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Yoga on an Airplane - Travel Yoga
Travel Yoga! One minute airplane YOGA. Early flights, late flights, long flights and heavy bags can create a lot of stress and tension through the spine, neck and shoulders. It can also deplete your energy and your chi leaving you feeling like a stiff snake on a plane. Memorize this easy sequence for the next time you are traveling. Remember this diddy for the next time you are trying to sneak in a Find What Feels Good moment on the plane. Or, let it inspire you to create your own. (OR, pull it out on the airplane and make friends with your neighbors!) This little stretch chant changes my day while traveling. Don't underestimate it. Especially using the high back of your seat to do the heart lift and back stretch. So good and you won't bother anyone seated next to you. Don't forget! A little goes a long way! Enjoy! For more free goodies, blog and more visit www.yogawithadriene.com. For downloadable programs visit www.findwhatfeelsgood.com Stay Connected ~ TWITTER: yogawithadriene Instagram: adrienelouise FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/yogawithadriene Intro song by Shakey Graves - www.shakeygraves.com
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Key & Peele - Turbulence - Uncensored
A passenger argues with a flight attendant about her request to stay seated while the airplane's fasten-seatbelt sign is on for turbulence.
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How to Prevent Motion Sickness in Dogs
How to Prevent Motion Sickness in Dogs. Part of the series: Dog Health Answers. Motion sickness is common in dogs, and desensitization is the best way to ease the animal's discomfort. Take many short trips in the car to get a dog used to the ride with helpful information from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on dog health. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_5238783_prevent-motion-sickness-dogs.html
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Travelling With Your Dog
A video going over what I tell my clients about travelling with their dog(s). Simple tips to help car sickness, over excited pups and keeping your car protected with some awesome seat covers. Seat covers that I talk about are from 4Knines http://4knines.com/collections/all I have the hammock rear seat covers and the cargo cover liner.
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Motion Sickness Cures
http://www.expressoshow.com/ When it comes to travelling, one of the worst things that can happen on any journey is motion sickness. Whether you’re on a boat, plane or in a car – that nauseating feeling can ruin any adventure. But there are ways to combat motion sickness.
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How to Stop Seat-Kicking (and Other Practical Tips for Flying with Kids) | Kelly Bourne
Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/kellybourneCA //// In this instalment of my video-series on travelling with small kids, I'm covering all my biggest tips for ensuring the best in-flight experience possible! Everything from installing carseats and keeping your kids occupied to dealing with potential curveballs like air-sickness and being stuck on the tarmac. The main discussion happens over on my website, so hop on over to http://kellybourne.ca/flying-with-kids to add to the discussion! Wanna chat? You can contact me here: http://kellybourne.ca/contact Thanks for watching! ***** Website: http://kellybourne.ca YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/kellybourneca Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kellylbourne Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kellylbourne Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kellylbourne
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How to not feel sick when flying and feel better after landing
If you get nauseous when your are flying or landing, I know how much of a struggle that can be. I cannot read or use my phone when I am in the car or flying because it makes me sick. The last time I flew, the plane had a bit of a rough landing. In the past, this would have bothered me. I would have been angry with the pilot and all this would have done is make me feel more nauseous. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of the flight, I accepted what had happened and was thankful we landed safely. This new found sense of relief helped settle my stomach. Our mind tricks us into focusing on the negativity of the past and future. Focusing and being thankful for the present moment creates a positive energy that helps me overcome obstacles more easily. Thank you for taking the time to be here with me today, and I appreciate your feedback! Subscribe on YouTube at http://jerry.tips/1CdZJw7 and get more on my website at http://jerrybanfield.com/. View all my Udemy courses at http://jerrybanfield.com/udemy/. Company Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/jbanfield. Company Twitter profile is https://twitter.com/banwork/. Google+ personal profile page https://plus.google.com/+JerryBanfield/. Google+ business page https://plus.google.com/+Banwork/. LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/jerrybanfield/.
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Airline Travel Tips
Are you traveling by air for the first time? If yes, read on to find out interesting things about your travel. The entire process of traveling by flight may appear complicated as it is very different from the conventional modes of travel. Read on to find out things that would help in making it a pleasant journey. Bring along useful travel gears like the digital luggage scale from Travis Travel Gear: http://amzn.to/1zt9vrm
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Airline Travel Tips
http://amzn.to/1zt9vrm Are you planning on traveling by air for your next trip abroad? If you are, you might be worrying about the costs of doing so. Any type of travel can be expensive but if you are not careful, air travel can take up a bulk of your travel budget. The purpose of this video is to show you some ways on how to amke the most of your air travel today. Do not forget to bring along important travel essentials like your digital luggage scale. You can get one today at - http://amzn.to/1zt9vrm
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Rooster Teeth animated adventures airports and planes stories
All copyrights go to Rooster Teeth and jordan cwierz
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Cessna 172 Skyhawk First Flight Lesson
This was my first time ever in a small plane. It was incredible, however I did start getting a little motion sickness, which did affect the enjoyment of the flight. Still, all in all, a great first flight thanks to my CFI! :)
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Stuck on a Plane with an Upset Stomach...
You got the middle seat on a plane, and your upset stomach sets in. Welcome to your nightmare.
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How to prevent motion sickness during various forms of travel
Regardless of how you are traveling to your destination, there are several ways to prevent motion sickness Subscribe to WDSU on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1n00vnY Get more New Orleans news: http://www.wdsu.com/ Like us: http://www.facebook.com/wdsutv Follow us: http://twitter.com/wdsu Google+: http://plus.google.com/+wdsu
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This $400,000 F-35 Helmet Can Let Pilot See Through Plane - Test Fit
An F-35 pilot gets fitted for his Gen III Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS). The HMDS is the world’s most advanced biocular helmet-mounted display system. The F-35 aircraft streams imagery from cameras mounted around the aircraft to the helmet, allowing pilots to see through the airframe. Its integrated head-up display provides pilots with all the critical information they need on the helmet’s visor. AiirSource℠ covers events and missions from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Find us on the web: www.AiirSource.com Like & share this video to show your support! Subscribe to stay updated: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AiirSource Google+ http://google.com/+AiirSource Facebook http://facebook.com/AiirSource Twitter @AiirSource http://twitter.com/AiirSource Flickr http://www.flickr.com/AiirSource Credits: A1C Joshua Altice, TSgt Michael Jackson
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Final flight in Ansermanueva Jan 29, 2015
Raw video record of my last flight in Colombia. The whole thing is about 35 minutes long and I haven't cut together a highlight reel yet. Here's a list of interesting events and their timestamps: 0:00 - Title + Launch 2:30 - Low Swoop over tree tops while looking for elusive thermal core 4:20 - Find thermal over power lines that takes me to the top 9:00 - Catching up with the party in the sky 11:48 - Joining the sky party 18:15 - Turning back towards launch and watching Sara fly 19:48 - Arriving over the top of the launch site 20:38 - Watching Daniel launch from the best seat in the house 25:45 - Watching Sara approach the LZ 26:58 - Chasing vultures to find more lift 29:14 - Watching Daniel arrive at LZ 29:30 - Onset of motion sickness from chasing vultures, breakfast jettison, begin descent to LZ 33:30 - Base Leg and Final Approach to LZ 34:30 - Bullseye landing and celebration in LZ
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Am 16. September 2015 hatte der CableRobot Simulator der Abteilung von Professor Heinrich Bülthoff am Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik seinen ersten öffentlichen Auftritt. Die Vorführung zeigte die Ergebnisse aus der zweijährigen Entwicklung und Kooperation mit der Gruppe für Seilrobotik am Fraunhofer IPA. Damit sich auch alle, die nicht dabei waren, vorstellen können, wie der Roboter in Aktion aussieht, haben die Wissenschaftler dieses Video erstellt. Als Fahrgast ist unter anderem die Softwareentwicklerin Maria Lächele aus dem 8-köpfigen Entwicklungsteam des Max-Planck-Instituts zu sehen. English: On 16.09.2015, the CableRobot Simulator from the research group of professor Heinrich Bülthoff at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics had its first public performance. The presentation showed the results of the two-year development in collaboration with the research group for cable robots at the Fraunhofer IPA. In order to allow all those who could not attend to get an impression of the robot in action, the scientists produced this video. The software developer Maria Lächele from the 8-person developers team at the Max-Planck Institute is seen amongst others as a passenger of the robot. http://www.cyberneum.de/ http://www.mpg.de/9395107/seilroboter http://www.ipa.fraunhofer.de/en/cable-driven_parallel_robots.html Credits: Max Planck Institut for Biological Cybernetics Tübingen CableRobot Simulator Idea and Initiation: Heinrich H. Bülthoff Development team Philipp Miermeister Maria Lächele Rainer Boss Michael Kerger Harald Teufel Christian Schenk Carlo Masone Joachim Tesch Head of department: Prof. Dr. Heinrich H. Bülthoff In cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart Film and editing: Philipp Miermeister Copyright: Max Planck Institut for Biological Cybernetics Tübingen, Germany
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Share this video if you want to see more Hacks! Hey guys, the holidays are coming up and that means it's time to travel for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, New Years Eve and all the other end of year parties! I created a 11 list(because I wanted to add a bonus) of my favorite travel life hacks that you can use today to make your holiday vacation go a little smoother! Do you have any life hacks or tips of your own? Don't be shy, list them below! Love, Ann Le / Anneorshine Come join me! Subscribe by clicking here: http://bit.ly/1hfCXXE Want to connect with me on a more personal level? Become part of my exclusive club at: http://try.annlestyle.com/hello/ CHECK OUT MY OTHER TRAVEL VIDEOS: 7 Ways to Love Traveling in Italy: https://goo.gl/vmEoCN What to Pack for a Road Trip: https://goo.gl/UyWt1V What's in My Travel Backpack: https://goo.gl/vIui1I SNAPCHAT: AnnLeStyle INSTAGRAM: http://Instagram.com/AnnLeStyle TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AnnLeStyle FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/anneorshine PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/AnnLeStyle FTC: Not Sponsored For Business Inquiries, email business@annlestyle.com
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Helicopter Ride Oahu Hawaii Wheelchair Accessible
Helicopter Ride Oahu Hawaii Wheelchair Accessible. What an incredible ride around the island of Oahu Hawaii. Very stable aircraft, no motion sickness and they had an amazing lift to get me up in. Left the wheelchair behind for this hour long ride. Two very happy tourists for sure!
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5 Ways to Get Over Roller Coaster Drops! | Sydney
I decided to make a funnier type of tutorial video to help people with roller coaster anxiety.It's a real thing! I had it and got over it, and now I'm sharing my tips with the world! Enjoy! ~Follow me!~ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SydneyBlosssom Instagram: http://instagram.com/sydneyeva97 Tumblr: http://sydneyblossom.tumblr.com/ My Blog: http://cherryblossomyt.blogspot.com/
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How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane
What do you do when you find yourself stuck on an airplane with a screaming, crying toddler? Watch and learn -- so that you may never, ever (EVER) make the same mistake I did. #WithCaptions For more info and other goofy videos go to www.jojostein.com (And if you like this video, check out the book: "How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane"... Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/How-Not-Calm-Child-Plane-ebook/dp/B00HTQ31HC/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid= iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/how-not-to-calm-child-on-plane/id796194712?mt=11 Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/how-not-to-calm-a-child-on-a-plane-johanna-stein/1117079098?ean=9780738217345 Amazon Canada: http://www.amazon.ca/How-Not-Calm-Child-Plane/dp/0738217344/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1423349848&sr=1-1
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Mountain Takeoff | Cessna 172 | Big Bear, CA
Watch as Brandon and I make the departure out of Big Bear City to get back on track to Salinas, CA! Enjoy! Join Us at: www.shareaviation.com Proudly Supported by: David Clark Headsets FARO Aviation Technologies Scheyden Eyewear Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/mraviation101 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrAviation101?ref=hl Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrAviation101 Instagram: @captainmraviation101 Email: mraviation101@gmail.com EFB APP: Garmin Pilot CAMERAS: 4 - GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Editions 1 - Sony HDR-CX110 AUDIO RECORDER: Sony ICD-AX412 VIDEO EDITOR: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 Big Thanks to my Patrons! Steve Chapa Chad Matice Brian Jerome Peterson Evan Doss Torsten Brasch Joao Paulo Ros Nikolai Stroiney Roger Kiefer II John Sarkozy Edwin Ortega Felipe Jeffrey B Ogilvie Michael Nicolas Gutierrez Gonzalez Adam McVeigh Cody Lynn Josef Pfleger Zach Mitchell Coombe Jim Simon Philip Crawford Rhoderick James Larkin Tony Pizzifred Ryan Gariepy Timothy C. Shellington Joey Elliot Lorenz Bogaert Emanuel Corthay Mr Kilo Tango One Jon Beard Ryan Grant Hooks Brandon Maso Tim Schreck Eric A. Gravel Klif Niessen Adrian Wellershaus Ben Phil Santoro Kirk Mefford Benjamin Gutzeit Sam Kennaugh Mark Milam Isaac Matthews Christopher Tew Jonathan B. Paul Mayer Greg Wren Grant Casstevens Adam Asmar William Stone Shawn Oleston Reese Whitten Aaron S. Hawley D. Collier Clayton Goodfellow Andrew Cobb Daniel Schafer Juan David Connor Walsh Jonathan Imlay Robert Janeks Vincent Thomas M. Tordel Jr. Preston Bacik Chris Roots Michael Jacobson Aleks Biteman Joel Pendleton William Driver Soren Cioban Richard Garza Sébastien Mark Sinex Aaron Meyn Jon Stuckey Thomas Keefe Jared Lazaron Landon Saunders Mark Trezz Aaron Craig P Steffen Jakub Tyler May Stuart Stuart Cole Shipes Hudson Brumbarger Marius Risan Russell Butz Arnoldo Santiago Joseph Larose Daniel Shelter Herb Harney Andrew Utz John Hanson Nick Ashworth Deniz Zoeteman Miklos Kozary Jared Brank Elija Sorenson Eric Mellenthin Trish Keith Douglass Michael Patterson Steven Hernandez Dr. Seth Joseph
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Live. Love. Africa: Five Tips For Traveling to Africa
These are five of my travel tips for traveling to Africa. I will post more tips and information soon. 1. Catch direct flights from America to Africa. 2. Avoid layovers in the Middle East, London, and Paris. 3. Avoid doing Western shit in Africa. Experience Africa not the Westernized version of Africa. 4. Avoid booking your activities/ excursions online. Book them once you arrive in Africa. Its cheaper. 5. Experience the Johannesburg Airport. Please visit www.dynastamir.com for indigenous African creativity, art, jewelry, and clothing. www.searchforuhuru.com to support our projects. Lastly, buy one of my books at https://www.amazon.com/Dynast-Amir/e/B00HYQYSWE/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2?qid=1470021938&sr=8-2. P instagram:dynastamir instagram:searchforuhuru facebook:searchforuhuru twitter:searchforuhuru
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Someone Penned the Open Letter We All Dream of Writing That Obnoxious Plane Passenger
We've all been there. Settling into your prized window seat, ready to relax on a flight, when it happens: You discover you've been seated in close proximity to the Passenger From Hell. There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide when you're in economy on a modern jumbojet, as one passenger learned the hard way last month on a flight from Singapore to Sydney. But where many travelers would simply huff and puff, a girl who goes by Munyee put her thoughts on paper (or whatever material air sickness bags are made of). http://feeds.mashable.com/~r/Mashable/~3/xY33sF4tqsA/ http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit using http://creator.wochit.com
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Счастливые люди | Поморы | 720p | Дмитрий Васюков
помощь проекту - http://vasyukov.net/ смотреть все фильмы автора https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... канал автора https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSgnRwJ2jYR7o_SXCwugbMQ
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[03] Tricopter Adventures - First Person View!
TURN DOWN THE VOLUME AND DO NOT WATCH IF YOU GET MOTION SICKNESS OR DO NOT LIKE 'WAVY' VIDEO! Ok. I went flying two days ago with it, and within 5 minutes something went wrong with one of my ESCs. It got super hot, and refused to spin the motor. So, back to the 'backup' 25Amp ESC for now. (yes, that means this one is under powered compared to the others, which are 30Amp ESCs). So, after replacing the ESC, I went flying yesterday and had one heck of an amazing time! It flew WONDERFULLY! Not a single crash, and was so stable and I never had any 'worries' with it wobbling or anything. I took it around roughly the same 'route' as in this video. BUT! Today is when this video was taken. It was fairly windy out, so you'll see me just kinda 'staying' in one place for a bit as I fought with the wind. The camera used, is my phone, just like the other videos, since I don't currently have any sort of Video Camera or "Action Cam". I merely wanted to see if the Tricopter to lift a lightweight plastic 'mount' along with my phone. And the answer to that curiosity, is YES, it flies pretty 'ok'! It does add some weight, not much, but enough so that when you try to make it go forward or side to side, it REALLY doesn't want to do it. So it makes it pretty docile except for the wind and the fact that my Transmitter doesn't have good enough resolution to keep it 'hovering'. The 'mount' I used, was just some K'Nex formed into a makeshift 'cage' for the phone. So... all those 'waves' is cause of the vibrations of the copter shaking the 'mount' around since it was literally strapped on with no cushioning or shock absorbing material.. I'm really sorry about that! But like I said, it was just to see 'if it could do it'! =D
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Megan Blake Pet Travel Tips
Summer is upon us, which means pedestrians, pets, bicycles and motorcycles are out in force, requiring drivers to be even more cautious. No matter where you’re headed, the park close by or family vacation to the beach, it’s important to think about everyone who'll be traveling with you, especially children and pets. As a driver, your responsibility is to know the law and protect those in your vehicle. Infants and toddlers need special care and safety seats are required by law in all 50 states. Some states even have laws that require your furry friends to be restrained. New Jersey, for example, requires pets to be in a restraint or a carrier in the car. The fine for this violation is anywhere from $250 to $1000. Check with your department of motor vehicles or veterinary office for information on pet restraint in your state. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7493131-state-farm-safe-driving/
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Draw My Life - Casey Neistat
drawings by the brilliant Kim Smith, check out her work here; http://www.kimsmithart.com/ http://www.kimsmithillustration.com/ music by Jordan Galland (total genius) http://jordangalland.com/ Follow That Dream by Daniel Johnston (if you don't know his work you should!) http://www.hihowareyou.com/ This film was made with the support of The Nantucket Project https://www.nantucketproject.com/ and Harbers Studios http://www.harbersfoundation.org/
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VR@Berkeley Simulator Project
The project incorporates an Oculus Rift with a three-axis force feedback vehicle simulator to provide better feedback to the user and reduce simulation sickness. The team has successfully tested the integration with a Unity driving demo. Future goals include creating an augmented reality experience to further integrate the physical controls of the simulator with the virtual experience and integrating with industry vehicle simulation software. Visit our website for more details: http://vr.berkeley.edu/
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First FPV Flight with Random Sightings
This was my first flight under the goggles. Clubmate Tom Allsopp was flying his tricopter as well and it makes a number of appearances. You can see the first one from his angle at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfyJ55IylSs
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A Stressed Out Nation is . . . a Happier Nation?
The things that create stress in our lives are also the things that create meaning. Kelly McGonigal's latest book is "The Upside of Stress" (http://goo.gl/4QlqPu). Read more at BigThink.com: http://bigthink.com/videos/kelly-mcgonigal-on-stress-and-a-meaningful-life Follow Big Think here: YouTube: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BigThinkdotcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigthink Transcript - One of the unexpected upsides of stress is its surprising link to meaning and life. A few years ago a study was released by the World Gallup Poll that actually looked at what they called the stress index of 121 countries where they went around the world and they asked people did you experience a great deal of stress yesterday? And they had expected, the researchers expected that having a country of people who were stressed out that that would be related to really terrible things, you know, less happiness with life, less satisfaction with life. You know, worse health, shorter life expectancy. What they found instead is that if you have a nation of people who say yesterday was really stressful, you have a nation of people who also are happier, they’re more satisfied with their lives. They also tend to live longer. And one of the reasons seems to be that the things that create stress in our lives are also the things that create meaning. That same Gallup World Poll found that a high stress index was associated with a greater chance that you would say you learned something interesting yesterday, a great chance that you experienced joy, love, laughter yesterday. And a more recent study done here in the United States found that if you want to know whether or not someone has a meaningful life the best way to find out is to ask them about the stress in their lives. That people who say their lives are more meaningful they’ve tended to experience more stress in their past. They tend to be under more stress currently. They spend more time thinking about the difficulties they’ve overcome and they also spend more time worrying about the future. And it again seems to be because the things in our lives, the relationships, the roles, the difficult goals that we’re pursuing, the things that create meaning also inevitably create stress. And a simple example of a mindset reset that’s been shown to really change the way people experience the most distressing moments is to bring to mind the value that is sort of most relevant to the stressful situation. So to give you an example last night I was on a flight coming back from Georgia. There were crazy thunderstorms here in New York and we had a really difficult landing. And I’m someone who hates flying. I’m afraid of flying. I hate turbulence. I get motion sickness. It was just a disaster. And I’m literally like holding onto my seat and holding onto the side of the window trying to stay in my seat despite the fact that I’m strapped in. And what helps in those moments is to remember two of my values. One is courage. That every time I get on an airplane I am demonstrating that this is something I care about to actually express courage that I can help other people be brave. And also to recognize that I value what travel gives me in life, that I value the fact that I was able to go and meet with people who work in healthcare and talk to them about behavior change so that they might support health and wellbeing in others. You know I value being able to go places even if in the moment of the flight it’s incredibly distressing. And bringing those things into the distressing moments seems to really protect people from the typical sort of negative effects of those big moments of distress where you’re, you know, you’d rather be anywhere else or you are starting to lose hope in your situation.
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AEROFLOT live december 2014
AEROFLOT live december 2014 Aeroflot - Check The Opposite Door available on Co-Pilots album : http://aperoflot.bandcamp.com/album/cabin-crew La Parenthèse, Nyon 26.12 Le Cabinet, Geneva, 27.12 Pachinko, Geneva 30.12 http://www.otaku.ch/aeroflot Goodbye Ivan and Pol welcome you on the Aeroflot flight to a far and unknown location. Please check the opposite door but do not fasten your seat belts.. Fans of Atoms for Peace, Thom Yorke and Moderat will be familiar with the flight conditions, and should not experience any motion sickness. Two experienced copilots manually flying a sweet and ambient electronica mixed with aerial and hypnotical vocals.
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Coccyx Cushion
People who experience pain while sitting find that a coccyx seat cushion can be a life saver. Visit company website at: http://www.ergopedicproducts.com Video explains how to properly use the ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion. The first thing you’ll discover when you open the ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion, is it’s unique shape. Unlike flat or inflatable donut cushions, the ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion IS ergonomically designed. This means that it works by reducing pressure on painful areas of the legs, hips and buttocks by spreading your body weight around evenly. Then notice, the cutout in the back of the cushion. This serves a very important function. Again, remember to place the cutout facing the back. When you sit, this eliminates pressure directly on the lower spine and coccyx area. It also can reduce pressure for people suffering from hemorrhoids and men suffering from prostatitis. When you sit down, the memory foam conforms to your body, with gentle resistance so it will never go flat. There are no hard edges to cut off leg circulation. ERGO-Pedic makes 2 versions of the seat cushion- the Regular, and the Gentle, for anyone weighing 140 lbs, (65 kgs) or less. Notice also that the cushion has a zipper to allow you to remove the cover for easy washing. Because the cushion is light, you can easily take your ERGO-Pedic Comfort Cushion anywhere. Use at home, at the office, in the car, on hard bleacher seats, even on a long plane fight or in a wheelchair. Visit our company site at: http://ergopedicproducts.com Purchase at Amazon.com : http://amzn.to/1IpMtVk Customer Reviews: http://amzn.to/1DNvQle #coccyxcushion #coccyxseatcushion #bestcoccyxseatcushion #ERGO-PedicComfortCushion #coccyxcushions
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Rosie Mercado and Dr.Gonzalez - FLStyle
Celebrity Plus Size model Rosie Mercado and Dr.Gonzalez Spotted out and about in Beverly Hills
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Terrible Car Crash. Keep calm down when drive!
Some terrible car crash. See and feel.
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Simpsons Couch Gag | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim
Two great worlds collide . . . violently. Do not miss the Rick and Morty Season Premiere, July 26th! Watch Full Episodes: http://asw.im/7mze5G SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/AdultSwimSubscribe About Rick and Morty: Rick and Morty is Adult Swim's most scientifically accurate animated comedy. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, it catalogues the bizarre misadventures of a bored scientific genius/drunkard and his socially awkward grandson, Morty. Their exploits tend to have unintended consequences for Morty's dysfunctional family, especially his unfailingly mediocre father, Jerry. Watch Rick and Morty battle everything from interdimensional customs agents to Cronenberg monsters now, only at http://AdultSwim.com. Watch More Rick and Morty: http://bit.ly/RickandMorty About Adult Swim: Adult Swim is your late-night home for animation and live-action comedy. Enjoy some of your favorite shows, including Robot Chicken, Venture Bros., Tim and Eric, Aqua Teen, Childrens Hospital, Delocated, Metalocalypse, Squidbillies, and more. Watch some playlists. Fast forward, rewind, pause. It's all here. And remember to visit http://AdultSwim.com for all your full episode needs. We know you wouldn't forget, but it never hurts to make sure. Connect with Adult Swim Online: Visit Adult Swim WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/ASWebsite Like Adult Swim on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/ASFacebook Follow Adult Swim on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/ASTweet Rick and Morty Simpsons Couch Gag | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim http://www.youtube.com/user/adultswim
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compass coach
Compass Coach promotional video (2010).
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Cottage Car Ride
FOLLOW US Twitter: https://twitter.com/grabit_pro Website: http://grabitproductions.com/ CREDITS VIDEO & AUDIO PRODUCTION Written by: Colin McDonald Produced by: Grab It Productions Director: Colin McDonald Cinematographers: Lizz Hodgson Audio Recordist: Lizz Hodgson Film & Sound Editor: Lizz Hodgson CAST Driver: Colin McDonald Front Seat Passenger: Lizz Hodgson Backseat Passenger: Ava McDonald MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS Law & Order Sound Effect: Mike Post
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We don't puke in the car !!!  [2]
A boring day got a little interesting. More animals, food and some softball
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My top 5 tips on surviving long train journeys! MY LINKS vvvvvvvvv TWITTER: https://twitter.com/easy_tig3r TUMBLR: easy-tig3r.tumblr.com INSTAGRAM: @easytig3r
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Medline Medical Grade Blue Emesis Barf Bags
Supplies RideShare Drivers should keep in their vehicles... Get the good, medical grade, barf bags (see video); rubber gloves, paper towels, air freshener, a big towel (to cover your seats in case of a service animal), and small microfiber towels (the ones that are the size of washcloths - 8 for $5 at Walmart in the automotive department) which work great both inside and out for quick wipe downs (fingerprints & smudges on glass drives me nuts). And of course you want a good, quick charger, and cables for yourself and others to use. An aux cable is also good if your car is equipped. I keep a mini detailing and clean-up kit in my trunk, and at least one barf bag within quick reach inside the cabin. And I use the microfiber clothes several times throughout my shifts to wipe the trim and windows inside and out. Keeps everything looking sharp & clean. Oh, and I also keep wet wipes on hand, too. They work great for all sorts of things. My 2nd job: I'm an Uber driver. And right now, Uber is offering new drivers $100 - $500 (depending on your area) to get started (when you use a referral link). Learn more, and sign up with my referral link at https://partners.uber.com/drive/?invite_code=3x02v Need a ride? Use my invite code, 3x02v, and get a free ride up to $20. Redeem it at https://www.uber.com/invite/3x02v
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Yoga For Anxiety and Stress
Yoga For Anxiety and Stress. Awaken The Force! Move from the darkness into the light! Yoga has your back! In this practice video Adriene guides you through breath and body practices that serve you when you feel bad. Learn breathing techniques and spinal work that will assist you in moments of stress. Find release, create space and process yo' stuff. Bookmark this video. Yoga to the rescue! Enjoy. To go deeper visit www.yogawithadriene.com Stay Connected ~ TWITTER: yogawithadriene Instagram: adrienelouise FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/yogawithadriene Intro song by Shakey Graves - www.shakeygraves.com For downloadable YOGA and goodies visit shop.yogawithadriene.com
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FAQ: Why Can't I Ride on a Rollercoaster? with Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT
Do you get dizzy, nauseous or feel major discomfort when you ride a rollercoaster? Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT, answers this frequent question she receives from moms who would like to ride rollercoasters with their children. Finding out the cause of your symptoms is the best way for you to find relief. Learn more about dizziness, vertigo and imbalance with Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT. About Dr. Kimberley Bell DPT: Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT, is an internationally recognized dynamic thought leader in healthcare. She is promoting best practices and improved quality of life for patients who are suffering with dizziness, vertigo and imbalance or unexplained repeated falls. For a fresh perspective or to learn more about Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT, visit BetterBalanceInLife.com. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for ongoing information on Vestibular Health and Better Balance topics. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBellMethod/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kim-bell-dpt-6b3522ab/ Instagram: @kimbelldpt About Dr. Bell: https://www.betterbalanceinlife.com/kimberley-bell/ Dr. Bell’s blogs: https://www.betterbalanceinlife.com/blog-posts/ and https://vertigodetective.com/ E-Courses for the general public: https://www.betterbalanceinlife.com/e-courses/ Private Consultations for Patients and Caregivers: https://www.betterbalanceinlife.com/services/private-consultations/ Press Coverage: https://www.betterbalanceinlife.com/press-coverage/ This video is provided for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
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Birdy King Land - Gameplay auf Oculus Rift - GameTube goes VR #9
Games + Cards günstiger bei MMOGA: http://mmo.ga/Gox7 Spiele günstig bei Amazon: http://amzn.to/15DFtkG Wir probieren die VR-Brille Oculus Rift DK2 aus und testen die zahlreichen Demos für die Virtual-Reality-Brille. Die meisten dieser Techdemos gibt es zum kostenlosen Download, die Brille selbst ist aber nicht ganz billig und derzeit auch noch in der Entwicklung. 350 US-Dollar kostet das sogenannte Developer Kit 2. Die fertige Oculus Rift soll eine höhere Auflösung bieten und auch für weniger Motion-Sickness sorgen. Falls ihr euch wundert, warum das Bild des Spiels so komisch aussieht: Das liegt an der Funktionsweise der Brille. Das Spielebild wird eigentlich zweimal, direkt nebeneinander, dargestellt. Wir zeigen für die Aufnahme allerdings nur eines der Bilder. Auf beiden Bildern baut die Brille dann ein 3D-Bild, die Krümmung wird wiederum von der Brille entzerrt. Für den Spieler sieht das Bild also normal aus, nur lässt sich das so eben nicht aufzeichnen. So, und jetzt viel Spaß mit unserer kleinen VR-Serie. Ihr wollt GameTube unterstützen, ganz nebenbei und ohne eigene Kosten? Klickt auf unseren Affiliate-Link bevor ihr bei Amazon was bestellt und wir bekommen für jeden gekauften Artikel eine kleine Provision. Danke! http://amzn.to/15DFtkG GameTube gibt's auch auf Facebook http://www.facebook.com/GameTubeDE Und auf Twitter auch. Kann niemand diese Bestie stoppen? https://twitter.com/GameTubeDE Auch Google+ nehmen wir mit https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114943685325118855556/
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Car Car Crash | Oculus Rift DK2 Quick Look
I'm going on the record and making the claim that top-down tabletop games will be what everyone is talking about in the first wave of consumer VR. They don't cause motion sickness and they are easier to design within the scope of the technology. Not to mention these types of games will get more people into a headset. Which is what we all should be striving for! Car Car Crash is a GREAT glimpse at what those games might look like initially. It's basic, fun and it doesn't try to do too much, which is more than I can say about a lot of first-person experiences in the Oculus Rift DK2. Check out my quick look and let me know what YOU think the first good games will look like once they are out in the open! Thanks for watching GamePlaysYOU! If you like the content you're seeing, SUBSCRIBE! We can always use one more VR junkie in this community! ---------------------------------- Car Car Crash (Oculus Share): https://share.oculus.com/app/car-car-crash
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SML Movie: Bowser Junior Gets Potty Trained!
Bowser Junior has been peeing the bed, and now he has to get potty trained!
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FPV 250 Tyrosse Quad 22-02-2015_5 Vomit Bag
Frame : DIATONE Silver Blade #37 Flight Controller : NAZE32 ACRO Cleanflight ESC : RCX 12A Sky (SimonK) Motors : RCX H1806 2400kv Props : Gemfan 5x3 Video Camera : H808 V3 - wide 120° FPV Camera : RunCam 600TVL SONY CCD (PZ0420M on securitycamera2000.com) FPV Transmitter : SkyZone FPV 5.8GHz 600mW TS832 Antenna : Boscam Cloud Spirit Circular Polarized RHCP OSD : MinimOSD w/ KV Team Mod v1.0 Battery : Turnigy 1300mAh 30-40C Radio RX : Fr-Sky D4R-II Radio TX : Devo 8S DeViation
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Быстрые гликолитические (белые) и медленные окислительные (красные) мышечные волокна
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MB Epic 280 Test Motors
Mb epic test motors on 6s. 5000g+ of thrust. Scale showing lbs:oz.
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