had been injured and made homeless by the earthquak.
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Scientology Volunteer Ministers help Typhoon Victims
When villages in a province of the Philippines were hit with a major typhoon followed by mud slides, a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers went to the worst hit areas to help people there using their volunteer minister technology.
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Freedom News Video   Manchurian Candidate Part 1
Freedom talked with mind control expert, Dr. Colin Ross, about the making of a Manchurian Candidate.
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Church of Scientology of Berlin Grand Opening
The Church of Scientology of Berlin held a grand opening for their new building. Scientologists from across Europe and other continents came to celebrate the opening. Celebrity guests included Jazz great Chick Corea and actress Anne Archer.
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Ferry Trip to the Isle of Lewis
I dug out my old clips from my first wee video camera and started putting them together to see what would happen. This is the first effort - a record of my ferry trip from Ullapool on the Scottish Mainland to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.
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Making Human Rights a  Reality - Freedom of Assembly
This is Human Right #20 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and depicts the right of Assembly. I didn't produce this video but loved the message so am posting here.
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German Scientology Volunteer Ministers Help Sri Lankans
The German Volunteer Minister team of the Scientology disaster relief movement went to a Sri Lankan village to help tsunami victims. They had to deal with landmined areas as an additional hazard.
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Youth for Human Rights Celebrates Human Rights Day
Church of Scientology Youth for Human Rights Group with star Lysney Bartilson celebrated Human Rights Day with the signing of a giant human rights pledge in front of Los Angeles City Hall.
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Trip from Harris to Skye in the Western Isles of Scotland
I took the ferry from Tarbeart in Harris to Uig in Skye and from there to Portree and Armadale where I could catch another ferry to the mainland. A piper played a farewell as we left the islands.
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New Scientology Mission Opens in York, England
A new Scientology Mission opened in the historic town of York in England. The Jives Aces band provided the music and started folk dancing in the street in the celebrations to welcome the new mission.
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A Visit to the Standing Stones at Calanais, Isle of Lewis
On my stay in Lewis, I took the bus round the island and stopped at Calanais. The standing stones were spectacular but even more so was the view from the stones out over the lochs to the hills of Harris. The bus driver, Roddy was friendly and courteous which made our visit even more enjoyable.
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Visit to Loch Morlich in the Scottish Highlands
On my trip to Scotland I visited Loch Morlich in the Cairngorm mountains. I shared my lunch with a robin, climbed the hillside to the heather above the tree line and enjoyed a spectacular view.
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LAFD in Action in Emergency Brush Fire Drill
LAFD along with LAPD and other LA County agencies and community groups such as Red Cross, Scientology Volunteer Ministers, CERT, held a very successful brush fire emergency drill in the Hollywood hills. Local residents and community groups also cooperated in making the drill a success.
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The Way to Happiness Series 18 Respect  Religion of Others
This is another of the Way to Happiness videos. It is about tolerance and respect for the religious beliefs of others. It is put out by The Way to Happiness Foundation. I have included it as I fully agree with the message.
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Scientology VMs' Free School for Street Kids in India
A team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers has set up a free school in Mumbai, India to provide education for street kids and children whose parents are too poor to afford an education for them. The school is a big success with children keen to learn. The prize for best work is a treat - soap, toothbrush, etc!
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Scientology Volunteer Ministers at Ground Zero
The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief teams worked round-the-clock to service exhausted rescue workers with food,hot drinks and assists to help relieve fatigue and trauma.
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John Travolta Officiates at LIfe Improvement Center Opening
The Church of Scientology opened a new Life Improvement Community Center in St. Petersburg Florida. In addition to local officials, John Travolta spoke and helped pull the ribbon to mark the opening of the new center. Kelly Preston accompanied her husband and help pull the ribbon cord.
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The Drug-Free Message gets out in Taiwan
A Taiwan sports shop owner distributes information booklets to her customers to help people stay away from dangerous drugs.
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Volunteer Ministers in Solomon Islands
A Scientology Volunteer Minister went to the Solomons to help villagers there recover from the effects of a tsunami.
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French Volunteer Minister Team in India
A team of French Scientology Volunteer Ministers went to the east coast of India following the tsunami. They worked to give immediate assistance and relief to victims of the tsunami then stayed to train others on their assist techniques.
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Take Care of Yourself - The Way to Happiness Video #1
I did not produce this video but love the series and the message. You can find out more about The Way to Happiness at www.thewaytohappiness.org
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CCHR Takes on the Psychs at their APA Convention
CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) marched outside the psychs convention at San Diego in protest at the serious psychiatric drugging of our children. Inside the psychs were outnumbeed by drug companies touting their drugs. While one crazy psych shouted out that she liked drugging kids!
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Dianetics News in Omsk, Russia
The team from the Church of Scientology of Omsk, Russia let people know about Dianetics. (Note: I've learned to apply motion techniques to still images and used in this video.)
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Youth for Human Rights Celebrates Human Rights Day
Youth for Human Rights group in Toronto, Canada celebrated Human Rights Day with speakers Ms Barbara Hill of the Ontario Human Rights Commission and Councillor Milhevc representing Toronto Mayor, David Miller. After the speeches everyone signed on to the Human Rights petition.
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Florida VMs Help Hurricane Charley Victims
Hurricane Charley in Florida cut off water and food supplies to local people. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers were there to help supply the needs of those who had been badly hit by the storm.
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Freedom Magazine Human Rights Awards Event 2006: Scientology
Freedom Magazine held its Human Rights Award event at the Cannon Building in Washington D.C. The event recognized leading human rights advocates.
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Los Angeles Drug-Free Marshals get the Message Out
The Los Angeles branch of the Drug-Free Marshals gave out information booklets at a local community event and swore in new marshals - who pledged to live drug-free lives and help others do the same. Mayor Villaraigosa thanked the volunteers including the Drug-Free Marshals for their work.
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Scientology Volunteer Ministers get to Know Inglewood People
The Volunteer Mininsters took their tent to Inglewood and introduced the local folk to their help services.
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San Jose Drug-Free Marshals in the Cinco de Mayo Parade
Scientology Drug-Free Marshals joined the San Jose Cinco de Mayo Day parade. Their float carried to message, "Do Not Take Harmful Drugs".
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Chinese  Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Kinmen
Scientology Volunteer Ministers visited the island of Kinmen off the coast of mainland China and introduced people there to the volunteer minister technology.
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