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Nalie's Shop for Breast Cancer Warriors
Check it out at http://www.nalie.ca/shop I plan to provide all my favourite items and secret weapons that have helped in my battle against breast cancer! Check it out at http://www.nalie.ca/shop
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Dr Majid Cancer in India (Breast Cancer) Vyas TV on 09/12/2014
Breast Cancer awareness by Dr Majid Ahmed Talikoti on Vyas TV on 9/12/2014.
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Selfless love: Husband will do anything to save his wife from breast cancer
Check out our official website: http://us.tomonews.net/ Check out our Android app: http://goo.gl/PtT6VD Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- 51-year-old Hsu Shuling thanked her husband of 27 years with all her heart during a press conference. She was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer last year after noticing that her nipples had turned black. The cancer had already spread to her bones, lungs and liver. Doctors said she only had 3 months to live. When her husband, Hsiao Chenkuo, heard the news, it was like the end of the world for him. After crying for several days, he took Hsu across Taiwan to find a new treatment. They found Doctor Ou in July and started a new targeted therapy using Pertuzumab and Trastuzumab. Pertuzumab only has to be injected once every 3 weeks, however, one injection costs around 4,600 US dollars. Hsiao was not bothered by that and said that there's nothing more important in the world than his wife, he would do anything to save her, even if it meant selling their house. Hsu has long surpassed the '3 months' death sentence and her biggest wish is to be able to cook for her husband and kids every single day. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- Welcome to TomoNews, where we animate the most entertaining news on the internets. Come here for an animated look at viral headlines, US news, celebrity gossip, salacious scandals, dumb criminals and much more! Subscribe now for daily news animations that will knock your socks off. Check out our Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nextmedia.gan Check out our iOS app: https://itunes.apple.com/app/tomonews/id633875353 For news that's fun and never boring, visit our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TomoNewsUS Subscribe to stay updated on all the top stories: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-WqkTyKK1_70U4bb4k4lQ?sub_confirmation=1 Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4prKTN9bYQc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Funny clips: type of breast augmentation in Thailand
Funny clips: type of breast augmentation in Thailand https://www.youtube.com/user/funnycli
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Talk Philly: 13th Annual Pink "Thai" Ball
Chef Alex Boonphaya discusses the Pink "Thai" Ball which supports Susan G. Komen and the fight against breast cancer. Four chefs will be part of the ball.
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Skydiving with the Travel Geek (Documentary Thailand Sneak Peek)
In my last week of filming for Travel Geek: Documentary Thailand, I was fortunate enough to be sponsored to do some amazing things. Among them was skydiving with Thai Sky Adventure! They're great. You have to check them out thaiskyadventures.com. Get all the updates on things new and upcoming on my facebook page: facebook.com/cyleodonnellthetravelgeek.
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Pink Revolution 2014 - Check your breasts like you check the fruit. check check check
Pink Revolution is Hong Kong Cancer Fund's annual breast cancer awareness and fundraising campaign, run in line with international breast cancer awareness month in October. This year's key message, "Check your breasts like you check the fruit. Early detection saves lives.", serves to remind the women of Hong Kong on the importance of breast examinations, as the earlier breast cancer is detected the easier it is to treat. _______________________________________________________ About Hong Kong Cancer Fund Donation Hotline: 3667 6333 Service Hotline: 3656 0800 Official Website: http://pink.cancer-fund.org/en/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hongkongcancerfund Twitter: https://twitter.com/HK_CancerFund Sina Weibo: http://e.weibo.com/hongkongcancerfund
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Cancer's Secret Burden
Angelle Albright's journey through breast cancer and her emotional battle with hair loss from two years of chemotherapy led her family to the creation of Chemo Beanies when her sister was diagnosed with cancer just five years later.
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Breast Trip Restored Beauty Getaways
Restored Beauty Getaways hosted the ultimate girls trip to Thailand. 21 very excited women from around Australia packed there belongings and passports into their suitcases and headed to Phuket on 21 February 2014 in preparation for the Ultimate Getaway!! Watch their transformations!
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Overweight and obese women more at risk for breast cancer
Subscribe to News24: https://www.youtube.com/user/News24Video
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Angelina Jolie Visits Refugees in Thailand
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Diamond Director In Thailand
Interested in this business and have a good health, Kindly email to blessedbaby12@gmail.com
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Please Share, Like, and Comment Vlog #28
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Breast Cancer
This video is about Breast Cancer
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Exclaim Health TV produces and broadcasts content for your hospital or clinic (exclaimhealthtv.com). Engage and educate your community with high-quality VIDEO PRODUCTION on a CUSTOM 2 channel feed broadcasting your messaging. EXPAND YOUR REACH through our network and channels. CONTROL your content using our user friendly client “PUSH PORTAL”. Benefits of the network: Cross promote service lines & increase awareness and volume. Control of all the messaging in all of your facilities and replace Jerry Springer & Med malpractice TV ads. Convey system wide initiatives - like hospital week messages or heart walks. Produce and air custom content such as CEO Welcome Messages. Instantly improve in-hospital experiences with upbeat, positive messaging, potentially raising HCHAPS scores within all your facilities. Customize video content easily via exclaim’s client portal. Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/exclaimhealthtv Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/exclaimhealthtv Visit our website: exclaimhealthtv.com Phone: Mike King, 239-565-2293, mike@exclaimhealthtv.com
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Cancer pain & chemo drug side effects instantly healed. Part 2.
Please listen to what she describes as the healing session proceeds. 癌症及其引起的疼痛也可以瞬間減輕或治愈。 Can you organize healing events in your city? Please contact us at InstantHealer@gmail.com Many kinds of pain, aches, discomforts and heaviness are relieved instantly without use of any drugs nor tools, but bare hands only. Some conditions treated include allergies, back pain, knee pain, tumour in the head, breast cancer, lung cancer, lethargic, neck pain, shoulder pain, thigh pain, lupus, abdominal discomfort, menstrual cramps, leg cramps, bruises, migraines, sinus pain, headache, wrist pain, ankle pain, heel pain, Achilles tendon pain, bottom of foot pain, bunions, arthritis, short of breath, lumbar pain, stomach pain, heart pain, liver pain...
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The Valley Hospital's Breast Center
The Breast Center at The Blumenthal Cancer Center offers the most advanced treatment options and comprehensive care for the newly-diagnosed breast cancer patient as well as those at high risk for developing breast cancer. Every cancer patient benefits from our multidisciplinary team of board-certified experts including fellowship-trained breast surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, plastic surgeons, and medical and radiation oncologists.
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The Long Ride for Breast Cancer Awareness - Episode 2
A/Prof Mikael Hartman discusses the "Evaluation of the Singapore Breast Screening Programme" and its effects on mortality due to breast cancer. He also shares his personal conclusions and recommendations for screening in Asia to the audiences in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is part of a series of talks that A/Prof Mikael Hartman conducted during his public health journey from Singapore to Sweden to raise awareness for breast cancer research. To find out more, follow them on http://longridess.com/ Video credit: Ms Jacqui Hocking, http://www.goneadventurin.com/ Edited by SSHSPH, http://www.sph.nus.edu.sg
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Son sings daily to his mum with cancer
This Thai advertisement is not just an normal advertisement. It is based on a true story of a boy who try to earn a living and support his mum's cancer medical fee by music performance. Looking at this remind us that we should appreciate the good things we have.
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SANATARIUM - a BREAST CANCER awareness video
SANATARIUM, a Motion ভাস্কর Social Awareness Video Concept: Vicky Zahed Director: Vicky Zahed Cinematographer: Bidrohi Dipon Editor: Mahdy Hasan Production Team: Motion ভাস্কর Banner: cinemaPeoples Cast: Anowar Hossain, Khandakar Sumon, Tathoi & Tansha. Assistant Cinematographer: Rajib Ahmed First AD: Antara Arthi Executive Producer: Muhammad Altamish Nabil Line Producer: Iqbal Hossain Production Assistant: Tahmid Angsu Music: Collected
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Bellezza Spa on FOX 5 DC for Breast Cancer Awareness
Bellezza Spa in Centreville, VA is showcasing its Intraceuticals Oxygen Infused Facial on cancer survivor, Heather Fox. Paola Berrios discusses all promotions and specials at the spa as well as demonstrating the Intraceuticals facial.
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My Aunt Kim - Short film (Cancer Story)
How to Help: Help add $25 to our fund simply by clicking on this link: http://www.kiva.org/invitedto/aunt_kims_birthday_gift_by_vietnam_initiative_project_of_harvardwestlake_school/by/raymond32371484 Signing up only requires a name and email address. No credit card or other personal information will be required. As a promotion, Kiva will add $25 to our fund for each new member who signs up on our team page. You do not need to make any payments or purchases for the $25 to be added to our fund. Project Description: This project is in honor of our Aunt Kim who is battling breast cancer. She is a giving and selfless person, and we are making loans to budding entrepreneurs from low-income countries in extension of that spirit of generosity and charity. Our goal is to loan $500,000 through Kiva in her name and honor as a birthday gift on behalf of our entire family. Please help us make this birthday gift truly unforgettable for a deserving and loving Aunt. It only takes a name and email address to register, and Kiva will add $25 to our fund to be lent out to an entrepreneur in need of funding. Kiva: Kiva (www.kiva.org) is a platform that allows people from developed countries to make small loans (as little as $25) to budding entrepreneurs in low-income countries. Please help us spread the message by sharing this video! Thank you very much for your time and help! Music: Priksa Liang - Here Comes The Sun + Safe and Sound (Priska + Caroline Cover, with Elliot Kim) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kSfJ5NXx68 Kevin Macleod - http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Credits: Director - Johnson Diep Producers - Kenny Chung and Raymond Chung Written by: Johnson Diep and Carmen Lu Aunt Kim - Adrienne Zi Amy - Kimmy Roe Nephew - Raymond Chung Doctor - Steven Aguilar, MD Niece 1 - Anna Chung Niece 2 - Natalie Lim Niece 3 - Sara Zhao Bake Seller 1 - Aaron Han Bake Seller 2 - Nathan Han Bake Seller 3 - Grace Cheng
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Scanxiety & Ultra Paranoia [Breast Cancer Follow ups]
Read and Watch the full story at http://www.nalie.ca Have you ever had Scanxiety?! Share your experiences by commenting below! When you're cancer free, your biggest fear is for breast cancer to return! For the next 5 years, I will have to get checked once every 6 months... and waiting for those results every time is nerve wracking. And that's what I like to call scanxiety! Read and Watch the full story at http://www.nalie.ca
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Breast Cancer Awareness with Pink Tourniquets by Avcor Health
http://www.lewisvillegynecology.com Breast Cancer Awareness with Pink Tourniquets by Avcor Health. MEDICAL SUPPLY COMPANY GOES ABOVE & BEYOND, CREATING NEW “PINK” PRODUCTS TO HELP RAISE MONEY AND SUPPORT DURING OCTOBER… BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! DALLAS, TX—October 1, 2014: Avcor is proud to support Susan G. Komen in the fight against breast cancer since 2012. Avcor has taken a big step in making a difference by producing a special pink tourniquet and Ice Right product, to help raise awareness in the fight for a cure for Breast Cancer. Avcor donates 10% of the sales of these products or $25K annually (whichever is greater) to Susan G. Komen. “If we’re going to win this fight against breast cancer, companies need to do more than just donate money,” said Bruce Cheatham, COO of Avcor. “It’s really easy to donate money to the charity of your choice. Here at Avcor, we saw a big opportunity to improve breast cancer awareness by creating the Pink Tourniquet. Each time it’s used it creates a unique chance to raise awareness about the research for breast cancer. It was a company decision by every employee. Many of us have been touched in one way or another by cancer and we are excited to help make a difference and offer support in seeking a cure for breast cancer.” Dr. Stanley Franklin, medical director of Lewisville Gynecology, is one of many healthcare providers utilizing the pink tourniquets in his office to serve as a reminder to his patients of the Susan G. Komen foundation incentive. Dr. Franklin stresses that until there is a cure, education is the key! In his well-woman visits, he includes a thorough family history evaluation, genetic blood testing (if indicated), and he highly recommends the new 3D mammography, which has a higher sensitivity for detection. Bruce Cheatham & Dr. Stanley Franklin on Susan G. Komen Foundation: http://youtu.be/_9-lY9iNObU Dr. Stanley Franklin On Breast Cancer: http://youtu.be/DH60qnAJm04 Radio Show on Breast Cancer Awareness: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/achieveacceleratedresults/2014/08/29/achieve-accelerated-results–avcor-health-and-breast-cancer-awareness For More Information: Avcor: http://www.avcorhealth.com Dr. Stanley Franklin: http://www.lewisvillegynecology.com Video Produced by CI Web Group | A Web Designer and Internet Marketing Company | Marketing Technology | Marketing Strategy | Marketing Network | Marketing Mindset Schedule A Free Consultation: http://www.CIWebGroup.com
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Breast Cancer Care at The Polyclinic by KING 5 News
Dr. Ames Smith, The Polyclinic's breast surgeon, has launched a comprehensive high risk breast cancer program that provides hereditary cancer screening, genetic testing and counseling to patients with a family history of breast cancer. Dr. Smith and one of his patients were recently featured on King-5's Evening Magazine.
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Foundation For Life - Breast Cancer Awareness SL 2014  A Season of Pink
VÍDEO SEM FINS LUCRATIVO - ATIVISMO Breast Cancer Awareness SL 2014 - “A Season of Pink” In a laudable initiative, lunavonrandolf Portilo and Team! programming. Photo Exhibition in Breast Cancer Foundation For Life Expo von Frauen mit Duo - Thathy Slade & Bruce Waynee 04 Pm slt - guilherme.beedit - Brasilian Music Party with guest Fenix Cover in concert Time:22.00 - 6 pm slt Abertura Musical Dress Pink Social .. use your shirt campaign .. Photo Exhibition in Breast Cancer Foundation For Life Organization and islands Support For Life (They will be exposed to every month Oktober) Toquese & Believe In prevencion and we believe in world without breast cancer. Believe it too. The Campaign Foundation for Life is to encourage women to touch:overcome fear of self-examination and mammography! Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Second Lifeis part of The American Cancer Society's vitrual fund raising effort and all over the grid people are coming together to help support the Society's efforts.Welcome to the 2014 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (MSABC) Across Second Life season! Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Across Second Life raises money for The American Cancer Society and is part of Relay For Life of Second Life.
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I am donating $5 per 30 second video for the bobby shmurda dance uploaded. Maximum donation will be $500 dollars I am doing this from the heart and for the glory unto my MASTER SELAH LIVE BETTER!
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Our Families Our Health - Journey of a Hmong Breast Cancer Survivor
Learn & Live is a program of Hmong American Partnership which provides education, screenings and community outreach to the Hmong community on breast and cervical cancer. "Our Families, Our Health" is our campaign to raise awareness that this is about more than just women's health. This is about all of our families. This is about OUR health. Please watch this powerful video of one family's personal journey with breast cancer. To learn more about cancer in the Hmong community, join us for Learn and Live's 3rd Annual Community Forum on May 10th, 2014. You can RSVP or find more information on the event at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/our-families-our-health-the-3rd-annual-learn-and-live-community-forum-tickets-11401258471." To learn more please contact Hmong American Partnership at 651-495-9160 or visit us at www.hmong.org. Thank you to Dr. Theresa Thao Kalugdan and her family. Special thanks to Hlee Lee for your wonderful videography.
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Information about male and female breast cancer
Age risks, genes, cells, treatments, men and women facts.
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VIP TV - Berman and Berman Breast Cancer Charity Event
Christine Curran takes you inside the Berman and Berman charity event at the Coral Springs Museum of Art.
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VIP TV - Freestyle Extravaganza Breast Cancer Charity Event
VIP TV - Freestyle Extravaganza Breast Cancer Charity Event for Mickey Torres at Tokyo Blue - along with Nyasia, Marla G, Nas-T Boyz, Jayqan, Fascination, Tito Puente Jr, Marcela Olivar, Company B, etc.
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K-State Biochemistry Faculty Profile: Dr. Anna Zolkiewska
Dr. Anna Zolkiewska wants to improve breast cancer survival rates by preventing cancer recurrence and metastasis -- the major causes of death among patients. She has received a four-year $1.245 million grant from the National Cancer Institute -- at the National Institutes of Health -- to study a promising breast cancer marker called ADAM12. Her research focuses on breast tumor-initiating cells, called BTICs, which also are known as cancer stem cells. These cells drive breast tumor progression and tumor recurrence or metastasis.
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Purtier Placenta Thai Version
Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy made from New Zealand. Riway International (our company from Singapore) has 6 years histories and experience in Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia. we are now in Bangkok on 13th April. Anyone interested or need further informations please contact: line id: kheejin88 Wechat id: kheejin88 Email: Khawkj_888@hotmail.com
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only concern about my headshave for breast cancer
Shaving my head for breast cancer in a few weeks and lucky for me, my only concern is my flapping nemo fin, what the hell is that ... ;-D
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Decoding Annie Parker Exclusive Interview
Annie Parker shares her story in an exclusive interview brought to you by The Arizona Oncology Foundation & WireBuzz. Critically-acclaimed motion picture Decoding Annie Parker is the true story of American geneticist Mary-Claire King (Helen Hunt), and the friendship she forged with breast-cancer patient Annie Parker (Samantha Morton) while searching for the link between DNA and cancer. Parker was just 11 when she lost her mother to breast cancer. Seven years later, her father has passed away as well. Married to Paul (Aaron Paul) at 19, Annie is expecting her first child when her older sister, too, succumbs to the same disease that claimed their mother. Meanwhile, esteemed research scientist King is on the verge of a scientific breakthrough that could revolutionize cancer treatment and perhaps save Parker's life. But first King must convince her skeptical colleagues that some individuals are genetically predisposed to cancer - a theory that's been largely rejected by the scientific community. Later, as an optimistic Parker fights to remain brave for the sake of her young son, the two women find their fates intertwined, and King makes a discovery that will forever alter the way that cancer is diagnosed and treated. WireBuzz: http://www.wirebuzz.com/ Arizona Oncology Foundation: http://www.arizonaoncologyfoundation.org/ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE EXPERT INFORMATION AND BREAKING BREAST CANCER NEWS http://www.youtube.com/user/drjayharness VISIT BREASTCANCERANSWERS.com FOR THE LATEST IN BREAKING BREAST CANCER NEWS http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/news SUBMIT A QUESTION http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/ DOWNLOAD DR. HARNESS' 15 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR DOCTOR http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/ CONNECT WITH US! Google+: http://bit.ly/16nhEnr Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BreastCancerAnswers Twitter: https://twitter.com/BreastCancerDr
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Breast Cancer Awareness Day at DESS
Filmed with the DESC Drone
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Justice Speaks - Heart of Thailand
An organization out of Los Angeles geared at assisting victims of human trafficking in the US and Thailand hosted an event to raise money for a safety center they run in Thailand. #alexandriahernandezreporting #ocnews #la
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Dad in Thailand with Uncle and Aunty
Thailand 2014
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Volunteer Thailand -Self Sustainability At The Orphanage/Boil Busting Time!/11/4/13-Part 2
My travel photography~ http://aberrant-travels.smugmug.com/ArizonatoAlaska/California-Photos1/28432125_2TdwB6#!i=2408314882&k=tppzMsR My Solar Store- http://www.rvsolarelectric.com Music Music provided by: The Far Country "A Picture of Hell" "A Morning Light" "When You Come Down" "Let you go" "Make The Devil Proud" "Steady Love" from the debut EP, Morning Light. Listen at: thefarcountry.bandcamp.com angelaferrari.com
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▶ Ireland Am Bloopers from sunny Thailand with Topflight
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Fashion Shows 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Collection by Rosita Hurtado Garden of Dreams
Fashion Shows Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Couture designer Rosita Hurtado presents her Garden of Dreams collection to help women beat breast cancer at Fashion for Her 2014. For more information about Fashion for Her visit http://fashionforherfl.com. Rosita Hurtado is a breast cancer survivor and talks to us about how she hopes her designs help boost women's confidence and ability to fight the disease. About Healthy Hot Air: Camden Smith, host of Healthy Hot Air, brings fitness reviews, cardio workouts, fat burning tips, supplements and vitamin information as well as healthy cooking tips so you can live the healthiest life possible. This health and fitness channel delivers a smile with every episode. We cover: fat burning cardio, fat burning yoga, fitness tips and reviews of other workouts, reviews of cosmetic procedures including Cool Sculpting, laser lipo, dermal fillers and Botox. We also cover healthy living tips such as toxin free, organic, green products. Find everything here for the best healthy life. Subscribe today http://youtube.com/healthyhotair Follow us at: Facebook: http://facebook.com/healthyhotair Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/naplesmarketing Instagram: http://instagram.com/camdensmith37 Twitter: http://twitter.com/healthyhotair GETTING LIABILITY OUT OF THE WAY - Before beginning any workout, using any product or modifying diet and/or health routines, you should always consult a physician or the appropriate medical provider. HHA accepts no liability for your experiences or results as each of us is unique, and individuals should make healthy choices best for their personal health level.
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Qatar Cancer Society TVC
Qatar Cancer Society is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cancer and focuses on the implementation of awareness and prevention programs aimed at informing the public and healthcare professionals on the disease. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Resolution Films developed a smart funding initiative that brought together many of Qatar's largest organisations, including Ooredoo, Barwa Bank, Qatargas, Al Faisal Holdings, QTV and Qmedia who generously donated time and money to make this project possible. In true collaborative fashion the staff of Resolution Films also gave time, experience and skills free of charge to the project. Titled "Generosity is its Own Reward' the film tells the story of a young Qatari boy's special relationship with his grandfather. The young boy, with the help of his brother comes up with the idea of collecting money from his relatives during Eid al Fitr and donating these funds to the Qatar Cancer Society. It shows the lengths that a loving grandson will go in his efforts to support his grandfather's fight against Cancer. It is a story of family, of Qatari values and the innocence of youth. The soundtrack is by renowned Qatari musician, Fahad Al Kubaisi.
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CosMediTour chat with Dr Pornthep, Dr Chatpong and Dr Thiti
CosMediTour chat with Dr Pornthep, Dr Chatpong and Dr Thiti during their recent visit to Bangpakok9 International Hospital
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Nalie's first sushi dinner & drink after finishing chemotherapy and a full mastectomy
Read & Watch the full story at http://www.nalie.ca Sushi & Drinks... Wine & Dine... 2 things that used to be a huge part of my social life, but that i had to cut since i was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. 1 month after chemo I finally had my favourite meal: Raw sashimi! 2 months after chemo and a month after surgery, i decided it was time for my first drink. Read & Watch the full story at http://www.nalie.ca
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Breast Cancer Awareness - A.U.K. Charity Club
A.U.K. Charity Club members worked in creating a video which would help raise awareness for breast cancer. This video marks the last day of the club's campaign. Credits to Begatim Berisha for editing the video.
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Breast Cancer Awareness with Trios Health
Each year, Trios Health supports Breast Cancer Awareness with the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo's "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" campaign. This year held a little more flair than usual. We wanted to share and remind all of the "girls" out there to stay vigilant for themselves and all of the girls in their lives.
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