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Luciara Cream, 50g
Buy Luciara Stretch Marks Cream Online https://www.clickoncare.com/luciara-cream-50g Benefits of Luciara Cream: 1) A emollient to safe guard against stretch mark during pregnancy 2) Dual Hydro Action 3) 24 hours effective 4) Perfume & Preservative free 5) Hypo-allergenic When to use? Start using the product as soon as pregnancy is confirmed and continue until delivery How to use? 1) Apply Luciara once a day post bath 2) Wipe off excess water off the skin 3) Apply the cream on abdomen, thighs and buttocks 4) Massage for 2-3 minutes
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10 Best Copaiba Essential Oil Health Benefits
Copaiba essential oil is obtained by steam distilling the gum resin of the Copaiba tree found in Brazil. Some of the top benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil includes boost in respiratory health, prevention of fungal growth, protects body against infections, and removes inflammation, pain reduction and skin healing. It also helps in lowering of blood pressure, maintaining of skin and hair health and helps in maintaining bladder control. Let us have a look at some of the top 10 health benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil. The other names of Copaiba are Baume de Copahu, Copayer, Bálsamo de Copaiba, Balsam, Copaifera reticulata, Copaiva, Copaïer, Bálsamo de Copaiba, Jesuit's Balsam, Copaifera langsdorffii, Copaiba, Oléorésine de Copahu, Copaifera officinalis, Copaiba Oleoresin. 1) Pain Relief Beta-caryophyllene, a major compound found in this oil, is an anti-inflammatory agent that has pain killing properties. It can be used to gain relief from headaches and migraines. 2) Lowers Blood Pressure Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, Copaiba oil helps reduce tension in the blood vessels, thus allowing the blood pressure to drop. 3) Varicose Veins Copaiba oil reduces the pooled blood by improving the blood circulation of veins close to the skin. This helps in eliminating varicose veins. 4) For a healthy skin Copaiba oil can be used to tighten the sagging skin. The oil boosts secretion of elastin and collagen in order to make the skin taut and firm. It also helps in removing scars on the face. Depressions on the skin, simply called stretch marks can be faded using Copaiba oil. This oil helps to fill in the depressions resulting in a smooth skin. 5) Diuretic As a diuretic substance, Copaiba oil can help to detoxify and cleanse the system by stimulating urination. It also helps you in controlling your bladder, especially for those suffering from urinary incontinence. Thus, kids with bedwetting problems and pregnant women can find relief with this oil. 6) Prevents Fungal Infections The terpene structure found in Copaiba oil acts as antifungal agent. If you suffer from Athlete's foot or other fungal diseases, applying Copaiba oil can heal the infection faster and protect you from future infections. 7) Oral Care A study showed that unlike most oils, Copaiba oil is found safe to use orally. This oil works effectively against a certain kind of bacteria that causes cavities in human teeth. 8) Acne Copaiba oil is an ideal solution for people suffering from acne. It's antiseptic properties and can be used to treat acne. 9) Relief from Insect Bites Everyone hates the pain and swelling caused by an insect bite. Find a relief from such bites using Copaiba oil. It is a powerful painkiller and the best anti-inflammatory substance. 10) Uplifts your Mood Copaiba oil not only heals physical pains but uplifts the emotions too. If you are feeling down, the sweet smell of this oil, similar to honey, can take you to a different world where you can only smile. Subscribe to our Channel here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYo2IDQs4rOktb4rTfirzEQ Disclaimer: The information provided is collected from reliable sources and is generally believed to be true and trustworthy but we do not have any evidence that these are backed by Scientific research. This is given in general reader's interest and benefit. However, we are in no way be held responsible, neither do we take any liabilities for any loss, damage, adverse effect etc. nor do we assume any responsibilities for such loss, damage, etc. either wholly or partly.
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Relajantes Musculares Naturales y Caseros
Relajantes Musculares Naturales Caseros: Descubre como relajar tus musculos de forma natural! SUSCRIBETE AL CANAL AQUI: http://goo.gl/a19VCb MI BLOG: http://remediosparaadelgazarya.com/ SIGUEME: https://www.facebook.com/LaBoticaDeSandra https://youtu.be/orz8BdNbW-0 "Relajantes Musculares Naturales Caseros" Las investigaciones muestra que un masaje puede realmente relajar los músculos rígidos y conseguir que la sangre fluya más rápido en las áreas doloridas, y dejar que el cuerpo se cure por dentro. La Árnica es un gran analgésico. La árnica se puede comprar en tintura, crema, bálsamo o ungüento para uso tópico. También reduce dolores, magulladuras, hinchazón y dolor debido a sus propiedades antiinflamatorias activas. La capsaicina, el agente de "calor" presente en la pimienta de cayena, es un gran agente anti-inflamatorio y analgésico. La capsaicina también impide que el cerebro envíe demasiadas señales de dolor mientras los músculos se relajan a su estado normal Tomar un baño en agua tibia enriquecida con sales de Epson ricas en magnesio permite que tu cuerpo absorba el magnesio requerido, lo que impulsa a los músculos a relajarse de regreso a su etapa de reposo. "Relajantes Musculares Naturales Caseros" Cuando tensas los músculos estás trabajando con energía de la proteína . Así que para reponer y rejuvenecer esos músculos cansados, necesita más proteína! Las proteínas saludables como el pollo, los huevos y las lentejas aliviarán el dolor y evitarán cualquier daño muscular a largo plazo. El contenido de antioxidantes del chocolate negro ayuda al cuerpo a combatir el estrés oxidativo. Facilita la relajación de los músculos al tiempo que alivia el dolor. Su sabor y los otros beneficios contra el estrés no hacen daño tampoco! Una taza de menta o té de manzanilla puede ayudar en la relajación de los músculos. La manzanilla es rica en flavonoides, que son antioxidantes y ayudan a aliviar la inflamación y el dolor. La Menta, contiene mentol, que es anti-inflamatorio y analgésico y ayuda a los músculos para que se relajen. Los músculos rígidos pueden ser un signo de deshidratación. Un vaso de agua podría hacer una gran diferencia ya que permite al cuerpo inundar los músculos con iones de magnesio, con el fin de contraer los músculos a su estado relajado. "Relajantes Musculares Naturales Caseros" https://youtu.be/orz8BdNbW-0
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