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Novartis Pharma Voltaren AC
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Novartis Voltaren Record Attempt - Pain Management Week 2011
In May 2011, alive together with ISS Marketing enabled Votaren to achieve a New Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Exercise Ball fitness Fit Ball Class. This was part of Voltaren's Pain Management Week in Melbourne. The event was hosted by 'Biggest Looser' Personal Trainer Tiffany Hall and held at Federation Square, Melbourne. 305 people participated in the ab-crunching, muscle strengthening, functional and balance workout led by twenty three personal trainers. After achieving the new world record participants were invited to shoot hoops with Australian basketball legend, Andrew Gaze. Event produced and directed by Ant Hampel from http://www.a-live.com.au http://a-live.com.au/voltaren/
Просмотров: 684 Alive Events Agency
Διαφημιστικό Voltaren
Просмотров: 3876 Gazzetta.gr
Реклама Novartis
Voltaren Advert (student project)
An advert i made in college for the pain relieving gel Voltaren. made with one crew and 4 actors, no copyright infringement was intended.
Просмотров: 443 Mac Nixon
Voltaren FinalCut Subtitle
Просмотров: 100 PP Loo
Реклама Novartis
4 вольтарен
Просмотров: 1440 Lepekha11
Alka Seltzer - Chelsea Hotel - Suma Brown, director
This spot I wrote and directed. Shot in NYC it was showcased at Cannes in the Best New Director Worldwide Category. Contact Suma at sumanyc@gmail.com
Просмотров: 254 sumanyc
voltaren TVC
kompetisi cannes..
Просмотров: 538 soenstudio
Реклама Таллиннский ФЗ
VOLTAREN SKI // Woler Pro & Post
Comercial realizado por Woler Pro & Post para TRIP PUBLICIDAD.
Просмотров: 273 WOLER
Реклама Okopharm
CANNES 2011: 'Shoe Laces'--Novartis Otrivin Nasal --SAATCHI & SAATCHI
Agencia: SAATCHI & SAATCHI Carouge, País: Suiza http://www.elalmacen.cspcomunicacion.com/ http://www.cspcomunicacion.com/ csp comunicación cspcomunicacion spot advertising ad ads mkt marketing online digital publi consultorÌa publicidad concepto concept historia drama marca compañía TV spot estrategia company ecommerce cannes 2011 novartis otrivin nasal saatchi saatchi&saatchi she laces
Просмотров: 4331 CSPcomunicacion
Voltaren - Your Movement Powers the Show
Voltarol, the no.1 muscle pain reliever, wanted to bring their 'Joy of Movement' brand purpose to life in a fun & memorable way. In front of over 85,000 people, the 'Voltarol. Your Movement Powers the Show' event created a huge buzz at Westfield London. The event combined live 3D holograms & a state-of-the-art dance floor that converted the energy generated by people's movement into power. Our shoppers were encouraged to dance & literally contribute the power to the show. Once enough energy was generated, the live hologram show started. And togenerate further consumer engagement, the holograms were able to interact with the audience by dancing & talking directly with them, asking them to dance more & generate more energy. When the energy levels dropped, the holograms would slowly disappear. The results -- Normally pain reliever products only show the negative side of people's pain issues but with this Voltarol brand experience, approximately 85,000 shoppers participated in the 'Joy of Movement' message in a positive & innovative way. While the video of the event on the bespoke 'Movement Powers Life' youtube channel had over 200,000 hits within 3 weeks
Просмотров: 668 greeders
Kameleon Voltaren 1 Laser
Pokaz laserowy w hotelu Sheraton dla firmy Novartis. www.kameleon-light.pl
Просмотров: 465 Kameleon
Publicité Voltaren musique de Rue Socrate Production
Pour l'agence Saatchi Suisse produit par Le Son (Maquette)
Просмотров: 711 RueSocrate
Voltaren Egypt 2011 Ads - Football
هاني رمزي و فلترن في أوليمبكيات في شوارع مصر
Просмотров: 1427 voltarenmena1
Voltaren father
A commercial I directed for the Swedish market. One of two.
Просмотров: 167 Chamoun Issa
TV Spot Hydrocort_Untertitel.wmv
Просмотров: 281 APONEOde
voltral emulgel doctors conference 2011
Просмотров: 64 Muhammad Anas
Novartis Biotechnology (1 of 2) - July 11, 2011
Speech of Philippine Senator Edgardo J.Angara on July 11, 2011.
Просмотров: 35 Edgardo Angara
Otrivin: Shoelace
Client: Novartis Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Geneva Chief Creative Officers: John Pallant & Derek Green Creative Director: Leon Jacobs Writers: Maureen McCabe, Boris DeClerck Art Directors: Lisa McCleod, Daniela Nedelschi, Lucy Crudgington Agency Producer: Scott McBurnie Production Company: The Sweet Shop Director: Sam Hoist Producer: Camillo Spath Editor: Michael Lonsdale
Просмотров: 63959 Leon Jacobs
Все на Вольтзарядку! (with People Around | event team)
Мероприятие для бренда Вольтарен Эмульгель. Вользарядка с фигуристом А. Ягудиным (2011)
Просмотров: 335 PEOPLE AROUND
reklama Voltarenu do badania webtrack - koniec kampanii TV przed rozpoczęciem badnia
Просмотров: 4777 AnalyticsandInsight
Novartis | Nicotinell Community (Case Study)
DIGITAL STRATEGY comunidadnicotinell.com.ar Do you remember when you were a non smoker? And you could taste, smell, run and breathe fresh air? You still can. Because a lot of what we consider impossible is actually POSSIBLE. Because in case you haven´t noticed we live in a place where one individual can make a difference with a little help from others. Smoking has always been a social habit, but researchers now believe that quitting may be a social activity too. Quitting smoking is contagious. Smoking is a social habit. Quitting smoking too. I can change. Others can help me change. The action: comunidadnicotinell.com.ar Creating an innovative digital ecosystem that Works as a community where every user who wants to quit smoking or who is in the quitting process can get together and share experiences How? Users telling others what´s happening to them help the whole community and help themselves. Registered users, after completing their profile, share with the community how many cigarettes they smoke each day and their general mood status: mood , anxiety, taste, energy level and much more. Each user sets a personal objective and the software automatically calculates gains or losses daily, weekly and monthly. It works with totally native linking with youtube, facebook and twitter with innovative dynamic hashtagging. Why? Because, each user could feel better, even when times are tough. Right now, it´s hard to see. When our environment has the same feelings as us, it pushes us to discover new ways of doing things we thought impossible such as quit smoking. Changing people´s lives. Engaging with each other. Generating a positive support environment. Fueling growth and making a better world. To stay connected is the key, learning and teaching, listening and talking to friends, family, and colleagues to find new ways of making difficult things easy. Do you know anyone that wants to quit smoking? comunidadnicotinell.com.ar
Просмотров: 626 pablo alustiza
Реклама Sandoz
Nycodent Advanced
TNL produced the new commercial for Nycodent Advanced, the mouthwash from Nycomed.
Просмотров: 2262 Tilnærmet Lik AS
Fungal Ad
Spec Commercial from my Intro To Animation class last year at Tisch. Selected for the Tisch 2010 Animation Showcase.
Просмотров: 325 mikecheslik
Roiplon TVC
voice over (εκφώνηση) : ΘΩΜΑΣ ΣΙΑΜΟΥΛΗΣ / ΕΛΕΟΝΩΡΑ ΒΑΡΒΑΓΙΑΝΝΗ www.nrgproductions.gr Production : Filmarmoniki
Просмотров: 1008 NRG PRODUCTIONS
Mepha - Farmacêutica
Mepha desenvolve e produz medicamentos e serviços atractivos permitindo aos profissionais de saúde melhorar o bem-estar dos doentes com produtos eficazes a preços de referência. http://mepha.pai.pt/ms/ms/mepha-investigacao_desenvolvimentofabricacao_farmaceutica_lda+laboratorios_farmaceuticos+porto_salvo+ms-90019195+p-2.html?index=ff91e6bf1c7014d276f76d7037082203
Просмотров: 295 Páginas Amarelas
安鼻靈 通鼻塞系列 廣告
全球銷量No.1 安鼻靈 通鼻噴劑 不含類固醇
Просмотров: 4008 doctarchou
Procto Glyvenol
Demo e packshot produzidos para o Procto Glyvenol, com criação da Side Cinema e da agência EURO RSCG.
Просмотров: 111677 SquareFilmes
Bioscalin CronoBiogenina
Просмотров: 2358 healthadv
פניסטיל ג'ל
פרסומת שצולמה ב2011 לפניסטיל
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video uploaded from my mobile phone
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