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Molly leaves behind legacy of caring for others
With daybreak Friday morning came the news a Western Washington family feared most. 22-year-old Molly Hightower's body was found buried in the rubble of a Haitian orphanage, bringing to an end three days of waiting and prayer. KXLY4's Melissa Luck reports.
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Patient Success Story: Allen Weller
Allen Weller came to the University of Maryland Medical Center from Washington County Hospital in western Maryland after suffering a ruptured aortic aneurysm in August 2010. Although Allen did not have a detectable blood pressure for nearly twenty minutes, Dr. Rajabrata Sarkar was able to perform emergency surgery that saved Allen's life and put him on the road to a full recovery. In this five-minute video, Allen, his wife Donna and Dr. Sarkar discuss Allen's condition -- almost all individuals diagnosed with ruptured aortic aneurysms never recover -- and praise the excellent care he received during his time at the Medical Center. Related Links: Dr. Rajabrata Sarkar http://www.umm.edu/doctors/rajabrata__sarkar.html Maryland Vascular Center http://www.umm.edu/vascular/index.htm Overview: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms http://www.umm.edu/vascular/aaa.htm Video: Arteries and Veins http://www.umm.edu/video_podcasts/mht/arteries_veins_sarkar.htm Feature Story: Vascular Disease Screening http://www.umm.edu/features/vascular_disease.htm Distributed by Tubemogul.
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A simulation of a DC Day 1 interview - for students and new DC clients to get a sense of how the first meeting works. WSU College of Vet Med
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KVOS Special: The Race for Washington
Interviews with incumbent Washington State Senator Warren G Magnuson (Democrat) and his opponent Richard Christiansen (Republican) as well as incumbent Representative Alfred Westland (Republican) and his opponent Milo E. Moore (Democrat), dated November 1, 1962. From the KVOS Channel 12 Films, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Western Washington University, Bellingham WA 98225-9123. For additional details, see: http://content.wwu.edu/u?/kvos,13
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Study Finds Risk of Early Death Lowest for Adults in Iceland, Cyprus
This is the VOA Special English Health Report, from http://voaspecialenglish.com | http://facebook.com/voalearningenglish A new study examines and compares adult death rates worldwide over the last forty years. For each country, researchers estimated the probability that a fifteen-year-old today will die an early death before the age of sixty. They found that the country with the lowest risk of premature death for women is Cyprus. For men the country with the best rate is Iceland. The study estimated mortality rates for people age fifteen to fifty-nine in one hundred eighty-seven countries. The report appeared in May in the Lancet medical journal. Worldwide, in the last forty years, death rates have decreased nineteen percent for men. But the study found that death rates for women have fallen by thirty-four percent. Chris Murray from the University of Washington in the Pacific Northwest led the study. He says major progress has been made since nineteen seventy in reducing deaths of mothers and children. But he points to growing inequalities in adult mortality -- a "massive spread" between countries with the highest rates and those with the lowest. For example, for men in Swaziland, the difference between the best rate and the worst rate is nine times higher. The study did find improvements in sub-Saharan Africa in the last five years, however, possibly as a result of expanded efforts against AIDS. But in the last twenty years, H.I.V. and the collapse of the Soviet Union helped raise death rates in thirty-seven countries worldwide. Also, the study says the United States fell from thirty-fourth to forty-ninth in female mortality and from forty-first to forty-fifth for men. Those estimates put the country behind western Europe as well as countries like Albania, Chile and Tunisia. The researchers noted a big change in the list of countries with the lowest adult mortality over the past forty years. Only three countries have stayed in the top ten for the lowest male death rates all that time. Those countries are Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway. The researchers say estimating and preventing early deaths in adults is just as important as improving child survival. Millions of children die before their fifth birthday. But the researchers say three times as many adults die before their sixtieth. And that's the VOA Special English Health Report. Do you have a comment on this story or a general question about health? Go to voaspecialenglish.com or find us on Twitter and Facebook at VOA Learning English. (Adapted from a radio program broadcast 05May10)
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War and History, Ancient and Modern
Beginning with the assertion that war is inseparable from the human condition, Victor Hanson proceeds to explain the ways in which the American way of war is distinctive.
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Cardiac Care Hospital Commercial Video Production © Dreamtime Entertainment, Florida
http://www.dreamtimeentertainment.com Cardiac Care at Kendall Regional Medical Center Commercial for heart surgery and treatment DP Flip Minott Director John Biffar Editor Dave Beaty Produced By Dreamtime Entertainment www.dreamtimeentertainment.com info(replacewith@)dreamtimeenterainment.com 239-549-4081
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"Just Like Jill" Lung Cancer Campaign: Think You Know Lung Cancer? Think Again! Many people think they know what Lung Cancer is -- who gets it -- and who doesn't. Throw everything you think out the window. Time. For. A. Major. Update. Actually, way beyond time. This is 22 year-old Jill Costello. This is the NEW face of Lung Cancer. That's right, Lung Cancer doesn't care how old you are, whether you've ever smoked or not. Just like Jill, ANYONE can get Lung Cancer. ANYONE! Jill's diagnosis isn't a fluke and her story, unfortunately, isn't one we had to dig deep to find. In fact, 60% of new Lung Cancer patients have never smoked (Just like Jill) or are former smokers who quit decades ago. Lung Cancer is no longer just a smoker's disease. It is now "equal opp." So, how can it be that the nation's the #1 cancer killer of both men and women is still the LEAST funded of the four major cancers? How can it be that Lung Cancer's 5-year survival rate has remained unchanged for more than 40 years—at only 15.5%? We can no longer ignore Lung Cancer or use the myth of smoking to blame. We have an epidemic on our hands that needs to take center stage on the global cancer agenda. This is exactly what Jill Costello wants to do, by graciously sharing her Lung Cancer journey and lending her name to this campaign for change. Jill was diagnosed with stage IV Lung Cancer at the age of 21. She has never smoked. Jill recently graduated from UC Berkeley, where she was coxswain on Cal's Women's (rowing) Crew, and despite 20+ rounds of chemo and 14 radiation treatments, she coxed the Cal Bears to a second place slot at the NCAA Women's Division I Rowing Championships. Not only does Jill never give up. She never stops smiling. The Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation "Just Like Jill" Lung Cancer Research Campaign will offer a rare glimpse into the lives of those with Lung Cancer—showing what the disease truly is—and what it isn't . You will get to know Jill very well, and many others just like her. You will fall in love with all of them. Your heart will break many times. You will be forever inspired by their strength and courage. You will be shocked. You will be outraged. You will better understand. You will want change...just like Jill does.
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Mather Hospital Breast Cancer Commercial
EGC Group Mather Hospital Commercial - http://www.egcgroup.com
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Life In Prison: A Project Envision Documentary
This 30-minute television special gives you an inside look into three California state prisons, including the California Medical Facility. CMF houses the oldest and sickest inmates in the state. http://www.kpbs.org/prisons
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Give  Me Back My Old Country Ways
James Powell and Zada Griffith of New Generation performance of "Give Me Back My Old Country Ways" at the Christian Life Center (Yakima,WA) 4/10/10 at a benefit in Tim's honor to help his fight with cancer.
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3D Medical imaging by dr Lataster
Dr Lataster of MUMC described the 3D augmented reality functionality of the VP microLab of Virtual Proteins. See for more: info http://www.virtualproteins.com/
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Maternity and Newborn Care: Maternal and Newborn Care Center: St. Dominic Hospital: Jackson, MS
Maternity and newborn care services at St. Dominic's Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. Whether you're thinking about having a baby or are already pregnant, one of the many decisions you will be making is where to deliver. At St. Dominic Hospital's Maternal and Newborn Care Center, 's, every birth is unique and every life is sacred. As you begin to prepare for your new baby, we are here to support you throughout your pregnancy, delivery and even with newborn care. St. Dominic's understands that your childbirth experience is a physical, emotional and spiritual process. We hope you will come visit with our experienced team of maternal/newborn care educators and nurses. We'll be happy to talk with you, take you on a tour of our beautiful labor, delivery and recovery suites and show you our newborn nursery and postpartum rooms. To learn more, please visit, www.stdom.com
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What is transsphenoidal surgery?
The most common surgery that is done on the pituitary is transsphenoidal surgery. It is called this because the surgery is done through the nose. The surgeon comes into the nose through a sinus and some bone is removed in that sinus. In the back of the sinus there is a small cup of bone that holds the pituitary gland. Once the bone is removed in front of the pituitary gland, the tumor can be removed. Sometimes, additional adjuncts are used. For more information please visit http://www.swedish.org/pituitary
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Health Care Reform and Health Disparities
January 28, 2010 - To kick off the Grand Valley Summit on Health Care Reform, the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies hosted Dr. Kalahn Taylor-Clark from the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. Dr. Clark's presentation was titled "Health Care Reform and Health Disparities" and addressed the issue of access to health for minorities and lower income families in the United States. Hauenstein Center Director Gleaves Whitney introduced Dr. Clark to the audience. For more content from the Health Care Reform Summit, visit: www.allpresidents.org.
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How we fight: Individualized Care_Video
St.Vincent Health is a leader in the fight against Breast Cancer. Join Our Fight Against Cancer at OurFightAgainstCancer.com.
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American College Dance Festival 2010 Hip Hop Master Class with Mariothetrainer
Mario Godiva no longer works with or uses Kangoo Jumps. For more info on his new product Plyo Air Glides and to help bring it to fruition, please visit http://mariogodiva.com Mario Godiva is a world-renowned Fitness Expert & Celebrity Trainer with 14+ years of experience. Godiva has been featured in 125+ TV/Media interviews such as CNN, ABC Nightline, and the New York Times generating over 300 million global media impressions. Godiva's accolades include "One of NY's Hottest Workouts" by the NY Post, "Best Workout for Legs" by Timeout Magazine NY, and "Chicago's Best Workout" by the Chicago Tribune. Godiva is dynamic, inspirational, and motivational and as a stage 4 cancer survivor, he personally knows how to power through challenges with grace. His motto is "The only way OUT is THROUGH!."
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Clinic Cringe: Woman Trapped After Acupuncture
A woman in Washington State found herself abandoned at an acupuncture clinic after getting treatment. Turns out, the staff had set the alarm and gone home. The state health department is now investigating. (July 30)
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St. Anthony Hospital Cyber Knife
St. Anthony Hospital Cyber Knife, September 2009
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KVOS Special: Dick Gregory
Footage of interview with Dick Gregory by Andy Anderson, February 13, 1966, from the KVOS Channel 12 Films, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Western Washington University, Bellingham WA 98225-9123. For additional details, see: http://content.wwu.edu/u?/kvos,11
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Stamford Girls Softball
Stamford Girls Softball League Spring 2010
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Swedish Community Health Medical Home
In this video, Dr. Mark Johnson gives an overview of the Community Health Medical Home clinic, which is a family medicine clinic with a medical home approach to care. For more information about the Community Health Medical Home please visit http://www.swedish.org/Services/Primary-Care/Swedish-Community-Health-Medical-Home.
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How to Determine Your Hat Size
Watch more Scarves & Other Accessories videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/258391-How-to-Determine-Your-Hat-Size Put a cap on your hat size woes with these easy-to-follow instructions. Step 1: Measure your head Wrap a measuring tape all the way around your head about a half inch above your eyebrows or exactly where the hat will sit on your head. Tip Don’t wrap the tape too tightly. You want it to fit comfortably. Step 2: Compare to a hat size chart Compare the circumference of your head to a hat size chart. Although sizes can vary, they are typically universal and run in small, medium, and large. Hat sizes can also correspond to numbers, such as seven, eight, and nine. Step 3: Buy larger If you fall in between sizes, buy the larger size. Step 4: Try on hats Another way to determine your hat size is to try on a few hats and find a size that fits comfortably. If you don’t have any hats at home, try a few on the next time you shop. Did You Know? Did you know? Abraham Lincoln’s top hat is preserved at Washington DC’s Smithsonian Institution.
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Superman Never Say Yes to a Cigarette - Richard Williams Ad
Animated by Eric Goldberg. British Animated Advertisements by the Richard Williams Animation Studio, London. Richard Williams is best known as the triple Oscar winning animation director of The Thief and the Cobbler and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as well as A Christmas Carol and Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure. He was born in Canada and is UK based. His book and DVD set The Animator's Survival Kit is considered the premier textbook on how to animate.
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Susan G. Komen Event - Lighting of the Old City Walls and the Israel Museum
On Monday October 25, Ambassador and Mrs. Cunningham joined Ambassador Nancy Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Hadassah Lieberman, and Hadassah National President Nancy Falchuk at the Israel Museum for the opening of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Week, which runs from October 25-29. The museum lit the Shrine of the Book up in pink to commemorate the event. 50 top donors from Israel and around the world, as well as representatives from local women's advocacy groups were in attendance. Earlier in the evening, Mrs. Cunningham, Mayor Nir Barkat, and Sara Netanyahu were accompanied by a high-level US delegation to participate in an opening ceremony, including lighting the walls of the Old City pink. The week continues with a dinner hosted by Ambassador and Mrs. Cunningham at their residence and concludes with the flagship event, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Israel, in Jerusalem on Thursday. The race will be preceded by a symposium on breast cancer, with a panel including Hadassah Lieberman, Komen President Liz Thompson and Dr. Bella Koffman, of Sheba Hospital. The race itself will have over 5,000 participants, including many breast cancer survivors.
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July 2010 PNS LC Champ Swim Meet
Pacific Northwest Long Course Championship Swim Meet July 29 - August 1, 2010 King County Aquatic Center Weyerhaeuser Pool Federal Way, WA
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The Foot Center - A Podiatric Surgical Group
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WWU Heritage night. Dancing in Hmong Clothes
Me, Chi, and John dancing during a rap during the WWU heritage dinner. SEATTLE! haha
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INTEGRIS Grove Hospital Commercial
For more than 45 years, INTEGRIS Grove Hospital has brought the best in medical care services. We also have the highest standards for health care, with nationally recognized awards and recognition from our peers. Today is no exception as INTEGRIS Grove Hospital has recruited one of the most highly qualified medical staffs in the four state area. As advancements in technology have provided better avenues of care, the hospital has brought these advancements to the patients we serve. From state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to cardiology, to offering one of the largest home health agencies in the state.
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Brent Champaco, Editor, Patch
Comcast Newsmakers Western Washington is hosted by Sabrina Register.
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Holiday Inn Augusta Maine Hotel
http://www.clickhotel.us The Holiday Inn Civic Center Hotel ® where serving you is always our pleasure.At the Holiday Inn Civic Center Hotel in Augusta, Maine we welcome you to a comfortable, relaxing environment where you can escape from the stresses of the day and recharge. We feature internal access guest rooms with complimentary wireless Internet service. Our hotel is conveniently located adjacent to the Augusta Civic Center, 1/2 mile from I-95 and within three miles of the Augusta State Airport and the State of Maine Capital.If you're looking to get away from it all, our location in the heart of Central Maine makes us an affordable and convenient starting point for hiking, biking, or ATVing adventures as well as for camping or fishing outings and a myriad of other summertime activities! Maine's largest open-air shopping center, The Marketplace at Augusta, is located just across the street! There are antiquing opportunities in nearby Hallowell, and the Freeport outlets are just 40 minutes away. Old Fort Western and the Maine State Museum are sure to provide hours of enjoyment.Leading health care providers such as Maine General Hospital, the Togus VA, and the new Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care are just a short drive from the hotel. Nearby colleges include Thomas, Colby, and UMA. Whatever brings you to Maine, why not let your sweet dreams begin at the Holiday Inn Civic Center Hotel® This hotel is committed to providing accessible facilities under the American Disabilities Act. If your accessibility needs are not met, please contact the Hotel Manager on Duty. Should you require additional information regarding accessible facilities for guests with disabilities, please call 1-800-Holiday (U.S. and Canada) or contact the hotel directly. For the hearing impaired, TDD service is available at 1-800-238-5544 within the U.S. and Canada.
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Marlene Peng, M.D.
Marlene Peng, M.D. is an allergist and immunologist at Minor & James Medical. She specializes in drug allergies, seasonal allergies, food allergies, asthma and immunodeficiencies. A key part of allergy treatment is education. A large part of initial visits following a diagnosis include education about the specific allergy or asthma, how to take medication, what to avoid, and how to detect when your worsened symptoms have become a true emergency. For more information about Dr. Peng and Minor & James Medical, visit http://www.minorandjames.com/directory/people/show/marlene-peng.
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Arutz Sheva TV: Teenage Cancer Survivors tour Israel with Chai Lifeline's Wish at the Wall
http://chailifeline.org | http://israelnationalnews.com 02/07/2010 | http://bit.ly/h0YsZo by Hillel Fendel and Yoni Kempinski of Israel National News Fourteen teenagers and their parents are in Israel - many for the first time -- to give thanks and celebrate their recovery from cancer. The trip is billed as "ten incredible days in Israel for teens who have completed their treatment for cancer or who have learned to successfully manage complex chronic illnesses," and the participants say it is all that and more. It is organized by Chai Lifeline, and provided absolutely free for the child and one parent by the Hartman Family Foundation of Chicago. Rabbi Shlomo Crandall, Regional Director of Chai Lifeline's Midwest region, is leading the tour. "This is a trip to Israel for those who have come through some very difficult experiences," he told Israel National News, "and who want to show gratitude to G-d for being able to come here." They spent Sunday morning dancing, singing and praying at the Western Wall, as can be seen in the video below. The group is totally non homogeneous: "Teenagers and their parents from all over the United States, and Canada too - religious and not religious, of different levels of Jewish observance and knowledge -- who didn't even know each other before. They hail from Washington, D.C., Cleveland, New Jersey, Toronto, California, and a girl originally from Uruguay who now lives in Florida. It's a very special experience for all." Among the other sites that the group has seen and will be seeing are Tzfat, the Western Wall Tunnels, the City of David, Rachel's Tomb, the Golan Heights, Gamla, and even a pre-State bullet factory disguised as a bakery in northern Rehovot. They also are being treated to an archaeological dig in Beit Guvrin, located between Jerusalem and Be'er Sheva, and they swam in the Dead Sea, hiked in nearby Ein Bokek, visited an army base and rode jeeps in the Galilee. "We were waiting for a long time to celebrate the fact that my daughter, and all the other children here," said one very emotional mother, "are healthy now, and we have the privilege of coming here, to the Wall and say thank you to G-d, and to Chai Lifeline, for helping us through this so-difficult part of our lives... We are so happy!" Chai Lifeline's mission is "to restore the light of childhood to children whose innocence ended when life-threatening or lifelong illness was diagnosed. Through programs that address the emotional, social, and financial needs of seriously ill children, their families, and communities, Chai Lifeline restores normalcy to family life, and better enables families to withstand the crises and challenges of serious pediatric illness." (IsraelNationalNews.com)
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Summertime Singin'.m4v
Basenji grows white spots! People are fascinated by her multiplying spots. No one can explain them- a few years ago there were no spots. Now she has hundreds of beautiful white spots. I had dinner last week with the veterinarian who first diagnosed her bladder cancer (TCC) a year and a half ago. She called Lina a miracle- she's never known or seen a dog do this well with TCC. And- we declined all Western treatments and focused on diet, exercise and alternative medicine. Perhaps Lina has found her own way to treat cancer by producing white acupuncture-like energy spots. See for yourself! And this girl can sing!
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Kelly Majam Softball All-American Leahey TV on PBS Hawaii
Hawaii Rainbow Wahine talks about fighting cancer here: http://www.pbshawaii.org/ourproductions/leahey_video.htm
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[2010.09.14]-As'ad Abukhalil@ 'from Washington'-4of4 [50% English Subtitles]
Prof. As'ad Abukhalil http://angryarab.net/, http://angryarab.blogspot.com/, "From Washington" on "Muslims and Policy Making in the US". on 2010.09.14 Host:Abderrahim Foukara Guests: - Ali Abuzakouk (Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy) -Khalid Saffouri (Political Analyst) -As'ad Abukhalil ======================= AA subs based on Arwa Translation: http://angryarab.blogspot.com/2010/09/arab-lobby.html
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Christopher Hitchens - 'Is Afghanistan Worth The Price?' (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)
Christopher Hitchens is one of the most prolific and controversial writers in the English-speaking world. A prominent atheist, he is the author of "God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything," which became an international best-seller in 2007. He has also written books on topics ranging from the partition of Cyprus to Thomas Jefferson and the Anglo-American relationship; his most recent is the memoir "Hitch 22." RFE/RL writer at large James Kirchick recently interviewed Hitchens at his home in Washington about his left-wing revolutionary past, his views on America, Iran's nuclear program, Turkey's Islamist turn, Putin's Russia, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and sampled his views on a variety of international figures. In the past year, many voices have called for a downscaling in the Western commitment to Afghanistan and a removal of NATO troops -- including individuals who initially supported the 2001 war that ousted the Taliban from power. Hitchens disagrees.
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TEDxBratislava - Yossi Ghinsberg - On thinking out of the box
After a tragic accident, Yossi got separated from his companions in the midst of Amazon rainforest and fought three weeks to survive alone without any food and weapon. In his talk he shares some memories of his struggle for survival and insights that he took away from this life-changing experience. What is the power of life? What can we learn from natural ecosystems? What is TEDx? In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxBratislava, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxBratislava event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.
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Pink Foot Semi Race Truck burnout & doughnuts, Western Speedway
Aug 28 '10 Pink Foot driver Peter Van Dyck does the burnout competition @ Western Speedway
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Westinghouse Traction Elevators at the Edison Hotel in Edison, NJ
*This hotel was a Holiday Inn when I filmed this video, however it has since been renamed to the Edison Hotel.* The service elevator is Westinghouse, but it was BROKEN today. These were pretty much replaced with new door equipment and Monitor TR fixtures. I think the EPCO INCGLine call stations might be original.
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Washington: A CPA's Worst Nightmare
Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins urges the Democrat majority to develop a responsible budget that addresses Washington's spending and borrowing problem. Step one, acknowledge the problem. Step two, develop a budget that maps out the path to solvency.
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Washington Post's Chris Cillizza on 'Top Line'
Chris Cillizza discusses midterm election primary results on "Top Line."
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Gonzaga Fall Blood Drive (2010)
10.8.10 - *** Watch in 720p HD *** - Gonzaga, continuing its tradition of service to the community, held it's Fall Blood Drive on Wednesday, October 6. The drive, hosted by the Washington Hospital Center, was able to process 62 donors with 58 pints of blood collected. Each pint of blood, after it is separated in its components can be used to save 3 lives. We have an account with the Hospital so if any member of the Gonzaga community is being treated at the hospital and needs blood, their cost is less because of all the donations we provide. We had such an outpouring of support for this drive that we actually had to turn walk-ins away because we couldn't process all who wanted to donate. Gonzaga has had a long lasting relationship with the Washington Hospital Center, Mrs. Fernandez (Science) has been organizing these drives for the past 17 years. http://www.gonzaga.org
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LaRouche Candidates Press Conference at the National Press Club
http://www.larouchepac.com -- On Tuesday, January 12th, LaRouche's western states spokesman, Harley Schlanger, announced the three LaRouche candidates at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. The three candidates then spoke: Summer Justice Shields, running against Nancy Pelosi; Rachel Brown, running against bailout-Barney Frank; and Kesha Rogers, running in the 22nd congressional district of Texas, which includes the NASA Space Center.
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Avera Heart Hospital Commercial - Miracles: Tom Hildebrand
This video tells the story of Tom Hildebrand's miraculous journey of recovery from a ruptured AAA, and promotes screenings that can detect heart-related conditions.
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Avera Heart Hospital Commercial - Miracles2: Tom Hildebrand
This video tells the story of Tom Hildebrand's miraculous journey of recovery from a ruptured 8cm AAA, and promotes screenings that can detect heart-related conditions. Includes interview footage with the surgeon who performed the life-saving surgery, Dr. Tommy Reynolds, MD.
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TalkingStickTV - Russell Jim - Nuclear Attack on the Yakama Culture
Talk by Russell Jim of the Yakama Indian Nation on "Nuclear Attack on the Yakama Culture" given February 23, 2001 at the Husky Union Building, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Watch part II of this event at... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyUtSia73XU
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Matthew West - Save A Place For Me (Official Music Video)
Music video by Matthew West performing Save A Place For Me (Official Music Video).
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