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A Breath of Life: Asthma Control for My Child. English subtitles for Spanish.
This 15-minute video written, directed and produced by Cecilia Domeyko for the National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health (INIH), through the Altarum Institute, tells the story of an 8-year old boy with asthma in order to teach viewers about asthma, its symptoms and treatment. The video is enacted by Spanish-speaking talent, with English subtitles. The video is being distributed as part of a national educational campaign with accompanying print materials. Este video de 15 minutos escrito, dirigido y producido por la cineasta Cecilia Domeyo para el Instituto Nacional del Corazón, Pulmñon y Sangre del National Institutes of Health (NIH) que es el Servicio Nacional de la Salud de los Estados Unidos, cuenta la historia de un niño de 8 años que padece de asma. A través de la historia de él y su familia, actuada por talento dramático latino, el público puede aprender más sobre la enfermedad del asma, sus síntomas y su tratamiento. El video fue producido a través de Altarum Insititute.
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Ayaat-e-shifa,verses of healing,cure and healing for every disease
Ayaat-e-shifa,verses of healing,cure,healing,quranic healing,quranic cure,health,healing for every disease,muraqba,natural cure http://www.scribd.com/doc/182018506/ayaat-e-shifa-pdf Everybody Please listen and do that amal..!!! It is a cure for all diseases and problems like black magic, evil eye, jinns, demons, curses, asar, evil spirits etc. it is also a cure for mental, psychological diseases, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, manias etc. it is an effective cure for cancer, hepatitis, liver problems, diseases of stomach, intestines, lungs, asthma, infections, fever, flu, spine and disc problems, sexual and hidden diseases ,addiction like porn and related sins, alcoholism, gambling, and much more if you believe in it. InshaAllah. https://youtu.be/lnyZRnac9Xc Also listen to this powerful Ruqyah for all diseases and problems: https://youtu.be/nmc8uxyml_A I came across a new thing..actually a whole new dimension of Quranic Healing known as "Ruqya". Ruqya is a long compilation of Quranic vesres and prophetic Dua's that InshaAllah cure diseases, magic, Evil eye, Jinn possession and the problems and symptoms resulting from them.in Arab world ruqya is very famous but in indian subcontinent mufti junaid has recently published his work and experience with ruqya. he says 95% of modern diseases and problems result from magic,envy(hassad), evil eye and jinn possession.we don't realize that because we don't see it but is present everywhere and it is so common but we forget to treat it...there are many ruqyas on internet but i will post most famous and authentic ones... 1. Ruqya al Ajmi - general ruqya for magic, evil eye and jinn possession. http://www.ruqyashariyah.org/ruqyah-1-by-ahmed-ibn-ali-al-ajmy 2. ruqya for evil eye by sheikh swaalih http://www.ruqyashariyah.org/ruqyah-for-evil-eye-by-sheikh-swaalih 3.ruqya for jinn possession by sheikh swaalih http://www.ruqyashariyah.org/mass-possession-by-sheikh-swaalih
Shabad Jaap  (Sarab Rog Kaa Auokhad Naam Camp Ludhiana, Oct-2012)
Shabad Jaap - Sarab Rog Ka Auokhad Naam - cures by gurbani The objective of this healing camp is to help those who are unable to get any relief with the available expert treatment.All these patients experienced appreciable relief in a short span of 4-5 days.There is not a single patients among more than 200 patients, who belt any aggravation of symptom.This healing can be provided to all people of all religions.The only requirement is to sing and listen to Gurbani verses as many times as possible. Diseases list are as below severe Cervical canal stenosis due to degenerative changes Rheumatoid Arthritis Depression Celiac disease (wheat allergy) Alzheimer's disease Children with Cerebral palsy Blisters Retina (Leading to blindness) Deafness and dumbness since birth Myoclonic jerks since birth Urninary obsturction due to enlarge Prostate Diabetes mellitus Type-1 in 9 year old child. Colorectal cancer with metastasis in leaver at terminal phase Epilepsy Cancer breast with metastasis in bones and axilla Amnesia after effect of head inzury thalessemia major Broncsial asthma Sarcoidosis lungs Chronic renal failure CRF Multiple myeloma Bone Cancer Leucoderma vitiligo Ataxia since birth Glaucoma AIDS , HEPATATIS , CANCER , Breast cancer DEPRESSION , Chickenpox CHOLERA COLD COUGH DENGUE Erectile dysfunctions Epilepsy Heart disease Infertility Jaundice MIGRAINE JOINT PAIN BLINDNESS OBESITY SKIN PROBLEMS Osteoporosis Psoriasis Rabies SWINE FLU Tonsillitis BRAIN TUMOR ULCER FEVER UNREGULAR PERIODS ALL PHYSICAL AND MENTAL PROBLEMS SOLUTION. MALES FEMALES PERSONAL PROBLEMS GENDER PROBLEMS PEOPLE OF ALL RELIGION CURED THEIR DISEASES BY THIS KIRTAN JUST DOWNLOAD IT IN UR MOBILE AND KEEP LISTENING IT FROM DAY TO NIGHT TILL YOUR DISEASE GET TOTALLY CURED HINDHU MUSLIMS SIKHS CHRISTIANS https://www.youtube.com/user/apsingh7... U CAN READ THIS SHABADS AT THIS LINK http://gurunanakhealing.com/static/gu... AND DOWNLOAD PDF GUIDE AT THIS LINK http://gurunanakhealing.com/static/He... U CAN SEARCH AND CONTACT SARAB KA AUKHAD NAAM MISSION AT LUDHIANA PUNJAB INDIA THEY DAILY CURE UNCRABLE DISAESES OF PEOPLE FREE OF COST JUSTBY LISTENIN GURBANI KIRTAN THIS IS OFFICIAL PAGE CALL THEM AND MUST VISIT THEM THEY HAD HOMEOPATHY HOSPITAL ALSO AND FACILITY OF STAYING ALSO http://gurunanakhealing.com/
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Vishnun Rao, Chest Physician --Asthma Special Care Research Centre, Swasa Hospital - hybiz.tv
Dr. Vishnun Rao, Chest Physician & Consultant Allergy --Asthma Special Care Research Centre, Swasa Hospital, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is on November 16th and it is observed for the first time in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
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I Want to see Grandma El's in Walgreens.
My name is Jill and I live in a town named Minocqua Wisconsin in the far northern part of Wisconsin. We have limited shopping options and getting Grandma El's in any store locally is not a possibility. The closest place that you may be able to find the product is at least 4 hours away. My 15 month old daughter has a dairy and soy intollerance that causes horrible burning diaper rash. Grandma El's is the only product that doesn't make her scream and that actually helps heal the rash. Every time I have to buy more I buy in multiple tubes but it never fails that my daughter wakes up in the middle of the night screaming in pain and we go through so much Grandma El's diaper rash cream that I have to order more and will have to wait days for it to arrive. Please use this video to help Walgreen's understand how important it would be for them to carry this product for mother's like me with hectic lives who just want to have easy access to the products that provide relief to my child.
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AGH Child Psychologist Helps Parents Discuss Newtown with Their Kids
Dr. Anthony Mannarino of the Center for Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents at Allegheny General Hospital encourages parents of school-aged children to address the recent Newtown, Conn. shooting tragedy with them, encouraging them to discuss their questions and fears.
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Biotin Review Before and After
http://sheriivxi.tumblr.com/ (New to this) Hair Update http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHl0PouzwYQ Results ! I used Biotin 5000 mcg 1 daily I started in October and saw significant results by December. I also used almond oil along with my biotin about once or twice a week. This Month i will start using Castor Oil in my routine to speed up the process If your interested in knowing what exactly i do with the oils or have any questions let me know. :) CASTOR OIL LINK http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4233170 Almond Oil http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2446692 Biotin:: http://www.drugstore.com/natures-bounty-biotin-5000mcg-super-potency-capsules/qxp149761?catid=183160 biotin can be purchased at any drugs store such as target and walgreens Instagram & Twitter: Sheriivxi
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Mother , Jugs, and Speed Buzzing the Nun
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chakras tamil
PRINCIPLE Digital Harmonizer is designed to create different color frequencies of light, (Frequency, Wavelength & Temperature) at a high potency in order to rejuvenate or resonate the particular chakra MECHANISM The instrument is designed in such a way that the depleted human bio electro magnetic field can be fulfilled by the production of bio electro magnetic field by using a mother crystal (Sio2). The required color is given to a crystal and those acquired frequencies are transmitted to mother crystal arranged in the harmonizer. The mother crystal is rotated with a motor in bio electro magnetic field at a required RPM for a period of 20 minutes. In the instrument the patient's saliva sample is kept in order to tune the frequency of the patient to the same level. After 20 minutes of exposure to this Positive rays (Constructive) the final energy of the Patient is measured which will be much higher than the initial reading. This energy has been harmonized. PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT ON HUMAN BODY THROUGH HARMONIZER A person can collect energy from several different levels of vibrations--including color--that are utilized in various parts of the body. Throughout our body we have main energy centers, which are connected to major organs or glands that govern other body parts. It is also believed that we have seven main chakra centers and that each main center is connected to our being on several different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. On the physical level each chakra governs a main organ or gland, which is then connected to other body parts that resonate the same frequency Every organ, gland and body system is connected to a chakra and each chakra is connected to a color vibrational frequency. For example, the heart chakra governs the thymus gland and it is also in charge of the functioning of the heart organ, lungs, bronchia system, lymph glands, secondary circulatory system, immune system as well as the arm and hands. And the heart chakra resonates to the color green. To help balance a chakra--whether on an emotional, intellectual, physical or spiritual level--we need to bring in the chakra (color) vibration, which resonates at the same frequency. In the study of the anatomy of the aura it is important to understand the significance of the chakra system and the language of colors expressed in the aura. When one part of a chakra center is out of sync it may eventually effect its other parts and possibly its neighboring chakra. When a chakra center is out of balance it generally means that it is over-active or under-active, or possibly congested or blocked. If this happens it is usually felt on a mental, emotional or physical level.
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Vasaka,adhatoda, adalodakam- ആടലോടകം or malabar nut
The extraction of leaf is a good medicine for Asthma and cough. It is a good medicine to stop internal and external bleeding like bleeding gums, piles and peptic ulcers.
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SUPA PEACH - VS The Competition
brought to you by Five Starzz Entertainment (Supa Peach showing her skills and talent...Booking only: can email me at supapeach1000@gmail.com (twitter and instagram @ _supapeach
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Sticking fingers down patient's throat to make her swallow live fish!
Bathini Fish Medicine Camp, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Bathini Fish Medicine (also known as Bathini Mrugasira Fish) is stuffed inside the mouth of live murrel fish (Channa species also classified as Ophiocephalus) of 2 in. to 2.5 in. (5 cm to 6 cm) in size. Then fish with medicine is slipped into the mouth of an asthmatic patient. (The fish is slippery, so there is no problem in swallowing it) This live fish moves, wagging its tail and fins, through the throat and negotiates the phlegm congestion, providing cure to asthma, it is claimed. The advice is to continue taking the treatment together with a strict diet over 45 days during each of three consecutive years. The claim is that this will give a complete cure from asthma. Bathini Fish Medicine is served and administered on a specific day called "Mrigishira Karthi", which is fixed each year by astrologers and normally coincides with the arrival of monsoon rains, the first or second week of June. Bathini Fish Medicine is given on Mrigishira Karti Nakshatra. Three doses of the extra medicine is also provided to patients, which is to be taken on three successive kartis: Arudra Karthi, Punnavasu Karthi and Pushymi Karti, these days being spaced each fifteen days, making a total of 45 days. After taking Bathini Fish Medicine the patient has to be under strict diet control for 45 days. Source: Wikipedia This footage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of imagery from South Asia. The Wilderness Films India collection comprises of thousands of hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM 1080i High Definition, HDV and XDCAM. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We are happy to be commissioned to film for you or else provide you with broadcast crewing and production solutions across South Asia. We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world... Reach us at wfi @ vsnl.com and admin@wildfilmsindia.com
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Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble
Shop music here: http://smarturl.it/TASmusic Shop merchandise here: http://taylor.lk/tourmerch Follow Taylor Swift Online Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorswift Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/taylorswift Tumblr: http://taylorswift.tumblr.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorswift13 Website: http://www.taylorswift.com Follow Taylor Nation Online Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylornation Tumblr: http://taylornation.tumblr.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylornation13 Music video by Taylor Swift performing I Knew You Were Trouble. © 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC
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Shadi Dua made by single divorced widowed girl-boy or man-lady
Shadi Dua made by single divorced widowed girl-boy or man-lady. Updated December 2012
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Straight Talk on MMS #2 - Autism: Kerri Rivera
Straight Talk on MMS - Autism: Kerri Rivera Straight Talk on MMS is a "TV style" interview show that focuses on the MMS (chlorine dioxide) phenomena by interviewing experts in the field. The goal of the show is to enlighten the public about this revolutionary discovery by Jim Humble. On this second show, Daniel Bender talks with Kerri Rivera, a mother whose son was diagnosed with Autism back in 2004. She didn't accept the official viewpoint that autism is incurable and didn't give up until she found something that made a significant difference--MMS and the pathogen protocol--which she and others have refined over the years. Although her son hasn't fully recovered, he is substantially better than he was. However, she has gone to great efforts to share what she has learned, and as of December 2012, 70 children have now recovered from their autism diagnosis. Rivera frequently lectures around the world and is very articulate on the subject. Her website is at http://www.mmsautism.org Note: You are hereby encouraged and given permission to copy, embed and distribute this video, unaltered. A high quality MP4 file is available at: http://www.quazarium.com/videos/Straight_Talk_on_MMS_w_Andreas_Kalcker.mp4.zip For more information: http://www.healingthesymptomsknownasautism.com/ ****************************************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this video has not been approved nor endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration. Our intention is to provide material for educational purposes only, and in no way whatsoever do we express our intent to substitute the council that only an appropriately trained and licensed medical practitioner can give. At no point is the information provided within this video designed to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent disease, nor replace or suggest the ceasing of one's existing medical therapy. QuaZarium.com Productions does not claim to act in the capacity nor replace the diagnostic capacity of your appropriately certified medical practitioner. Any ideas or suggestive material found within this video or the pages of our website, or any website embedding this video, is not meant to give you the impression that self diagnosis is in any way supported or encouraged by us. Let it be known that you consent and assume any and all responsibility in the consumption of any product you purchase as a result of your watching this video. Furthermore, you accept any and all possible damage, loss or injury felt to be experienced as a result from one's exposure to any content, product or information discussed within this video. Remember, always consult with your medical practitioner or health care professional when dealing with any severe medical condition.
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Deborah Vicario, MD | Colds & Coughs in Children
Dr. Deborah Vicario, a family physician at Ohio Medical Group, discusses when you should take your child to a physician if they are suffering from a cold and cough. She also talks about the treatments you can provide to help your child feel better!
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Secret Natural Healing for Muscular Dystrophy
Hello everybody around the world.I hope all of you have Wonderful Christmas and best wishes to achieve much more success in the coming New Year. My name is Dr.Imada Laura H.P. I am World Expert of Muscular Dystrophy with international scope work,mostly online and possibility offline too. I have 15 years work experiences in every health field and I was also accepted as Doctor on call mental illness at California on February 2011. Right now I open my private practises at Jl.Kebagusan Raya Gang Kriep no 53.Jagakarsa.Jakarta Selatan.Indonesia.My home telephone and fax 62217271766 and my cellphone 6285219268188. Consultation online : email dr.laurainternational@yahoo.com. This video show the Meditation as secret natural healing for therapy Muscular Dystrophy without any cost,need best effort and the result is very promising. Meditation is an activity that calms the mind and keeps it focused on the present. In the meditative state, the mind is not cluttered with thoughts or memories of the past, nor is it concerned with future events. Meditation is one of secret natural healing for Muscular Dystrophy,many kind of diseases with very promising result,best effort and without any cost. Mechanism of meditation to slow the progressivity Muscular Dystrophy and possibility to make cure are by imagining blowing oksigen to all the muscles with priority the weak muscle and all the organs system. The power of meditation of thinking/imagine influence the circulation of blood,the hemoglobine will deliver oksigen and nutrition to all the cell of the body,all the system of the bodys and it means it increase the health,include the strength of the muscles and there are possibilities to be cure,have good behaviour and it influence the environment to become comforatble and it mean we can have joy of life. Meditation for Muscular Dystrophy should combine with drug that supply the energy to the nerve and muscles,drug protector of the muscle cell membrane,physiotherapy,food promote the strength of the muscle(high quality & quantity protein),aquatic therapy,etc. Please make consultations with the expert of Muscular Dystrophy first,before the patients take the treatment to make sure the diagnostic and the treatments are suitable treatment with the diagnostic,physical condition,etc. Please read the publication about Meditation that Dr.Imada Laura write on http://wwwbloggermiraclemedicine.com Meditation common cures: 1. NERVOUS SYSTEM Muscular Dystrophy headaches depression multiple sclerosis epilepsy stroke 2. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Crohn's disease irritable bowel syndrome ulcers nausea (meditation has reduced chemotherapy associated anticipatory nausea) 3. ADDICTIONS smoking alcoholism (Alcoholics who practice Transcendental Meditation show a steady decline in alcohol use as well as a 90 percent sobriety rate after two years) 4. RESPIRATORY asthma 5. REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS menopause premenstraul syndrome (PMS) impotence 6. SKIN acne 7. IMMUNE SYSTEM AIDS 8. INTER-BODILY SYSTEM cancer In addition: NOTE: Research studies have been conducted on all of the above clinical benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM), approximately 508 studies thus far. Meditation also useful for : 1. MIND Intelligence growth Increased creativity Broader Comprehension Improved perception Greater Orderliness 2. BODY Lower blood pressure Improved health Reduced anxiety Reduced need for traditional medical care Decreased stress Reversal of aging Change in breathing Deep rest 4. BEHAVIORAL Increased productivity Relations at work Decreased drug abuse Self-actualization Increased self-concept Increased relaxation 5. ENVIRONMENT Improved quality of life Decreased crime Decreased violent fatality Reduced conflict Meditation is very useful to make cure many kind of disease,positive mind,good behaviour and it will influence the environment to be comfortable. Before doing any activities in the morning,except praying,please do the meditation minimum 30 minutes everyday.The time and the result of meditation is different for each person. Everything is possible in God. Never give up to be cure,achieve your goal of success with one of many positive ways with meditation,pray,best effort in God and bless from God. If you want treatment of Muscular Dystrophy and any kind of diseases,meditation,order VCD for complete technic of meditation and physiotherapy,aquatic therapy,amazing healing with creativity for Muscular Dystrophy and books summary of "Secret Natural Healing" that are written by Dr.Imada Laura H.P.,it will be pleasure for me to give you treatment to be cure and achieve goal of your success. All of you are welcome to come to my private practises and make consultations. I wish all us have have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes to achieve much more success in the coming New Year. Thank you.May God bless all of us to be cure,achieve goal of success in God.
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The Beautiful South - Song For Whoever
Subscribe to The Best Of for more classic music history, videos and playlists: http://bit.ly/WdJ36u "Song For Whoever" is a song by The Beautiful South, written by band members Paul Heaton and David Rotheray. The first and highest-charting single from their debut album, "Welcome To The Beautiful South", it peaked at number 2 in the UK charts in 1989. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealBestOf Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealBestOf Song For Whoever I love you from the bottom, of my pencil case I love you in the songs, I write and sing Love you because, you put me in my rightful place And I love the PRS cheques, that you bring Cheap, never cheap I'll sing you songs till you're asleep When you've gone upstairs I'II creep And write it all down Oh Shirley, Oh Deborah, Oh Julie, Oh Jane I wrote so many songs about you I forget your name (I forget your name) Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Deborah, Annabel, too Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Deborah, Annabel, too I forget your name I love your from the bottom of my pencil case I love the way you never ask me why I love to write about each wrinkle on your face And I love you till my fountain pen runs dry Deep so deep, the number one I hope to reap Depends upon the tears you weep, so cry, lovey cry, cry, cry, cry Oh Cathy, Oh Alison, Oh Phillipa, Oh Sue You made me so much money, I wrote this song for you Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Deborah, Annabel, too I wrote this song for you So let me talk about Mary, a sad story Turned her grief into glory Late at night, by the typewriter light, She ripped his ribbon to shreds
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Lacerating the human body on Muharram
Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year. Since the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, Muharram moves from year to year when compared with the Gregorian calendar. Muharram is so called because it is unlawful to fight during this month, the word is derived from the word haraam, meaning "sinful". It is held to be the most sacred of all the months, excluding Ramadan. Some Muslims fast during these days. The tenth day of Muharram is the Day of Ashura, which to Shia Muslims is part of the Mourning of Muharram. Some Muslims fast during this day, because it is recorded in the hadith[citation needed] that Musa (Moses) and his people obtained a victory over the Egyptian Pharaoh on the 10th day of Muharram; accordingly Islamic prophet Muhammad asked Muslims to fast on this day that is Ashura and on a day before that is 9th so that they are not similar to Jews (since, according to him, Jews used to fast for one day due to the same reason, and many practices recorded in the hadith are specifically performed to avoid any apparent similarity to those of contemporary neighbouring Jews and Christians). Many Muslims cook something sweet like sweet rice and distribute it throughout their family and circle of friends to eat when breaking their fast. Fasting differs among the Muslim groupings; mainstream Shia Muslims stop eating and drinking during sunlight hours and do not eat until late afternoon. Sunni Muslims also fast during Muharram for the first ten days of Muharram, or just the tenth day, or on both the ninth and tenth days; the exact term depending on the individual. Shia Muslims do so to replicate the sufferings of Hussein ibn Ali on the Day of Ashura. Shia Muslims go further in their replication, including self-flagellation. Saurce: Wikipedia This footage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of imagery from South Asia. The Wilderness Films India collection comprises of thousands of hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM 1080i High Definition, HDV and XDCAM. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We are happy to be commissioned to film for you or else provide you with broadcast crewing and production solutions across South Asia. We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world... Reach us at wfi @ vsnl.com and admin@wildfilmsindia.com
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SUPA PEACH - & The Crew  Reporting Live After The Show
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Oxygen Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve Explained Clearly (Oxyhemoglobin Curve)
Understand the Oxygen Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve with this clear explanation from Dr. Seheult of http://www.medcram.com. This is video 1 of 1 on the oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve (also called oxygen dissociation curve and the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve). Speaker: Roger Seheult, MD Clinical and Exam Preparation Instructor Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. MedCram: Medical topics explained clearly including: Asthma, COPD, Acute Renal Failure, Mechanical Ventilation, Oxygen Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve, Hypertension, Shock, Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), Medical Acid Base, VQ Mismatch, Hyponatremia, Liver Function Tests, Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs), Adrenal Gland, Pneumonia Treatment, any many others. New topics are often added weekly- please subscribe to help support MedCram and become notified when new videos have been uploaded. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=medcramvideos Recommended Audience: Health care professionals and medical students: including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, respiratory therapists, EMT and paramedics, and many others. Review for USMLE, MCAT, PANCE, NCLEX, NAPLEX, NDBE, RN, RT, MD, DO, PA, NP school and board examinations. More from MedCram: Complete Video library: https://www.youtube.com/c/medcram Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MedCram Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/+Medcram Twitter: https://twitter.com/MedCramVideos Produced by Kyle Allred PA-C Please note: MedCram medical videos, medical lectures, medical illustrations, and medical animations are for medical educational and exam preparation purposes, and not intended to replace recommendations by your health care provider.
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Children's Environmental Health Webinar
This presentation was arranged by the NIEHS Partnerships for Environmental Public Health program, and conducted on October 24, 2012. In this webinar, presenters will highlight their research examining early life exposures to environmental chemicals and adverse health outcomes, and they will discuss possible interventions to reduce the exposures and improve children's health and wellbeing.
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Im No Superhero ch10
::Ray Ray Pov:: as we pass through the hospital sliding door, we both her a oddly familiar name said by one of the men, i think is was the man pushing amber. "So i get a call and i heard my Niece, Nashae, was sold, like her custody rights, to this Millionare chick who says that she can and i quote 'give her everything a middle class couldnt' then when my sister said no thanks she said 'ill buy you a new house and pay full ride college for all your other biological children' cause you know she runs a orphanage, she couldnt not take that deal, so i heard that shes somewhere around her now, i think we should try to visit her sometime" the other guy answers with "Maybe these kids know her, we should ask them if they survive, whatever just happened to them the other kids said it was so sudden the kids were talking then next thing you know BAM unconcious" i heard her voice again "You dont know Nashae, tell him you dont know Nashae when you 'wake up' or its gonna be sooo much worst, you know what if feels like to not have air, Spill and youll know what if feels like to not have a heartbeat!" her words were a sharp whisper like she was afraid that the men would hear, her words Elegant and oddly pronunciated made it twice as threating, the feeling of no air, closes off lungs made everything blurry my mind didnt work but i still heard mikaylas voice in my head yelling things like "Told you to shut the fuck up" and laughing like it was hilarious that i was dying, the thought of no heartbeat made my heart beat faster, my palms sweating and my stomach churn with fright. i feel us come to a stop and the i close my eyes acting sleep right before a warm hand lifts the sheet off my face Her Voice having a natural Coo-ie nature and sweet while very quiet "What Happened to these children?" "Had Astma attacks, got there inhalers but i dont know how much damage they got" she opened an eye and i started moving making her jump in fright and saying in a sleepy voice "Where am i?" "Your at the hospital Boy" the man said, looking grim and tired "Ohh well what happened?" the guy sighed in aggitation saying again "You and that girl had an Asthma Attack!" "oh well i feel fine now" the other man who was nashaes uncle was gone because as soon as the man came in a saw me awake he asked "Hey do you know a girl named Nashae Birchman?" i thought about the threat getting a chill as i bit my tonuge and forced my head to shake, "No sir" Amber yawns and gets up "Well welcome back Miss" both Nashaes uncle and the female nurse say "Hi" "Do you know Nashae Birchman?" her eyes looked my way for a second before shaking her head fast and saying "i know a nashae but not a nashae birchman" he looked defeated "Oh Ok" walking out head down fiddling with something in front of him. i felt guilty and sick to my stomach lying to that man like that because of fear but mikayla, shes shes just so powerful, she has control of us like puppets it pisses me off that im being censored, keeping that poor man from his Niece. i got off the stretcher and helped amber off hers asking the nurse for a way back to the school "Um yeah i can get my friend to take you" she lead us down the corridors silence filling every crack and crevace, we walked into a room where a woman dirty blonde hair cut short to just barely touch her ears was talking to an older man making him laugh with his few teeth. "Hailey will you take this children back to the private school?" "im on duty right now.. cant you?" she turned and i shook in fright she had a scar that went in a giant line up her cheek connected to the corner of her mouth twisting her face the slightly puffed scar the color of liver against her pale skin. she held her hand out to amber first, she shook it as the woman started addressing us "Im Hailey Jenns the main recovery doctor on this floor i help people who are recovering from things like car crashes, fires, bodily injuries in general" She started whispering "As you can see i got in an accident myself i think its a blessing because it makes the people feel a lil more normal" we nodded and i was hesistant to shake her twisted hand the skin wrapped unusually around her hand, as if trying to cover it. the nurse started talking again "Please Hailey ill talk to james if you just take them" we looked behind her at the old man, he had an eyepatch probably no eye
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Chilly Gets Chilly! | Doc McStuffins | Disney Junior UK
Doc McStuffinsmtakes her toy pals to play in the snow. When Chilly learns how snowmen are made, the friends work to make him a buddy! Subscribe to get a new dose of DisneyJuniorUK fun every day! ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=disneyjunioruk Watch more Doc McStuffins on DisneyJuniorUK! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03IoRkTpXuo&index=77&list=PLD1A982F8D26AA80E Watch your favourite moments and episodes of Minnie’s Bow-Toons episodes and listen to your favourite Minnie songs! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiQ4k3udO-Y&list=PLCA86DC7A425047EF&index=11 Official site: http://www.disney.co.uk/disney-junior/ Like Disney Junior on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/disneyjunior Follow @DisneyJunior on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DisneyJuniorUK Tips From Doc McStuffins!: "Fun in the Sun" is available on iTunes now! ► https://itunes.apple.com/gb/tv-season/doc-mcstuffins-tips-from-doc/id1019226303 Watch songs from "Fun in the Sun" ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR80Rp0EG1g&index=1&list=PLv042z7GzQ6t6qOOk132ZsrLcIFihR3qm DOC McSTUFFINS Doc ‘Dotty’ McStuffins is a big hearted, seven-year old budding doctor who loves looking after all her toy friends. Full of catchy songs and great advice to help the whole family stay healthy, you and your little one will love joining Doc on her fun animated adventures! It’s ‘time for your check up!’ and Doc McStuffins is the go-to doctor for all stuffed toys and dolls when they are in need of help. When she puts on her toy stethoscope, something magical happens! All her toys come to life! Along with her best friends Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie, Chilly, Doc helps her toys to ‘feel better.’ With fun songs in each show such as ‘I feel better’ and ‘Time For Your Check Up’ and ‘Hey What’s Going on’’ Doc McStuffins is a great show for the whole family to enjoy. DOC McSTUFFINS – real name DOTTIE McSTUFFINS Doc McStuffins is a cheerful and kind seven-year-old girl who dreams of being a doctor like her mum when she grows up. She just loves taking care of toys that are injured or sick and with the help of her amazing, magical stethoscope she can talk to her toy friends to find out what’s wrong and help them ‘feel better! LAMBIE McSTUFFINS Lambie is Doc’s best toy friend who adores ballet almost as much as she loves cuddles! Lambie loves helping Doc out at the clinic, giving good advice and cheering up sad patients who come to see the Doc with a big cuddle, hugs are great medicine! STUFFY – FULL NAME STUFFY PHILBERT McSTUFFINS Stuffy may be clumsy but he is a super brave dragon who says he isn’t afraid of anything, except spiders that is! CHILLY McSTUFFINS Chilly is a sweet, fun-loving snowman who worries about everything, balloons, pickles, and danger in general! He is particularly worried that he is going to melt – don’t tell him, but he thinks he is a real snowman! – HALLIE McSTUFFINS “Hiya y’all!” here comes Hallie, a purple stuffed hippopotamus and Doc’s trusted nurse in the toy clinic. The straight talking, friendly and helpful hippopotamus from Texas is a little bit of tomboy who knows how to dance! SQUEAKERS Squeakers is a bath toy who squeaks to talk, only Doc McStuffins can understand what he is saying. He is very noisy but friendly and loves going in the water with the other water toys. Dr MAISHA McSTUFFINS Doc McStuffin’s mum is a very kind and caring doctor and loves the idea of her daughter becoming one too when she grows up. Whenever there is a Boo-Boo in the McStuffins family, Maisha is always on hand to help. MARCUS McSTUFFINS Marcus is a very busy stay at home father and is always cooking up a delicious meal for the family to enjoy together, he is crazy about carrots and his family! DONNY McSTUFFINS Donny is Doc’s four-year-old brother who loves toys, especially his cars and action figures. He may be little but he has a big adventurous imagination and loves to play with his sister Doc. MAYA ALANA McSTUFFINS Maya is the adorable adopted baby sister of Doc and Donny McStuffins. Maya loves it when Doc brings all the toys to life around her especially when they sing and dance. GRANDMA McSTUFFINS Grandma McStuffins has an adventurous spirit, she loves traveling the world and exploring new places. It was Grandma McStuffins who gave Doc the magical stethoscope hinting that the stethoscope was very ‘special’ so maybe she too knows its magical secrets! EMMIE Emmie is the giggly, energetic, playful best friend of Doc McStuffins. She loves playing football with her team-mate Doc as well as practicing gymnastics and playing the piano.
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How to Clear Nasal Congestion in Kittens : Cat Health Care & Behavior
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ehow Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Ehow Clearing nasal congestion in kittens can be accomplished in a few different ways depending on your preferences. Learn how to clear nasal congestion in kittens with help from a dynamic, holistic and conventional veterinarian in this free video clip. Expert: Dr. Jena Questen Filmmaker: Roger Whitton Series Description: The behavior of a cat can tell you not only a great deal about his or her personality, but about the general state of their health as well. Learn about various aspects of cat health care and related behaviors with help from a dynamic, holistic and conventional veterinarian in this free video series.
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James Mahowald - Young Person in Recovery
Young People in Recovery is a series of stories told by young men and women about their new lives in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. This project was supported in part by a contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The stories were filmed on August 1st, 2012 in Rockville, MD. For information on telling your recovery story, go to www.facesandvoicesofrecovery.org
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The Genetics of Parkinson's Disease - Ellen Sidransky
December 7, 2012 - Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series More: http://www.genome.gov/27549874
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99 most requested dua's
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Security First Insurance Supports Camp Boggy Creek
Will you help them forget? Join the CAMPaign to give these children a carefree camp experience! Campy Boggy Creek is a place where seriously ill children can be kids again! Kaitlyn, a seven-year-old cancer patient, can barely pronounce the name of her disease -- or the names of the various treatments she's undergone since her diagnosis. She's one of thousands of children living in Florida who are suffering from chronic or life-threatening illnesses. But children like Kaitlyn and their families have an opportunity to take a much-needed break from the illness and Florida-based homeowner's insurance provider, Security First Insurance Company, is making sure it happens. The company today launched a holiday Facebook campaign pledging to donate $5,000 to help seriously ill children attend Camp Boggy Creek, a year-round camp in Eustis, Florida, whose main purpose is to help children "forget they have what they have." For every "like" Security First Insurance receives on its Facebook Page at Facebook.com/InsuringFloridaHomes, the company will donate $5 toward the pledge, through Dec. 31. Raising funds and getting the word out that the camp exists are the two biggest challenges for Camp Boggy Creek. Security First Insurance recognizes Facebook as an extremely effective tool for reaching Floridians and increasing awareness of the camp. According to Facebook.com, there are currently more than 10 million people living in Florida who are using Facebook. To encourage Floridians to spread the word about Camp Boggy Creek, Security First Insurance has also created an online video that highlights the benefits of the camp, including activities where children get to roll around in spaghetti and drop pudding on their counselors' faces.
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Holiday Hangout w/ Beth, DailyGrace, Mamrie Hart, & Okaynate! - 12/19/12
Grace is back from the West Coast! And Mamrie Hart is doing what she does best--making drinks! Beth, Grace, Mamrie, and Nate are finishing off the year with holiday games and questions from you! Here's the reindeer antler game with senior citizens: http://youtu.be/OtetDqxi03A?t=11s Table of Contents: 00:00 - Don't Feed The Furby 00:50 - Internet Questions 4:32 - Beth & Shannon Coffey Are Excited for Christmas! 7:38 - Mamrie Hart Makes a Oatmeal Cookie Shot and Does Q&A 16:32 - Sing-A-Gram: Divorce 19:03 - Holiday Movie Trivia Game 25:55 - JFIP: Driving Miss Daisy 2 26:24 - More Q&A 32:27 - 5 Second Films & JFIP 33:24 - Mamrie, Grace, and Beth play The Antler Game 48:32 - Holiday Mad Libs 53:44 - More Q&A More Beth: http://www.youtube.com/bethinshow http://bethinshow.tumblr.com http://www.twitter.com/thebethhoyt More Grace: http://www.youtube.com/dailygrace http://www.twitter.com/gracehelbig http://gracehelbig.tumblr.com More Nate: http://www.youtube.com/okaynate http://itsnatebennett.tumblr.com/ http://www.twitter.com/itsnatebennett More My Damn Channel: http://www.MyDamnChannel.com http://www.facebook.com/MyDamnChannel http://www.twitter.com/MyDamnChannel
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Exodus Chiropractic Of Huntersville North Carolina
Contact Us At: 704.892.4545 http://www.exodusCHIROPRACTIC.com/charlotte Welcome to Exodus Chiropractic. My name is Dr. Brandon Mahaffy and this is my wife Dr. Natalie. Exodus chiropractic has one of the most successful practices on earth when it comes to seeing lives change. We have seen results with headaches, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, depression, infertility, pain and that's just to get you started. We don't treat any of these symptoms; we allow the body to heal the only way it can, from the inside out! Our current healthcare system has the US as one of the sickest nations in the world. We know there is a better way to health and that's why our passion is to be the health advocate of our practice members. Not only to get them healthy but keep them healthy. Dr. Natalie and I have suffered from an array of symptoms over our lifetimes and we discovered something that changed our lives forever. A chiropractor discovered there was pressure on our nervous system. Your nervous system controls every organ tissue and cell throughout the entire body. With that pressure on our nervous system, our bodies weren't able to express their full potential in health and life. We have seen life change in children as young as 1 day old to people in their 90's. What sets us apart at Exodus Chiropractic here in Huntersville, NC is our technique and analysis. Our focus is to analyze you as an individual because we know everyone is different and has different needs. Our process is stream lined and efficient so we can spend our time getting you healthy. We focus on the CAUSE of your health concerns and not the symptoms. The reason we do that is because we know that the power that made the body, heals the body and covering up symptoms will never get you healthy. Our procedure starts with some straightforward paperwork so that we can get a better look into your current health status. We then will take you to get your exam where we will use our space certified technology called the insight millennium subluxation station to determine the areas of stress and dis-ease in your life. This system has 3 technologies. First is the Thermal scanner, which tells us how your nervous system is functioning. The second is a muscle evaluation to determine how your muscles are functioning around your spinal canal. The third technology is the Pulse wave profiler and determines your heart rate variability. This shows us how your heart is functioning and adapting to stress. The best part is there is no pain associated with any of these tests! The insight technology then formulates your CoreScore, on a scale of 0-100 showing how well your body is functioning. Then if needed we will take digital x-rays of the spine to determine the damage done to the spine and how long it has been there. Our x-ray setup converts to digital images so it exposes you to less radiation and we get a higher quality picture and can diagnose more efficiently. After we have had time to go over all your tests, we will have you back for your second appointment where we will educate you on your health and how to reach your bodies full potential. We will then sit down and go over your scans and x-rays individually and come up with a plan of action to correct the cause of your health concerns. Finally we will give you your first adjustment to allow your body to start to express health and experience life! That adjustment is done using an instrument called the Integrator and our technique is called Torque Release Technique. This technique is what really sets us apart from other health professionals. This technique was founded out of research and works directly with the nervous system. Our technique is extremely gentle and safe for anyone, even if you have already had back or neck surgery! Exodus Chiropractic is located just outside Charlotte, NC in the Lake Norman Area. We are conveniently located off I-77 at exit 25. We desire to be your premier Huntersville Chiropractor!
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Behind The Scenes - Get Well Soon
We go behind the scenes of the hit children's show - Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon is a show based on children's experiences of going to the doctor. It features five loveable puppet characters that come in to visit the doctor, and through them children get to learn about common health issues. The show is presented by real-life paediatrician Dr Ranj Singh. He helps children to understand how illnesses affect our bodies and to understand a visit to the doctor can help explain symptoms and be the first step to getting better. Each episode sees Dr Ranj open up his surgery to a different child puppet. They are Deep, who is shy and bashful; the inquisitive Riz; Kiwa with her charming self-confidence; boisterous Jobi; and finally sweet Petal. The puppets display different symptoms, allowing Dr Ranj, with the help of his assistant Morag Calder, to explore and explain 30 of the most common childhood illnesses, injuries and general ailments, from asthma to chickenpox; food allergies to hiccups. Get Well Soon will educate and enlighten children, help allay fears and provide positive health-related messages to children and their parents. Find out more about Get Well Soon here: http://www.kindleentertainment.co.uk/productions Don't forget to Subscribe, Like & Share!
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People's Administration Direct Democracy: Breading hatred - Radical Islamic child conditioning PT2
People's Administration - MAINSTREAM UK party for Direct Democracy via Web and Phone: http://www.PAparty.co.uk More below... PA Direct Democracy and Religion: http://paparty.co.uk/direct_democracy_religion BBC Silent: David Cameron's support for the Jihadist Syrian FSA: http://paparty.co.uk/direct_democracy_media_BBC_syria.htm BBC Silent: David Cameron's FSA using fatwa to rape children: http://paparty.co.uk/direct_democracy_comment/2013/40.htm BBC Silent: David Cameron's policies that proliferate child abuse: http://paparty.co.uk/direct_democracy_comment/2013/57.htm FULL ARTICLE: David Cameron and criminal friend blocked @inetprotect: http://paparty.co.uk/policies/IT/pol-15.htm Vote for legitimate UN-sanctioned direct democracy now! http://paparty.co.uk/direct_democracy_now.htm Just a thought... If God created everything then God can't have needs, If God has no needs then God is vulnerable to nothing, If God is vulnerable to nothing then God can't be threatened, If God can't be threatened then God has no purpose for laws, If God has no purpose for laws then we have free will, If we have free will then there is no punishment, If there is no punishment then there is no Hell, If there is no Hell then there is no evil or Devil.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder
alandamandamama- https://www.youtube.com/user/alandamandamama/videos?view=0
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Bully Scene - "Hand that rock's the Cradle"
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Sturdy Memorial Hospital Blood Drive
Sturdy Memorial will be holding a Blood Drive in partnership with the Rhode IslandBloodCenter on Thursday, December 27 from 9 a.m. -- 4 p.m. in the Hospital Auditorium. Each donation you make can treat up to three people and will help alleviate the region's seasonal blood shortage. Blood is needed for emergencies and for people who have cancer, blood disorders, sickle cell anemia, and other illnesses, as well as those who need regular blood transfusions to live. Sturdy Memorial is committed to bringing in at least 50 donors for the Blood Drive. People often think they are unable to donate, but many common illnesses and medications do not affect the quality of blood for donation. For example, people with asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, or people who have had a heart attack, stroke, surgery, vaccines, mononucleosis or tooth extraction, and are recovered, are all eligible to donate. Donors need to be 17 years of age or older and at least 110 pounds. All donors will receive refreshments and be entered into a drawing to win a pair of tickets to a New England Patriots game. To schedule an appointment for the Sturdy Memorial Blood Drive, call 508-236-8555 or visit www.sturdymemorial.org/events_blooddrives.html. The process takes approximately one hour.
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John P. Kee & New Life - Life & Favor (You Don't Know My Story)
Are You Experienced? Check Our My Other Channels. The Superb Classic Rock Experience (Coming Soon) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8L-... The Superb 80's Music Experience (Coming Soon) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-TX... The Superb Oldies Experience (Coming Soon) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClXx... The Superb Music Experience https://www.youtube.com/user/soulbrot... The Superb Smooth Jazz Experience https://www.youtube.com/user/thejazzc... The Superb Soulful Experience https://www.youtube.com/user/kacobb2 As always, request are always welcome! Thank you for your time!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!! Kev
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(760) 519-1759 "Homeopathy" "Immune System" San Diego and Encinitas CA,
http://www.drdebnov.com/ Boost your immune system and reverse chronic diseases with Homeopathy. Experience the healing power of Homeopathy in San Diego and Encinitas CA with Dr. Debbie. Get your FREE 30-minute consultation today by filling out your name and email address: http://www.drdebnov.com/special-offer/ Dr. Debbie Novick is the leading expert on Gluten Free Living. Her practice in Encinitas, Ca., is one of the foremost centers in the country. Unlike some chiropractors, Dr. Novick addresses the needs of the whole person, with several complementary holistic therapies. She is committed to treating patients using holistic, natural therapies which nurture the body's innate health system, and address the root cause of each person's individual health issues. Dr. Novick takes the time to create an individual treatment plan tailored to your specific health needs. She believes in empowering each patient with detailed knowledge to control their own health. She has the skills and expertise in the areas of Pain Medicine, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Functional & Integrative Medicine, & Chiropractic, to achieve your wellness goals. Ask a question or receive a newletter: http://www.drdebnov.com/ask-dr-deb/ You can reach Dr. Novick at the following two locations: Novick Chiropractic GOLD WELLNESS CENTER 162 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., A-55 Encinitas, CA. 92024 Phone: (760) 334-3440 Fax: (760) 334-3441 Peak Performance 4732 Point Loma Ave. San Diego, Ca. 92107 Phone: (760) 519-1759 Contact us through: Web: http://www.drdebnov.com/ Email: deb@drdebnov.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Novick-Chiropractic/196549367037254 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/108774787319790491654/about LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/drdebbienovick Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/drdebnov YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/NovickChiropractic Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/drdebbienovick/ FourSquare: https://foursquare.com/drdebnov Video Links: Youtube: http://youtu.be/2bXz_N96OIs Metacafe: DailyMotion: Vimeo: Video Code: nc037 Tags: homeopathic doctors in san diego homeopathy school san diego homeopathic doctors san diego homeopathic doctors homeopathic medicine "immune system"
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How Antihistamines Help with Allergies -- From the makers of ZYRTEC®
Allergy symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, and itchy/watery eyes are triggered when your immune system produces histamine to attack pollen and other substances. Watch and learn how antihistamines can help relieve allergy symptoms. From the makers of ZYRTEC® -- LOVE THE AIR® Learn more about allergies, allergy symptoms, and how to treat and manage allergies at: http://www.zyrtec.com/?utm_medium=social-media&utm_source=youtube&utm_term=SBFRSM6JfHk&utm_content=how_antihistamines_help_descr_learn_zsite&utm_campaign=2013_zyrtec
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Sue Emmett - Church vs. State Issues in the Military, Congress and our Public Schools.
Is Mormonism lining up with the Fundamentalist and Dominionist intrusions occurring in these institutions? Sue grew up in Portland, Oregon in a very devout, deeply involved Mormon family. Gr.Gr. Granddaughter of both Brigham Young and Erastus Snow, she was steeped in the special heritage her family shared which only added to the pressure she felt to be a perfect Mormon girl and woman. Sue graduated from BYU with a degree in Psychology, but instead of building a counseling career, she married in the temple and became the mother of 7 children. She served in every leadership and teaching position available to women, but the cognitive dissonance hanging over her head was like a permanent appendage. After a 34-yr. marriage, Sue divorced. A year and half later, she made the difficult decision to leave the church cold turkey. One Sunday she was teaching R.S., and by the time she left the building that day, she knew she was walking out permanently. Shortly after that, a new friend introduced her to Exmormon.org, which was the only game in town at that point. It was like throwing a life ring to a drowning person! Sue is president of The Exmormon Foundation, and Chair of this years Conference.
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Process & benefits-Pawan Muktaasan II पवन मुक्तासन-विधि एव लाभ II By Yoga Guru Abhay Kr Choudhary II
Process & benefits of Pawan Muktaasan II पवन मुक्तासन - विधि एव लाभ II By Yoga Guru Abhay Kumar Choudhary II In this video Yoga Guru Abhay Kumar Choudhary is telling "Process & benefits Pawan Muktaasan", to get rid of acidity , gas etc. You can also view our others informative videos of various yogasanas to get solution of your every health or mind related problem in just a minute away. SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL FOR REGULAR UPDATES: https://www.youtube.com/user/F3Yogameditation Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/F3HealthCare Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/FirstFrameFilms You can also share this video on Whatsapp too. Please visit our other channels as they are fully accomplished to meet your queries in relevance with all types of information. These videos will be about beauty tips, health tips, cooking tips, pregnancy information, comedy and many more entertaining & informative stuff by our talented and experts anchors. Many more beauty tips by a young, talented & beautiful TV actress Ms. Jyotika Sharma https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXku-YdJ9NKjN4SLkZsz0F1_hzY3yWQD1 Click on the link below to get more than 400 home remedies to cure yourself and your near & dear ones lives naturally and without any side effects by Multi talented & expert anchor Mr. Piyush Shrivastava https://www.youtube.com/f3healthcare Click on the link below to have a stress free and healthy life style by the group of very talented, expertise & famous Yoga instructors. https://www.youtube.com/f3yogameditation For all the bachelors out there, who lives alone without family. F3 is here to solve all your kitchen queries. Click on the link below to have more than 300 cooking recipes in various cuisines to meet your appetite level in a healthier manner by our very own talented Chef Mr. Piyush Shrivastava https://www.youtube.com/f3bachelorscooking Click on the link below to have a solution to all your queries related to beauty and kitchen by very famous & beautiful TV & Movie actress Ms. Priyanka Saini https://www.youtube.com/f3priyankakitchen&beautytips Click on the link below to get various types of delicious, tempting, quick to make cooking recipes that includes solutions for your all the cooking related queries from our multiple & multi talented anchors. https://www.youtube.com/f3recipes click on the link below to have solution for all the queries & remarkable information related to your kids behavioural problems, beauty tips & lot of informative videos related to your internal and external health and many more. https://www.youtube.com/f3infojunction Click on the link below and get entered into the lovely world of kids loaded with melodious rhymes & moral stories. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?action_edit=1&list=PLkw5AtVqSy1Si3R6L7UQ0E1_82DW3nIZP Click on the link given below to get more delicious & mouth watering and instant recipes. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkw5AtVqSy1QqIiArE3QokUN6mbV5Jodl&action_edit=1
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Dr B P Singh at MTNL Perfect Health Mela 2012 on Hands only CPR 10
CPR 10 Is based on the formula of ten created by Padmashri Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal " within ten minuets death, earlier the better, for the next atlest ten minutes, compress the center of the chest of a patient with cardiac arrest with a speed of 100 ( 10×10) per minute
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About Love: Lost Love Can Enable Substance Abuse -- "I Kept Myself Free of It for 9 Months"
Barb Retson, immunics Minister -- cured HSV-1, Epstein-Barr virus -- Santa Fe, New Mexico -- walked away from cocaine addiction. IMMUNICS § The CureDrive -- http://www.CureDrive.org/index.html -- is a NONPROFIT where we DEMONSTRATE and teach IMMUNICS -- CURE of medically incurable diseases on camera. § Speak to a volunteer? -- 813 672-3419 -- Bayard Henry Barnes on Facebook § Cure is FREE -- Because YOU cure it -- It's a SKILL, not a PILL. § IMMUNICS is the yoga of self-immunity -- it utilizes your everyday intuitive powers and natural knowing combined with a practical scientific approach. § We make these movies with the intention to inspire you to GO BEYOND symptomatic cure, and take out -- remove -- the disease, plus its cofactors, ancillary causes, contributing factors, predisposing factors and the like, for diseases such as -- breast cancer, herpes simplex, rosacea, HSV-1 (oral herpes) and HSV-2 (genital herpes), acid reflux, acne, allergies, amenorrhea, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Epstein-Barr, cold sores, oral herpes, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), eczema, hives, cytomegalovirus (CMV), fibromyalgia and associated arthritis, flu - there are more than 20 Cure Shows where people cured flu in just a few minutes - Graves' disease, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, high blood pressure, HIV, leukemia, lupus, Lyme disease, melanoma, migraine, multiple sclerosis (MS), obesity, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), osteoarthritis, pain, past-life trauma, periodontal disease, osteoporosis, pet healing, phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, shingles, depression, and sciatica. § And ADDICTIONS such as -- SMOKING, crack cocaine and crystal meth addictions, alcoholism and associated violence and abusiveness. Yes, people have cured these too. 12-Step helps, and ACTUAL REMOVAL of the addiction makes recovery a certainty. § The CureDrive -- http://www.CureDrive.org/index.html -- Is the Charitable Work of WHUM (World Harmonic Unified Ministers) --a Florida-Based All Faith Ministry.
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(760) 519-1759 "Chiropractor Encinitas" "Spinal misalignment" San Diego and Encinitas CA,
http://www.drdebnov.com/ Do you know that spinal misalignment can cause many harmful effects in our body? Dr. Debbie Novick will correct your spinal misalignment so your body can function properly. Dr. Debbie Novick, the best chiropractor in San Diego and Encinitas CA! Get your FREE 30-minute consultation today by filling out your name and email address: http://www.drdebnov.com/special-offer/ Dr. Debbie Novick is the leading expert on Gluten Free Living. Her practice in Encinitas, Ca., is one of the foremost centers in the country. Unlike some chiropractors, Dr. Novick addresses the needs of the whole person, with several complementary holistic therapies. She is committed to treating patients using holistic, natural therapies which nurture the body's innate health system, and address the root cause of each person's individual health issues. Dr. Novick takes the time to create an individual treatment plan tailored to your specific health needs. She believes in empowering each patient with detailed knowledge to control their own health. She has the skills and expertise in the areas of Pain Medicine, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Functional & Integrative Medicine, & Chiropractic, to achieve your wellness goals. Ask a question or receive a newletter: http://www.drdebnov.com/ask-dr-deb/ You can reach Dr. Novick at the following two locations: Novick Chiropractic GOLD WELLNESS CENTER 162 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., A-55 Encinitas, CA. 92024 Phone: (760) 334-3440 Fax: (760) 334-3441 Peak Performance 4732 Point Loma Ave. San Diego, Ca. 92107 Phone: (760) 519-1759 Contact us through: Web: http://www.drdebnov.com/ Email: deb@drdebnov.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Novick-Chiropractic/196549367037254 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/108774787319790491654/about LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/drdebbienovick Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/drdebnov YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/NovickChiropractic Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/drdebbienovick/ FourSquare: https://foursquare.com/drdebnov Video Links: Youtube: Metacafe: DailyMotion: Vimeo: Video Code: nc034 Tags: symptoms of spinal misalignment questionnaire can spinal misalignment cause stomach problems can spinal misalignment cause dizziness spinal misalignment anxiety spinal misalignment effects spinal misalignment symptoms spinal misalignment treatment spinal misalignment back "Chiropractor Encinitas" "Spinal misalignment"
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Childhood Obesity and the Environment Virtual Forum
Dr. Birnbaum's Introduction 3:01 Questions: How do we define children's obesity? 5:04 How are chemicals affecting body weight? 6:00 What research has been conducted? 7:18 Where is there information about obesity rates? 8:24 Why is the Deep South off the charts for obesity? 9:17 What exposures and maternal factors may affect obesity? 9:59 Do prenatal exposures predestine a child to be obese? 10:47 What other illnesses are related? 11:38 What are contaminants in the home and school? 12:42 Is anyone looking at all the chemicals in daycares? 13:57 What elements can decrease childhood obesity? 15:14 Could obesity exacerbate asthma? 16:20 What opportunities are there for prevention? 17:41 What are the messages to parents and others? 19:40 Do resources match the severity of the problem? 22:57 Have there been studies about pesticides? 24:16 Is indoor dust a source of exposure? 24:48 Is lead still relevant in the U.S.? 25:37 What do we know about molecular mechanisms? 27:12 Is genetically modified food a contributor? 28:24 What is the impact of nutrition and diet? 30:47 Does the First Lady's Let's Move program go far enough? 32:56 What about multiple, complex exposures? 34:00 Is NIH research on obesity coordinated? 36:23 What's the role of built environment, activity, & social factors? 38:03 What changes can schools make to affect obesity? 40:17 Is obesity leveling off anywhere? 42:19 How is puberty related to body size? 44:09 What role does the chemical industry have? 45:21 How can communities become more involved? 48:15 Where do Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons come from? 49:17 What's the role of artificial coloring and flavorings? 50:25 What diseases might develop from early life exposures? 51:15 What about obesity and the depressed immune system? 54:21 Any ideas on getting physical education back into schools? 55:05 What's the contribution of chemicals relative to diet/lifestyle? 57:10 Originally aired 11-29-2012. (HD)
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Being Well 310: Respiratory illness
Dr. Sheila Baker talks about upper and lower respiratory illnesses, how to prevent and treat them.
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Best Docs Network Dallas Fort Worth December 9 2012
Watch the best doctors, surgeons and physicians from the Dallas Fort Worth area discuss the latest medical procedures on the Best Docs Network. The show airs Sundays at 10:00am on the CW33. This week's lineup includes: Dr. Patrick Allen Private Practice, OB/GYN Breast Cancer Dr. Brian Barnett Dallas IVF In-Vitro Fertilization Dr. Barbara Baxter Private Practice Diagnosing & Treating Asthma Dr. Jeffrey Cattorini Cattorini Neurosurgery Artificial Cervical Disc Dr. Richard Honaker Family Medicine Associates of Texas Medical Minute: Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr. Anthony Macaluso, Jr. Texas Colorectal Specialists Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Dr. David McFadden McFadden Dental Implant Center Prosthodontics Explained Dr. Jonathan Oh Texas Oncology Advancements in Cancer Research & Treatment Dr. Philip Swanson Swanson Surgical Center Lifestyle Adjustments After Weight Loss Surgery Dr. Robert True True Aesthetics Center Hormone Therapy Dr. John Wallace Ever-Smile All on 4 Implants
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Life History of Sahasasimha Dr Vishnuvardhan | ಸಾಹಸಸಿಂಹ ಡಾ ವಿಷ್ಣುವರ್ಧನ್ ಜೀವನ ಚರಿತ್ರೆ
Know about the Life History of Sahasasimha Dr Vishnuvardhan exclusive on Jhankar Music... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vishnuvardhan (born Sampath Kumar 18 September 1950 – 30 December 2009), was an Indian film actor known for his works predominantly in Kannada cinema. He has appeared in over 220 films in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. He was called 'The Phoenix of Indian Cinema'. He made his debut in the 1972 film, Vamsha Vriksha, in a supporting role. The same year he played the lead role in Puttanna Kanagal's Naagarahaavu, and was recognized as the Angry young man of Kannada cinema. He has played a variety of roles in different genres. Vishnuvardhan was born in Mysore to H. L. Narayana Rao and Kamakshamma. His ancestors are from Hallegere, Mandya district of Karnataka. His father was an artist, music composer and a scriptwriter who was known for his collection of musical instruments. His sister Rama was a Kathak dancer at the Mysore Palace. He had six siblings. He was educated first in Mysore's Gopalswamy School and then at Bangalore's Kannada Model High School. He attended high school and obtained a degree from National College, Basavanagudi, Bangalore. Vishnuvardhan married actress Bharathi on 17 February 1975 in Bangalore. They have adopted two children, Keerthi and Chandana. Vishnuvardhan started his career with the National Award-winning movie Vamshavruksha (1972) directed by Girish Karnad based on the novel written by S. L. Bhyrappa. His first lead role was in Naagarahaavu, directed by Puttanna Kanagal and based on a novel by T. R. Subba Rao. It was the first in Kannada film history to complete 100 days in three main theatres of Bangalore. In his 35-year career, he has played a variety of roles in more than 200 films. On 30 December 2009, Vishnuvardhan died due to a massive cardiac arrest at King's Court Hotel in Mysore. He was survived by his wife, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, and two adopted daughters, Keerthi and Chandana. He was cremated with full state honours ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Download Jhankar Music App for Free Music https://goo.gl/gP7Lqi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Download Your Favorite Caller Tunes:- Airtel Users Dial 5432158 Vodafone Users Dial 50004 BSNL Users Dial 5670088 Idea Users Dial 5678955 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like - Share - Follow us on : Subscribe us on Youtube: http://goo.gl/nHtdG8 Like us on Facebook : http://goo.gl/m9gYgM Follow us on Twitter : http://goo.gl/IXChRz
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How to Build Running Stamina
http://www.tips4running.com How to Build Running Stamina Here are three quick ideas to build up your running stamina. Don't get stamina confused with endurance. Endurance is being able to run a marathon or longer, but very slowly. Stamina is being able to hold on to a fast pace for between 1 to 5 miles. Stamina is very important for what we called in college "Middle Distance Runners" or people who raced the 1 mile, 2 mile, or the 5k. 1. Do some Tempo Runs! This really helps because a tempo run is a distance run at a quicker pace. 2. Try running some intervals. This is where you run at a faster pace for a shorter period of time, but then you repeat this over and over. Examples would be running one mile repeats or 400 repeats on a track. 3. Fartleks are distance runs where you run slow, but every few minutes you pick up the pace and run fast for a while. You slow down and then pick up the pace again and again. It's called "Speed Play". I hope these three ideas help you build your running stamina. Happy Trails - Coach Tief
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The Terrible Tudors - Part 1  Kellogg's CD
Horrible Histories teamed up with Kellogg's to produce a set of audiobooks for the following books:
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