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Drugs: The Terrible Truth - 1950's
In this Cold War era anti-drug film, the point is, if you smoke marijuana, you are destined to become a heroin addict, just like Phylis. Sticking to the principals of red-scare tactics, a Harry Truman-like, hard-nosed narrator leads us through a cautionary tale, where once you start, you are forever a member, just like the commies. Shot in color in early 1950's Los Angeles. Classic lines include, "They both 'smoked pot.' That's Jive talk for marijuana." ... Brilliant! See more films at: http://weirdovideo.com
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Drug Games
10 minute Explicit drug cartoon
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NeverGetBusted: How To Trick Drug Dogs
Arrested for a drug crime? Know a drug offender in prison? We free prisoners and defendants. Contact us: http://goo.gl/Y2urVD. If you were busted for a drug crime, do not feel ashamed and do not feel alone. You did nothing wrong or immoral by possessing or selling a substance. You simply did something that is illegal...and it shouldn't be. The U.S. now has the largest prison population in the history of mankind and currently holds the world record for the number of incarcerations, proportionately and numerically. The United States has more prisoners than China and China has one billion more in population. We free prisoners: Contact us: http://goo.gl/Y2urVD
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drugs presentation
presentation about drug n alcohol abuse
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Drug Coated Stent Warnings & Cypher Stent Lawyers
On November 30, 2006, the American Journal of Medicine published the findings of a study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic Cardiovascular Coordinating Center that concluded patients with a sirolimus-eluting coronary stent like the Johnson & Johnson Cypher Stent are four to five times more likely to suffer from late thrombosis, or blood clot formation, as are people with standard bare metal stents. Visit http://www.resource4thepeople.com/defectivemedicaldevices/johnsonjohnson.html for more information.
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Pharmacists play an integral role in the nation's heatlhcare system. Preparing the drugs, pills, ointments, and solutions, to fill a doctor's prescription. Entry level job search and internships.
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Brooks Drugs Stores
When Brooks bought Eckerd Drug Stores, we had 2 days to make this before the announcement went public.
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Indian fake pharmacist
Indian busted by cops selling counterfeit drugs
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Pharamacy Technicians
Pharamacists used to fill prescriptions by preparing and dispensing doctor specified pills, creams, and liquids by hand. Today most medications are manufactured by drug companies, and shipped in bulk to pharmacies. Entry level job search and internships.
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Pharmacy in Anping, Tainan, Taiwan
An old pharmacy in Anping.
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BLACK MAGIC TO LIGHT (1/2) - Allan Rich vdos
PART 01: Drugs, alcohol, thefts,drug traffic, run away, black magic, psychiatric hospital, suicide attempts, NDE that was my share before being delivered me from that spell... www.sharing-center.com with Allan rich
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The Drugs Dont Work
me talking about my experiance with psychotropic "medications"
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fda approves over the counter weight loss product alli
check out http://www.myalli.com for more information
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Marsha Rosenbaum Appears on MSNBC to Discuss Alcohol Testing
DPA's Marsha Rosenbaum appears briefly on MSNBC to discuss a new drug test technology that can determine whether or not a randomly tested student has consumed alcohol within the previous 80 hours. Pequannock Township in New Jersey will be the first school district to begin using the new test, beginning in February.
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A brief journey inside a Michigan women's prison narrated by, and dedicated to, Connie Hanes, an inmate who later committed suicide in her cell. Co-sponsored by Amnesty International and U of M Office of Vice President for Research. Produced by Carol Jacobsen --- Part of the Play Gallery, a collaborative in experimental time-based arts by the University of Michigan School of Art & Design and Michigan Public Media. For more information: http://www.playgallery.org
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FDA: Antidepressant Warning Suicide Watch
On the left, Jeffrey Gardere, Talkshow Host/ Author, Fox News, MSNBC, Court TV, Montel, and Oprah On the Right, Dwight Bain, Talkshow Host/ Author, Family Works/ PBS http://www.cultureshocktv.com/
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The Drugging of Our Children (Trailer)
Gary Null examines the increasingly common practice of prescribing psychotropic drugs for children - including preschoolers as young as age 2 to 4 - who have been diagnosed with ADD, or ADHD.In the absence of any objective medical tests to determine who has ADD or ADHD, doctors rely in part on standardized assessments and the impressions of teachers and guardians while the they administer leave little room for other causes or aggravating factors, such as diet, or environment. Hence, diagnosing a child or adolescent with ADD or ADHD is often the outcome, although no organic basis for either disease has yet to be clinically proven. Psychiatrists may then prescribe psychotropic drugs for the children without first without making it clear to parents that these medications can have severe side-effects including insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches, psychotic symptoms and even potentially fatal adverse reactions, such as cardiac arrhythmia.And yet, despite these dangers, many school systems actually work with government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children taken from the home unless they cooperate.To some, this looks like institutionalized child abuse in the name of mental health, where naturally active and inquisitive children are drugged into submission while the pharmaceutical industry prospers. New York Times bestselling author, Gary Null, Ph.D., an acclaimed documentary filmmaker and syndicated radio host, investigates this potentially tragic.
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Marsha Rosenbaum Appears on CNN to Discuss Alcohol Testing
DPA's Marsha Rosenbaum appears briefly on a CNN News feature to discuss a new drug test technology that can determine whether or not a randomly tested student has consumed alcohol within the previous 80 hours. Pequannock Township in New Jersey will be the first school district to begin using the new test, beginning in February.
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trippy random vid
this vid is just random clips of music i like cut and pasted together, some random drug refferences, some random cuteness, some borderline emo bits, and a lil' WTF shoved in to make a vid i hope you all like.... theres a few spelling misteaks cuz i put it together kinda quikly. most of the music is from MCR and evanescence but if you REALLY know your obscure musical groups you'll find 1 or 2 others. the pics are either from google, coolbuddy.com, myself or are so old i forgot where i got them. oh and theres a lil pon and ze if your a fan of that like i said there is some cussing, not alot, just enough to warn you about.... well anyways hope you enjoy
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(for Windows) How to know if your teenager is selling drugs
Only Everything by Talley Lambert from "the red line of hydrogen", used with permission under Creative Commons by-nc-sa 2.5 http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/1817 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/ This is for demonstration purposes only. No personal information whatsoever is shown in this video and no teenager's actual account or account information is NOT shown. hotmail hack live college frat sorority drinking alcohol poker highschool high holdem hold em school gambling diamond jewelery vacation spring break mtv romantic kiss lesbian san francisco la los angeles fire pyro stunt snowboard toy breast panties humor comedy joke Coke fun sports country skateboard television karate football baseball basketball hockey tennis ping pong soccer boxing wrestling judo taekwondo fantasy football draft lingerie fashion model TV FOX NBC ABC CBS ESPN Comedy Central American Dad Arrested Development Conan Law Order Six Feet Under Band Brothers Carnivale Curb Your Enthusiasm Deadwood Entourage Family Guy Freaks Geeks House Daily Show Colbert Report Nip Tuck Oz Penn Teller Bullshit Red vs Blue Reno 911 Rome Seinfeld South Park 70s Show Office Simpsons X-Files Wire Chappelle Show Da Ali G Show Clerks Futurama DVD movies films American Beauty Crash detroit rock music country city die hard dogma donnie brasco darko dumb dumber fear loathing las vegas ringtones cell phone goodfellas half baked heat kill bill lord of the rings matrix office space madonna sin city snatch star wars taxi 4x4 dirtbike nude naked teen girl boy women men team drugs weed pot smoke hash reefer hemp munchies shotgun ganga ganja roach cannabis chronic joint blunt dope high blown grass green herb money rich indoor bong kind KB mary jane blood sinsemilla skunk tea zig zag 420 4:20 four twenty speed ice cocaine coke blow snow crack pcp angel dust wet sex hot xxx dildo sexy computer game windows mac OSX PC warcraft red alert halo tony hawk nintendo gamecube star fox command super mario sega play NES game boy Diddy super 64 ninja sims city 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Yoshi super kart xbox 360 180 720 Madden NFL 2005 2006 2007 Call Duty arcade splinter cell rainbow gay NBA playstation iphone apple grand theft auto dragonball z final fantasy X matrix harry potter james bond max payne nascar x-men tekken wwf wwe war terrorism terrorist bomb afghanistan australia brazil canada china congo cuba hitler castro communist colombia czech republic romania egypt england fiji finland france finland greece athens paris london madrid germany berlin spain spanish latin latina latino haiti jamaica japan italy israel irag iran india korea north south east west monaco morocco mongolia mexico mexican border fbi cia nsa ins president bush george w hw bill clinton william hillary sudan genocide sweden syria switzerland south africa america saudi arabia thailand uganda united states yemen zaire vietnam katrina new orleans texas california alabama alaska arizona arkansas colorado connecticut deleware florida georgia hawaii idaho illinois indiana iowa kansas kentucky louisiana maine maryland massachusetts michigan minnesota missouri montana nebraska new hampshire jersey new mexico new york NYC carolina dakota ohio oregon pennsylvania tennessee utah david karr nancy grace vermont virginia news washington pentagon capital congress aaliyah alicia keys angelina jolie anna kournikova ashley judd ben affleck beyonce knowles brad pitt britney spears kevin federline cameron diaz carmen electra charlize theron christina aguilara Christina Ricci Christy Turlington Cindy Crawford Claudia Schiffer Daisy Fuentes Daniela Pestova Denise Richards Drew Barrymore Eliza Dushku Elizabeth Hurley Elsa Benitez Estella Warren Faith Hill Famke Janssen Gabrielle Reece Gabrielle Union Gena Lee Nolin Gillian Anderson Gisele Bundchen Gwen Stefani Gwyneth Paltrow Halle Berry Heidi Klum pussy Jaime Pressly James King
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M.O.S - Drug Related
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CBS-2 Feat. Isaac Skelton -- "Booze Clues"
DPA's Isaac Skelton appears briefly on CBS-2 News-New York's cover feature "Booze Clues," a story discussing a new drug test technology that can determine whether or not a randomly tested student has consumed alcohol within the previous 80 hours. Pequannock Township in New Jersey will be the first school district to begin using the new test, beginning in February.
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Ketek and Tequin Side Effects
The drug Ketek has been linked to liver toxicity, jaundice, liver failure and possibly death. Tequin side effects include low blood sugar, high blood sugar, diabetes and death. Attorneys at Hissey Kientz handle cases involving drug side effects such as the Ortho Evra patch, Fosamax, ReNu with MoistureLoc, Zyprexa.
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woodstock 1969
Dedicated to all young people
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U2 - Until the End of the World
Gear used (not necessariy all at once): Gibson '57 Historic Reissue, Line 6 DM-4, CS-2, TC D-TWO, Vox AC-30 I had to make one last clip before I sold this guitar Further information concerning Edge's sound can be found here: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/U2_recording/ or http://www.u2sound-forum.com/forum/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi? Isa. 53:4
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Almost arrested
Description: Sunday, Feb 11, 07' I was cruising a local neighborhood in my car, wardriving, when apparently some old bastards called the cops. I was roughed up, searched, my car searched, my backpack and banking information rifled through, and detained in the back of a patrol car for over a half an hour on no other reason than "I was very suspicious" The cop said I was "Weird" and "Needed help" He also caught me videoing them from the rear of the patrol car, and erased all my pictures from my camera. To bad he was to STUPID to know anything about DATA RECOVERY!!! So here it is cops performing an unauthorized search on my vehicle.
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Two New Drugs for Renal Cell Cancer
Latest news on Renal Cell Cancer, a form of kidney cancer and colonoscopy screening for colon cancer
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The Mis-Arrest of Montego Escobar Jr.
The mooching son af a Famous Drug Dealer squanders his fathers riches, and screws over two cops in the process.
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How Dysthymia Has Affected Me
This actually didn't start out as a video specifically about dysthymia, but it seemed to very naturally progress to that... so that's what it ended up being about. Hopefully with the video I can raise a little bit of awareness about this less commonly diagnosed depressive disorder. PS: Here's the link to that website I spoke about on the video: http://www.freewebs.com/the-art-of-persuasion/
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Carlos capuchin monkey in New Zealand
This one shows Carlos 5 days after stopping the 1st drug that we tried to help him with for his seizures. He seemed to have lots more energy. Please take time to read his story below. When Carlos was born, it was apparent that he faced physical challenges and he was taken from his mother at two weeks old to ensure his survival. As he developed he exhibited neurological and physical problems that included a physical disability with his legs and feet, and he had epileptic type seizures. It was very apparent that Carlos was a special little character who needed constant care and attention. We had a full range of tests done with the assistance of Veterinary specialists , radiology and a consultant Neurological Pediatric specialist. Many of the tests carried out have been part of an elimination program to ensure he was not given inappropriate drugs for his condition. These tests had eliminated all known or common physical problems that could have occurred. We have results from blood tests, x-ray's, ultrasounds and his full MRI brain scan. Our specialist vet has researched and been in contact with associates around the world about Capuchin monkeys. There is a huge amount of interest worldwide in the results we have available to us, especially the ultrasound pictures and MRI Scan's. Due to costs, these type of tests are not traditionally run by people with monkeys as pets, of which there are 10's of thousands worldwide, or by zoo's around the world. Also not many people or zoo's can commit the amount of human resource that has been required to care-give this one little monkey. We would like to make all our information, tests results, scans and images available worldwide to aid in education and primate knowledge. He had been on Epilim. His progress had been constantly monitored. The drugs have helped mainly with his manic/neurotic behaviour. The seizures seem to be approximately 14 days apart. Normally these seizures last for about 2-4 minutes. Once he was he was taken to the vets after fitting for approx 20 minutes. He spent the weekend heavily sedated. The main concern is that these long seizures will "burn" the brain. To take over full time care we needed to first relocated (Martinborough was our destination) purchase and build a MAF approved containment facility to enable us to permanently house Carlos. To do this in NewZealand you must get a zoo license. We understood that Carlos may not survive for very long, however, as a capuchin's life span could be up to 40 years in captivity he may live longer . He was adorable.
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Fosamax Linked to Jaw Problems
Fosamax and other osteoporosis drugs have been linked to jaw problems such as dead jaw (jaw necrosis) and severe jaw bone decay. Actonel, Boniva, Zometa and Aredia have also been linked to jaw decay. Lawyers at Hissey Kientz deal with these cases as well cases involving mesothelioma, the Ortho Evra patch and ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution. http://www.hkllp.com. 1-866-275-4454
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NATO Wants to Lose in Afghanistan !
3 facts which prove that NATO's real controllers, like John Kerry, want NATO to not win in Afghanistan in order to facilitate ongoing conflict leading to a centralized global government (NWO). The opium is necessary because in order for our enemies (Taliban/al-Queda) to stay in the fight, they need a good source of funds. 1: In 2001 Afghanistan produced 1/35, that's right, one thirty-fifth, as much opium as it did in 2009. Annual Production went from 185 metric tons in 2001 (Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2001 Survey- page 4) http://www.unodc.org/pdf/publications/report_2001-10-16_1.pdf to 6,900 metric tons in 2009: (Source United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2009 Survey- page 5) http://www.unodc.org/documents/crop-monitoring/Afghanistan/Afghanistan_opium_survey_2009_summary.pdf 2003 BBC article about the explosion in production after NATO went into the country: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/2814861.stm 2: Every single western intelligence agency is on record as saying that both the Taliban and al-Queda get most of their war financing from Afghan opium trafficking. In other words, that opium provides money which pays for the bombs and bullets which kill and injure our troops. CIA Director 10 years ago; "there is ample evidence that Islamic extremists such as Usama Bin Ladin use profits from the drug trade to support their terror campaign." sources: https://www.cia.gov/news-information/speeches-testimony/2000/dci_speech_020200.html http://opioids.com/afghanistan/osama.html http://fpc.state.gov/documents/organization/6210.pdf 3:Anyone who does not think that NATO could keep that opium out of our enemies' hands, is truly naive; NATO could 1: buy it up, 2: plow it up, 3: burn it up, or 4: blow it up;
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Robin Williams - A Hot Day In New York...
This is Robin Williams talking to a New York audience from his live on Broadway DVD. First he talks about Total Information Technology then he talks about the women of New York on a hot day then rambles on about plastic surgery. Enjoy! WARNING: Some Swearing
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Alexander Shulgin: why I discover psychedelic substances
Shulgin is the father of Extacy (MDMA) but also a lovely wise gentleman scientis with high morals and ethics. He believes in understanding the mind and how it works and how brain, chemistry and mind are related. Luc Sala interviews Alexander Shulgin, Mexico 1996
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FDA clears a new test for breast cancer
In this episode, host Ellen Baker discusses the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval on a test that determines the likelihood of breast cancer returning within 5 to 10 years after the initial cancer in women.
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Riverside Sheriffs Explain Medical Marijuana
In their own words the Cops tell medical marijuana patients what the guidelines are for possession and cultivation of medicinal marijuanal at a meeting of MAPP. Lt. Steve Thetford and Captain Craig Kilday of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department join Victoria Burns of the Riverside Dept. of Health to explain how and why patients need State medical marijuana ID cards. Note that two days after this meeting the same group of Sheriffs raided one of the documented medical marijuana patients that attended the meeting, Gary Silva. The two officers have since been promoted for their great work in stamping out the "vicious threat" of medical marijuana patients in Riverside County.
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PO Edward Byrne Tribute Video
On Feb 26 1988 PO Edward Byrne was assassinated by drug lords in South Jamaica Queens. He was alone in his car at 3 AM guarding a witnesses home when the animals murdered him. God rest his soul. Visit the NYPDRANT
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"Addiction" HBO Tease
Teaser for HBO documentary, "Addiction"
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funny lunesta comercial spoof
this makes fun of the sleep medecine lunesta
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step dance
Baha'i Youth Workshop in San Juan, Puerto Rico. For information on the Baha'i Faith, please visit bahai.org
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Illegal Searchs - Amtrak-DEA vs. 4th Amendment
Ben Masel hands out "Just Say No to Unreasonable Search and Seizure" t-shirts at the Albuquerque, NM Amtrak station. Amtrak provides DEA with info on passengers,who report unwarrented harrassment. Watch agents skulk and flee.
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APUSH Halo Project: New York
An attempt to present information about the mafia for an American History project via Halo 2. We did not receive a good grade.
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Making the Most of Medicare
Instructional Video on how to make the most out the services Medicare provides
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Meria Heller at 911 Accountability Conference In Arizona PT5
Meria Heller gives a motivating and factual speak about the changes since here youth. Global Warming, 9/11 Truth, Global Government, Monsanto, John McCain, GMO, Milk, Holocaust Deniers, Bush Crime Family and many other topics included. Meria Heller does an inspiring speech wearing the V For Vendetta mask. A call to the people. Please people. War with IRAN is coming... we must look within and realize our own president and other members of the goverment are lying to us. The media is controlled. We are drugged and intoxicated with various poisons, both intentionally and not. Our children will live a short life as an overworked and underappreciated slave. We must stop this endless shame they call "the war on terror". Visit WWW.THEBLACKPACKET.COM Listen to Meria Heller, and most importantly... talk to your neighbor! Talk to your friends! talk to your co-workers and even strangers! Get this information. Wake them from their trance and encourage them to read and then take action to make change. The power is in each of us to change the world. If we all do our part collectively we can fix these problems. We must hold each individual accountable for his/her actions. No excuses, no turning your head the other way.. no being nice about it.
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'Food Police' Take On Restaurant Establishment (CBS News)
Consumer advocates are calling on the federal government to require nutrition information on restaurant menus. Sharyn Alfonsi reports on a new kind of food fight. (CBSNews.com)
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DEA fights Denver marijuana legalization (Part 2)
08/04/05- Part 2: SAFER's Mason Tvert debates a DEA Agent about why adults should be allowed to possess small amounts of marijuana.
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COPS - The FDC Violation
Just a funny video I made for my friend's history class.
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Hiv Stops With Me 1
http://www.NoHivNoAids.com I believe in sex. I believe in love. I believe in taking responsibility. Hiv+, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Real People. I believe in using condoms. I believe in being honest and open. I believe in keeping my partner safe. I believe in myself. I believe in stopping HIV. I believe in future. HIV Stops With Me. HIV STOPS WITH ME is a social marketing campaign which aims to reduce the stigma associated with HIV and to acknowledge the powerful role that people who are positive have in ending the epidemic. The campaign celebrates the contributions that are made every day by those most affected by the disease. This video is the first San Francisco commercial. http://www.hivstopswithme.org/ --- Stop Hiv and Aids. Learn More: http://www.NoHivNoAids.com ---
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HOLLYWOOD DREAMS by Global Eye, Void Network, Dj Dura
http://voidnetwork.blogspot.com/ 3 days Non Stop Protest Festival for Justfull, Humanistic and Effective "Drug Politics" supported by : www.iliosporoi.gr, Global Eye,Void Network, Natural High, Green Ecologists, eleu.syn.a., 1StepForward, AlegreGrowShop. Void Network first appeared in 1990 in Athens with aim the radicalization of every day life and the construction of situations in Public Space through the creation of Utopian Public Environments. Discussions, multi media lectures and poetry shows, open free festivals, multi screen Void Optical Arts Atmospheres (live cross-platform collaborations between visual artists, photographers, poets, lecturers, d.j.s), performances, documentary representations, culture jamming, organization of demonstrations, street parades and public actions, celebrations, concerts, open collaborative workshops of artists, activists, academic scientists and spiritual friends that through dialogue, interaction and synchronized activity can manifest multi formic conditions of open access to creativity, education, free information, open liberated autonomous public zones, meeting places, places of communication, empathy, expression and creation for thousands upon thousands of people.
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