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Obama Signs Stimulus Plan
"CBS News RAW:" In his speech before signing the $787 billion economic stimulus plan into law, Pres. Obama stressed the importance of preserving job creation and healthcare.
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Obama Signs Stimulus Plan
"CBS News RAW:" In his speech before signing the $787 billion economic stimulus plan into law, Pres. Obama stressed the importance of preserving job creation and healthcare.
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Obama stimulus plan passes in U.S.
The U.S. House of Representatives has approved an $US 819 billion economic stimulus package: a major part of President Barack Obama's economic assistance plan.
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Highlights of Economic Stimulus Plan
Highlights of a nearly $789 billion compromise version of President Barack Obama's economic recovery plan agreed to by Democrats and moderate Senate Republicans. (Feb. 12)
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McCain On Obama Stimulus Plan
Katie Couric speaks with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., about the various reasons behind congressional Republican resistance towards President Obama's proposed $900 billion economic stimulus package.
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Obama Signs Economic Stimulus Into Law
President Barack Obama signed the massive $787 billion economic stimulus bill into law Tuesday. It's the most sweeping economic package in decades. (Feb. 17)
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Did Obama Stimulus Work?
Bob Pollin Pt5: The stimulus plan saved many jobs and helped prevent a deeper crash, but was far short of spurring a recovery
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The Obama Stimulus Plan Explained in Pictures
This short clip will explain the theory (and likely result) of President Obama's various plans to "save" our economy by running up the deficit to unheard-of levels.
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Obama Signs $787 Billion Stimulus Bill Into Law
President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus bill into law Tuesday in Denver. The legislation is the most sweeping economic package in decades. (Feb. 17)
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Bush: Bailout Is Not a Quick Fix for the Economy
President Bush is warning Americans not to expect immediate relief from the $700 billion bailout bill he signed Friday. (Oct. 4)
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Obama's So-Called Stimulus: Good For Government, Bad For the Economy
President Obama wants Congress to dramatically expand the burden of government spending. This CF&P Foundation mini-documentary explains why such a policy, based on the discredited Keynesian theory of economics, will not be successful. Indeed, the video demonstrates that Obama is proposing - for all intents and purposes - to repeat Bush's mistakes. Government will be bigger, even though global evidence shows that nations with small governments are more prosperous.
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The Daily Left - Stimulus Plan Benefits Struggling Companies - The Ring Of Fire
Stimulus Plan Benefits Struggling Companies; Military Recruiting "Green Card" Soldiers; Report Shows Climate Change Increasing Faster Than Expected.
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Breakdown of Trump's economic plan
Stimulus or big cuts?
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WE NEED REAL STIMULUS: Why The Democrat Economic Stimulus Will Fail To Revive Our Economy
A factual look at the Democrat Economic Stimulus Package. Because the spending in it occurs too slow and the associated multipliers are too weak, the Democrats will doom our future generations to economic stagnation and tremendous debt. It is the greatest act of generational theft in modern times. We deserve what we vote for.....
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Unemployed? What's in the Obama Stimulus Package for You
We breakdown the economic stimulus package in detail to find out exactly who gets what. Here's how the government stimulus package benefits the unemployed.
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Obama Unveils $75 Billion Mortgage Relief Plan
President Barack Obama unveiled his $75 billion mortgage relief plan, a series of measures the president says will keep 9 million people from losing their homes. (Feb. 18)
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Obama Outlines Stimulus Plan in Address
President Barack Obama on Saturday laid out more pieces of an economic plan he says would add 3,000 miles of electrical lines, increase security at 90 ports and double the United States' renewable energy capacity within three years. (Jan. 24)
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Obama: Stimulus Is Just the First Step
During his weekly address, President Obama outlined what the stimulus package and his home foreclosure plan can do to help turn around the nation's economy. President Obama plans to address a joint session of Congress Tuesday night. (Feb. 21)
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Cramer: Obama's Stimulus is a Joke
Jim Cramer weighs in on the spending plan from the President to help the economy.
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What the Stimulus Bill May Do for You
The economic stimulus bill that President Barack Obama will sign into law Tuesday is worth $787 billion. Among the bill's provisions are measures designed to help average Americans right away. (Feb. 17)
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Where is my bailout/stimulus package?
Where my bailout/stimulus package?
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Obama Adjusts Economic Plan
President-elect Barack Obama and his team revealed a new economic plan, one more ambitious than before. Ben Tracy reports.
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Obama Stimulus Breakdown
Fox Business News' Liz Clayman highlights parts of the Obama stimulus plan and tells Harry Smith what may be ahead for GM and Chrysler as they struggle to survive.
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Employed? What's in the Obama Stimulus Package for You
We breakdown the economic stimulus package in detail to find out exactly who gets what. Here's how the government stimulus package benefits those who are currently working and employed.
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Obama "Unemployment Will Keep Ticking Up"
Obama lowers expectations of a failed economic policy
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Obama's Focus On Foreclosures
President Obama will sign the stimulus bill and begin to focus on a housing foreclosure bill. Chip Reid reports.
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Obama Gets Rock Star Welcome
"Caught On Tape": After chanting "President of Peace: Obama!" and "Yes We Can" the crowd gives President Obama a rock star welcome in Mesa, Ariz. before he unveils his mortgage relief plan.
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Agreement reached on stimulus bill
Hello, I'm Kristin Volk and this is a UPI White House Weekly. The House and Senate have reached a deal on the economic stimulus bill a bill that Obama has been pushing for since he took over as president last month. The agreement has a price tag of $789 billion, less than original versions. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the middle ground creates more jobs than the original Senate bill and spends less than the original House bill. What's expected in the final piece of legislation is a homeowner tax credit, tax breaks for workers and increased Medicaid and infrastructure spending. Obama has said he'd like to have the bill on his desk by Monday. In his efforts to promote the stimulus plan, Obama reached out to Americans through town-hall style events and an appearance on TV. On Monday, the President visited Elkhart, Indiana where the unemployment rate is more than 15 percent. Also that day, he gave his first prime-time news conference since taking office. On Tuesday, he flew to Ft. Myers, Florida a place that has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. At both stops, Obama was surrounded by people who are struggling to pay their bills and keep their jobs. And today, he pushed the economic stimulus bill during a stop at a machinery factory in Peoria, Illinois where about 20 thousand workers have been laid off in the last few weeks. The Obama administration is planning a separate financial stability plan that could cost hundreds of billions of dollars on top of the existing stimulus bill. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner unveiled a proposal this week to buy up troubled assets from banks and more broadly deal with the credit crunch and foreclosure crisis. The plan is part of a major overhaul of an existing program from the Bush administration. However, bankers and business experts said they're not optimistic that it would work and need more details. Treasury Department officials responded saying the proposed initiative would be detailed in the next several weeks.
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Barack Obama defends the stimulus package
Barack Obama defends the stimulus package
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Obama vs Obama on the Stimulus
President Obama changes course on the stimulus. Where are the jobs? House Republicans offer a real plan to create jobs and get our economy moving again.
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Obama back in campaign mode - signing stimulus bill
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Fox News: "Stimulus" Money Goes to Congressional Districts That Don't Exist
Ten months after the President signed a $1 trillion stimulus spending bill that his aides claimed would keep unemployment below 8 percent, Americans are still asking: where are the jobs? It turns out that some of jobs the Administration claimed were saved or created by the so-called stimulus were from Congressional districts that dont even exist. ABC News has also uncovered even more stimulus spending in non-existent Congressional districts: •In Oklahoma, recovery.gov lists more than $19 million in spending -- and 15 jobs created -- in yet more congressional districts that don't exist. •In Iowa, it shows $10.6 million spent and 39 jobs created -- in nonexistent districts. •In Connecticut's 42nd district (which also does not exist), the Web site claims 25 jobs created with zero stimulus dollars. •The list of spending and job creation in fictional congressional districts extends to U.S. territories as well. •$68.3 million spent and 72.2 million spent in the 1st congressional district of the U.S. Virgin Islands. •$8.4 million spent and 40.3 jobs created in the 99th congressional district of the U.S. Virgin Islands. •$1.5 million spent and .3 jobs created in the 69th district and $35 million for 142 jobs in the 99th district of the Northern Mariana Islands. •$47.7 million spent and 291 jobs created in Puerto Rico's 99th congressional district. Rep. David Obey (D-WI), Chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee, blasted the Administrations claims of jobs created or saved in a statement yesterday: The inaccuracies on recovery.gov that have come to light are outrageous and the Administration owes itself, the Congress, and every American a commitment to work night and day to correct the ludicrous mistakes. Credibility counts in government and stupid mistakes like this undermine it. Weve got too many serious problems in this country to let that happen. But the exaggerated jobs numbers arent the end of the stimulus troubles. As USA Today reported this morning, Stimulus aid has sparked an economic boom for some unwanted entrepreneurs — con men. The story goes on: State and federal officials say they are fielding thousands of reports of scam artists, many operating from overseas, using the promise of money from the Obama administration's $787 billion economic recovery plan to entice people to hand over bank account numbers. The scams are so numerous, and the criminals hard to identify, that authorities say it's all but impossible to catch them. It seems that stimulus money has gone everywhere except to helping create jobs for the 10.2 percent of Americans who are unemployed. The stimulus hasnt created the jobs the President promised because it relies on big-government spending instead of helping small businesses, which create between 60-80 percent of jobs in our economy. House Republicans offered a plan to let small businesses and families keep more of what they earn, but Democrats ignored it, took a go-it-alone approach, and passed their trillion-dollar big government plan anyway. And yet after a trillion dollars of deficit financed spending, Democrats still cant answer the question: where are the jobs?
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Obama Stimulus Breakdown
Fox Business News' Liz Clayman highlights parts of the Obama stimulus plan and tells Harry Smith what may be ahead for GM and Chrysler as they struggle to survive.
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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
President Obama signed the stimulus package plan into law yesterday in Denver. I took notes of what the preliminary breakdown of $780+B package from Wikiepedia. Share with you of some key provisions that could affect deaf individual and communities as whole. Remember that it's very preliminary of what the package is all about and need further breakdown to see where the money will be going to that would affect you and the deaf community.
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Obama Finally Lays Into the Opposition re: Stimulus Package 02-05-09. sickhorses.com
http://sickhorses.com President Obama finally makes his case. While the obstructionist right wing retreats again and again to their comfortable wingnut media outlets, calling the package essentially empty and useless, Obama calls them to reality. "The American people have rendered their judgment. And now it is time to move forward, not back. Now is the time for action." He's right. Thanks to 'Crooks and Liars' for the original clip...
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KCTS 9 Connects: Economic Stimulus Package
http://www.kcts9.org/cnx "KCTS 9 Connects" with host Enrique Cerna. Airs Fridays at 7:30 p.m. on KCTS 9. So whats in the plan for Washington State? Airdate: Feb. 13, 2009
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Only A Few Democrats Of Conscience BAIL OUT Of Obama's ANOTHER $410 BILLION Of "Rob & Spend"
Illegal alien President "Barry" Obama has been rubber-stamping the leftist Democrats "rob & spend" crime sprees, presently at 1.5 TRILLION dollars -- money that we don't have. How can they? They say we will have it in 20 years so we are going to take that money today! Sounds insane, doesn't it. It's a robbery scheme that would land you or me in jail for years. But how can they physically spend paper money that doesn't exist? Easily -- they just print it, today. That would land you or me in jail for life! Past time to bring that justice to Congress. Now, incredible as it may seem, some few Democrats are actually having the twinge of conscience. They foresee commie Obama's unConstitutional overthrow of our system of government, and the whole spending scheme, collapsing the United States Of America. Now, Fox News, "fair and unafraid", exposes what the in-the-tank-for-Obama Liberal news networks refuse to cover: Senator R. Feingold (D): "I'm not voting for this." [while flapping scores and scores of pages of legislation] Baier: "Top Democrats are increasingly worried that they will not be able to get to the 60 votes needed to pass the [new] 410 billion dollar spending plan ... there's at least a chance, a number of Democrats are talking that they're not going to vote for this thing." Krauthammer: "[They] shouldn't, and it would be the first road-block in an administration that has been spending promiscuously, and promises to, as far as the eye can see. The President holds a session today in which he ostentatiously announces a curb on contracting, which will save a bit of money. At the same time he's backing a bill which, as we heard from McCain and Bayh, has got earmarks in it between 8 and 9 thousand. It's almost uncountable. When I started out with this administration, agitated by it's hypocrisies, but now I'm reaching a Zen-like serenity. I'm merely amused because it so comical. This is a President who holds a fiscal responsibility summit a week after he signed the largest spending package in American history. And then, 2 days later, he submits a budget which, into the out-years, has deficits of trillions of dollars." Williams: "Can you [Congressmen] go home to your state or to your District and make the case, 'Yes, this much spending is necessary, to get us out of an economic quagmire, or it's important for the budget'. At some point you break. At some point you say it's hard to make the case. And Republicans, if there's one line or argument that's worked against President Obama so far, it's that it's a tax-and-spend Liberal. It's a typical Democratic Party politics."
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Can a credit union breakdown the barriers to clean energy financing for homes?
Imagine loans solely to help consumers throughout the USA afford to pursue clean energy and energy efficiency/conservation projects. Our vision is a world where everyone can participate in the clean energy movement. Continuing Education Units (CEUS) 1 hour in Green Building Certificate Institute (GBCI) Building Performance Institute (BPI) NonWholeHouse American Institute of Architects - AIA (HSW) Certified Green Professional (NARI & CGP) Certified GreenHome Professional (CGHP) AIBD State Architect / Builder License may be applicable Lessons Learned: 1. Learn about a new and innovative application of the century-old credit union business model that will grow the clean energy movement and improve the health, safety, and welfare of our community. 2. Learn about consumer loan products that are designed specifically for projects with a clean energy, energy efficiency, and/or energy conservation theme and that improve the health, safety, and welfare of our community. 3. Learn about the federally insured deposit and investment opportunities that directly support projects with a clean energy, energy efficiency, and/or energy conservation theme and that improve the health, safety, and welfare of our community. 4. Learn about whether such loan and deposit products are a good fit for your clients, colleagues, neighbors, and other contacts as well as what characteristics a project must have in order to qualify as having an adequate clean energy, energy efficiency, and/or energy conservation theme and that improve the health, safety, and welfare of our community. Need CEUS? 1) Download the quiz here https://bit.ly/2B0E2ZJ 2) Go to the CEU submittal for here https://greenhomeinstitute.org/ceu-webinar-submission-form/ Session sponsor: Panasonic Ventilation - Everything you need for healthier homes http://business.panasonic.com/FV-05-11VK1.html Instructor: Blake Jones Blake Jones is a Co-Founder and Volunteer Board Chair for Clean Energy Credit Union, a federally chartered, not-for-profit, and online-only financial services cooperative that provides loans solely to help consumers throughout the USA afford to pursue clean energy and energy efficiency/conservation projects. Blake is also a Co-Founder of Namasté Solar, an employee-owned cooperative and certified B-Corp based in Colorado. He began his career in 1996 working as a civil engineer for Halliburton in the oil and gas industry. He then spent three years in Nepal implementing solar, wind, hydro, and electric vehicle technologies. In late 2004, he returned to the USA to co-found Namasté Solar which has installed over 5,000 solar electric systems totaling over 75 MW of generating capacity. Due to its unique business model, Namasté Solar has earned widespread recognition including a “Best for the World” designation from B Corporation (2012-2014), a “Most Democratic Workplace” award from Worldblu (2010-2014), a “Best Place to Work” award from Outside Magazine (2013-2016), a “Top Small Company Workplace” award from Winning Workplaces (2011), and a #56 ranking on the “Inc. 500” (2009). In February of 2009, Blake had the honor of introducing President Barack Obama in Denver before he signed the historic $787 billion stimulus bill. Blake has served on several Boards including the Amicus Solar Cooperative (2011-2017), the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (2006-2008), and the City of Boulder’s Climate Action Plan Advisory Group (2008-2009). Blake is an Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award recipient (2010) and has a BE in Civil Engineering from Vanderbilt University.
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The Obama Stimulus: Predictions vs. Reality
When pushing the stimulus package, President Obama claimed that the stimulus would save 3 million jobs. How have his predictions turned out so far? This video compares those predictions with how the jobs numbers have actually turned out. Sources: Predicted data used by President Obama to argue for the effectiveness of the stimulus: http://otrans.3cdn.net/45593e8ecbd339d074_l3m6bt1te.pdf Actual data as collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm
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Where Did Stimulus Money Go?
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Obama Warns of Consequences Without Stimulus
President-elect Barack Obama warned of dire and lasting consequences if Congress doesn't pump unprecedented dollars into the economy, making an urgent pitch Thursday for his mammoth spending proposal in his first speech since his election. (Jan. 8)
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McConnell: There's Plenty Of Room To Cut Wasteful Spending In The Stimulus Bill
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell discusses the wasteful spending Democrats stuffed in their "economic stimulus" bill. Among the problems he points out are permanent spending increases and pet projects that are unlikely to create jobs. He also raises the question of hundreds of billions in interest payments that taxpayers will be responsible for if the bill passes in its current form.
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FED using foreign banks to monetize debt behind closed doors
Bob Chapman talks about the dirty tricks pulled by Ben Bernanke for the federal reserve to manipulate the dollar recorded on August 14th 2009 Pressure (Countdown) Toward Breakdown http://www.kitco.com/ind/willie/aug132009.html By Jim Willie CB My best sources of information report that some unexpected deep shocks are coming from USGovt creditor nations. They are simply fed up, frustrated, and astonished at the manner of lost control, spiraling debts, and blatant monetization amidst lies in denial of that same monetization. The USTreasury auctions now have domestic hidden elements, and global hidden monetization elements. The USFed is purchasing through Permanent Open Market Operations the bonds grabbed by the primary dealers. Some of the auctions are actually underbid, and fortunately for the statistics, the bid/cover ratio includes obligated dealer bids. The USFed liberally uses its USDollar Swap Facility to enable strong bids by foreign central banks, except that they are highly likely coming from USFed accounts on foreign soil, or else from money lent by the USFed itself. Warning after warning have come not to monetize, not to debauch the USDollar currency, not to permit skyrocketing deficits. Yet they continue, and worse, little if any reform or actual stimulus has occurred. Mainly what we witness is more channeled funds to the big banks, more coverage of credit derivative fires, and more announcements of bond support. See the $1.25 trillion support for Fannie Mae bonds, aka USAgency Mortgage Bonds. The Green Shoots have now been dismissed as a marketing ploy. The Stress Tests have now been dismissed as a marketing ploy. The Stimulus Plan has now been dismissed as a marketing ploy. The only USEconomic recovery will be a statistical recovery. A Jobless Recovery is a recovery for stocks and a redemption for the bankers. Main Street continues to be discarded. As a last footnote, never overlook the continued urgent Chinese initiative to spend their USTBonds quickly, for useful tangible purposes, before any damaging sequence of events occurs. Simon Black (aka the International Man) wrote, I have been spending a lot of time this week talking to my sources in China, one of whom is inside one of the countrys sovereign wealth funds (SWF). He also indicated that the SWF analysts were working around the clock trying to put deals together. For China it is a race against the clock for how fast they can convert their $2 trillion in USDollar holdings into strategic assets, namely oil and gold. At todays deflated prices, putting together a really good billion dollar deal is a difficult thing to do. Putting together 2000 of them is impossible. Doing it before the dollar collapses? Not a Chinamans chance. And they know it.
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Glenn Beck on the 2010 $600MMM stimulus, and global economy explained (FOX NEWS ARCHIVE)
https://twitter.com/iNYOURFACETVpr (AIRED ON FOX NEWS ON THE GLENN BECK PROGRAM 11/03/2010, THE DAY AFTER THE MID-TERM ELECTIONS) At that time it was announced a new $600billion STIMULUS by the democrat government, will it work? ( http://voices.washingtonpost.com/ezra-klein/2010/11/wonkbook_fed_commits_600_billi.html )
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United Green, Stimulus Package, Episode Two - Weatherization
Emmanuel Hales with United Green gives brief discussion on the Weatherization Assistance Program within the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act "Stimulus Act"
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Obama Signs Stimulus Feb 17 2009
thanks to www CNN com Obama Signs Stimulus Feb 17 2009
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(Part 1/2) Obama's Stimulus Speech At The House Democrats' Retreat in Williamsburg, VA.
(2/5/09) President Obama At The House Democrats' Retreat in Williamsburg, Virginia.--(Part 2): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouzkQMB0wkU Video: C-SPAN
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Rep. Courtney expresses support for education stimulus funding
Congressman Joe Courtney addressed the House of Representatives Monday evening to lend his support to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and to highlight how important the education funding component is to Second Congressional District school districts. We are in an economic crisis and we need thoughtful, but immediate action to protect and create new jobs, stated Courtney. Building a brighter future for America means investing in a more educated and competitive workforce right now. Just about every sector, including education, will benefit from the passage of this jobs creation bill, and I intend to support it. On Saturday, Congressman Courtney met with approximately thirty school Superintendents and other education professionals to share the details of the economic stimulus and job creation legislation scheduled to be voted on this week. The educators were universally enthusiastic about the education component of the program and Congressman Courtney relayed their sentiment in Washington on Monday urging the Congress to move expeditiously. In just the last year, the United States workforce has lost 2.6 million jobs. The $825 billion recovery package of tax cuts and investments is expected to create millions of new jobs.
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